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Loss of Heterozygosity in the Diploid Fungal Pathogen Candida Albicans is Associated with Changes in Resistance and Virulence TraitsOralMicrobiologyDoha Abdullah
Does the MRP of a College Basketball Player Diminish?OralEconomicsAdonis Abdullah
Compact Crane for Fishing Cages and NetsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringHuseen Abdulredha
The Effects of Levetiracetam on Glutamatergic Synaptic Transmission: Crayfish NMJsOralBiologyMohammad Abou El-Ezz
How COVID Impacted People of Different Socioeconomic StatusOralPsychologyDaniel Abramov
Utilization of Biomimicry of Blue Morpho Butterfly Wings in Interdisciplinary Science Education Modules and Nano-based Sensoring DesignOralEducationShira AbramsohnMarina Achterman
Video Game Music: A Study of the Most Immersive Musical Experience of Our TimeOralMusicJohn Africano
Mind and Society in Stirner and Kropotkin: Collectivism as Radical EgoismOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesChase Agheli
Investigating the Impact of EHR Vendor Selection on Physician Performance ScoresOralNursing & Public HealthDevanshi Agnihotri
Not Your Typical Neuroatypical Experience: Changing Portrayals of Neuroatypical Individuals in Popular MediaOralInterdisciplinary StudiesSafa Ahmed
Bodies in Difference: Language, Stigma, and Disabilities in the UAEOralSociologyHafsa Ahmed
Mental Health Perceptions of Muslim American College StudentsOralPsychologySangida Akter
Neuroscience Education Therapy for Migraine and Other Overlapping Pain ConditionsOralPsychologySangida Akter
Service Life Model of Zeolite Based High Performance Concrete MixturesOralCivil EngineeringHothaifa Al EidJacqueline Diaz
Geochemical Insights into Magma Dynamics Beneath Monogenetic Volcanoes at Active Continental Margins: Constraints from Amphibole and Apatite Crystal PopulationsOralGeography/GeologyRaghad Al GboryLiannie Velazquez
Understanding sow’s mothering ability by analyzing their behavioral phenotypes from overhead sensor imagesOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringAhlam Al Kiyumi
the Effect of Circadian Rhythms on Immune Behavior OralBiologyWajd Alaidrous
Early Bilingual Acquisition of Spanish and English R SoundsOralLinguistics & World LanguagesSehar AlamSehar Alam, Stephanie Flores
The Role of WRKY Transcription Factors in Virus Host Interactions OralMicrobiologyEsmeralda Alcala
A Deeper Look at the Literacy GapOralEducationAnna Alden
Survivability of Clinically Significant Bacteria on Blood Glucose Test StripsOralNursing & Public HealthEmily Alessandrini
Green Synthesis of Sustainable Solar Cell MaterialsOralChemistryBadraa Al-JasimHilary Ngouajio
The Importance of School-Home Communication During the Pandemic That Turned Home into SchoolOralEducationShelby Allan
Drought and Beetle induced Monoterpene Defenses in Pinyon Pine SeedlingsOralPlant SciencesFranklin Alongi
Women in ancient Greek Culture: Mythology and the PolisOralEnglish & LiteratureYasmeen Alrababah
Tribalism in Our SocietyOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesNierouz Alrashdan
Integrating IoT Sensing Technology into Indoor Agriculture Design OralAgriculture & ExtensionAbraham Alvarez Garcia
Successful Online Transitions: How Instructors Enacted Patience OralEducationLily Amador
Building Pilsen: Redlining to Gentrification OralHistoryAfaaf Amatullah
The Issue of Invisibility: Gaps in Data for Native Americans and the COVID-19 Crisis OralInterdisciplinary StudiesAfaaf Amatullah
Middle School Classroom Instruction on the Cause of Seasons: Developing Spatial Ability Differentially Through ModelingOralEducationPaula AmesJaden Hayes
Measuring stiffness of the Hamstring Using Surface WaveElastographyOralBiologyMohamad AmmarJhon Congor
Neurological Gene jus Is Associated with Aging-Related Muscle Loss in the Fly Model of SarcopeniaOralBiologySoobin AnKaveh Kiani, Melody Jabbari, Christina Talley
Study of Non Linear Dynamic SystemsOralEngineeringSamikshaya Ananthakrishnan
Neuropsychological Assessment of Cancer Related Cognitive Dysfunction OralHealth & Human DevelopmentKesten AndersonKeagan Duster
Performance Training: Preventing Playing-Related Injuries in Amateur InstrumentalistsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentHeather Anderson
English Ivy Removal and Restoration of Biodiversity in a Piedmont ForestOralEcologyCollin Anderson
War of Words: the Evolution of Linguistic Agitations in Assam and Tamil Nadu, 1947-2020OralPolitical ScienceElizabeth Anderson
Understanding the Impact of Partisanship on Climate Change Opinion from 1973-2016OralPolitical ScienceOlivia Anderson
Mapping Forest Change Through Time with Historical Maps, Aerial Photography, and Satellite Imagery in Uxeau, FranceOralGeography/GeologyDuncan Anderson
Spectroscopic Analysis of Multivalent CeO2(Ce+4) and Ce2O3(Ce+3 ) Nanoparticles in a Soluble Borate Glass. OralPhysics/AstronomyRebecca Anderson
White supremacy and Ecology Movements: Savitri Devi, and an Ecofascist Nazi LeaderOralHistoryTyson Anderson
Fluid Motion Over Topography on a Rotating PlanetOralEngineeringAlan AndonianIury Simoes-Sousa -
Amit Tandon -
Forecasting America's Domestic Airline Passenger Demand During the Coronavirus PandemicOralEngineeringGustavo Andrade
Examining the Effectiveness of Child Abuse InterventionsOralSocial Work & Human ServicesKatelyn Andrews
Vaping. A New, but Not Surprising, EpidemicOralNursing & Public HealthGeorge Angelakakis
Computed Tomography-Assessed Skeletal Muscle Mass as a Predictor of Outcomes in Lung Cancer SurgeryOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAliya Ansari
Emotional Intelligence, Trust, Self-efficacy and Task Behavior: Longitudinal Study of Achievement Approach to Leadership EmergenceOralBusinessJustin AntonioJanell Laws
Bioinformatics Analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 Interactome in Human Fetal Brain DevelopmentOralBiologyMariah Antopia
Evolution and Development of Staminodes in Paronychia (Caryophyllaceae)OralBiologyAndrea Appleton
Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences Applied to Choreography OralDanceLaura Ardner
The Impact of Social Belonging on Academic Achievement and Math Anxiety Levels in Underrepresented Minority STEM UndergraduatesOralPsychologyMya Arellano
The Great Impact of Inca TextilesOralHistorySofia Arenas
Danny Boyle's Twenty Eight Days Later: Rebirth of the British Horror GenreOralFilm/Photography StudiesKarlee Arendt
Social Media in the Age of Polarized PoliticsOralPolitical ScienceAbigail Arient
Effect of switch trimming on fly avoidance behaviors, udder cleanliness, and milk quality in lactating Holstein and Jersey dairy cowsOralAgriculture & ExtensionDillon Arnold
The Good and Bad: Enslaved Narratives in the SouthOralHistoryRachel Ashworth
Cover-Up of Sexual Misconduct in The Morning Show and The Loudest VoiceOralCommunicationsSydney Ashworth
Toxoplasma gondii SUB4 Gene Deletion Mutants and Their Viability in Host Cell InvasionOralBiologyJohn Asmus
The History and Controversies Surrounding the British MuseumOralArt History & Visual ArtsGrace Atallah
Noun Acquisition in 24-month old English and Mandarin Chinese Speaking InfantsOralLinguistics & World LanguagesJustin AuQifan Wang, Nathaniel Goldblum
Tense and Lax Stop Distinctions in Kyungsang KoreanOralLinguistics & World LanguagesJustin Au
Genetic Differentiation of Amethyst-throated Hummingbirds (Lampornis amethystinus)OralBiologySasha Audier-JohnsonShanteesh Stewart
When Two Wrongs Make a Right: a Legal Analysis of the New Crime ExceptionOralLaw & Legal StudiesAvery Auton
The Spiritualized Pastoral: Early Romantic Natural EscapesOralMusicHannah Avena
Impact of Covid-19 on the Healthcare IndustryOralHealth & Human DevelopmentJayden Ayash
Privacy Perceptions of Users of At-home DNA TestingOralComputer ScienceKhadija Baig
Strategies to Support Play Behaviors of Preschoolers with Sensory Disabilities OralEducationMadison Bailey
Evaluation of G Protein Coupled Receptor Interaction Fingerprints in Docking ProtocolsOralChemistryLindsey Baker
Queering Jo March: Investigating Gender and Gender Identity in Louisa May Alcott’s "Little Women"OralEnglish & LiteratureMegan Baker
Exploration of Graph-based and Traditional Machine Learning Algorithms in Regards to the Amount of Labeled Training Data RequiredOralComputer ScienceAshwin Balaji
The Marrow of Memories: Mapping the Historic Springhill CemeteryOralHistoryQuincy Balius
"The Ballad": What Happens When Cinderella Reclaims Her Narrative? OralCreative WritingEmily Ball
The Myth of Universal Sisterhood: An Examination of The Complexities of Gender, Race, and ClassOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAntonio Ball
Small Packages, Big Surprises: Understanding the Success of Weaker States in Asymmetric Interstate ConflictsOralPolitical ScienceAkhil Bandreddi
Farnesoid X Receptor Regulates Immune Cell Activation and Recruitment to the Lung following Exposure of Mice to Nitrogen MustardOralBiologyTanvi Banota
Ethics of Animal Assisted Therapy OralInterdisciplinary StudiesAmy Barba
Holy (Bath)Water: Gender, Relics, and Healing in the Arabic Infancy GospelOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesAllison Barbee
Enhancing Student Participation and Understanding of Statistical Analysis in Remote Undergraduate STEM CoursesOralEducationSophia BarberSophia Ibargüen, Daisy Kim, Chloe Sharp
Vaughan Williams's 'The Lark Ascending' as an Elegy for Environmental LossOralMusicKirsten Barker
Evaluating the Role of Cabin Counselors in a Virtual Asthma Camp OralNursing & Public HealthLauren BarnesEllen Buckner
The Soldier of Love: the Biography of SadeOralMusicAlexis Barnett
On the Basis of Politics: Public Approval of the Supreme CourtOralPolitical ScienceMelissa Barnosky
a Study of Gender and the Effects of Modern Feminism Within the Works of Artemisia Gentileschi. OralArt History & Visual ArtsSkylar Barr
Domus Aurea: The Golden House of Nero OralArt History & Visual ArtsSkylar Barr
Fracking is Irreconcilable with Responsible Climate PolicyOralPolitical ScienceDaniel Barrow
Does Size Matter? Investigating Reading Achievement in Rural and Urban MinnesotaOralEducationJon Bartczak
Influence of Teaching Experiences with Younger Students on Identity Development Among UndergraduatesOralMusicJennifer BassBetsy Hesser -
Jonathan New -
Zach Van Manen -
Samantha Thompson -
The Intentional Relationship Between Choreographer and SpectatorOralDanceNaomi Bates
Standardized Assignment Guidelines Proposal: A Proposal to UVU’s English DepartmentOralWriting & RhetoricElizabeth Baty
From Folk Tales to Literary Fairy Tales: Genre and Authorship in H.C. Andersen and the Brothers GrimmOralEnglish & LiteratureAbigail Bauer
Ideological Schisms and Embedded Isms: the UN’s Framing of International CrimesOralPolitical ScienceMiranda Baumann
Improving Medication-Enhanced Psychotherapy Options for PTSD: The Potential of Oxytocin as a Treatment for Hypervigilance in Women with a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Related PTSDOralHealth & Human DevelopmentElianna Bavuso
Impact of Nutrition on 30-day Readmissions Among Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Acute Heart FailureOralBiologyDilnoor Kaur Bawa
Liberal Arts Poster Students: the Symptoms of Visually Overrepresenting Students of Color in College CommunicationsOralCommunicationsGnim Bazim
Utilization of Deformation Microscopy to Index Neural Cell Chromatin Organization Following Mechanical ImpulsesOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringQuinn Beato
