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Institution: University of Central Oklahoma

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FavTitleTypeSubjectSubmitter NameOther Presenters
The Intersections of Cannabis Culture and Economics with Race, Class, and GenderPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesJessica Addai
Tribalism in Our SocietyOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesNierouz Alrashdan
White supremacy and Ecology Movements: Savitri Devi, and an Ecofascist Nazi LeaderOralHistoryTyson Anderson
The Great Impact of Inca TextilesOralHistorySofia Arenas
Code Okie: Three Years of Growth, Adaptation, and Impact!PosterComputer ScienceKendall BabbMiranda Babb, Sila Tamang, Rashed Alrashed, Xavier Boomershine, Diep Nguyen
Designing an Ever-Changing FossilPosterArt History & Visual ArtsSydney Baxter
Rococo: A Symbol of WealthPosterArt History & Visual ArtsChloe Bean
Standard Trauma Screening in Pediatric PatientsPosterNursing & Public HealthChristina Benge
Forensics Analytics: An Interdisciplinary Education-Career Pathway for Promoting STEM Participation by Underserved Students PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAlexia Benson
Renaissance Art as an Ideological OutletPosterArt History & Visual ArtsPeter Bradford
Niche Marketing in Graphic Design Exposed by Independent Record LabelsOralArt History & Visual ArtsAdam Brewer
Manga’s Mythical HistoryPosterArt History & Visual ArtsMackenzie Brock
Paving the Way: Black Designers Then and NowPosterArt History & Visual ArtsNichole Burroughs
Herb Lubalin: The King of Expressive TypePosterArt History & Visual ArtsNichole Burroughs
Addressing Mental Health in Rheumatoid Arthritis Through Illness PerceptionPosterNursing & Public HealthChristy Calvert
Spanish Illuminated Manuscripts and Graphic Design PosterArt History & Visual ArtsYovanca Cervantes
The Commercial Advertising in Republic of China TimePosterArt History & Visual ArtsJiaxiao Che
Development of a stability-indicating HPLC method to quantify BaclofenOralChemistryZhi Cheong
Fostering Student Creativity Using Sumo-Bot Team Competition – A Student Club InitiativePosterEngineeringZachary ChildersWilliam Brown, Samantha Mas, Phil Sites
Endothelial Cell Studies with Surface Engineered Flow Diverting StentsOralBiologyYung-Dai Clayton
Determining the Fairness of School Zones in Oklahoma City: A Report from 2020-2021PosterMathematicsChase Compton
The History of Cute Design and the Influence of Hello Kitty OralArt History & Visual ArtsJessica Couch
The Eternal Art of HinduismPosterArt History & Visual ArtsThomas Craft
Photomontage: Technical Applications Throughout History and Meaning of It AllPosterArt History & Visual ArtsKevin Davis
Ancient Greek Vase Painting and How it Relates to Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsKasey Denney
The Importance of Art History in Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsSamantha Dillman
Skateboard Graphics and CountercultureOralArt History & Visual ArtsSamantha Dillman
How Baroque Connects to Modern Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsTran Do
3D Printed Scaffolds to Aid Against Bone DefectsPosterEngineeringKevin GhaleMohamed Samad, Mohammad Khaled
It Began with Ink and BambooOralArt History & Visual ArtsAndrew Grant
The Influence of Painting on Aztec SocietyOralArt History & Visual ArtsKyle Green
Challenging the Objectification and Ostracism of Sexually Liberal Queer Women Through the Four Waves of FeminismPerforming ArtsEnglish & LiteratureAbigail Griffin
the Importance of the Chicano Poster Movement: Viva La Movimiento!OralArt History & Visual ArtsAshley Guerrero
Ancient Japan’s Edo Period: the Effects of an Era in Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsAshley Guerrero
Design and Characterization of Micro-grooving on Flow Diverting Stent PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringSeth Harriet
Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of PCL Flow Diverters PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringSeth Harriet
Style Paper: the Mysterious OlmecPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJesus Hernandez
The Generational Flow of Imagery in Aztec Art and DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJerod Hill
Contrast and ControversyPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJerod Hill
The Influence of Early African ArtOralArt History & Visual ArtsLynh Hoang
The Science of Fragrance DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsNoah Holcomb
From Apprentice to MasterOralArt History & Visual ArtsNoah Holcomb
Challenging Society: Examining Nineteenth-Century British Institutions and Policies Related to Female EducationOralHistoryBethany Holley-Griffith
The Renaissance and its Influence on Book Design OralArt History & Visual ArtsJazlyn Huynh
Barriers to Breastfeeding for Low-Income African American Mothers PosterNursing & Public HealthCarmel Iman
Bonnie in the Boy's ClubPosterArt History & Visual ArtsKarly James
From the Islands to the Mainland: The Tiki MovementOralArt History & Visual ArtsJameson Johns
Arabic Calligraphy: Typographic ExcellencePosterArt History & Visual ArtsShaliyah Jones
Species-Specific Capture-Mark-Recapture Analysis of Individuals in a Small Mammal CommunityPosterMathematicsBenjamin Jones
Biological Analysis of Glutathione Attached Fiber for Potential Skin Graft GenerationPosterBiologyKarim Kari
Byzantium Art and Its’ Influence on Symbolism and Logo DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsYong Liang Lim
