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Institution: University of Utah

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Analyzing Stress Physiology in Response to Prolonged Periods in NaturePosterPsychologyDaniel Anderson
Characterization of Elastin-like Polypeptide Fusion Proteins for the Development of Drug-Free Macromolecular TherapeuticsPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringBlair Armstrong
Development of a Unique Antibiofilm Therapy for Diabetic Foot UlcersPosterMicrobiologyMarissa Badham
Analysis of AYA Cancer Patient Priority Symptoms Through Text Mining SoftwareOralNursing & Public HealthKylie Bethards
The Constitutional Context of Public Administration and Executive OrdersPosterPolitical ScienceDallas Blackburn
Quantifying Autophagic Flux and Nitric Oxide Generation in Endothelial Cells from Patients with Cardiovascular DiseaseOralHealth & Human DevelopmentRevi Brown
Longitudinal Geometry of Pig Arteriovenous Fistulas (AVFs)PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringSavanna Cahoon
The Effects of Social Isolation on Mouse Mating, Behavior, and Mouse USVsPosterBiologyErin CarrollErin Carroll
Symmetric Electrochemical Cells in Nonaqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries – Applications for Longevity StudyOralChemistryJulia Case
Effects of Living at High Altitudes on White Matter Hyperintensity BurdenOralHealth & Human DevelopmentMarissa Castillo
Master-Minds and Artists: a Showcase of Imported TalentOralHistoryAlan Chavez
The Fight for Diversity: Marketing Diversity in Higher Education and Its Misleading Impacts on Incoming Students at the University of UtahOralEducationAlessandra Cipriani-Detres
PCL-5 item #20: Is it a reliable screener for insomnia?OralPsychologyTaylor ClineTaylor Cline
Exploring the Utility of PHQ-9 in Insomnia ScreeningOralPsychologyTaylor ClineTaylor Cline, Justin Davis, Summer Turpin
Exploring the Impact of Recreational Marijuana Legalization on Drug-related Crimes in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington StatePosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeRoarke Cullenbine
Examining Free Clinic Patients Household Environmental Safety and the Resulting Impact on Their Perceived Stress LevelsPosterSociologyClaire Dinehart
Discrimination Against Asian Americans During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterSociologyClaire DinehartOlivia Mauchley
Modal Analysis and Resonant Frequency Monitoring of a Freestanding Rock TowerOralGeography/GeologyAlex Dzubay
Feminism and the Portrayal of Women in the Artistic Works of George M. CohanOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesSofia Filip
Security Design in Markets with Risk: Price and Allocation EfficienciesOralEconomicsMatthew Froberg
Improved Synthetic Bioengineering Production of Polysaccharides and size-specific Oligosaccharides of Low Molecular Weight Heparosan, a Heparin PrecursorPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringVarun Garg
Correlation of Physical Activity and Nutrition with White Matter Hyperintensity ChangePosterExercise Science & NutritionGauri Garg
Investigation of a Translatable Animal Model in Order to Understand the Etiology of Heterotopic OssificationPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringRose Godfrey
Assessing the Potential of Antimicrobial Blue Light and Combination Therapies to Treat and Prevent Infections Following Osseointegrated Implant TechnologyPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringRose Godfrey
Literacy and Representation in Queer CommunitiesOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesHeather Graham
Improving Upper-Limb Prostheses Control via Optimizing sEMG Electrode Number and LocationPosterEngineeringGursirat Grewal
Species-specific Differences in Retinal Aii Cell ConnectivityPosterBiologyOlivia Haddadin
Relationship Between Pre-Existing Depressive Symptoms and General COVID-19 Related Stress Levels Among Adoptive ParentsPosterPsychologySu Jin Hwang
Text analysis of Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Adolescents and Young AdultsPosterNursing & Public HealthJulianne Kimmel
Artificial Intelligence in a competitive robotics competitionPosterComputer ScienceJonathan KrummenacherMicheal Jones
Detection of Tuberculosis Associated Breath Biomarkers Via Engineered Electroactive SolutionsPosterEngineeringShaylee Larson