Comparing Therapeutically-Relevant Copy Number Profiles in African Americans and European Americans with Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma OralBiologyErica Beatson
Monitoring Length of Stay (LOS) and 30-day Readmission Rate at Hospitals: An Analysis Using Statistical Process Control (SPC)OralBusinessHannah Beazoglou
The Evolution of the Epicene Pronoun and Gender Inclusivity in the English LanguageOralEnglish & LiteratureAbby Bebout
Playing God: Legacies of Narrative Control in Danticat and WalkerOralInterdisciplinary StudiesSarah Becker
Origin of carbonate concretions in Iowa's loess soilsOralGeography/GeologyJazlyn Beeck
Semantic Analysis of Social Media Conversations on Music for the Prediction of a Song’s EmotionOralComputer ScienceAidan Beery
Representation Through Racial Socialization in Early Childhood OralPsychologyTasnim BegumJoseph Calhoun
Relationships Between Cell Measurements from Fine-needle AspirationsOralBiologyTaylor Behrens
More Than a Tree: The Effects of Clarinet Production on Tanzanian Economy OralMusicJessica Bell
Home Agricultural Automation Controller Using Zigbee RadiosOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringBrian BellJoseph Djurich
Assessing the Health of Freshwater Mussels of Southwest WisconsinOralBiologyCody BellJames Cahill, Emma Bryla
Muslim Immigrant Women's Intersectional Experiences Integrating into US SocietyOralSociologySarra Ben Ghorbal
Prescription Stimulant Misuse and Sensation Seeking by Undergraduate Students at Public Universities in the United StatesOralSociologyKenza Benkirane
Das Reingold: Richard Wagner's Musical Impact on Thomas S. Buechner's Vitreographs OralArt History & Visual ArtsSavannah Bennett
Music on the Porch: the Life and Legacy of Samantha Bumgarner OralMusicSavannah Bennett
Predicting Drug-Gene Interactions Via Graph StructureOralComputer ScienceKayla Bennett
“This Insolent and Inhuman Race”: White U.S. Soldiers’ Thoughts About White Southerners During the Civil War EraOralHistoryLauren Bergeron
Music-enhanced Data Tables: A New Way of Experiencing Data PresentationsOralComputer ScienceAngel Bermudez
Community Vs Individual Responsibility Towards Ignorance: The Preservation of the Religious CommunityOralHistoryMiriam Bernstein
Content Analysis of Adulting in New GirlOralCommunicationsStephanie Best
Analysis of AYA Cancer Patient Priority Symptoms Through Text Mining SoftwareOralNursing & Public HealthKylie Bethards
Matrix Formalism for Solving the Schrödinger Equation and the Approach to the Continuum LimitOralPhysics/AstronomySmriti Bhalerao
Perceptions on the Role of Therapeutic Recreation in Motivating Culture Change in Long-Term CareOralSocial Work & Human ServicesSimran Bhamra
Impact of Mindset on Female Leadership EmergenceOralBusinessAsha Bhattacharya
STEM Education in the Early Childhood ClassroomOralEducationJulia Biagiotti
Memory and History in the Graphic Novels of Chris WareOralEnglish & LiteratureJacob Bibeault
Mass Shootings in the Media: Framing of Perpetrators OralCommunicationsElizabeth Bierly
“At-One-ing” with Briony TallisOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesGrace Biermann
Guide and Gatekeeper to the Wilderness: The Post- War Sierra Club’s Reversal on Outdoor Accessibility OralHistoryEthan Bilson
Investigation of Acid Catalyzed Pictet-Spengler Cyclization with SulfonamidesOralChemistryKaitlyn Birkhoff
Microglia recover after ethanol exposure: examining cytokine production as a mechanism OralBiologyBreanna Bishop
The Holocaust, Sigmund Freud, and Anna SokolowOralDanceCassidy Blackham
The Effects of an Affective EducationOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesElena Blackwelder
A Castle or a Cage: A Thematic Analysis of Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64OralEnglish & LiteratureCole Blagg
The Extended Uncertainty Principle Kerr Black HoleOralPhysics/AstronomyLance Blagg
Sleep Quality and Physical Activity Level in Postmenopausal Women with Breast CancerOralNursing & Public HealthAshley Bleiler
The Role of Emissions Trading in Climate Change Policy in Transitioning EconomiesOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityJessica Blom
Something to Hold on To: Barry Lopez, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Finding Purpose in Art and NatureOralEnglish & LiteratureCarina Blomberg
The Linguistics of Identity: Milton's Paradise LostOralEnglish & LiteratureSamuel Bloom
Kruppel-Like Factor 4 Regulates Glycolytic Metabolism and the Cellular Response to Metabolic StressOralBiologyAndrew Blum
The Parallel and Opposing Qualities Between Social Organizations that are labeled as Gangs and CultsOralSociologyMame-Yaa Boateng
Electronic Logbook Automation for the n2EDM Experiment at Paul Scherrer InstituteOralPhysics/AstronomyWilliam BodronBenjamin Cortas
Two Messages for Two Americas: Presidential Video Advertising in the Age of TrumpOralPolitical ScienceOwen Boice
Personality as a Predictor of Personal Finance DecisionsOralBusinessAbigail Boltz
Ciarán Carson: Translations Transcending into Modern CultureOralEnglish & LiteratureChristopher Bond
Improving the Sustainability of Animal and Crop Production Agriculture: Evaluation of Biochar-Manure Mixture Impact on Soil Nutrient Availability and Plant UptakeOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityDarcy Bonds
Thomas Nast- His Life and InfluencesOralArt History & Visual ArtsGenevieve Bono
Thermal Transport in Uranium Dioxide-Graphene CompositeOralEngineeringMaurice BooneAliyah Lang
Professional Noticing of College Students’ Mathematical ThinkingOralEducationLindsay BorgerMaria Camarato
GeogebraOralMathematicsMaibel Botros
Why do my hemp cannabinoid results vary?OralChemistryDawson Bowles
The Calcium Sensor Protein Calmodulin Like 38 Is Degraded Via Autophagy During FloodingOralBiochemistryWilliam Bowman
Monte Carlo Simulation of Magnetron SputteringOralPhysics/AstronomyCatherine Boyd
Machine Assisted Speed Reading and TrainingOralComputer ScienceChristopher Brandt
Testing the Effect of Acetaminophen Overdose on the Liver and the Role of Biomarkers to Predict Death or SurvivalOralMathematicsChristine Brasic
Eco-Efficiency and its Implications on Macro Resource Use: An Empirical Study on Energy Consumption Patterns in Five European Countries and USA 2005-2015OralEconomicsKelly Brassington
Insight and Analytics from Git RepositoriesOralComputer ScienceJordan BrekkeYan Berezkin -
Timothy Guilfoyle -
Victor Huarota -
Zaid Altahat -
Influence of Physical Barriers Significantly Reducing Stream Flow and Seasonal Variation in Determining Stream Quality Using Subsampling of Macroinvertebrates Collected Using Kick-Net TechniquesOralEcologyJennifer Brenner
Niche Marketing in Graphic Design Exposed by Independent Record LabelsOralArt History & Visual ArtsAdam Brewer
Looking Past the Gaze: a Reassessment of Race in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestOralEnglish & LiteratureBrandt Bridges
Can Unsupervised Machine Learning Models Be Used to Better Allocate Public Safety Resources?OralSociologySergio Brilanti-Martinez
Analysis of the Host Range Specificity of Bacteriophages found in soilOralMicrobiologyAva Brittain
Who Is Next? Evaluating Factors That May Contribute to Heart FailureOralHealth & Human DevelopmentDavon Broadwater
Collection, analysis, and comparison of microplastics from rural and urban aquatic ecosystemsOralChemistryTyler BroderiusDaniela Vargas
“I Don’t Feel Safe”: Fears of Teacher Candidates Teaching Urban StudentsOralEducationJennifer Brooks
Influence of Cultural Groups on the College Experience of International StudentsOralSociologyEtta BrooksEtta Brooks
A New Native Renaissance: Writers of the 21st CenturyOralEnglish & LiteratureHope Brown
Effect of Laser Heating on Magnetic Performance of FePt/Cu Nanoparticles Trapped Between Quartz PlatesOralPhysics/AstronomyLa-Keyshia Brown
Vaccination and Anti-Vaccination Discourse: an Investigation of Attitudes and Beliefs Surrounding Vaccination Amongst the Pakistani American Community in Northern VirginiaOralNursing & Public HealthJuwairiyah Brown
Quantifying Autophagic Flux and Nitric Oxide Generation in Endothelial Cells from Patients with Cardiovascular DiseaseOralHealth & Human DevelopmentRevi Brown
Understanding the Surface of Cadmium Sulfide Quantum DotsOralChemistryNiamh Brown
Ebb and Flow: a Collection of Eco-fiction Short Stories to Illustrate New England's Hydrological RestorationOralCreative WritingAllison Brown
Applying Positive Psychology during a Quarantine: How does a weekly gratitude letter affect daily mood states?OralPsychologySamuel Browning
Retrofuturism: A Past and a FutureOralArt History & Visual ArtsAbigail Brumbaugh
Modern Erotic Art as a Tool for Female Empowerment and the Feminist Fight for EqualityOralArt History & Visual ArtsElizabeth Brumley
Subdividing Rain Drop Arrivals into Steady IntervalsOralPhysics/AstronomyBrianna Brunson
Novel Microscale Mass Sensor Using Integrated Nonlinear Circuitry Network and Cantilever-Based Linear Resonator OralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAdam Bryant
Belonging in the Nation’s Capital: Mutual Aid as a Response to Racialized DisplacementOralSociologyKy Buckner
Activation of tumor immunity against colorectal cancer by modification of the colonic microbiomeOralBiologyHannah Bumgarner
Mass Spectrometry Imaging Reveals Distinct Differences in Glycogen Accumulation in Lung Tumors from Appalachian Patients OralBiochemistryMichael Buoncristiani
You Give Love a Bad Name: Making Sense of the White-Washed Philosophy of LoveOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesReagan Burch
Rural Road Connectivity and Its Effects on Access to Health Care: Evidence from India’s PMGSY ProjectOralGlobal HealthMcKenna Burelle
Social Media's Influence on Political ParticipationOralPolitical ScienceLauren Burkhart
The Psychological and Mental Health Effects of Covid-19 on Students and FacultyOralPsychologyBriana BurnettTangela Allen, Destyni Herbert
Determining the Elon University Forest Soil Seed BankOralBiologyAustin Burnett
Makeup’s Influence on Perception of a Female Job Applicant’s Character in the Workplace from 1970-2020: How Makeup Can Influence Capability, Femininity, and Potential EarningsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesMegan Burroughs
Potential Signaling Mechanisms for the SaeR/S Two-Component System in Staphylococcus aureusOralBiologyOwen Burroughs
Addressing Global Poverty and Hunger: College Students ContributionsOralBusinessAnna ButlerJacquelyn Littleton -
Outward Physical Changes and Reestablishment of Civilian Identity in VeteransOralPsychologyJordan ButlerBrett Slagel, Alyssa Wood, Stephanie Jett
Effects of Chemotherapeutic Agent Doxorubicin on the Corpus LuteumOralBiologyHaeYeun Byun
Efficacy of Stress Relieving Interventions Through ZoomOralPsychologyFrancesca Cable
Do Pellet Counts Count? Efficacy of Pellet Count Surveys for Estimating White-Tailed Deer DensityOralEcologySarah Cain
A Spectrum of Tech: Using Technology to Target Social Skills in Students with ASDOralEducationTaylor Caldwell
Size Estimates of Extinct Eocene Aquatic Snakes from Central Georgia OralGeography/GeologyColin Calvert
Beyond Fiction: Animation, Society, and Theories of RealityOralArt History & Visual ArtsMichael Camacho
Pesticides affect Apoptosis, DNA damage, and global DNA Methylation in aquatic organisms.OralBiologyAlexa CamposMichelle Rivera, Esmirna Cantu
