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Institution: Susquehanna University

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Guide and Gatekeeper to the Wilderness: The Post- War Sierra Club’s Reversal on Outdoor Accessibility OralHistoryEthan Bilson
Social Media's Influence on Political ParticipationOralPolitical ScienceLauren Burkhart
The Effect of Coffee Extract on Adipogenesis PosterBiologyJaden Carper
Trophically-acquired Herbicide Exposure of Wolf Spiders Can Cause Weight Loss but No Change in Prey Capture EfficiencyPosterEcologyGrace Chamberlain
Pollution Gone Viral: Did the COVID-19 Lockdown Accelerate the Microplastic Pollution of Our Waterways? PosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilitySamantha Chillis
Hypoxia and hypobaria exert separate effects on hypoxia inducible factor (SIMA) expression in female Drosophila melanogaster.PosterBiologyAlanna ConnollyJaden Buchanan, Kyle Sears
Benzyl Butyl Phthalate-Induced Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 CellsPosterBiologyMegan Daubenspeck
the COVID-19 pandemic and atmospheric pollutionPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKatelyn DeAnthony
the Effects of Barn Floor Patterns and Colors on the Behavior of Equus CaballusPosterAnimal SciencesMaris DeWald
“It’s the economy, stupid!” The Effect of the State of the Economy and Other Factors on Contemporary Presidential RhetoricOralPolitical ScienceMorgan Dubbs
Quorum Sensing and Its Role in Bacterial Response to Extreme External Stimuli OralBiologyEthan Escobar
Are BMPs Effective? Evaluating Best Management Practices by Tracking Fish Population ResponsePosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKaitlyn Gardineer
The Role of c-Jun N-terminal Kinase (JNK) in Sea Urchin Cleavage Stage DevelopmentPosterBiologyAshley Gehris
Chronic Exposure to Herbicides and Herbicide Residues Influences the Weight and Feeding Behavior of the Wolf Spider Pardosa milvinaPosterEcologyTyler GrossRachel Morehouse, Joe'l Morris, Sara Nicola, Kevin Rainey, Aaron Romano, Jordan Washko
The Lethal Effects of Herbicides and Herbicide Residues on the Agriculturally Important Wolf Spider Pardosa milvinaPosterEcologyTyler GrossRachel Morehouse, Joe'l Morris, Sara Nicola, Kevin Rainey, Aaron Romano, Washko Jordan
Landmark-guided T-maze Learning in the Wolf Spider Tigrosa helluoPosterBiologyTiffany Guth
Assessing Condition of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) and Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in Pennsylvania StreamsPosterEcologyRebecca Harner
Long-Term fFooding Impacts in Brook Trout Populations in an Appalachian Mountain WatershedOralBiologyBenjamin King
Are Rotational Grazing Practices Impacting Native Vertebrate Diversity in Pennsylvania Streams? PosterEcologyAngela McCarty
The effect of herbicide on activity level and chemically-mediated antipredator responses in wolf spidersPosterBiologyJoar Mejia Feliz
Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Action Plan for Monessen, PennsylvaniaPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityCaitlyn Miller
Stream Connectivity and Fragmentation Impacts on Wild Trout PopulationsOralEcologyJohn Miller
The Collateral Consequences of Mass Incarceration in African American Communities OralPolitical ScienceYevangelina Mironenko
Determining the Effect of Citral Chromene Oxime on Cell Viability in Sea Urchin EmbryosPosterBiologyJack PrestonNevin Hoenninger, Eden Park
Dm Ime4 Is Required for Drosophila SpermatogenesisPosterBiologyLauren Rowe
Preliminary Results from a Study of the Impact of Walker Lake on the North Branch of Middle Creek Using Metrics Generated by Diatom Biofilm Communities PosterEcologyShannon Ryan
Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction Before and After Storm Events Using Observation WellsPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityJennifer Sabbak
the Memory Key: a Collective Historical Identity Visual Analysis of the 1973 Wounded Knee Occupation and the 2015 Dakota Access Pipeline ProtestOralHistoryJane Seibert
Pushing the Envelope: How Personal Correspondence Can Shape Our Understanding of National EventsOralHistoryLiam Sheahan
How Does Atrazine Affect Corticosterone Stress Response in the Northern Two-lined Salamander (Eurycea bislineata)?PosterEcologyDarlene Slavick
the Impacts of Atrazine Exposure on the Performance of Northern Two Lined Salamander Larvae (Eurycea bislineata) PosterEcologyKody Streeter
Selection for Thermophilic Bacteria with Antibacterial Potential Along Fire-Affected Soils in Centralia, PAPosterBiologyLanie UrbanskiTammy Tobin -
Viability of Live Stake Species: Bud Production, Herbivory, and the Effects of Rooting Hormone and Herbicide TreatmentsOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityRose Wetzel