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Institution: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U

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FavTitleTypeSubjectSubmitter NameOther Presenters
Drone Ultrasound Acoustic Energy TransferPosterEngineeringNeema Ahmadian
Applying Positive Psychology during a Quarantine: How does a weekly gratitude letter affect daily mood states?OralPsychologySamuel Browning
Sound Manipulation Techniques and ApplicationsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringShruti Das
Control of Excessive Movements of Architectural StructuresOralArchitecture & Interior DesignLukas Feldkamp
An Overexpression of a Foxp2 Truncated Variant Shows Biological Relevance on the Development of Vocalizations and Behaviors in RatsOralBiologyMichael Taylor
Biochemical Characterization of Aminomutases Involved in Salt Tolerance in Methanogenic ArchaeaOralBiochemistryTaylan Tunckanat
3D Learning Environments in Practice - Virtual Museum and Virtual Classroom Case StudiesOralComputer ScienceSam Williams