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Institution: Wingate University

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Holy (Bath)Water: Gender, Relics, and Healing in the Arabic Infancy GospelOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesAllison Barbee
Survivability of AMF Symbiosis with Festuca rubra in Heavy-metal Contaminated SoilPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKayla Bonilla
The Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Approach: A Method for the Struggling ReaderOralEducationMacie Estes
Simple or Is It? An Observation of the Immune Response of the House Cricket, Acheta Domesticus, to Altered-SelfPosterEcologySummer Fleming
Paul’s Imprisonment: an Exegetical Analysis of Acts 16OralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesHannah Haigler
Effects of Kratom, a Natural Supplement Which Binds to Opioid Receptors, on Fetal Development in C57BL/6 MicePosterBiologyDaisy Quach
Effects of Kratom, a Natural Supplement on the Gut Microbiome and Intestinal Permeability in MicePosterBiologyLauryn Tumey
Field Extensions in MathematicaOralMathematicsGiacomo Viazzo
Literature: Should It Be Moral? OralEnglish & LiteratureIsabella Walle