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Institution: University of Florida

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The Environmental, Genetic, and Demographic Factors of Linguistic DiversityPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesRyan AponteRobin Fintz
Do Treatment Methods of Acutely Ruptured Aneurysms Influence the Incidence of Cerebral Vasospasm?PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAlexandra Ayala
AbstractPosterEconomicsAlayzia Harris
Investigating Patterns of Polysubstance Use among Stimulant Users Age 10 to 18 from a National SurveyPosterNursing & Public HealthYveline Saint Louis
America's Wellness ConsumerismPosterHistoryKarina Sarandrea
Expert Communication About Cancer Clinical Trials: Cognitive Map AnalysisPosterCommunicationsSophie StypelkoskiFrantz Garilus
TECH Parenting Model: Differences Across Parent and Child Reporters Based on Risk ClassificationPosterPsychologyFarwah Zaidi