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Institution: Wayne State University

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Loss of Heterozygosity in the Diploid Fungal Pathogen Candida Albicans is Associated with Changes in Resistance and Virulence TraitsOralMicrobiologyDoha Abdullah
Impact of Stress on Food Based Routines in Families from Low Socioeconomic BackgroundsPosterNursing & Public HealthHira AliRiya Chhabra, Shraddha Jadhav
Schizophrenia Network Dysfunction During Associative Learning Revealed Using Dynamic Graphical Models PosterPsychologyTristan Attisha
Auto-Factory Practices Put Female Autoworkers at a Greater Risk of Developing Reproductive CancersPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentNolan Babinski
Assessing the Acceptability of an eHealth Intervention to Improve Diabetes Care Among Emerging Adults with Poorly Controlled Type 1 DiabetesPosterNursing & Public HealthDeepika Baskar
Impact of Nutrition on 30-day Readmissions Among Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Acute Heart FailureOralBiologyDilnoor Kaur Bawa
Representation Through Racial Socialization in Early Childhood OralPsychologyTasnim BegumJoseph Calhoun
Can Unsupervised Machine Learning Models Be Used to Better Allocate Public Safety Resources?OralSociologySergio Brilanti-Martinez
Genomic Characterization of Genes Encoding Protein Methyltransferases Identifies Therapeutic Targets for Cancer TreatmentPosterBiologyEra Cobani
The Role of NFκB Innate Immune Factors in Maintaining Drosophila Retinal Integrity PosterBiologyMohamed Dabaja
Characterizing Spatial Coefficient of Variation in Arterial Spin Labeling: Associations with Age, Cognition, and Vascular Health in Older AdultsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentShelby Darichuk
Non-inflammatory Cerebrospinal Fluids Biomarkers in Neonates with Perinatal Hypoxic Brain Injury - a Systematic ReviewOralBiologySaihaj DeolSidhartha Tan -
Behind the “Runner’s High”: a Systematic Review on the Effects of Exercise on the Endocannabinoid SystemOralExercise Science & NutritionShreya Desai
Drone Imagery and Archaeology: Protocols for producing isometric illustrations from drone imagery in Alpuente, SpainPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyKristen Doby
New Nano-mechanical Approaches in Cancer BiologyPosterPhysics/AstronomySara Ellias
The Detroit Young Adult Asthma Project: Anxiety, Perception, and AdherencePosterNursing & Public HealthAli Fakih
Microcystin: The Best Contraceptive There IsPosterEcologyRida FarookMoussa Chehab
Acetyl isogambogic acid activates unfolded protein response and apoptosis in head and neck cancerOralBiologyMehrnoosh Ghafouri AbbasAbadi
Elucidating Mechanisms Involved in Hydroxyurea-Mediated Reduction in Red-Cell Endothelial Interactions in Sickle Cell DiseasePosterBiochemistryKimera Harris
Do Sedentary Conditions Affect the Number of C1 Neurons in Rat Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla?OralExercise Science & NutritionBenjamin Huber
Waste to Resource: Coal Fly Ash BeneficiationPosterCivil EngineeringDimitrios Kakaris Porter
A Game-theoretic Approach to Wildlife ManagementOralMathematicsHumza Khan
Genomics in Pleistocene Park: On the Internal Causes Driving ExtinctionPosterBiologyJacob Kostecke
Communication, Planning, and Self Care: Examining the Gendered Aspect of Coping with Work Family Conflict Among Parents and Childfree IndividualsPosterSociologyRanya Krayem
Description of a New Species of Hyalella (Amphipoda: Hyalellidae) from Belle IsleOralEcologyMolly McKeon
Examining the Relationship Between Neighborhood Adversity and Glycemic Control Among African American Adolescents with Type 1 DiabetesPosterNursing & Public HealthYasir Mehmood
Functional Network Architectures are Distorted During Memory Formation and Consolidation in Schizophrenia PosterPsychologyEmmanuel Meram
Effective Connectivity Analyses of the Plasticity of Brain Networks in Schizophrenia During Learning PosterBiologyKalyyanee Nanaaware
Analysis of Gene Duplication in Arabidopsis Thaliana on Growth Patterns, and It's Application in the Agricultural IndustryPosterPlant SciencesWilliam Nauam
"Just to Chat, Truly Yours, Your Biggest Fan, This Is Stan": an Analysis on the Phenomenon Known as Stan TwitterOralRhetoric and Writing StudiesAllison Partin
Crude Oil Price Fluctuations: a Forty-Year ExaminationOralEconomicsStephanie Price-Cummings
Adverse Childhood Experiences and a Trusting Parent Teacher Relationship Among Early Head Start Parents PosterPsychologyRida QureshiSitara Ghuznavi
Changes in the Gut Microbiome Following Traumatic Stress Exposure in a Mouse Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) PosterMicrobiologyRebecca Schultz
Calibration of Photoacoustic Signal Temperature Dependence for Quantitative Thermometry During Endovenous Laser Ablation ProceduresPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringTanyeem Shaik
Conditioning Minimizes Cognitive Damage During Early-Stage Brain DevelopmentPosterBiologyNadiya Sharif
Identification of Therapeutic Targets That Reduce VLA-4 Adhesion-mediated Vaso-occlusive Episodes in Sickle Cell DiseasePosterBiochemistryUrvashi Thongam
Improving Reproducibility of Prenatal Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarker to Detect Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury in Rabbit FetusPosterNursing & Public HealthCarolann Walkuski
Investigation of the Synergistic Nature of Traumatic Brain Injury and Opioid Exposure on Generation of Reactive Oxygen SpeciesPosterBiologyAlexander Woznicki
Yeast Magic: a Science Outreach Activity to Teach Elementary School Children About Cells OralBiologyKomal Zahrah