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Institution: Widener University

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Investigating robo1 and robo2 Expression in a Drosophila Injury ModelPosterBiologyDeclan Barrett
Towards a Natural Language Database Query Processing System Using Montague SemanticsOralComputer ScienceAaron Cogbill
Studying the Role of Zwischenferment (Zw) in a D. melanogaster Model of Fat Formation Utilizing CRISPR-Cas9OralBiologyMary Grace
Sugar Plantations and the Roots of the Haitian RevolutionPosterHistoryKentz Gustave
Steering the Ship: Governor's Priorities by StateOralPolitical ScienceJack HeavnerCloƫ Di Flumeri -
The Green Synthesis of Maleimide Derivatives: Potential New Acetylcholineesterase InhibitorsPosterChemistryAidan LoobySebastian Cuka
Anti-Collision System for a Powered WheelchairPosterEngineeringNicholas LubeckMichael Knawby
Optimization of Mechanochemical Synthesis in the Formation of the Metal-Organic Framework Cu3(BTC)2 PosterChemistryJohn Mason
Testing of unknown detergent samples for cleaning oil from bird feathers PosterChemistryAutumn Weber
Greener Synthesis of Pterostilbene Derivatives as Drug Candidates for the Treatment of AlzheimersPosterChemistryVictor You