Buckle-Up: Instantaneous Buckling of Polydimethylsiloxane and Other Active Soft MaterialsOralEngineeringKatrina Le
Optimizing Piezoelectric Process Parameters for Self-Charging Power CellsOralEngineeringPaige LelandKatrina Le
The Impact of the Non-Fatal Strangulation Protocol in Salt Lake County on Protective OrdersPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesVeronica Lukasinski
Economic Extraction, Recovery, and Upgrading of Rare Earth Elements from Coal-Based ResourcesPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringKitsel Lusted
Microplastic Water Pollution Spanning the Wildland to Urban Gradient of Red Butte Creek, Salt Lake City, UtahPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKyra Mann
Gendered Language in Joseph Smith’s Revision of the New TestamentOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesSamuel Mann
Discrimination Against Asian Americans During the COVID-19 Pandemic PosterSociologyOlivia MauchleyClaire Dinehart
An Analysis of “Live Discharge” Events by Disease TypeOralSociologySHelby-Jade Murdock
Early Transition Metal-Boride Bond Dissociation EnergiesPosterChemistryChristopher Nielson
Vitamin E Decreases Mortality in Type I Diabetic Rats by Reducing Oxidative Stress and Preventing Severe Hypoglycemia-Induced Cardiac ArrhythmiasPosterBiologyMilan Oxspring
Implementation of Satellite-Derived Air Quality Measurements in Health ApplicationsPosterNursing & Public HealthAdriana Payan-Medina
The Prospective Effects of Marijuana Use in Adolescence on Illicit Drug use in Middle AgeOralSociologyRadhika Prasad
Searching for the Fountain of Utah: Birthplace and Longevity in UtahPosterNursing & Public HealthKristianna Radley
Affective Tactile Grounding on Psychedelic-Induced States and Treatment Outcomes in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for Adults with Major Depression: Preliminary Evidence to Support Clinical UtilityPosterPsychologyAnya RagnhildstveitSarah Cunningham , Jennifer Nemrow
Utah Children’s Budget Report: How Utah Is Investing in the Future PosterEconomicsTammy RequeWyatt Hudgens
The Hyperbolic Metric on the Upper Half-PlanePosterMathematicsMoses Samuelson-Lynn
Policy Recommendations for Medicare Hospice Benefit Relating to Patients with ADRDPosterNursing & Public HealthEvan Sangster
Correlating Surface Temperature Fluctuations with Atmospheric FlowPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAlexia Savas
Finding the Role of Biological Probes on MUTYH ActivityPosterBiochemistrySonia Sehgal
A New Protocol for First Responders for Hypothermic Pulselessness in Pediatric PatientsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentIsabel Shimanski
Involuntary Hospice Discharge: A Critical Analysis About the Ethics of Ending Hospice Care for Terminal PatientsOralNursing & Public HealthMadeleine Sorenson
The Experience of "Feeling Heard" in Conflict Across RelationshipsPosterPsychologyMaia Southwick
Effect of GCaMP6s on Hyperthermia-induced Seizures in a Mouse Model of DSPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringAlexa Spink
Interleukin-6 Mediated Regulation of ENaC via Time-Dependent MAPK Family ActivationOralHealth & Human DevelopmentHarini Srinivasan
Development of a New Molecular Predictor for Risk of Melanoma Brain MetastasesOralBiologyChristopher Stehn
Vocabulary Intervention for Young At-Risk Children PosterPsychologyAlexandra Taylor
Competitive Night-time Stomatal Response of Black Cottonwood During DroughtPosterPlant SciencesKarrin Tennant
Warrior Motivation: A Cross Cultural SearchOralAnthropology & ArcheologyAndrea Uehling
Examining the Longitudinal Associations Between Maternal Sensitivity During Infancy and Toddlers’ Physiological ReactivityPosterPsychologyAli WankierBailey Speck
Anatomical Dimensions of Human Vertebral Bodies Over TimeOralHealth & Human DevelopmentZakary Wankier
Application Design for Post-Secondary Education Planning PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesJoseph Wassweiler
Comparative Anatomy and Connectivity of the Aii Amacrine Cell in Mouse and Rabbit RetinaPosterBiologySelena Wirthlin
Epistemic Communications: the Politics of Confronting the Global COVID-19 PandemicOralPolitical ScienceKaitlyn Workman
Examining Changes in Physiological Stress Levels After Prolonged Exposure to NaturePosterPsychologyLauren Ziegelmayer