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Institution: University of Houston

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You've Got Fear! – The Notification of Post-Modern Anxiety in Don DeLillo's White NoiseOralEnglish & LiteratureJaida Doll
Religious Submission versus Misogynistic Oppression: A Comparison of Charles Perrault’s and Francis Petrarch’s Adaptions of “The Griselda Tale”OralEnglish & LiteratureJaida Doll
Effects of Heterogeneity for Continuous, Binary and Correlational Data Meta-Analysis Using MATLABPosterComputer ScienceMohammad JamilAditya Jaiswal, Sridharan Pariyangat, Rohith Sunil, Sohail Zaidi
The Death of My Transgender Sisters: A Crime Theory AnalysisOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeBrandt Wild
Forging Male Flesh Through the Crucible of Physical Pain and Mental Torture in Robert Musil’s The Confusions of Young TörlessOralEnglish & LiteraturePaul Yang