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Institution: University of Texas at El Paso

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the Effects of a Calming Corner on the Health-Related Quality of Life of a Special Education UnitPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentRebecca ArroyoEdnjon Parilla, Samantha Gutierrez, Timothy Cervantez
Government Assistance Programs, Food Storage and Preparation Supplies, and HealthOralHealth & Human DevelopmentKayley Castillo
Scaffold Analysis of Ligands Exhibiting GPCR Signaling BiasPosterComputer ScienceJulian FrancoJason Sanchez, Govinda KC
Assessing the Contribution of Alternative Splicing to the Regulation of SUMO3 SUMOylation in Human CellsPosterBiologyAndrea Garcia
Differences in Psychosocial Factors and Pain Perception Between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White from the Border RegionPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMegan Giron
Isolation of Circulating Lung Tumor Endothelial Cells Using MicrofluidicPosterBiologyJacob Hooper
An Updated Checklist of Plant Species Found in Castner Range, TexasPosterBiologyAparna Mangadu
Insecticide Resistance Assessment among Aedes aegypti Populations in the Northern Chihuahuan DesertPosterBiologyRoberto Salas
Differences in Central Pain Mechanisms between Hispanics and non-Hispanic WhitesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAaron SmileyMegan Giron
Impact of Recreational Activities and Tutoring on Youth Quality of LifePosterHealth & Human DevelopmentJohnathan StacyIssac Borunda, Jessica Maddox, Marcelo Pena, Aaron Smiley