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Institution: University of California - Merced

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Impact of Emergency Remote Instruction on Students’ Perspectives of Collaborative Teaching in an Introductory Biology CoursePosterEducationNamitha Bhat
Racial Barriers: How Two Chinese Men Managed to Be Accepted Despite Racial Discrimination Against Chinese in Merced County During 1870 to 1942PosterHistoryCynthia Bravo-Zamora
Universal Language: Film Scoring Bilingual Shakespeare OralEnglish & LiteratureCathryn Flores
Evolutionary Blooming of RNAiPosterBiologyClaudia Hernandez-Chavez
Chinese Immigrants as Depicted in Nineteenth Century California's Central Valley NewspapersPosterHistoryKevin Ng
Analyzing Teaching Practices Among College Science Instructors at a Hispanic-Serving InstitutionPosterEducationTéa PuseyTéa Pusey, Téa Pusey, Téa Pusey, Téa Pusey, Téa Pusey, Téa Pusey, Téa Pusey, Téa Pusey
the Shaping of a Stigma, Collateral Consequences of Incarceration on Young AdultsPosterSociologyStephanie Soto Rodriguez
The Relationship Between COVID-19 and Repetitive Thoughts on Anxiety and Sleep in UndergraduatesPosterPsychologyStephanie Soto Rodriguez
Identification of Transcription Factors Regulating Caspofungin induced FlocculationPosterMicrobiologyGabriel Viramontes
Shakespeare and Ecodramaturgy: Utilizing Theatre for Social ChangePosterTheatre/DramaYing Wei Zhang