Latinx Identity and Impact on Mental HealthPosterCommunicationsAnaMarie Lopez
Significant Influences That Supported and Opposed the Production of Celtic Illuminated ManuscriptsOralArt History & Visual ArtsRegan Loyd
Development of a PIV System for Aneurysmal Flow Analysis in Silicon ModelPosterEngineeringZackary Maggard
Gertrude Bell: Enough on Her OwnPosterHistoryKaitlyn Mannis
Britain’s Blunder: The Creation of Iraq OralHistoryKaitlyn Mannis
How Inadequate Inclusivity Training and Gender Affirming Health Care Information in the Medical Field Creates Additional Hardships for Gender Nonconforming and Gender Nonbinary Patients in Health Care SettingsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesMackenzie Martin
the Art and Design of the Medieval PeriodOralHistoryCorey Mason
Sex Education and Adolescent Pregnancy in OklahomaPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMakenzie McCleary
Sex Education and Adolescent Pregnancy in OklahomaPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMakenzie McCleary
To Thing or Not to Thing, That is the QuestionOralPsychologyBridgett McGill
Progress and Repression; an Analysis of the United States and Germany’s Treatment of BGLTQ+ Soldiers During the Second World WarOralHistoryAlexis McKernan
The Benefits of Bedtime Routine Education for the Pediatric PopulationPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentBrittany Merits
Computational Analysis of Aneurysmal Morphologies on Hemodynamic Parameters PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringDakota Middick
Positive Thinking and AnxietyPosterPsychologyLaDana Mitchell
Hard Tissue Histology and Analysis of Bone Growth Embraced by Titanium ImplantPosterBiologySadegh NikfarjamMorshed Khandaker
The Use and Influence of Birth Control in Muslim Population Around the World ContinentsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAmeera Noon
The Effects of a Purine Mixture on Cell Migration, Proliferation, and Differentiation in the Treatment of Myofibroblast Related DiseasesOralBiologyAmeera Noon
the Development and Symbolism of Stained Glass Throughout HistoryPosterArt History & Visual ArtsDestiny Osife
Inca and Great Design in the Long PastPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJonghyeon Park
Brown Skin Girls: Colorism Among African American Women in the Twenty First CenturyOralHistoryTuesdae Pelt-Willis
Analysis of Micro-grooved Flow Diverters with Fibroblasts Populated Collagen LatticePosterEngineeringFatemeh PourmalekSeth Harriet, Yung Dai Teng
Bio-engineered Scaffold as a Solution to Arthritis Disease PosterEngineeringHelga ProgriVinay Swami, Vivek Swami, Asma Hosna, Sadegh Nikfarjam
Design and Development of Braiding Machine for Flexible Medical StentsPosterEngineeringBen RaulstonDylan Stottmann, Alex Hardin, Vishal Barot, Zeb Jandt
Challenging Ignorance: AIDS and female agency, 1980 – 1989OralHistoryJacob Reavis
The Impact of the Artistic Human Form PosterArt History & Visual ArtsKelsey Rice
Christian Influence on Medieval Art, Design, and ArchitecturePosterArt History & Visual ArtsFallon Rodgers
Chronicling Choréographie: an Introduction and Demonstration of French Baroque Dance NotationOralDanceChazlen RookMcKenzie Tipton
The Radicalization of Feminism: The History of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF’s)OralInterdisciplinary StudiesKatelyn Sargeant
The Arts of the Hindu ReligionPosterArt History & Visual ArtsEbony Sayles
Thailand: the Land of Smiles and Thoughtful DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsEbony Sayles
The Importance of Graphic Design in PropgandaOralArt History & Visual ArtsJakob Seiler
Design and Prototyping of a Compact Smart Tool Organizer for the Machine Shop in the UCO College of Math and ScienceOralEngineeringMohmed Yaeesh ShaikhTara Van Wieren, Abdullah Almaghlouth
Gifts from Ancient EgyptOralArt History & Visual ArtsYeIn Shin
Nurses Role to Address Car Seat Safety Education to Parents in the Clinical Setting PosterNursing & Public HealthKalyn Shoffner
Exploring Japanese Arts and How They Influenced Modern Graphic DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsHope Sprouse
Designing in the DarkPosterArt History & Visual ArtsHope Sprouse
Design and Development of a Compact and Portable VentilatorPosterEngineeringDylan StottmannBen Raulston, Alex Thelin
Research of Sexual Health Education at UCO and BeyondPosterBiologyAshley Strobridge
The Art of Ancient Greek StylePosterArt History & Visual ArtsHallie Tadajewski
The Role of Color in Opinions and PerspectivesPosterPsychologyCandace Telford
Columns Through Greek and Modern TimesPosterArt History & Visual ArtsSabrina Truong
Connections between people and animePosterArt History & Visual ArtsSabrina Truong
Design and Fabrication of an Ultrasonic Erosion Monitoring System for High-pressure Control Valves Used in Oil and Gas ExcavationPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringKamren VanBuskirkAustin Jones, Michael Anderson
School-Aged Children and Health Procedures: Distraction Methods for Reducing PainPosterNursing & Public HealthMia Vance
The Art of the AztecsOralArt History & Visual ArtsDarren VanCuren
The Ineffable Influence of Parody in DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsAllison Woodward
A Spatial and Longitudinal Analysis of Firearms Casework in TexasPosterMathematicsShannon YeakleyRebecca Hicks, Leif Nevener
Collective or Individual? --- The Different in Early Childhood Education Between China and the USPosterEducationKui Zhuo