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Institution: San Jacinto College

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The Soldier of Love: the Biography of SadeOralMusicAlexis Barnett
From Little Women to Revolutionary WomenOralHistoryAlejandra Flores
St. Arnold's Brewery: A History of a Rising Star in Craft Brewing in the Lone Star StateOralHistoryAngelique Johnston
Muon Identification at Muon Endcap Sub-detector of CMS DetectorPosterPhysics/AstronomySadokat Khakimova
Emission Characterization and Air Quality Impact of Deer Park Chemical Plant FirePosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityJasmine Reyes Will Balch, Olivia LaRochelle
The Medical Physics of Proton TherapyPosterPhysics/AstronomyRida SiddiqiBang Nguyen, Kevin Williams
Edward Snowden: Traitor or WhistleblowerOralPolitical ScienceJoshua Tarver
LGBTQ+ Political Progress in Houston from the 1970s Through the 1990sOralPolitical ScienceKatarina Wilson