Updating Our Understanding of the Relationship between Religion and Support for Women Political LeadersOralPolitical ScienceLauren Canfield
CBRN Weapon Use by Terrorist OrganizationsOralPolitical ScienceStephanie Cannon
Stepping Out and Stepping In: Exploring Support Strategies for Churches Helping Foster Care FamiliesOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesHeather Cannon
Task and Language Effects on Spanish-English Narrative PerformanceOralHealth & Human DevelopmentJessica Cano
Pesticides Affect Apoptosis, DNA Damage, and Global DNA Methylation in Aquatic OrganismsOralBiologyEsmirna CantuMichelle Rivera, Alexa Campos
Medieval Women Mystics’ Visionary Answers to the Modern Theodicy Question: Angela of Foligno and Hadewijch of Antwerp On Understanding the Love of GodOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesNoelle Canty
Sarah and Angelina Grimke and Alice Paul’s Influence on Social Change: the Relationship Between Quakers and RadicalismOralHistoryMaya Capasso
The Measure of Gross Domestic Product — Is It Complete?OralEconomicsLily Careb
Empire and Exploration in the Antarctic: A Shift from the Horizontal to the VerticalOralHistoryTravis Carioscia
Empire and Exploration in the Antarctic: A Shift from the Horizontal to the VerticalOralHistoryTravis Carioscia
Dance for the Expecting DancerOralDanceAshlie Carlile
Well-Being in Elder HousingOralSociologyJacob Carlson
Explosive Seed Dispersal of Leafy SpurgeOralPlant SciencesCaitlin Carmody
Decomposition of U.S. Urban-Rural Racial Wage GapsOralEconomicsEvan Carr
Implications of COVID-19 on Wildlife Daytime ActivityOralEcologyBenjamin CarrKaitlin Goode
Climate Adaptation Planning in the Pajaro Valley, CA: Addressing a Planning Gap in Agricultural Communities OralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityAhtziri Carranza Medrano
Unique Lower Critical Solution Temperature Phase Behavior of Poly(Benzyl Methacrylate) in a Pyrrolidinium-Based Ionic LiquidOralChemistryBrian Carrick
Interactions of RgsCam and ATG8e: Hypoxia Stress Responses in PlantsOralBiochemistryMidnight Carroll
the Implicit Connection Between Sex and Gender in Primary School Aged ChildrenOralPsychologyOlivia Carroll
Not Just for Dancing?: a Content Analysis of Concussion and Head Injury Videos on TikTokOralExercise Science & NutritionPeyton Carter
Wildfire Evacuation Modelling Coupling Traffic and Fire BehaviourOralCivil EngineeringHannah Carton
The Coal Court: Jurisprudence and the Transformation Eastern KentuckyOralHistoryCallum Case
Symmetric Electrochemical Cells in Nonaqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries – Applications for Longevity StudyOralChemistryJulia Case
Synaptic Plasticity of the Crossed Temporodentate Pathway in Ovariectomized Female Sprague-Dawley RatsOralBiologyJack Casey
Layer-Specific Mechanical and Collagen Microstructural Characterizations of Tricuspid Valve LeafletsOralEngineeringKatherine CaseyMulan Tang
Photogrammetry Volumetric 3D Printing OralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringEric CastellanosRonald Flores , Ahmad AlRasheed, Emily Navarro, Brandon Rosales, Jesus Gama
Government Assistance Programs, Food Storage and Preparation Supplies, and HealthOralHealth & Human DevelopmentKayley Castillo
Dual Immersion Programs: Are They Enough?OralLinguistics & World LanguagesSamantha Castillo
Effects of Living at High Altitudes on White Matter Hyperintensity BurdenOralHealth & Human DevelopmentMarissa Castillo
La Mujer Caída: the Presence of the Fallen Woman in Latin American MusicOralMusicAbigail Castro
A Narrative Study of The Sopranos: Is It Racist?OralEnglish & LiteratureGiuliano Catalano
PDE based Deep Learning for Geometric Image DataOralMathematicsRyan Cecil
The Effects of Precarity on Haitian Migrant Seasonal Farm-Workers HealthOralHealth & Human DevelopmentChristiny Celestin
Quantifying the Transport of Pathogenic and Nonpathogenic Escherichia coli in Magnesium and Nitrogen Doped Biochar Amended Sand ColumnsOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringElizabeth Cervantes
Cost-Effectiveness of Green Roofs Using Native Hawaiian MossOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityShelby CerwonkaJasmine Reighard
Examining the Thermal Stability of Rice Bran Wax-Gelatin Bigels Using Differential Scanning CalorimetryOralChemistryCeleste Chadwick
The Other Side of the Band: The Disparities in Women Band Directors Compared to Men and the Outlying FactorsOralEducationKendra Chaiken
Paintings Come Alive: A New Way of Experiencing MasterpiecesOralComputer ScienceZane Chalich
Bridging the Gap: Potential for Incorporating Music Therapy with Traditional Black Church WorshipOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesBree Chambers
Effectiveness of Bus Advertising in Hong KongOralCommunicationsTsz Ching ChanPak Yiu Chan, Ka Man Hui, Tsz Yi Lee, Sin Yee Wong
Prototype Vacuum Thermionic Energy Conversion DeviceOralEngineeringHenry Chance
A Brief Synopsis of the Synthesis and Characterization of Rhodium-Aluminum and Iridium-Aluminum Heterobimetallic Complexes Bridged by 5-Hydroxyquinoline OralChemistryMichael Chaney Jr.
Human APOE Genetic Variants Contribute to Lung Cancer DisparitiesOralBiologyJosephine Chang
Assembly and Characterization of Quantum Dot Solar Cell Sensitized Solar Cells Utilizing Aqueous Copper Indium Sulfide Quantum DotsOralChemistryBrandon Chang
Brain Mapping and Associations between Lobes in the Brains of 35 to 50 Year Old Individuals in Relation to Synesthesia and the Big Five Personality Trait of “Openness”OralPsychologyRithika Changal
Amphibian Skin Pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Surveillance in EcuadorOralEcologyConnor Chapman
Abstract of Under the Aegis of the Equal Rights Amendment: Title IX and Constitutional Sex Equality Reimagined under the Equal Rights AmendmentOralPolitical ScienceThalia Charles
The Partition of India and Pakistan: A Multi-Directional GenocideOralPolitical ScienceRahul Chaudhry
Food Insecurity: Determinants and the Role of Climate Change in Its ProgressionOralGlobal HealthSahil Chaudhry
Justice Reimagined: an Analysis of the Efficacy of Restorative Justice PracticesOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeNeha ChavaKayla Blaise
Master-Minds and Artists: a Showcase of Imported TalentOralHistoryAlan Chavez
COVID-19's Impact on Technology and Mental HealthOralPsychologyMaan Fung CheangHannah Vaughn
Longevity of Nicoya Costa Rica - Blue Zone OralExercise Science & NutritionJoshua CheekJosh Cheek
Comparing Copy Number Profiles in African Americans and European Americans with Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma OralBiologyMaryum Cheema
De Novo Arginine Synthesis Is a Metabolic Requirement for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cell ProliferationOralBiologyRiona Chen
A Field Experiment on Racial Discrimination in the Rental Housing Market in OahuOralEconomicsElena Chen
Simulation of the Internal Structure of Honey Bee SwarmsOralComputer ScienceClaudia Chen
Financial Impact of the COVID-19 Phishing Scams ResearchOralComputer ScienceHongkai Chen
Developing a Google Chrome Extension for Detecting Phishing EmailsOralComputer ScienceHongkai Chen
Development of a stability-indicating HPLC method to quantify BaclofenOralChemistryZhi Cheong
Hand hygiene knowledge and practices of college students before and during Covid-19 pandemicOralNursing & Public HealthLaurice Verlaine Chewouo
Covid-19 and CybersecurityOralComputer ScienceAaron Chin King
Soldiers of Fortune: Exploring the Relationship Between Economic Liberalization and Private Military/Security Companies in the Global SouthOralPolitical ScienceSaeJin Cho
Wealth, Politics, and Force: A Historical Construction of the Market for Force in the West Through a Political Economy LensOralHistorySaeJin Cho
Molecular Analysis of the Protocadherin HNCM1: a Novel Therapeutic Target for Head and Neck CancersOralBiologySuehyun Cho
Identifying the Active Site on CDX2 Homeodomain Responsible for ATM InhibitionOralBiochemistryNia Choi
Development of GPU-Based Tools for Analyses of Large Fluid Flow DatasetsOralEngineeringDerrick Choi
On the Parameter Recovery of Gravitational-wave RingdownOralPhysics/AstronomySonja Choi
Effects of COVID-19 in twin ports economyOralEconomicsSajid Hasan Chowdhury
A Spatial Analysis of Social Vulnerability, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Income Gap Loans in Charlotte, North CarolinaOralPolitical ScienceScott Christensen
The Environmental Impact of Interventional Radiology: An evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions from an academic interventional radiology practiceOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityAnthony Luis Chua
Effects of Wind Flow and Topography on Snow Distribution and Liquid Water Content in Mountain SnowpacksOralGeography/GeologySiobhan Ciafone
Ethnography in an Ethnographic Gallery: Examining Museum Visitor BehaviorOralAnthropology & ArcheologyEmma Cieslik
Emotional Intelligence and College SuccessOralPsychologyAlexander Cigularov
The Fight for Diversity: Marketing Diversity in Higher Education and Its Misleading Impacts on Incoming Students at the University of UtahOralEducationAlessandra Cipriani-Detres
Understanding the Structural Dynamics of Wind Turbine Blades, an Analytical ApproachOralCivil EngineeringDavid Clarabut
Effects of Temperature on Population Mobility and Spread of Covid-19OralMathematicsWilliam Clark
Harlem Renaissance Man: Towards a Comprehensive Biography of Actor-Singer Frank H. WilsonOralMusicTracy Clark
Endothelial Cell Studies with Surface Engineered Flow Diverting StentsOralBiologyYung-Dai Clayton
PCL-5 item #20: Is it a reliable screener for insomnia?OralPsychologyTaylor ClineTaylor Cline
Exploring the Utility of PHQ-9 in Insomnia ScreeningOralPsychologyTaylor ClineTaylor Cline, Justin Davis, Summer Turpin
Reimagining Saint Francis in Art: Caravaggio’s Saint Francis in EcstasyOralArt History & Visual ArtsAlexander Coberly
“Fake News”, Political Polarization, and the Undermining of News CredibilityOralPsychologyKathryn CoeNicholas Rousseau, Madelyn Dorn
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy interventions in collegiate student athletes: A scoping reviewOralNursing & Public HealthAbigail Coffey
Defining Disparities in Music and Medicine: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Recognizing Patterns and Proposing SolutionsOralInterdisciplinary StudiesGillian Coffey
Towards a Natural Language Database Query Processing System Using Montague SemanticsOralComputer ScienceAaron Cogbill
Superfund in the Trump EraOralPolitical ScienceDenton Cohen
Lost History: Uncovering Lexington’s Early Jewish CommunityOralHistoryAustin Coke
Vertical Relationality in Paradise LostOralEnglish & LiteratureTheo Colaiace
Assessment of Methacrylated Chitosan Hydrogels for Local Delivery of SimvastatinOralEngineeringEmily Coleman
Walking Gait Biomechanics Following Quadriceps Tendon Autograft Anterior Cruciate Ligament ReconstructionOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyHannah Collins
Investigating Microfluidic Paper Analytical Device ExperimentsOralChemistryCaitlyn CollinsJessica Cowan
Mass Suicide Within Cults: the Power Dynamics Between the Leaders and Followers of the Branch Davidians and People’s Temple Cults OralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesMaeve Connaughton
Curating an Album of Indigenous Ecuadorian Music: the Cañari haway OralMusicErika Contreras
