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Institution: Towson University

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The Future of American Democracy: Why Your Vote MattersPosterPolitical ScienceNina Bundy
Iron/Cobalt-Based Ferrofluids for hyperthermia applicationsPosterPhysics/AstronomyKent Hess
The Global Drug Market’s Impact on Baltimore City PosterPolitical ScienceLewis Laury, Jr.
Effect of Post-deposition Thermal Treatment on the Structural and Electrical Properties of Oxygen Deficient Perovskite Metal Oxide Thin FilmsPosterPhysics/AstronomyCaleb Maddux
Whose Plate Is Empty?: an Analysis of the Supply and Demand Problem of the World Food ProgrammeOralPolitical ScienceMadeleine Meyer
Synthesis of Corrosion Inhibitors for Oxidative SystemsPosterChemistryNeechi Okwor
Maternal Education Vs Childhood Stunting in MalawiPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentOnyedikachukwu Onyemeziem
Self-advocacy in Autistic and Non-Autistic College Students OralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyMadison Paige
Emotion Science Picture System: a New Stimulus Set for Research in EmotionPosterPsychologyDonald Rinker
Analysis of Press Releases of US States during COVID-19 Initial Crisis Phase using Machine Learning OralCommunicationsAllison Rybalnik
Chemoanemotaxic Responses to Selected Odorants by House CricketsOralBiologyCameron WeaverCameron Weaver, Vonnie Shields
The Democratic Dilemma and the Royal Prerogative in the United KingdomOralPolitical ScienceGarrett Zahner