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Institution: University of Oregon

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Leveraging Evidence-Based Messaging to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19PosterPsychologyAnastasia Browning
Hunting for Prions: Using Meiotic Inheritance Patterns to Attribute Epigenetic States to Prion ProteinsPosterBiologyMikala Capage
Evolution of Investment in Immatures in Adult Male Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata)PosterAnthropology & ArcheologyNoa Cohen
Investigating Possible Benefits of Maternal Thiamine Supplementation for Enhancing Social Alertness in Infants at Risk for Thiamine DeficiencyPosterPsychologyJenna Rudolph
Racial Influence on Trans-Femme Hate Crime Conviction RatesPosterPolitical ScienceJude Stone
Effect of Hesitation Sound Phonetic Quality on Perception of Language Fluency and AccentednessPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesTillena Trebon
Impact of Prenatal Nutrition and Supplementation on Birth Outcomes and Negative Affectivity in InfantsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentHailey Volk