The Failing of Bios: Luke’s Gospel as a Continuation of the Scriptures of IsraelOralHistoryCaleb Cooke
Access to Care Among Patients with Hearing LossOralNursing & Public HealthMandy Cooper
Black Contributions to Literature in Medieval EuropeOralEnglish & LiteratureMcKenzie Cooper
Curated Race on Instagram: Exploring Content Strategies of Art Museums in Racial JusticeOralArt History & Visual ArtsJessica Cooper-Vastola
Celebrity Worship and the Modern FanOralCommunicationsDorothy Corbett
Stripping the Canvas: Claiming Authorship in Dance Through Choreographic CopyrightOralDanceHannah Corey
There Are No Straight Answers: Queer Relationships and the Supernatural in Marie De France’s GuigemarOralEnglish & LiteratureEmma Cork
Probing Nuclear Structure and Dynamics at the Electron-Ion Collider OralPhysics/AstronomyRebecca Corley
A Comparison Study on the Effectiveness of Three Different College Algebra Interventions for Underprepared Students at a Small Private Christian UniversityOralEducationAlexis Cormier
Electronic Logbook Automation for the n2EDM Experiment at Paul Scherrer InstituteOralPhysics/AstronomyBenjamin CortasWilliam Bodron
Nitrate Concentration Differences in Rural and Urban Locations OralChemistryCristian CortezCailie Corbin
Microaggressions Experienced by DACA/Undocumented Students: Nature, Impact & PreventionOralPsychologyLizeth Cortez ibañezClarissa Mendoza, Aracely Gonzalez, Maygen McGrew, Mariana Guerrero
Characterization of 21 New Bacteriophages Isolated from Middle Tennessee EcosystemsOralMicrobiologyTessa Cote
Racial Inequities and Disparities in COVID-19: A Social Determinants of Health Perspective OralPsychologyEmma Cottrell
The History of Cute Design and the Influence of Hello Kitty OralArt History & Visual ArtsJessica Couch
Japanese Latin Americans Interned in the United States During World War II OralHistoryAlly Coughlan
Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 on lgbtq+ Intimate CommunicationOralCommunicationsJakob Coykendall
Stories and Solidarity: A Public History ExhibitOralHistoryMorgan Craig
the Impact of Social Determinants of Health on COVID-19: Structural Disparities in Tampa, Florida OralNursing & Public HealthOcean Crawley-Sweeney
Restorative Justice in Pennsylvania: The Case of AdvozOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeSara Crouch
Creating a Transgenic Drosophila Line Expressing mRFPruby in Primordial Germ CellsOralBiologyWilliam Crow
The ‘Equipment for Living’ in a Predominately Black Neighborhood of ChicagoOralSociologyAlyssa CrumNadia Baraglia, Giovanni Giron
Pro-Social Community Investments Online: the case for Hispanic Peer-to-Peer LendingOralBusinessIsaac CuateIsaac Cuate
Emotional Intelligence and Vocational Personality: How Does Emotional Intelligence Relate to Career Interests in College Students?OralPsychologyAshley Cubberly
Cytokine Expression in HepG2 Cells and the Effects of BudesonideOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringIan CubitVictoria Kulikowski, Ian Cashwell, Jacqueline Martinez
Developing a Real-time Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging System for Monitoring Tissue HemodynamicsOralEngineeringGian Augustine Cuchapin
Latitudinal Gradients in Large Milkweed Bug (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) Reproductive Ecology and Climate ResponsesOralEcologyTedra Cuddy
Cultural Globalization as a Catalyst for Terrorism in the Middle EastOralPolitical ScienceJaleah Cullors
Food Deserts: Hungry for AnswersOralHealth & Human DevelopmentLawren Cumberbatch
Overzealous Universalism Defied: Human Fulfillment Via ActualizationOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesDaniel Cummins, Jr
Salivary Hormonal Study on Individuals of African Ancestry Living in Different Socioeconomic Environments, in Order to Understand Etiology of Prostate CancerOralBiochemistryRachael Cundey
Can Family Formation as a Source of Parental Strain Contribute to Juvenile Delinquency Using a GST Approach? OralCriminology/Criminal JusticeMargaret Czarniak
Conservative or Liberal? The Problematic Politics of Film and AbortionOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesRaynor Dail
Australiana: Nationalism and Identity in the Music of the "Land Down Under"OralMusicBeatrice Dalov
Rocky Horror Pandemic Show: a Socially Distanced Immersive Theatre Piece on a Fifteen Dollar BudgetOralTheatre/DramaEmmie D'Amico
Synthesis of a Norbornene-Containing Substrate for the Enzyme Geranylgeranyltransferase OralChemistryHaley Dammar
Fabrication and Characterization of Cadmium Sulfide Thin Films on Flexible Substrates:OralPhysics/AstronomyLillian Daniel
A Tale of Two Hospitals: Treatment Methods of Homosexuality in Minnesota, 1920-1945OralHistoryPaige Daniels
Virtual Authentic Learning Experiences in Molecular Biology Using Data Sonification OralInterdisciplinary StudiesSydney Daniels
Pre-Columbian CultureOralHistoryShayla Danielson
Multinational Corporation Influence on Host Country Political Affairs: Renewed Imperialism in AfricaOralPolitical ScienceHoulton Dannenberg
Identification and Analyzation of Endophytes Extracted From Native Texas Grasses OralPlant SciencesLuke Darter
Axiomatic Infinitesimal CalculusOralMathematicsSnehesh Das
The Effect of Contact Surface Roughness on Coefficient of Static FrictionOralPhysics/AstronomySnehesh Das
Sound Manipulation Techniques and ApplicationsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringShruti Das
Exploring the Synthesis and Surface Chemistry of Ultrasmall NanoparticlesOralChemistryAcacia Dasher
Parental Aggression and Defiance from Developing American Children and Tweens as Influenced by Early to Mid-2000’s Disney Channel Television ShowsOralPsychologyRachel Davidson
Mask Efficacy and the Conservative White Male Effect: How the Cloth Mask Became a Cultural Symbol OralNursing & Public HealthEaston Davis
Wireless Access: A Barrier to Success?OralSociologyKara Dees
Assisting Forensic Image Comparison Experts: a Study to Help Verification of Object Matching by Computer AlgorithmOralMathematicsLiliana Delgado
The Aftershocks: A Research through Dance on the Emotional Symptoms of Persistent Complex Bereavement DisorderOralDanceFrancesca DeMartino
Thickening Infant Formula Using Commercial Thickeners: The Reliability of Manufacture Provided RecipesOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyGreta DembroskiIsabel Visuri, Gregory Jansen
A comparative Study on Outcomes of Social Entrepreneurship Education OralEconomicsRabia Demirelli
Ancient Greek Vase Painting and How it Relates to Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsKasey Denney
Quantitative Analysis of the Impact of Higher Carbon Dioxide on Arkansas Healthcare CostsOralEconomicsAaron Dent
Non-inflammatory Cerebrospinal Fluids Biomarkers in Neonates with Perinatal Hypoxic Brain Injury - a Systematic ReviewOralBiologySaihaj DeolSidhartha Tan -
Role of Type IV Pilus in Mechanosensing in SynechocystisOralMicrobiologyVijay Deopersaud
Behind the “Runner’s High”: a Systematic Review on the Effects of Exercise on the Endocannabinoid SystemOralExercise Science & NutritionShreya Desai
An Examination of Stress Levels and Management Among Undergraduate Music StudentsOralMusicJeavanie Desarmes
The Future of the Restaurant Industry in the Face of Growing Third-Party Delivery ServicesOralBusinessChloe DeWees
Understanding the Impact of Fraternity and Sorority Life on Persistence Toward GraduationOralEducationErik Dickamore
Traumatic Brain Injury in the Elderly: Age as a Factor in Choosing Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation as a Neuroprotective Treatment OralBiologyLauren Dietrich
The Biblical Paranoia of Macbeth: An Analysis of the Paranoid Effects of Christian Principles on the Life of MacbethOralEnglish & LiteratureValerie Dillard
The Importance of Art History in Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsSamantha Dillman
Skateboard Graphics and CountercultureOralArt History & Visual ArtsSamantha Dillman
Theoretical Prediction of Various Collision Results between a 10^13 kg Microscopic Black Hole and the EarthOralPhysics/AstronomyHaifeng DingZichun Hao
Detection of a Pathogen (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) Impacting Amphibians Using Real-time PCR and DNA SequencingOralMicrobiologySydney Dion
Neocolonialism in New York City: Urban Planning through Critical TheoryOralPolitical ScienceEmily Dionne
How Baroque Connects to Modern Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsTran Do
Hotel Managers' Perceptions of and Attitude Toward the Application of AI Service RobotsOralBusinessKaija Dockter
Analysis of Complete Graph and Other Solutions to the Dollar GameOralMathematicsHosea Dodds
“Like the Worst, She’s a Woman”: Objectification and Degradation of Women in Salvage the BonesOralEnglish & LiteratureDabney Doepner
Defining Climate-displaced Persons Under International LawOralLaw & Legal StudiesAnnabel Dolan
You've Got Fear! – The Notification of Post-Modern Anxiety in Don DeLillo's White NoiseOralEnglish & LiteratureJaida Doll
Religious Submission versus Misogynistic Oppression: A Comparison of Charles Perrault’s and Francis Petrarch’s Adaptions of “The Griselda Tale”OralEnglish & LiteratureJaida Doll
Unmasking the Mouse: Cultural Appropriation in Disney FilmsOralArt History & Visual ArtsRebecca Domas
Brewing Meets Biotechnology: A Survey of Genetic Variation in Flocculation ProteinsOralBiologySarah Dooley
Effect of Intraluminal Thrombus Thickness and Bulge Diameter on the Oxygen Diffusion in Abdominal Aortic AneurysmOralEngineeringNina Dorfner
The Correlation Between Concussions and Depression in High School AthletesOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyAbrianna Drake
“It’s the economy, stupid!” The Effect of the State of the Economy and Other Factors on Contemporary Presidential RhetoricOralPolitical ScienceMorgan Dubbs
Evaluating Magma Ascent Rates Beneath Central Andean Monogenetic VolcanoesOralGeography/GeologyMitchell Duncan
Comparing Nature Symbolism to Depict School Children in Manuel Rivas’ 1999 "La Lengua De Las Mariposas" (The Tongue of the Butterfly) and Ana María Matute's 1956 "Los Niños Tontos" (The Foolish Children)OralLinguistics & World LanguagesFrancesca Duncan
The Ballet World Designed by Misty: Topics of Race and Body Type OralDanceMartha Dunkelberger
Racism in English FootballOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAlex Duong
Winning an NFL Championship on a City’s Local Unemployment RateOralEconomicsWilliam Durdin
An Analysis of Knowledge and Perceptions of Gun Violence and Gun Policy in the SoutheastOralNursing & Public HealthCaroline DurhamJonah Nordeen, Armani Sumpter
Monitoring Changes in the Composition and Structure of Vegetation in Elon University Forest Over 10 YearsOralBiologyHannah Durkin
Phonon Scattering from SWCNT-Graphene Junctions under StrainOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringIan Durr
South Asian, College-Aged Women, and the Influence of Religion and Cultural Factors on Sexual Decision MakingOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesSrija Dutta
Model Derivation for Synthesis of Controlled 3D Structures via ElectrospinningOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringGarek Dyszel
Modal Analysis and Resonant Frequency Monitoring of a Freestanding Rock TowerOralGeography/GeologyAlex Dzubay
BioFiction: Showcasing the Sick Nature of the Gender Binary and Alternative Ways of ThinkingOralEnglish & LiteratureAnika Eaves
Deep Audio TranscriptionOralComputer ScienceVictoria Ebert
