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Institution: Texas Woman's University

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The Effect of Well-Being Initiatives on Nursing Students’ Perceived Gratitude, Happiness, and KindnessPosterNursing & Public HealthJoanne Cobos
The Effects of Nursing Handoff Integrated with the Electronic Health Record: A Literature ReviewPosterNursing & Public HealthGrace DisonLeah Llanas
Inspiring a Spirit of Inquiry in Undergraduate Nursing StudentsPosterNursing & Public HealthMaria EscaleraPamela Gonzales, Jennifer Wilson
Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead: an Analysis of Student Nurses Post-study Abroad Reflections and Perceived Future Nursing Career ImpactsPosterNursing & Public HealthKatelyn Glogowski
Nursing Handoff Education: An Integrative ReviewPosterNursing & Public HealthAnna Le
Narrative Exploration of Honors Students Starting Clinical Nursing Courses During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterNursing & Public HealthMarissa Maxwell
The Effectiveness of Tabletop Simulation on Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Knowledge and Self-Perceived Confidence During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterNursing & Public HealthMorgan McNew
A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Impact of Parental Attitudes Toward Imagination PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAnisya Navarro
The Effectiveness of Well-Being Classroom Initiatives on Nursing Students’ Altruistic Behaviors and Perceptions: A Mixed Methods StudyPosterNursing & Public HealthMia Venkatesan