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Institution: Roanoke College

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Confederate Monuments in Context: Arlington National Cemetery and the Legacy of the ConfederacyPosterHistoryShannon Baker
The Rise of Neoliberalism in Chile and the Effects on the Indigenous Mapuche CommunityPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesTatiana Cherry Santos
The Human Cost of Geopolitics: An Examination of Guatemalan Testimonial LiteraturePosterLinguistics & World LanguagesRyan Denholm
Abre los ojos: a Socio-Political Analysis of Spanish Horror FilmsPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesSophia Kachur
Public Opinion and Mental Health in VirginiaOralPolitical ScienceWilliam Phillips
Analyzing the Interactions of Public and Private Institutions in Education Policy with an Eye Toward Swim Lesson ImplementationPosterEducationCasey Wilson
Translation in Higher Education: Creating a Bilingual Glossary to Translate College Admissions Materials OralLinguistics & World LanguagesCasey Wilson