Jesus’s Interactions with Demanding Women: How Modern Interpretations of the Gospels Explain Strong WomenOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesAnne Edwards
One More Thing to Hate: Toxic Masculinity in 10 Things I Hate About YouOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAnne Edwards
Using Machine Learning to Predict Human DevelopmentOralEconomicsJonah Eger
Raging Fire, ScreenplayOralFilm/Photography StudiesLada Egorova
Disability and Performance: How Performers with Disabilities Conquer the Stigma Surrounding DisabilityOralTheatre/DramaIra Eidle
Attitudes and Perceptions of Faculty Towards Inclusion of Interprofessional Education in Health Care CurriculumOralNursing & Public HealthTracy Eisenschenk
‘Intelligent’ Organometallic MRI Contrast AgentsOralChemistryTasneem Elbashir
Breaking Bondage Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Wonder Woman's Role in the Evolution of FeminismOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesRena Elhessen
Exploration in Manipulating FDA Approved Materials to Produce Surgical Assisting FoamOralEngineeringAaron EllefsonCuyler Monahan
Engaging in Cultural Conversations: Black Twitter and the R. Kelly CaseOralCommunicationsDaniella Elliott
Differences in Thermal and Physiological Properties of Organically and Conventionally Grown Tomato PlantsOralAgriculture & ExtensionHannah ElliottOmar Figueroa Fonseca, Michael Blackwell
Bridging the Gap Between Second Language Acquisition Research and Its Application in the Classroom.OralLinguistics & World LanguagesMarwa Elraey
Effect of Akkermansia muciniphila on cytokine gene expression in intestinal epithelial cells.OralMicrobiologyMenna Elsaka
Autonomy and Risk: a Defense of the Nozick PrinciplesOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesBrant Entrekin
a Critique of William James' Account of Mystical ExperiencesOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesBrant Entrekin
The Overlooked Benefits of Art Amidst Cascading Crises: Adaptations by Arts Based Organizations in 2020OralInterdisciplinary StudiesCaitlin Epstein
Language, Party Leadership, and the Construction of Greenlandic IdentityOralPolitical ScienceAlexander Erdman
Importance of Culturally Relevant Science Communication Workshops for FacultyOralCommunicationsDaniel Erenstein
Made You Look! – Visual Searches with Threatening Targets Produce Longer Reaction TimesOralPsychologyKaitlin Erpenbeck
Quorum Sensing and Its Role in Bacterial Response to Extreme External Stimuli OralBiologyEthan Escobar
Exploring the Utilization of Mineralized Fibers to Improve the Toughness of CementOralEngineeringMichael Espinal
Phylogenetic evidence of headful packaging strategy in gene transfer agentsOralBiologyEmma Esterman
The Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Approach: A Method for the Struggling ReaderOralEducationMacie Estes
Fashion as Freedom - The Bustle and Women of the Late Victorian Era OralTheatre/DramaSydney Everett
Myeloperoxidase Produces is a Pro-oxidant Enzyme in Microglial CellsOralBiologySavannah EwingAlicen Wilcox
COVID-19 Response in the United States: What Factors Predict the Level of Restriction and Level of “Openness” across the 50 States?OralPolitical ScienceKiya Ezell
The United Daughters of the Confederacy and Their False HistoryOralHistoryMattison Fagan
Developing Protein-Polymer Nanoconstructs as Reusable Biocatalysts OralChemistryThomas Falkenhausen
Implementation of Yale’s SalivaDirect(TM) Protocol for Detection of COVID19 in Cascade Collegiate Conference (CCC) Athletes OralNursing & Public HealthJack FarleyEmily Lockhart -
Natalie Norrell -
Megan Smith -
Adaptation: A Modern Window to the Classic SoulOralInterdisciplinary StudiesFinn Farrell
Identifying the Relationship Between Fatigue and Alertness in Medical StudentsOralPsychologyMadisen Faulkner
Robust Efficient Accurate License Plate and Character Detection System Based on Simplified CNNOralComputer ScienceZekai Fei
Control of Excessive Movements of Architectural StructuresOralArchitecture & Interior DesignLukas Feldkamp
Transitional Justice Frameworks: an Examination of Bred Corruption Detrimental to Local ParticipationOralInterdisciplinary StudiesJannatul Ferdous
The Effects of Video Priming on ForgivenessOralPsychologyVirginia FergusonCheyenne French, Kinsey Painter
Congressional Candidate Quality: Examining the Effects of Candidate Quality in the 2018 Congressional Freshman ClassOralPolitical ScienceMackenzie Ferguson
The Effects of Running on Stress and Academic Motivation during COVID-19 PandemicOralPsychologyBreanna Ferguson
Quantum Charge Migration in Light-Harvesting ChromophoresOralPhysics/AstronomyRubén Fernández Carbón
Adaptations for People Who Are Neurodiverse to Successfully Participate in Music ClassroomsOralMusicTessa Ferry
Born Naked: Exploring Gender Performance Within Transgender Drag Queens in Fiction OralCreative WritingJoyce Figueroa
Feminism and the Portrayal of Women in the Artistic Works of George M. CohanOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesSofia Filip
Combating Vaccine Hesitancy Using a Moral Foundation ApproachOralBiologyMatthew FindlayElizabeth Turner, Eli Mills, Zachary Cromar
Challenging the "Butcher" Reputation: General Grant's Role in the Overland CampaignOralHistorySean Fitzgerald
Magnified Thermal Solar Collector Renewable Energy AlternativeOralEngineeringHaylie FlattenIvan Rivera
Vibrational Study on Stiffness and Damping Coefficient of MannequinOralEngineeringHaylie FlattenChase Cochran
Breaking the Barriers of Traditional Service Learning in a Pandemic with E Service-Learning: Impacts of a COVID-19 Module in a Non-Majors Biology CourseOralBiologyRyleigh FlemingMarco Esteban
Stop Pointing Fingers: Assessing the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Weight Related BehaviorsOralSociologyKassandra Flores
Universal Language: Film Scoring Bilingual Shakespeare OralEnglish & LiteratureCathryn Flores
From Little Women to Revolutionary WomenOralHistoryAlejandra Flores
Drosophila Cyp1 Regulates Larval LocomotionOralBiologyMario FongAspen Unerstall, Carol Koob, Evan Clark, Chang Li
The Effectively use of Cultural Intelligence in the American WorkplaceOralBusinessJessica FonsecaSandra Orejarena
Burnout in College Students: Examining the Effect of the COVID-19 PandemicOralPsychologyBailee Ford
Rational Risk-Takers: a Game Theoretic Analysis of Terrorists as Rational ActorsOralEconomicsBailey Forsyth
J.K. Rowling’s Theory of Education: a Pedagogical Approach to Harry PotterOralEducationPeyton Fortner
Low Speed Wind Turbine Blade OptimizationOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringRyan Foster
Stress Severity in First Year Medical StudentsOralEducationJessica Foster
Caregivers of Dementia OralPsychologysheila franco
The Multiple Benefits of Dance Movement Therapy in Children with Down SyndromeOralDanceRosemary Franklin
When Is Plastic Plastic?: Microplastic Confirmation Using Raman Mass SpectroscopyOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityBruce Franz Jr.
Luminescent Property Studies of Fluorobenzoic Acid Ligand-based Europium(III) Metal Complexes Using Computational Chemistry ToolsOralChemistryMatteo Fratarcangeli
Nitrate-Nitrogen Reduction with a Woodchip BioreactorOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityJohari Frazier
Motivation for MemesOralPsychologyJosephine Freeman
Birth of a Nation as an Educational Tool for Racialized ViolenceOralHistoryAbbigail Frerick
Performing identities in Kate Chopin’s the awakening OralEnglish & LiteratureKatie Fritsche
Security Design in Markets with Risk: Price and Allocation EfficienciesOralEconomicsMatthew Froberg
Native American Education: Before and After the Boarding School ParadigmOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesKim Fromkin
How Live Music Impacted Silent Film ActingOralMusicChristian Fronckowiak
Ablaze in Canton: Opium Traders and the First Opium WarOralHistoryAbigail Fryman
Electrodeposition of Copper-Tin Alloy Nanostructures for the Catalytic Conversion of CO2OralChemistryLee Fuller
It Takes a Village: Enhancing African-American Undergraduates’ Persistence in STEM Through a Research-Based Learning CommunityOralFAN - Faculty OnlyJessica FurrerSamuel Darko, Gurcan Comert, Andress Carter-Sims, Balaji Iyangar
PET/CT Image Analysis of an Animal Model of Induced Lung FibrosisOralBiochemistryDhruval Gadhia
New Technologies, Old Injustices: Neuroscience, Criminal Law, and RaceOralInterdisciplinary StudiesGillian Gagliano
UV-vis Spectroscopic Procedure to Separate a Mixture of Cis- Pt(NH3)2Cl2 Anti-Tumor Drug and Biological SubstancesOralChemistryValeria Galemba
Reconstructing Layered Framework of 2D Transition Metal Carbides (MXenes) via Modification of Anionic Sublattice toward Formation of New OxidesOralChemistryCyra Gallano
Reaction Energetics of 1,2,3-Propenetriol Bonding on Metal Catalyst SurfacesOralEngineeringJesse Gallegos
Practical Evaluation of Construction – Based Steel As Ionizing Radiation Shielding For Coupling To Palm Bay Medical CenterOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAvin Gamell
the Horror Narrative and Folktales: Afrofuturism and Folklore in Horror Film and Literature OralEnglish & LiteratureAntonia Garcia
The Social Competence, Self-Perceptions, and Quality of Life of Adults with AutismOralPsychologyMarianne Garcia
The Discussion of Violence in LatinX FamiliesOralSociologyAlissa Garcia-Cruz
Quantifying Health Access in U.S.-born and Immigrant Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans Latinx PeopleOralHealth & Human DevelopmentCristobal Garcia-Quiroz
In Silico Molecular Modeling of Factor D Inhibitors OralChemistryLukas Gardner
Factors of Political Affiliation: America’s ChoicesOralPolitical ScienceLorenzo Gari
Architectural Clay FormworksOralArchitecture & Interior DesignJacob GasperCyle King
Illinois Music Educators’ Perceived Level of Preparation to Teach Multicultural Music OralEducationAngela Gausmann
TeX Math Here: a Versatile Notation and Equation Composition ToolOralComputer ScienceNathanael Gentry
Effects of Hotel Guests on Hotel SalesOralBusinessMeghan GentryXuan Tran
Causes of Procrastination Among Gender and Age GroupsOralPsychologyAbigail George
Oral Health, Diet, and Gender at the Archaeological Site of Cerro del Teul, Zacatecas, MexicoOralAnthropology & ArcheologyAridania Gerardo
Acetyl isogambogic acid activates unfolded protein response and apoptosis in head and neck cancerOralBiologyMehrnoosh Ghafouri AbbasAbadi
Investigating the Capabilities of the JWST to Categorize Earth-Like Planets Orbiting Cool Main Sequence StarsOralPhysics/AstronomyMegan Gialluca
A Spectrum of Emotion, Color, and Sound Through Poetic ReflectionsOralCreative WritingBreauna Gibbons
Journalists' Dilemma: Newspaper Coverage During the 1978 World CupOralCommunicationsAmanda Gibson
Effectiveness of Balanced-Scorecard Performance Management on Organizational Team Innovation and Sustainability: Interdisciplinary Team Development Intervention (TDI) Phase IIOralInterdisciplinary StudiesDylan GilbertSpencer Clifton, Leana St. Clair, Amy Morris, Jackson Sorensen
A Novel Routing Protocol for Wireless AD HOC Networks Based on the Behavior of Slime Mold Physarum PolycephalumOralComputer ScienceNicholas Gilmet
Environmental Impact of Disposable Masks in Georgia During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. OralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityLATIFAT GIWARebecca Senft, Deshawn Prewitt, Jeavanie Desarmes, Meriem Elomrani
