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Institution: University of Wisconsin - Stout

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NCUR AbstractPosterCommunicationsKailey Drese;
Winning an NFL Championship on a City’s Local Unemployment RateOralEconomicsWilliam Durdin
Disconnect Between Congressional Approval Ratings and Reelection RatesPosterPolitical ScienceThomas Eder
Social and Emotional Ramifications of Having a Sibling with a Disability PosterSocial Work & Human ServicesShana Haas
The Meaning of FreedomOralSociologyTyson Hoeft
Viking Age Trade: the Russian River Ties that Bound Europe to the Wider World. OralHistoryChristopher Johnson
Effects of Kyoto Protocol on Country-level GDP per capitaPosterPolitical ScienceSommer Kunstmann
Classic Psychedelics: Legality and Public Perception in the United States Through HistoryOralHistoryRay Pagenkopf
Changes in University of Wisconsin-Stout Student Social Interactions Due to the PandemicPosterSociologyLydia Skoglund
Understanding folklore by comparing the Brothers Grimm and global talesPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyLia Spence
Understanding How Current Students Chose UW-Stout as Their UniversityPosterEducationHattie Stark
Benefiting from Friction: An Analysis of Conflict Management Methods and Their EffectivenessOralPsychologyJared Stocking
The Effect of Preventative Methods on Wildfire Damage OralEconomicsBrooke Terry