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Institution: Utah Valley University

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FavTitleTypeSubjectSubmitter NameOther Presenters
Standardized Assignment Guidelines Proposal: A Proposal to UVU’s English DepartmentOralWriting & RhetoricElizabeth Baty
Home Agricultural Automation Controller Using Zigbee RadiosOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringBrian BellJoseph Djurich
The Holocaust, Sigmund Freud, and Anna SokolowOralDanceCassidy Blackham
Nearly a Decade of Community Change Documented for a Montane Forest in UtahPosterPlant SciencesWilliam Bradshaw
Dance for the Expecting DancerOralDanceAshlie Carlile
Reimagining Saint Francis in Art: Caravaggio’s Saint Francis in EcstasyOralArt History & Visual ArtsAlexander Coberly
Antibiotic Resistance in Streptococcus PyogenesPosterBiologyKilee DavisRyan Dejam
The Aftershocks: A Research through Dance on the Emotional Symptoms of Persistent Complex Bereavement DisorderOralDanceFrancesca DeMartino
In the Eye of the Storm: A Research through Dance on the Emotional Effects of COVID- 19Performing ArtsDanceFrancesca DeMartino
Getting the Most out of Technology in the General Chemistry Classroom; a Comparison of Online Content Homework with Metacognitive Training HomeworkPosterEducationNakita Ellis
Collection, Isolation, and Sequencing of Bacteriophages in Utah ValleyPosterBiologyAshley EscarateAshley Larsen -
Alissa Landefeld -
Combating Vaccine Hesitancy Using a Moral Foundation ApproachOralBiologyMatthew FindlayElizabeth Turner, Eli Mills, Zachary Cromar
Toward a Metric for Assessing Ideological Devotion Within Technical CommunitiesOralComputer ScienceMichael Harding
Effects of Celiac Disease and a Gluten-Free Diet on the Human Gut MicrobiomeOralMicrobiologyVictoria HooperClayton Rawson
Drone Control ProjectOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringAlexander HuffCaleb Probst
Bankruptcy prediction model in the U.S. restaurant firms OralBusinessDoohyun KimZachary Wilde
The Relational Impact of Religious Rigidity: Exploring Conflict Between LDS Parents and Their Disaffiliated Young Adult ChildrenOralPsychologyElizabeth Macdonald
A High Impact Engaged Demand Survey: Application of Data Mining in Student Retention Strategy Using Decision Tree ModuleOralBusinessJiyeon MaengAngie Milbourn
Visualizing and Describing Science Identity Through an Image Association Survey PosterBiologyMacKenzie NormanPreston Carroll
Gestural Attention on the Effectiveness of Gestural MisinformationPosterPsychologyLogan ParkerLogan Parker
Effects of Phragmites Australis Destruction on the Concentration of Trace Metals in Utah Lake Water, Sediments, and PlantsOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityClayton Rawson
DNA Barcoding of Vietnamese MayfliesPosterBiologyJake ReedJed Whetten
Don’t Block Me: Toward a Foundation of Tech-Aware Copyright PracticeOralComputer ScienceTravis Skene
Canvas to Creator: the Aesthetic Ecology of Early Female Land ArtistsOralArt History & Visual ArtsSophie Stephens
Assessing Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorous (P) Loading to Utah Lake from Non-Point Sources Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing Spatial ModelingPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKira SturgellDerek Ashliman -
A Beautiful DeceptionPerforming ArtsDanceLane Swenson
Determination of the Relationship Between Hypertension and Endogenous Ouabain Placental Concentration in Preeclampsia PosterBiochemistrySamantha TilleyClayton Rawson, Kevin Ludwig, Sadie Johnson
Constructing an Assembler and Virtual MachinePosterComputer ScienceDevin Wright