a Quantitative Cross-sectional Study on Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses at Four Regional Public Hospitals in GuyanaOralNursing & Public HealthCenise Glasgow FraserTrivedie Bowen Manbodh, Fanela Persaud
Age of Menopause and Blood Pressure ReactivityOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAline Glazos
Courbet and Peterson: Social Realism a Century ApartOralArt History & Visual ArtsJada Glenn
Common Characteristics of Patients with Hematochezia OralHealth & Human DevelopmentJada Glenn
Chicanas in the Chicano Civil Rights MovementOralHistoryAmy Glover
Neural Correlates of Auditory Enhancement in HumansOralPsychologyPuiYii Goh
N-Acetylglucosamine Drives Myelination by Triggering Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell DifferentiationOralBiochemistryAutreen Golzar
Cuerpo Talk: Expressions of Latinx Identity through Choreography OralDanceEmily Gomez
Double Marginalization in Literature: the Timeline from Slavery to the PresentOralEnglish & LiteratureIsabella Goncea
Female Orientalist Artists: The Creation of a Counter Culture in the 19th CenturyOralArt History & Visual ArtsSusan Gong
Synthesis and Study of the Pyrochlore Structure La3Sb3Co2O14 for Use as an Oxygen Transport MembraneOralChemistryJose Gonzalez Jimenez
Slow Control of the CLAS12 Ring Imaging Cherenkov DetectorOralPhysics/AstronomyJoshua Goodwill
The Evolution of Little Women and the Timeless Feminine IdealOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesIsabelle Goodwin
Human Trafficking: Policies and Preventative MeasuresOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeMarybeth Gormley
Prioritizing Differentially Expressed Genes for Functional Analyses of Color Pattern DevelopmentOralBiologyMadison GosnellSally Sagarsee
Analysis of Emergency Responder Patrolling Techniques Through Agent-Based ModelingOralMathematicsLeanne Gough
Studying the Role of Zwischenferment (Zw) in a D. melanogaster Model of Fat Formation Utilizing CRISPR-Cas9OralBiologyMary Grace
Evaluating the Performance of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms on Predicting Treatment Outcomes of Bovine Respiratory DiseaseOralComputer ScienceJeffrey Gradner
Sterol Composition of the Peridinioid Dinoflagellate Zooxanthella nutricula, a Symbiont of Polycystine Radiolarians: Implications for Symbiont-Derived Radiolarian Sterols and a Comparison to Sterols of Other DinophyceaeOralBiologyJori Graeff
Development of Silicone-Based Solid-State Potassium Ion-Selective Electrodes Made with Colloid Imprinted Mesoporous Carbon for Wearable SensorsOralChemistryKaterina Graf
Finding Structure in Texts with Topological Data AnalysisOralMathematicsElla GrahamCalli Clay
Literacy and Representation in Queer CommunitiesOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesHeather Graham
Regulatory Consequences of Chinese Petroleum Investment in EcuadorOralPolitical ScienceGerren Graham
It Began with Ink and BambooOralArt History & Visual ArtsAndrew Grant
Front Collision Detection System of Unmanned Ground Vehicle Using 90nm CMOSOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringAndrea GrayPatrick Steward, Xiaomeng Zhang, Shuo Li, Syed Mukarram Ali
Cambodian American Religion in Contemporary American DiasporaOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesMadison Gray
Human Trafficking in Women: Security of the Individual OralPolitical ScienceAllison Green
The Influence of Painting on Aztec SocietyOralArt History & Visual ArtsKyle Green
Fruits of Forced Desire: A Marxist Criticism of Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”OralEnglish & LiteratureJames Greer
Empathetic Bullying Prevention and InterventionOralPsychologyPayton Gregory
Deception in Reality T.V.: Love is Blind/Too Hot to HandleOralCommunicationsKatherine Grey
Isomorphic Polynomials: When Is a Polynomial Isomorphic to an Even Polynomial?OralMathematicsHanna Griesbach
Bipolarity of the Five Factor Model of Personality DisorderOralPsychologyMeghan GriffinGenevieve McAlexander
Queer Art Exhibitions: Diverse Inclusion or White, Gay CanonOralArt History & Visual ArtsKai Griffin
An Analysis of the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger: Good...For Now?OralBusinessSamuel Grochowski
The Effects of Incubation Temperature on Metabolic Physiology in Temperature Sex Determined Reptile Species: Eublepharis maculariusOralBiologyTwyla GrossKatherine Ziebol, Harry Peterson
The Association Between Sleep Duration and Children’s Aggressive Behaviors: The Mediating Role of the P3 ERPOralPsychologyCharles Grugan
Chinese and American Views on Climate Change: An Examination of Differences Across Countries and Changes Within Countries Over TimeOralEconomicsSavanna GrunzkeMaddie Culhane -
Caleb Kulich -
Katelyn Worzalla -
Computational Model for Structure Determination of the Na4Ag44(p-MBA)30 Nanoparticle SuperstructureOralChemistryVictor Guadron-Escobar
Tirapazamine and Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells as a Combination Therapy for Multiple MyelomaOralBiochemistryNicole Guenthner
Experimental Validation of Structure-Based Pharmacophores: Toward a High-Throughput Screening Tool for GPCR Ligand DiscoveryOralBiochemistryMartin Guerrero
the Importance of the Chicano Poster Movement: Viva La Movimiento!OralArt History & Visual ArtsAshley Guerrero
Ancient Japan’s Edo Period: the Effects of an Era in Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsAshley Guerrero
Victims Who Don't See Themselves as Victims: Analyzing Women's Perceptions of Forced vs. Voluntary Sex Trade in RussiaOralPsychologyVarvara Gulina
Interfaith Dialogue: an Unintended Consequence of the Commodification of the Camino de Santiago and Kumano KodoOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesNicky Gutierrez
Momoko Kuroda: Pilgrimage Haiku and Decentering the Male GazeOralEnglish & LiteratureNicky Gutierrez
Heat Dissipation Performance of Microchannel Heat Sink with Various Protrusion DesignsOralMathematicsKhalil Guy
The Definition of Grammar in the Writing Center: a Research StudyOralRhetoric and Writing StudiesAllison Guy
An Introduction to Nonlocal Calculus and Helmholtz DecompositionsOralMathematicsAndrew Haar
Sleeping with Technology: Cell Phone Use and Sleep Quality OralPsychologyNancy HabibMariam Girgis, Rachel Morris, Mia Turner
An Introduction to Parking FunctionsOralMathematicsKimberly Hadaway
Paul’s Imprisonment: an Exegetical Analysis of Acts 16OralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesHannah Haigler
What About Africa?: an Analysis of What School Curriculum Teaches U.S. Students About AfricaOralEducationAgazeet Haile
Implementing Psychology and Philosophy into Modern-Day Marketing InitiativesOralBusinessMeri Halabani
Mom’s the Word: Marketing to Moms in the New Normal OralBusinessNatasha Halulakos
Effects of Donor Macrosteatosis on Early Allograft Dysfunction in Liver Transplant PatientsOralBiologyMohammad Hamed
Implementing Specifications onto a Runtime Verification UnitOralEngineeringAbigail HammerMatthew Cauwels, Benjamin Hertz
Secure Suite: an Open Source Service for Internet SecurityOralComputer ScienceOliver Haney
“‘The Masculine Side of Her Talent’: Gender, Sexuality, and the Self in Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing”OralEnglish & LiteratureElena Hansen
Establishing Hematological Biomarkers of Health for Pteropus alecto OralMicrobiologyDale HansenBrooklin Hunt
Reducing the Operating Costs for Fragrance Extractions in a Fragrance Manufacturing Company. OralChemistryMuhammad Hanzala
Love Thy Neighbor: Religiosity, Immigration Opinions, and Other Categorizing IdentitiesOralPolitical ScienceNatalie Harder
Toward a Metric for Assessing Ideological Devotion Within Technical CommunitiesOralComputer ScienceMichael Harding
Using Electric Conductivity Measurements to Determine Concentration of Electrolytic Contaminants in Commercial Water-Soluble PolymersOralChemistryMadison HarrierBrynn Driscoll, Chad Studvick
Early Bilingual Acquisition of Spanish and English /l/OralLinguistics & World LanguagesAshley HarrisAdrian Cortez, Vivienne Nguyen
A Dancer's JourneyOralFilm/Photography StudiesIsabella Harris Hamlin
The Islamic State, a Western Demand for Antiquities, and Economic Insecurity: The Environment That Incentivizes Local Engagement in the Antiquities Trade and the Ongoing Destruction of Cultural Heritage within Syria and IraqOralAnthropology & ArcheologyJillian Harrison
Precipitation Prediction Using Multiple AI ApproachesOralComputer ScienceTimothy Haskins
Nitrogen Inputs May Increase Persistent Carbon in SoilOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKelli Hatch
To Be A Child: An Analysis of Child-Likeness in Dostoevsky's Brothers KaramazovOralEnglish & LiteratureMadison Hatfield
Mission Accomplished: How Framing of Organizational Mission Statements Impacts Public OpinionOralPsychologyNicole Hawley
Theft of the Black HillsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesMaximus Hayes
Genetic Diversity & Connectivity of Chasmanthium latifolium (Poaceae) in Pennsylvania & the Effect on Conservation StatusOralBiologyJonathan HayesTanisha Williams -
Rachel Goad -
Scott Schuette -
Angela McDonnell -
Christopher Martine -
Abstract OralHistoryJoi Haywood
Trouser Roles in Nineteenth Century French OperaOralMusicRochelle Hazelton
Mars Glider Swarm Design and Testing at NASA Armstrong Flight Research CenterOralEngineeringAlex Healy
Steering the Ship: Governor's Priorities by StateOralPolitical ScienceJack HeavnerCloë Di Flumeri -
Quantifying Mucus Heterogeneity for Assessing Pulmonary Disease OralEngineeringAlex Hebert
Compassionate Courtrooms: How Our Criminal Justice System Is Treating Those Struggling with AddictionOralLaw & Legal StudiesAmber Heidenreich
Kinetic Investigations of NOx Chemistry Pertaining to the Global Nitrogen CycleOralChemistryDaniel Heintzelman
Flesh Meet Body: an Exploration of the Use of the Grotesque Aesthetic by Contemporary Female ArtistsOralArt History & Visual ArtsSonny Helms
Labeling Sexual Deviancy: Rakes in "The Coquette"OralEnglish & LiteratureTess Hemmila
Engineered mutant α-ENaC subunit mRNA delivered by lipid nanoparticles reduces amiloride currents in cystic fibrosis–based cell and mice modelsOralBiochemistryMichael Henderson
Data-Driven DescriminationOralSociologyAndrew Hendricks
Using the BioID Approach to Identify Proteins Interacting with the P0 Protein from Turnip Yellows VirusOralBiologyKellen Henning
COVID-19 in the United States: What are the Key Predictors of how the 50 States have Responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic? OralPolitical ScienceDiana Henriquez
Parallels of the Evolution of Beekeeping and PrintmakingOralArt History & Visual ArtsDahlia Hensley
Education for All and Private Education ExpendituresOralEconomicsBrandy Herrera
When Granting Autonomy Works: Spanish Response to Catalan IndependenceOralInterdisciplinary StudiesReed Hersma
See meOralArchitecture & Interior DesignCaleb Hester
Implementation and Evaluation of a Novel Encryption Algorithm Based on Graph TraversalOralComputer ScienceHenry Hetzel
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Transport Properties of Ag6Ge10P12-xAsx (x=2-12)OralChemistryNethmi Hewage
Influences of Cultural Similarities and Differences on Coworker Relationships and Perceived Levels of Workplace Psychological StressOralPsychologyNatalie Hidaka
Low Physical Activity is Linked to Hemodynamic and Cardiac Autonomic Function in Doctor of Physical Therapy StudentsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentChristian HipolitoVy Nguyen
