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Institution: University of Rochester

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the Horror Narrative and Folktales: Afrofuturism and Folklore in Horror Film and Literature OralEnglish & LiteratureAntonia Garcia
the Relationship Between Lucid Dreaming, Dream Emotion, and Morning Mood Via LIWC AnalysisPosterPsychologyAlam Grewal
Neural Correlates of Working Memory in HIV+ Patients with a History of Cocaine DependencePosterPsychologyElizabeth Roe
Residential Cleaning of Indoor Air to Reduce Acute Exacerbations of COPD PosterNursing & Public HealthHolly Rowland
Linking the Function of Heat Shock Factor in Tumor Progression with Normal Development in Drosophila melanogasterOralBiologyJinghong Tang
Effects of Nightmare Emotions on Waking Mood Using LIWC AnalysisPosterPsychologyMadeline Wary