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Institution: University of Montana

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Development of a System for Transposon Mutagenesis of Bartonella BacilliformisPosterMicrobiologyFinley Andrew
The Genetic Basis of Trichomes in Yellow MonkeyflowersPosterPlant SciencesKalob Baesen
Singing in the Rain: the First Characterization of Courtship Singing in Rhinoceros BeetlesPosterEcologyNathan Barton
Identifying Kindergarten Children at Risk for Developmental Language Disorder and Dyslexia Using a Whole-Classroom Screen. PosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyAllison BeallAngela Clausen, Maria Begger, Mary Fahlman, Samantha Hege, Melissa Phelan, Sophia Tolbert
A Systematic Review: Curriculum-based Language Interventions for Students with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)PosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyKaelyn Hanson
Wilderness Therapy as an Intervention for At-Risk Youth: A Pilot Study of Treatment Mechanisms and Program EffectivenessPosterPsychologyMorgan HeimbignerCali Caughie -
Phoebe Bean -
Samantha Russell -
Madison Goldstein -
Rates of Water Loss and Absorption in Stick Insect EggsPosterEcologyGarret Jolma
Analyzing the Multipath of GPS Time Series to Study the Snow Properties OralGeography/GeologyAshlesha Khatiwada
Loss for Words: An Investigation of the English Nature VocabularyOralLinguistics & World LanguagesMargaret Luthin
Proton Transfer Reaction-Mass Spectrometry Measurements of Propylene Glycol and Diethylene Glycol: Implications for Emissions of Volatile Chemical Products (VCPs)PosterChemistryKeri Nauman
Immunomodulation of Innate Immunity by a Bacteriophage OralBiologyAutumn Robinson
Thermal Calibration of an Infrared Camera for Use on Small Unmanned Aircraft SystemsPosterPhysics/AstronomyEleanor Serviss
Curriculum-based Interventions and Interprofessional Practice: A Systematic Review of School-based SLPs’ PracticesPosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyTaylor Stoeger
Creating Contextual Awareness for Human-Robot InteractionPosterComputer ScienceMicheal Wetherbee