Effect of Technology on Feelings of Belongingness in a Virtual Music CommunityOralSociologyJillian Hirst
The Effect of Nightlights on Melatonin Secretion: A Mouse Model OralHealth & Human DevelopmentJanee HitajGraeme Harper
Bias in Police Shootings: Is it just an opinion? OralCriminology/Criminal JusticePhuong Ho
The Influence of Early African ArtOralArt History & Visual ArtsLynh Hoang
Cold War America in the Fifth Dimension: How The Twilight Zone Exposed the Country's Hidden FearsOralHistoryMadelynn Hobson
The Meaning of FreedomOralSociologyTyson Hoeft
Love and Politics: Ippolita Maria Sforza and Early Modern Maternal RelationshipsOralHistoryJessica Hogbin
Contact Improvisation During the #MeToo Era: Fostering a Safer and More Inclusive Environment for PractitionersOralDanceKarin Hoglund
Population Dynamics of Wintering Waterfowl in the Mid-Atlantic Region, USAOralEcologyThomas HokeAbigail Harris
The Science of Fragrance DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsNoah Holcomb
From Apprentice to MasterOralArt History & Visual ArtsNoah Holcomb
Reversing the Direction of Heat Through a Pair of Quantum Entangled QubitsOralPhysics/AstronomyTharon Holdsworth
(t,r) Broadcast Domination on Directed GraphsOralMathematicsPeter Hollander
Challenging Society: Examining Nineteenth-Century British Institutions and Policies Related to Female EducationOralHistoryBethany Holley-Griffith
Dwight, You Ignorant Slut: Content Analysis of Shame and Shaming in The Office and an Exploration of Its Effects Upon the Unsuspecting ViewerOralCommunicationsKatherine Holmes
Inhibition of Ascosphaera apis, a Pathogenic Fungus, Using Derivatives of Caffeic Acid EstersOralBiologyRisa Holmes
Who Is in Your Classroom Library?: an Exploration of Early Childhood Educators’ Usage of Multicultural Literature in the ClassroomOralEducationCamille Holts
Russia’s Anti-Women: an Investigation of Peasant Women’s Lack of Agency in Late Imperial Russia Through Mental Illness, Witchcraft, and CrimeOralInterdisciplinary StudiesIsobel Hooker
Effects of Celiac Disease and a Gluten-Free Diet on the Human Gut MicrobiomeOralMicrobiologyVictoria HooperClayton Rawson
Disappearing Discourse: Intragroup Dynamics That Affect Political ConversationsOralSociologyChloe HooverMegan Miner
Maggie's Story: Using Animal Narration EffectivelyOralHistoryAllen Horn IV
A History of Folk Healing in AppalachiaOralHistoryGeorgia Horne
Surveying Pensacola Beach for Elasmobranchs using Environmental DNA and Metabarcoding OralBiologyCaroline HornfeckMelissa Hebert
The Impact of Coordinated Entry Implementation on Social Service Providers in the Lehigh ValleyOralSocial Work & Human ServicesMatthew Hornung
Measuring the Effect of Water on the Density, Viscosity, and Self-Diffusion Coefficient of Polyethylene Glycols OralChemistryRachel Horowitz
Cyclometallated Iridium(III) Complexes for G-Quadruplex DNA Sensing Platforms OralChemistryRachel HorowitzBernard Okai
Further Microbial Analysis of an Ecologically Unique Tennessee Cave System OralBiologyBrianna HortonLauren Camp, Kaylie Wheeless, Aspen Huseman
Fingerprinting IoT Devices using Artificial Intelligence TechniquesOralComputer ScienceAlex HoskinsAshley Renwick
A Qualitative Analysis of Community Support for Syringe Decriminalization in PennsylvaniaOralNursing & Public HealthRyan Howe
The 'Grey Space': The Ostracization of High Achieving Black Students from White Spaces and Black Counter-Spaces in Predominantly White High SchoolsOralDiversity StudiesTroi Howell
A New Charter of Ethics and Rights of Artificial Consciousness in a Human WorldOralComputer ScienceMarkian Hromiak
Fame and Attention: the Correct Way to Be a Proper Celebrity?OralEnglish & LiteratureXinyi Hu
Panel Data Analysis of Factors Influencing Tourism Arrivals and Receipts in the Middle East and North Africa Countries OralInterdisciplinary StudiesJianhan Hu
"Metamorphosis in "La Muñeca Menor" by Ferré, and "Dos Palabras" by Allende: Negligencia, Mistrust, and Abuse of a Patriarchal Society"OralLinguistics & World LanguagesRosa Huanchi
Who Believes They Can Learn During a Pandemic? Relationships Between COVID-19-Related Stress, Socioeconomic Status, and Student Self-EfficacyOralPsychologyCarmen Huang
Pulpits to Playgrounds: Does the Ministerial Exception Apply to Camp Counselors?OralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesCody Hubbard
Do Sedentary Conditions Affect the Number of C1 Neurons in Rat Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla?OralExercise Science & NutritionBenjamin Huber
"A Praying Man, a Praying Spirit": Images of Prayer and Black MasculinityOralInterdisciplinary StudiesTirrezz Hudson
Family-Centered Solutions to Latino Health Disparities in COVID-19 CasesOralAnthropology & ArcheologyRaymond Huerta
Drone Control ProjectOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringAlexander HuffCaleb Probst
Influence of Adolescent Alcohol Exposure on Adult Motivational Behaviors in RatsOralPsychologyKatelynn Hughes
The Performance Practices of Liszt’s Vallèe d’ObermannOralMusicAndrew Hughes
Emotionality in Climate Change CommentaryOralCommunicationsAngela HuguninEmma Dimick, Olivia Misorski, Ben Worner
Students’ Not-So-Safe Place: Addressing Guns’ Roles in School ShootingsOralEnglish & LiteratureRyan Huling
Complex dynamics of two delay-coupled Belousov-Zhabotinsky oscillatorsOralChemistryTiffany Hung
Monitoring ADL Activities with Raspberry Pis Using WiFi Channel State InformationOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringChristopher Hunt
Evaluating Cosmetologists’ Chemical Exposure Using Silicone Wristbands and Necklaces OralChemistryMontana Hunter
Rapid and Accountable Screening by the SentinelOralEngineeringIan HunterDavid Perez, Christopher Kiener, Vanessa Rodriguez
Neutron Stars from the Early Universe OralPhysics/AstronomyRabia Husain
Precarity and Insecurity in Contemporary Beirut: Understanding Urban Vulnerability on the Eve of the 2019 RevolutionOralAnthropology & ArcheologyAyat Husseini
The Central Asian Titular Language Experiment: Successes and FailuresOralLinguistics & World LanguagesMason Hussong
Colson Whitehead’s Extinguished WorldOralEnglish & LiteratureElias Hutchinson
The Renaissance and its Influence on Book Design OralArt History & Visual ArtsJazlyn Huynh
The Nurturing Remedies of Homeopathy and the Empowering Interventions of Female DoctorsOralHistoryAngel Ibrahim
The Early History of Dark MatterOralPhysics/AstronomyLuke Ignell
Common-Sense Water ConservationOralCommunicationsBranden Ingersoll
High-speed structured polarized light imaging of tissue dynamicsOralEngineeringGrace Ingram
Southern Gospel Solutions to Music Classroom Problems: A Study on the Pedagogical Strategies Used in the Gospel Children’s Choir Setting OralMusicAnita Ingram
Phenolic Acid Analogues as a Potential Drug Formulation for Inflammatory DiseasesOralChemistryHaleema Irfan
Arts Education and Black and Latinx Student Achievement: Evidence from the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009OralSociologyVictoria Isaac
Photography Revolutionizes the NewspaperOralArt History & Visual ArtsAlexandra Isbell
The Second Mexican Empire: The Short-Lived Reign of Maximilian and CarlotaOralHistoryEmma Jackson
“The Schoole of Affliction:” Pity and Compassion in Early Modern Protestant LiteratureOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesKari Jacobson
The Effects of News Media on Social Trust and Well-Being in the Latinx CommunityOralSociologyViviana Jaimes
Rising out of Submerged Nationhood: Trends of Scottish Nationalism and Identity Influenced Through Political DiscourseOralPolitical ScienceNoel James
Two Words, One Job: the Modern ImpresarioOralMusicNathan Janzen
Increasing Accessibility at University Museums ClassroomsOralEducationTamar JaparidzeEmma Dexter
Detecting Outliers in Snow Measurements Using Machine Learning TechniquesOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityScout Jarman
ICA: Balancing the Familial, the National, and the GlobalOralPolitical ScienceKate Jasenski
On the Front Lines of Fire: How do we save their lives? OralSocial Work & Human ServicesCathrine Jatta
Exploring the Anticancer Effects of Novel Marine Compounds and Very Low-dose Ionizing radiation in Various CancersOralBiologyJoubin JebelliDavian Caraballo, Emily Will
Assessing the therapeutic potential of novel marine products and very low-dose ionizing radiation in prostate cancerOralBiologyJoubin Jebelli
Synthesis and Investigation Photophysical Properties of 1,8-Naphthalimide DerivativesOralChemistryCHUL-HYUN JEONG
Autocrine C-type Natriuretic Peptide Signaling in Skeletal Muscle May Restore Exercise Benefits Blocked by NPR-C Clearance MechanismOralBiologyBrigitte Jia
Direct 3D Printing of CT Scan DataOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAnushrut Jignasu
The One-Child Policy and Women’s Labor ParticipationOralEconomicsZixuan Jin
From the Islands to the Mainland: The Tiki MovementOralArt History & Visual ArtsJameson Johns
Non-solvent Based Surface Treatments for Sustainable Mineral Processing ApplicationsOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityJennifer Johnson
AbstractOralBusinessJa'Mia Johnson
Navigating Vaccine Hesitancy: The Influence of Complementary & Alternative Medicine and COVID-19OralNursing & Public HealthClaire Johnson
Viking Age Trade: the Russian River Ties that Bound Europe to the Wider World. OralHistoryChristopher Johnson
St. Arnold's Brewery: A History of a Rising Star in Craft Brewing in the Lone Star StateOralHistoryAngelique Johnston
A Posthuman Reading of Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye"OralEnglish & LiteratureMichelle Jones
Streak-backed Oriole VocalizationsOralBiologyEthan Jones
Understanding Burnout Among Undergraduate College Students OralSociologyElizabeth Jose
It's a Man’s World: the Glass Ceiling in DanceOralDanceBethany Joyce
Pigment of the Imagination: How Color Accessibility Affects Contemporary Art PracticeOralArt History & Visual ArtsMadisen Judge
Pigment of the Imagination: How Color Accessibility Affects Contemporary Art PracticeOralArt History & Visual ArtsMadisen Judge
Long-term Persistence of an Influenza-like virus in a laboratory Axolotl PopulationOralBiologyMirindi Kabangu
Characterisation of Human Behaviours Against Cyber AttacksOralComputer ScienceChanon Kachornvuthidej
Excessive Phone Checking and Possible Intervention with Cognitive Behavioural TherapyOralPsychologyChanon Kachornvuthidej
Bharatanatyam: A Product of Reform and Female OppressionOralDanceLuvenia Kalia
Declining Female Labor Force Participation Rates in India: Trends and ReasonsOralEconomicsMansi Kalra
Ribo-Go-for-Gold: Developing a Translation Assay for Benchmarking Riboglow Against the Gold StandardOralBiochemistryRita Kamenetskiy
Reading Chaucer's Virtuous Women in Late Medieval EnglandOralEnglish & LiteratureKamila Kaminska-Palarczyk
Numerical Simulations of Aerosol Penetration and Deposition in a Turbulent Pipe FlowOralEngineeringTobi Kamoru
Canopy Cover and Seasonal Variability on Macroinvertebrate Communities Affecting Stream Quality Determination OralEcologyRachel Kanady
Effective Antimicrobial Activity of Hydroxamic Acids and DerivativesOralBiologyJenan Kanan
An Investigation of How Undergraduate Students Manage the Email They Received from UniversityOralComputer ScienceJin Kang
The Measurement of Agent-based Systems Thinking OralEducationMaddysan KarekenKate Black
