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Institution: University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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Does the MRP of a College Basketball Player Diminish?OralEconomicsAdonis Abdullah
Thermo-tolerant Tomato Growth PosterBiologyRachel Blanding
Title: Politics as Usual: Restricting Immigrant Access to Public Assistance After the 1996 Welfare Reform Act Amid COVID-19PosterPolitical ScienceHeaven Brown
Function and Mechanisms of APOBEC3 in Genome Integrity and Cancer BiologyPosterBiologyBrianna Bush
A Spatial Analysis of Social Vulnerability, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Income Gap Loans in Charlotte, North CarolinaOralPolitical ScienceScott Christensen
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy interventions in collegiate student athletes: A scoping reviewOralNursing & Public HealthAbigail Coffey
Investigating and Comparing the Effects of COVID-19 on Sustainable Development Goal #3 in Australia and the United StatesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentKarissa Ewing
Reflections on Professional Development: Interviews and Survey Data from Teachers, Professors and StaffPosterEducationFaith FraymanBrenda Morales-Flores, Zoe Ziegler
Ablaze in Canton: Opium Traders and the First Opium WarOralHistoryAbigail Fryman
Identifying Collateral Sensitivity Networks and Associated Genetic Markers in Burkholderia SpeciesPosterBiologyENOSH ISHMAN
The Hybrid Firestorm OralCommunicationsOlivia Lawless
Transferring Identities: Shifting Expressions of Architectural Identity in the Franco-German BorderlandOralArchitecture & Interior DesignEmma Lineberger
Minority-Owned Business Ecosystem Project OralEconomicsGalen Miller
Assessing risk factors for the incubation period of Covid-19OralMathematicsMai Nguyen
Activity Rhythms of Adult Fiddler CrabsOralBiologyLeyna Pence
A Numerical Method to Solve an Inverse Source Problem for Hyperbolic EquationsOralMathematicsWilliam Powell
Exosome Mediated Delivery of Functional Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles (NANPs)PosterBiochemistryMelina Richardson
Ports, Persecution, and Prosperity: the Jewish Merchants of the European-Caribbean Slave and Agricultural Trade, 1625-1700OralHistoryGraeme Rieser
Investigating and Comparing the Target Areas of Sustainable Development Goal #13: Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Global Citizenship EducationPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityMahita Sadula
Framing and Political Affiliation in Relation to Social Media Responses about Black Lives Matter OralPsychologyAutumn Scarborough
The Sun Never Sets on Lives and Lifeboats: An Analysis of the RMS Titanic DisasterOralHistoryAlec Slawich
Plant Power: A Chemical Bridge Between Legume Phytochemicals and Human Health in Fighting Global Pandemics. PosterBiologyAmber Stiller
Novel efforts to improve access to mental health services among low-income, socially disadvantaged women: Integrating behavioral health services in public health settingsOralSocial Work & Human ServicesKevin Tan
Dehydration of Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles (NANPs) for Stable Storage and TransportationOralBiochemistryAllison Tran
Examining the Preservation of Optimist Park: A Community Led Effort Against GentrificationPosterSocial Work & Human ServicesUju Udemadu