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Institution: University of Minnesota

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From Folk Tales to Literary Fairy Tales: Genre and Authorship in H.C. Andersen and the Brothers GrimmOralEnglish & LiteratureAbigail Bauer
Unique Lower Critical Solution Temperature Phase Behavior of Poly(Benzyl Methacrylate) in a Pyrrolidinium-Based Ionic LiquidOralChemistryBrian Carrick
Financial Impact of the COVID-19 Phishing Scams ResearchOralComputer ScienceHongkai Chen
Developing a Google Chrome Extension for Detecting Phishing EmailsOralComputer ScienceHongkai Chen
Development of Support Materials for Voice Banking: A Systematic Replication for 2020PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAngela Crelly
Thickening Infant Formula Using Commercial Thickeners: The Reliability of Manufacture Provided RecipesOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyGreta DembroskiIsabel Visuri, Gregory Jansen
BioFiction: Showcasing the Sick Nature of the Gender Binary and Alternative Ways of ThinkingOralEnglish & LiteratureAnika Eaves
Age of Menopause and Blood Pressure ReactivityOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAline Glazos
Neural Correlates of Auditory Enhancement in HumansOralPsychologyPuiYii Goh
Development of Silicone-Based Solid-State Potassium Ion-Selective Electrodes Made with Colloid Imprinted Mesoporous Carbon for Wearable SensorsOralChemistryKaterina Graf
Deep-Seated Individual Interest Regarding the Underrepresented Topic of Arts in HealthPosterNursing & Public HealthSara Hildreth
Fame and Attention: the Correct Way to Be a Proper Celebrity?OralEnglish & LiteratureXinyi Hu
An Investigation of How Undergraduate Students Manage the Email They Received from UniversityOralComputer ScienceJin Kang
Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber Laminate in Elevated Temperatures PosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringJeffrey Kangas
The Intersectionality between Religion and Sexuality: A Qualitative Study of Young Muslim Students ExperiencesPosterPsychologySahar Khanpour
Telmisartan as an Anticancer AgentPosterBiochemistryMichael McParlan
the Developmental Relationship Between Empathy and Spatial AcuityPosterPsychologyRachel Miller
Identify the Current Awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease in College Students Using a Self-administered Questionnaire and Implement Resources to Raise Their Level of AwarenessPosterNursing & Public HealthJocelyn Montiel
An Empirical Investigation into Variations in Outcomes Stemming from Heterosexual Adult’s Most Recent Mixed-Gender Threesome ExperiencePosterPsychologyMcKenna Osborn
Waste Management in Dining Facilities Across Universities in MinnesotaPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityMary Parsatoon
Tumorigenesis by Human Apobec3B in MicePosterBiochemistryJoshua Proehl
Supporting Comprehension of a Professor’s SpeechPosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyMegan Sellner
The Effects of Cereal Type and Pulverization on Infant Formula ThicknessOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyAbigail SpodenAbbey Sterkowitz
The Influence of Caloric Density on the Thickness of Infant Formulas and Their Anti-Reflux Correlates OralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyAbbey SterkowitzAbigail Spoden
Post-Occupancy Evaluation in DesignPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignJennifer Ta
Comparison of the Globus Pallidus and Subthalamic Nucleus as Stimulation Targets for Alleviating Gait Disturbances in Parkinson’s Disease: a Pilot StudyOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringDestiny Weaver
Mitochondrial Stress as a Missing Link between APOBEC3A and Cancer MutagenesisOralMicrobiologyChloe Wick