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Institution: University of West Georgia

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Nike Group ProjectPosterBusinessVictor AdenipekunJamil Yaro, Tangela Mosby, Destiny Wade, Jordan Schmits, Jason Peter, Victor Adenipekun
The importance of using the Trends in IDT DatabasePosterEducationSumin Bang
Autonomy and Risk: a Defense of the Nozick PrinciplesOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesBrant Entrekin
a Critique of William James' Account of Mystical ExperiencesOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesBrant Entrekin
Scorched Earth, Democratic Erosion in Bolsonaro’s BrazilOralPolitical ScienceNayanne Medeiros
Image and Memory - the Relationship Between Visual Arts and Remembrance Through a French Perspective. OralArt History & Visual ArtsNayanne Medeiros
Testing Performance Characteristics of Sponge Spicule Tempered CeramicsOralAnthropology & ArcheologyMegan Ware