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Institution: University of West Florida

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FavTitleTypeSubjectSubmitter NameOther Presenters
Radiocarbon Dating a ShipwreckPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyMarissa Agerton
Misinformation in the Time of Climate Change: The Generation Gap in the Effects of MisinformationPosterCommunicationsCharles Bare
Heavy Metal Concentrations in the Gulf of Mexico Using ICP-OESPosterChemistryRebecca Boutwell
Solid-Phase Microextraction Gas-Chromatography Mass Spectrometry of Hand SanitizerPosterChemistryRebecca BoutwellLauren Carnley
Improving Mood State Assessment for Adolescents with Limited Language on the SpectrumPosterPsychologyJulia Cornish
COVID-19 Impact, Parental Stress, and Child Problem Behavior: a Mediation ModelPosterPsychologyOlivia Cutshaw
Surface Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry (SALDI-MS) - Detection of Real World SamplesPosterChemistryVictoria Drake
An Analysis and Revision of U.S. Federal Drug SchedulingPosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeMegan Fallon
Suicide Patterning in Florida’s Medical Examiner District 1: Using Geospatial Data to Inform Forensic Recoveries of Suicide ScenesPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyMichaela Franklin
Effects of Hotel Guests on Hotel SalesOralBusinessMeghan GentryXuan Tran
Surveying Pensacola Beach for Elasmobranchs using Environmental DNA and Metabarcoding OralBiologyCaroline HornfeckMelissa Hebert
Fingerprinting IoT Devices using Artificial Intelligence TechniquesOralComputer ScienceAlex HoskinsAshley Renwick
Detection of Post-Translation Modifications of Tau Protein in Alzheimer's Disease Using a Phage Display ApproachPosterBiologyStephanie Jones
An Analysis of Florida Fighting Conch Tissue for the Presence of MicroplasticsPosterEcologyJordan Kleinschmidt
Death and the Medieval Maidens in Pre-Raphaelite PaintingsPosterArt History & Visual ArtsMANRONG LI
Effects of Microplastics on Telomere Elongation and Telomerase Activity in Regenerated Tissue of the Gray Sand StarPosterBiologyHailee Nigro
Pathways For Change: A Qualitative Look at a Therapeutic Community PosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeKayla Reid
Analysis of Environmental Variables and Their Correlation to Sea Turtle Occupancy and BycatchPosterBiologyJackson Reimer
A race against time: Using environmental DNA to detect specimens of the River redhorse in the Escambia RiverPosterBiologyHunter Rider
Subculture of Violence in Youth Correctional InstitutionsPosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeIsabella Riggs
Grape Seed Extract Effects on hsp70 Inflammatory Gene Expression in Zebrafish and Sequencing hsp70 in a Non-model OrganismPosterBiologyGunnar SchultzNicholas Ludergnani
Finding Biomarkers for Early Alzheimer’s DetectionPosterBiologySavannah Snider
Criminological Theory: Examining Criminal Justice Theory and Societal RelevancePosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeJordan Thomas
Analyzing and Visualizing Porewater Nutrient Concentration DataPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAlizabeth Turner-Ward
Optimizing Environmental DNA Storage: Comparing DNA Recovery Between Low Binding and Standard Polypropylene Plastic Tubes Using Quantitative PCROralBiologyMegan WalkinshawJenna King
Observation of Tidal Influence on Porewater Nutrients in a Submarine Groundwater Discharge ZonePosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityNathaniel Winn
DNA Barcoding of Crustacea from Artificial Reefs in the Gulf of MexicoPosterEcologyCara Womacks
Investigating Alternative Methods of Crop Production: a Kale Case StudyPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityMonica WoodruffJackson Bare