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Institution: University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

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FavTitleTypeSubjectSubmitter NameOther Presenters
Integrating IoT Sensing Technology into Indoor Agriculture Design OralAgriculture & ExtensionAbraham Alvarez Garcia
Synthesis and Utilization of New Sulfonium Salt PhotoinitiatorsPosterChemistryJordan Bobek
Molecular characterization of three giant knotweed species in Wisconsin (genus Reynoutria, Polygonaceae)PosterBiologyJenna BoeckAlyssa Olson, Jenni Wendtlandt, Emily Peters, Noah Kofron, Morgan Sabol
Testing the Effect of Acetaminophen Overdose on the Liver and the Role of Biomarkers to Predict Death or SurvivalOralMathematicsChristine Brasic
Simulated Wastewater Treatment of Butylated Hydroxyanisole PosterChemistryNicholas Britt
How prepared are you? Analyzing the perceptions and preparedness of severe weather at the University of Wisconsin-WhitewaterPosterGeography/GeologyPayton Hintz
Use of Plasma Reactor to Improve Non-Fouling Properties of 316 Stainless SteelOralPhysics/AstronomyAubin KoutabaXavier Mleziva -
Teaching Social Studies & Civics Through Primary Sources & Equitable MaterialsPosterEducationBrandi PribbenowHunter Tierman
Gender Journeys - The Exploration of Gender through the Histories of Transgender, Non-binary, and Gender Nonconforming persons - Handmade Artist BookVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsCordelia Regenold
Synthesis and Evaluation of New Sulfonium Salt and Sulfonate PhotoinitiatorsPosterChemistryStephanie Rickert
Integrating Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Studio Instruction to create culturally diverse musiciansPosterMusicNoah Schaffrick
Effect of Quarantine on the Reproductive Number of COVID-19PosterMathematicsCaitlin Seibel