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Institution: University of Arizona

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Reduced Expression of Synaptic Function and Neurotransmitter-Signaling Related Genes in Individuals with Neovascular AMDPosterBiologyEllie Asadi
The Role of the HPV L2 C-terminus Cationic Region in Endosomal Membrane Destabilization and vDNA TraffickingPosterMicrobiologyAdvait Jeevanandam
Type 2 Cytokine Decreases ACE2 Expression in Nasal Epithelial CellsPosterBiologyAllyson MolzahnHiroki Kimura, Michelle Conway, Dave Francisco, Monica Kraft
Chadwick Boseman: the Face of African Culture and Religion in the Twenty-First CenturyOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesChaviva Nicholas