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Institution: University of Georgia

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Human Rights & the Economy: Analyzing the Impacts of Manufacturing FDI on Labor StandardsPosterPolitical ScienceAyah AbdelwahabBuket Urgen
Virtual Human Rights Education: Best Practices in Teaching and Engaging with Human Rights OnlinePosterPolitical ScienceMennah Abdelwahab
Is America Failing its Workers? A US Report Card on Labor RightsPosterPolitical ScienceAyah Abdelwahab
Isolated incidents or troubling pattern? The power of human rights data to strengthen human rights narrativesPosterPolitical ScienceMennah Abdelwahab
Walking While Parasitized: Effects of a Nematode Parasite on Locomotor Activity of Horned Passalus BeetlesPosterEcologyChristopher Brandon
The Effect of Geography and Culture on Diets in the Baltic Sea Region of Medieval EuropePosterAnthropology & ArcheologyIzabelle Brown
Computational Discovery of Family-Specific Sequence Patterns in the Protein KinomePosterBiochemistryClaire Bunn
Effects of Chemotherapeutic Agent Doxorubicin on the Corpus LuteumOralBiologyHaeYeun Byun
CBRN Weapon Use by Terrorist OrganizationsOralPolitical ScienceStephanie Cannon
Implications of COVID-19 on Wildlife Daytime ActivityOralEcologyBenjamin CarrKaitlin Goode
The Automated Pull-Force Task: An Open-Source, High-Throughput Forelimb Motor Function Assay for RodentsPosterBiologyBraxton Goodnight
The Impact of High Schools on Civic and Political Socialization OralPolitical ScienceLogan King
Interracial Relationship Representations in Marketing: Effects on Societal and Consumer OutcomesPosterBusinessSavannah Maddux
DNA Sequence Conservation of a Bmp4 Enhancer in Diverse VertebratesPosterBiologyMegh Mehta
Implementation of Machine Learning and ROS into Self-Driving RC CarsPosterComputer ScienceAnderson Molter
Using Blender as a Site-Specific 3D Glycoprotein Visualization Software to Create Accurate and Visually Appealing Glycoprotein RenderingsPosterChemistryDaniel Rouhani
Do It for the Gram: An Investigation of Performative Activism on Social Media PlatformsPosterCommunicationsAnna Samsonov
Effects of Organic Fertilizers on Herbivore PerformancePosterEcologyPhoebe Scharle
The Role of the Fenton Reaction in the Progression of Pancreatic Cancer PosterBiologyIshan VaishSuma Yarabarla, Neha Kotike
Period Poverty in a University and Surrounding Community Setting OralNursing & Public HealthJaaie VarshneySuvitha Viswanathan, Maeve Breathnach, Ashley Boyle, Mahathi Mula
Allelic Variation of ClSUN25-26-27a Associated with Fruit Shape in Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)OralAgriculture & ExtensionDouglas Vines
Coastal Water Quality Can Be Used as the Missing Link Between Upland Processes and Coral Health in BelizePosterGeography/GeologyClara Wheelock