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Institution: University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

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Three-State pH Driven Biaryl Lactone Molecular Switches with Amine DonorsPosterChemistryAaron Bruckbauer
Perceptions of Anxiety, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and Learning DisabilitiesPosterPsychologyHannah Burmeister
Shifts in Leaf Investment Strategies of Sunflowers Across Climatic Gradients in the Upper MidwestPosterEcologyMichael BylanderThu Nguyen
Determining Factors of Interparticle Spacing in 2-d Arrays of Covalently-Crosslinked, Thiol-Capped Gold Nanoparticle FilmsPosterChemistryBrianna Check
Cultural Competence: Understanding and Application by Health Care ProfessionalsPosterNursing & Public HealthTiana Dorosz
Genocide and Genocide Prevention: An Analysis of Dr. Gregory Stanton's Preventative ModelPosterHistoryTravis DuCheneGrace Luloff
Exploration in Manipulating FDA Approved Materials to Produce Surgical Assisting FoamOralEngineeringAaron EllefsonCuyler Monahan
Adaptations for People Who Are Neurodiverse to Successfully Participate in Music ClassroomsOralMusicTessa Ferry
Chinese and American Views on Climate Change: An Examination of Differences Across Countries and Changes Within Countries Over TimeOralEconomicsSavanna GrunzkeMaddie Culhane -
Caleb Kulich -
Katelyn Worzalla -
Structure and Dynamics of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 - bound Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2: Insight into the Role of a Conserved Disulfide PosterBiochemistryTiffany HeinzenAlyssa Huelsbeck
Emotionality in Climate Change CommentaryOralCommunicationsAngela HuguninEmma Dimick, Olivia Misorski, Ben Worner
Designing Ge-N Donor Acceptor Complexes That Change Structure in Solid-State or in Solution PosterChemistryKeisha Kappel
Addressing Public Concerns About Frac Sand Mining in West Central Wisconsin Through Community Outreach and Air Monitoring analysis OralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKatrina Kawak
Microplastics in the aquatic and terrestrial environments of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area WildernessPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityReed KostelnyThomas Adams, Megan Vaillancourt, Monica Dickson
Assessing Why Teachers Do Not Apply to Rural Wisconsin SchoolsOralEducationClara Krause
Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies to Probe the Impact of Oxidative Stress on the Binding of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein to Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme IIPosterBiochemistryBethany LaatschHarrison Lowater, Carl Fossum, Alex Narkiewicz-Jodko
Investigating Phenotypic Plasticity Along Two Axes of Plant Variation in Helianthus PosterEcologyAleksander LeonardsonLydia McNabb
Assessing Community Needs from the Non-Profit SectorPosterSociologyMaddie LoefflerEmily Skoog, Oscar Sexauer
A Deeper Analysis of Chinese and American Views on Climate Change: Evidence from a Frequency/Topic Prevalence Analysis of Open-Ended Survey Question ResponsesOralEconomicsPhilip LongSakumi Kawamoto -
Chloe Knuth -
Hannah Raddenbach -
Raman Spectroscopy as a Diagnostic Technique to Identify Cancer-Specific BiomarkersPosterBiochemistryCailin McCracken
Perceptions of the Teaching Profession Among Midwest College StudentsPosterPsychologyTheodore MolkentinKayla Stadem -
Stefania Draghicchio -
A Computational and Experimental Examination of the Structural and Energetic Properties of OC–BX3 ComplexesPosterChemistryJordan Munos
Musical String InharmonicityOralPhysics/AstronomyChristopher Murray
an Examination of Creativity in the World Language ClassroomOralEducationJesselyn Nadolny
Investigating the Effects of Molecular Crowding on Protein Structure using Atomic Force MicroscopyPosterBiochemistryAlexander Narkiewicz-JodkoNathaniel Severson
A Case Study of a Western Wisconsin Farmers Market Double Your Money Incentive Program for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Households: An Analysis of Implementation, Participation and Positive ImpactsOralEconomicsKatelyn ReckinEthan Blaney -
Andrew Lindaas -
Katie Klingbeil -
The Impact of Distal Disulfide Bridges on the Binding of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 to the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2PosterBiochemistryDaniel ReitherAspen Hatzenbeller
Global Learning in Local Classrooms Through Organic Tandem Learning PartnershipsPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesAlyssa SchroeckenthalerYutong Yin , Xiaoxue Liu
Generational Change and the Rise of Religious "Nones" PosterSociologyAllison Schwarz
Clinicians' Experiences in Transitioning to Internet-Based Mental Health Treatment During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterPsychologyPaige Suvanto
Synthesis of PEG and PDMAEMA Block Copolymers Using ARGET ATRP and Characterization Using UV-Vis and DLSOralChemistrySorfina Suzali
International Firms’ Performance or Auditing in the USPosterBusinessGuannan Tao
Comparison of leaf damage and trichomes of Wisconsin Helianthus populations grown in varying environmentsPosterEcologyMadilyn Vetter
Role of a Conserved Disulfide on the Interactions Between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 PosterBiochemistryGavin WalkNoah Titera
On Deep Ecology: Owen and Barbusse and the Collective Memory of Destroyed LandscapesOralEnglish & LiteratureAnna WendorffRachel Hamele
Examining Speech Assessment Tools for Bilingual Latinx StudentsPosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologySarah Wilke
Construction and Evaluation of Polycaprolactone Fibers for Drug Release ImplantsPosterChemistryRuth Woehlke
Investigating the Role of Ion Exchange Sites in Cyclic Voltammetry of Lanthanide Trifluoromethanesulfonates at Nafion-modified ElectrodesPosterChemistryMai Yer YangDani Lehto, Ethan Henseler
Recommendations to Nursing Faculty for Nursing Student and New Nurse Preparedness: Hospital Nurse Leader Perspectives SurveyPosterNursing & Public HealthBrianna ZajdaMegan Jacobson
Historical Documentation & Mathematical Analysis of Introductory CryptographyOralComputer ScienceBrendan ZemberKatie Henschell
Characterizing the Allocation, Pick-up and Usage of Benefits Offered Through the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Senior Assistance Farmers Market Fruit and Vegetable Programs in WisconsinOralEconomicsMadelyn ZennerKayla Irlbeck -
Zach Ledwith -
Tristan Shuttleworth -
Foster Care: A Look into the Communication Patterns in Non-biological and Temporary Family UnitsPosterCommunicationsElianna Zimmerman