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Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Characterization of a Novel Model for Rotational Acceleration-induced Traumatic Brain InjuryPosterBiochemistryRaegan Adams
Structural Changes during Desmosome Assembly and MaturationPosterBiologyRose Albert
Assessment of Autophagic Flux in HIV-associated Neurocognitive Decline with Respect to Antiretroviral Therapy PosterBiologyEmma AndrakaMegan McGraw
Waste Polystyrene Recycling with Nanofibrous CatalystsPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityCorinne BlacksherCourtney Severino, Sarah Nealy
Perceived Parental Support: Does Maternal Depression and Motherhood Roles Matter? PosterPsychologyDestyni Cravens
High-throughput Electrospinning, Structure, and Properties of Tungsten-based Oxide Nanofibers for Catalytic and Sensing ApplicationsPosterPhysics/AstronomyRachel Day
Effects of a Discussion-based, Extracurricular Diversity Program on Explicit and Implicit Biases in Pre-Health Undergraduate StudentsPosterDiversity StudiesShreya DhutiaKarthik Reddy, Shreya Grandhi, Reuben Burch, Elijah Quiñones
Breaking the Barriers of Traditional Service Learning in a Pandemic with E Service-Learning: Impacts of a COVID-19 Module in a Non-Majors Biology CourseOralBiologyRyleigh FlemingMarco Esteban
PET/CT Image Analysis of an Animal Model of Induced Lung FibrosisOralBiochemistryDhruval Gadhia
Use of CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing for Generation of Mutant Yeast for PTC ReadthroughPosterBiologyEmily GainesRyan Mancinone
Chronic Pain and Hazardous Alcohol Consumption Are Associated with Mitochondrial DNA Damage in People Living with HIV PosterPsychologyMichael Ho
Reversing the Direction of Heat Through a Pair of Quantum Entangled QubitsOralPhysics/AstronomyTharon Holdsworth
Determination of the Role of Cofilin1 in Rod PhotoreceptorsPosterBiologySeth Hubbard
Depressive Symptoms Help Explain the Relationship Between Experiences of Discrimination and Insomnia Symptoms PosterPsychologyBethaney Jackson
Synthesis of Cubical and Star-shaped Calcium Carbonate Microparticles and Their Effect on Nile Blue Dye LoadingPosterChemistryLuke Jaskowski
Characterization of the In Vivo Effects of Alpha-Synuclein Preformed Fibrils on Mouse Brain MitochondriaPosterAnimal SciencesSindhu Komaragiri
Decreased White Matter Tract Integrity, Functional Connectivity, and Executive Functioning in a Long-Term Survivor of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaPosterPsychologyChien-Chien LeeVictoria Seghatol-Eslam, Anne Stewart, Tiffany Tucker, Karthik Reddy
Probing the Genetic Diversity of Phages Infecting Arthrobacter globiformisPosterBiologyCharlene Mansour
The Effect of X-Rays on Drosophila Melanogaster BehaviorPosterBiologyVaishnavi Mantraratnam
Assessing Diet Quality Among Low-Income Hispanic and Latino Adults Attending a Primary Non-Emergent Clinic in AlabamaPosterExercise Science & NutritionCarlos Martinez DiazAlexis Joiner, Courtney Carlisle , Morgan Epps, Yolanda Amezaga
Effects of Decreased PFKP Levels in Schizophrenia SubjectsPosterBiochemistryAnveetha Matta
Assessment of Autophagic Flux in HIV-associated Neurocognitive Decline with Respect to Antiretroviral Therapy PosterBiologyMegan McGrawEmma Andraka
Tau-SH3 Interactions Are Critical for Amyloid-β Toxicity in Primary Neurons PosterBiologyJacob Mesina
Effect of Sleep and Impulsivity on Teen Driver Errors and ViolationsPosterPsychologyRaina Modi
Characterization of “Mild” Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Patient Mutation p.M992del in Knock-In Mouse ModelPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAlexis Murawski
Role of a Novel Human Antigen R Inhibitor in NeuroinflammationPosterBiochemistryAnish Myneni`
Epigenetic Effects of Exercise in a Rodent Model of Temporal Lobe EpilepsyPosterBiologyTram Nguyen
Identifying the Role of the ARF Activators BIG1 and BIG2 in Regulating Endocytosis and RecyclingPosterBiologyBrian Nguyen
Inflammation as a Mediator of Pediatric Obesity and Language and MemoryPosterPsychologyOlivia Oh
How Does the Size and Sector of a Firm Affect the Female and Minority Representation in the C-suite?PosterBusinessDipal Patel
Pharmacologic Inhibition of LIMK1 Provides Dendritic Spine Resilience Against β-amyloidPosterBiologyRaksha Ramdas
The effects of ITGAM genetic variation on double negative cells PosterBiologyAmlitha Ramesh
Differences in Subjective and Objective Assessment of Working Memory in Pediatric Survivors of Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaPosterPsychologyKarthik Reddy
Meta-analysis of sgRNA Efficiency in Mouse and Rat Gene Manipulation StudiesPosterBiologyKarthik ReddyKrishna Josyula, Hannah Majors, Amber Glaze
L444P GBA Mutation Potentially Mediates Behavioral Deficits and α-Synuclein PathologyOralBiologyDreson Russell
Social and Motor Deficits Associated with Deletion of Type-1 Dopamine Receptors in Cerebellar Bergmann Glial CellsPosterBiologyNatalie Saliba
Focus on Silver Lining During PandemicPosterPsychologySamarth Sharma
Identifying the most efficient and accurate eye tracking method to model saccades PosterPsychologySaikrishna Sriraman
Attentional Processing and Visual Scanning During Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Adolescents PosterPsychologySydney Whitt