the Role of the Mammalian Sperm Acrosome in FertilizationOralChemistryNathlita Karnley
Voting Behaviors of American JewsOralPolitical ScienceGiliann Karon
The Russian Orthodox Church and Legitimacy of Political Homophobia in RussiaOralPolitical ScienceMacy Karpa
Effect of Offshore Wind Farms on Mixing in a Stably Stratified EnvironmentOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringHolland Kartchner
Modeling, Characterization, and Classification of Human Thrombospondin Type-1 Like Domains: Evidence for TRP Ladder Functionalization Based on Ladder Type?OralBiochemistryKeerthana KasettyKathryn Edwards
College Students and Mental Health Services OralPsychologyNaomi Katz
Addressing Public Concerns About Frac Sand Mining in West Central Wisconsin Through Community Outreach and Air Monitoring analysis OralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKatrina Kawak
How Audition Environments Affect Professional Theatre Actors in the United StatesOralSociologyMiranda Keating
Fourier Analysis of Data from Cricket ChirpsOralPhysics/AstronomyJames Keen
“Distinctive and Unique People”: Healthcare Students’ Discomfort in Defining DiversityOralDiversity StudiesAmy Keith
Social Media and Mental Health: How Prolonged Exposure to Social Networking Sites Affects Girls in Early AdolescenceOralPsychologyAlexa Kelleher
Welcoming the Dear Neighbor?: an Historical Perspective on Housing Segregation in St. PaulOralHistoryAlex KellerVee Signorelli
Separated, but Not Apart: How Multigenerational Family Relationships Can Be Supported Through Video ChatOralPsychologyKrystyna Keller
Shakespeare in the Wake of #BlackLivesMatter: Teaching the Bard and Exploring RacismOralEnglish & LiteratureKathryn Kelly
Innovation in Restoration: Estimating Seed Counts Using a Photography App OralEcologySamantha Kelly Cessair McKinney
the Danger of Blue LightOralBiologyJoseph Kemp
Academic Performance Among Accelerated Second-Degree Nursing Students: The Role of Previous Degrees and Graduating Nursing Grade Point Average on the National Council Licensure Examination SuccessOralNursing & Public HealthMadelyn KeneppJordan Eckrote
Delayed or Relayed Messaging: How COVID-19 Information Circulates Differently in the South OralCommunicationsCristy Kennedy
The Effects of Estradiol Treatment on Synaptic Reorganization and Plasticity Around Motoneurons After Traumatic Peripheral Nerve Injury in MiceOralBiologyVernon Kennedy
Clover Vail: A Forgotten Avant GardeOralArt History & Visual ArtsDelaney Kennedy
The Effect of Masks on Heart Rate and Exercise PerformanceOralHealth & Human DevelopmentMckenzy KerseyAlexandria Moore, Kathryn Gillespie, Paige Collins, Altaevist Basley
An Analysis of Body Image in Fashion AdvertisementsOralCommunicationsJessica KettererNatalie Yesner
The Effect of School Start Time Changes on EnrollmentOralEconomicsEmma KettleOlivia Matzke
Aortic Geometry as an Indicator of Successful Thoracic Endovascular Aortic RepairOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringKameel Khabaz
A Game-theoretic Approach to Wildlife ManagementOralMathematicsHumza Khan
A Possible Novel Mechanism for Cognitive Resistance to Neurodegeneration: Modulation of Interneuron Activity in the Hippocampus After Exposure to Enriched EnvironmentsOralBiologyZuhayr Khan
An Economical Protocol for Neuroanatomy Instructors and Researchers: Combining the Nissl and NADPH-diaphorase Protocols to Overcome their Individual LimitationsOralBiologyZuhayr Khan
Factors Affecting Human Trafficking in Nepal and Use of Big DataOralSociologyShushant Khanal
Sexual Harassment and Cultural Norms in Immigrant Communities: Findings from In-Depth Interviews with Bangladeshi American WomenOralSociologyShahidah Khanom
Analyzing the Multipath of GPS Time Series to Study the Snow Properties OralGeography/GeologyAshlesha Khatiwada
K-12 Toolkit: Addressing Remote-Learning DisparitiesOralEducationBailey Kibe
Naegleria fowleri against Sodium hypochloriteOralMicrobiologySelinda KieferSelinda Kiefer
Seeds of "Funk" in "The Bluest Eye"OralEnglish & LiteratureEmma Kiiskila
the Impact of PPE Education on Anxiety Levels Regarding COVID-19 RestrictionsOralNursing & Public HealthNicole Kim
Bankruptcy prediction model in the U.S. restaurant firms OralBusinessDoohyun KimZachary Wilde
Food Insecurity: How Severe Is It? Implications of China in KenyaOralEconomicsShiru Kimani
Self-Perceptions of Weight and Diet in Relation to Anxiety and Depression in a Family Medicine Clinic PopulationOralHealth & Human DevelopmentMirranda Kinaia
Picture Books That Normalize Same-Sex RelationshipsOralEnglish & LiteratureEmily Kincade
The Impact of High Schools on Civic and Political Socialization OralPolitical ScienceLogan King
Glycolysis and Fructolysis in Sugar-induced Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease OralBiologyAlexander KingJack Farley, Natalie Norell, Megan Smith
Long-Term fFooding Impacts in Brook Trout Populations in an Appalachian Mountain WatershedOralBiologyBenjamin King
Banking on Multilateral Development Banks: China’s Intentions for the International OrderOralPolitical ScienceDaegan Kingery
Investigating the Potential Relationship Between Black Soldier Fly Larvae Reared on Potato Scrap Substrate and the Suppression of Gram-Positive BacteriaOralMicrobiologyMarissa Kinney
Phonon Scattering in Graphene by Polymeric SubstrateOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringNicholas KinportsJihad Kudsy
The Influence of Art NouveauOralArt History & Visual ArtsBali Kinsey
a Phenomenology Long Explanation for a Seemingly Simple ConundrumOralDanceJessica Kintigh
Making and Unmaking Memory: University Student Protest in Pinochet’s ChileOralHistoryIndia Kirssin
Performing Quality Control and Characterization for Pixel-Based LArTPCsOralPhysics/AstronomyCurtis Kizer-Pugh
Analysis of Damage Patterns from Hurricane MichaelOralCivil EngineeringSteven Klepac
Where They Live: Homelessness, School Location, and Academic SuccessOralEducationAlison Knoll
The Absurdity of the Hunger ArtistOralEnglish & LiteratureMichael Knott
Oyster Mortality Events: Exploring the Microbiome of Cultured Eastern OystersOralEcologyKelly Koehler
Voxelization and Visualization for Multi Material ApplicationsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringBraden Kopec
Navigating States’ Interests in the EU’s Sanctions Policy: A Case Study of the Ukraine CrisisOralPolitical ScienceNathan Kornfeind
Frankreich ist Hamlet: The Failures of Macron's Indecision Towards XenophobiaOralPolitical ScienceTrevor Kosloski
The Analysis of Language Used Towards the LGBTQ+ Community in Healthcare OralAnthropology & ArcheologyRoshni Koul
examining the biochemical activity of the anti-CRISPR protein, AcrIIA7OralBiochemistryNegar Koupaei
Use of Plasma Reactor to Improve Non-Fouling Properties of 316 Stainless SteelOralPhysics/AstronomyAubin KoutabaXavier Mleziva -
Information Mirrors and Fast ScramblersOralPhysics/AstronomyArthur Kraus
Assessing Why Teachers Do Not Apply to Rural Wisconsin SchoolsOralEducationClara Krause
Implications of Experimental Setup on Microtubule Persistence LengthOralPhysics/AstronomyKendra Kreienbrink
Analyzing History Through Twitter DataOralInterdisciplinary StudiesAutumn Kritzer
The Effectiveness of Kevlar Armor in Combination with Trauma Plates in Protecting the Human Body from Impacts of 9x19mm and 7.62x39mm Rounds of Ammunition OralPhysics/AstronomyJoshua KrogmanMatthew Faber
SWITCH-Laos: Power systems investment planning for economic and geopolitical resilience in LaosOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityAaditee KudrimotiNatalie Fedorova
Studies on the Non-Telomeric Regions of G-Quadruplex DNAOralChemistryNikhil Kumar
Virtual Reality Use in Flight TrainingOralEducationMartin Kurkchubasche
Increasing Patient Compliance in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening in the Rural West Virginia RegionOralNursing & Public HealthTanya Kurnootala
Politics Stops at Nature’s Edge: the Need for Bipartisanship in PolicymakingOralPolitical ScienceAllison Kustic
An Investigation on the Effects of Non-Gaussian Noise Transients and Their Mitigations to Tests of General RelativityOralPhysics/AstronomyJack Kwok
Financial Literacy and Student Loan DebtOralBusinessMyo KyawLaura Gonzalez
Confocal Laser Scanning and Scanning Electron Microscopy for the Analysis of Biofilm Matrix Structure and Composition in Haemophilus ducreyiOralMicrobiologyDelaney Lacey
Just A Game: A Strategic Analysis of ByteDance’s Response to Trump’s Executive OrderOralEconomicsNathaniel Lackey
Using Machine Learning and Emergence to Provide Non-deterministic NPCs in Video Game CombatOralComputer ScienceRayad Lackhan
The effect of flock size and habita on vigilance in the American Coot (Fulica americana)OralEcologyDat Lam
The Folly of a Perfect Wife: Why Shakespeare Made Lady Macbeth the Beginning of Macbeth's DownfallOralEnglish & LiteratureGrace LaMack
Federalism as a Determinant of the Severity of Anti-Police Protest OralPolitical ScienceCaleb Lambert
Effects of Dopamine Agonist and Antagonist on Social Behavior in MiceOralPsychologyYostina Lamei
Racism and Environmentalism: How Racial Resentment Impacts Climate ActionOralPolitical ScienceElizabeth Land
Examining the Relationship between STAT 3 and Estrogen receptor in Osteoclast function and developmentOralBiologyStephanie Landazuri
Economic Integration of Migrants Through French PolicyOralInterdisciplinary StudiesRyan Lane
Phonon Transport Study in Graphene Composites of Oxide FuelsOralEngineeringAliyah LangMaurice Boone
Monstrosity, Community, and Reproduction: Lacking Disabled Maternity in Contemporary Speculative FictionOralEnglish & LiteratureEmily Lange
Optimizing a Yeast Hormone Assay for Detecting Endocrine ActivityOralBiochemistryAbbey Langford
Experimental Evaluation of Scaled, Prototype, Heat Exchanger Configurations to Provide Refugia for TroutOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringSarah LaVallie
Perceptions of Multicultural Counseling in Communication Sciences & DisordersOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyPheobe Law
The Hybrid Firestorm OralCommunicationsOlivia Lawless
Optimize the Drill Case by Measuring VibrationOralEngineeringCara LawrenceAustin Harlen
Beyond Leader-Member Exchange (LMX): the Development of a New Typology Model of Leader-Follower Relationships OralBusinessJanell LawsJustin Antonio
Potential Effects of COVID-19 Coagulopathy on Gene Activation in Peripheral BloodOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringMegan Lawson
Representation Disparities in Major Neurological GuidelinesOralDiversity StudiesChristin Le
Seeing with Fingers: Using a Custom-built Smart Glove to Identify the Differences Between Real-World ObjectsOralEngineeringDavis Le
Buckle-Up: Instantaneous Buckling of Polydimethylsiloxane and Other Active Soft MaterialsOralEngineeringKatrina Le
The Queering of Virtual Space Through Performance ArtOralInterdisciplinary StudiesJackie/jack Leander
Antimicrobial Metabolites of Lactobacillus curvatusOralMicrobiologyDallin Leatham
Outer Space- the New DiscourseOralPolitical ScienceChristiaan Lecky
Investigating the Interpretation of Machiavelli Through Interwar Authoritarian Figures onto the Present DayOralPolitical ScienceGraciela Lee
Transit Manipulation by the Koch Brothers Under the Lens of the 2018 Nashville Transit Improvement Program Referendum: Analyzing the Division of Power, Societal Benefits, Voter and Rider Composition, Language and Cost of ImprovementOralPolitical ScienceSamantha Lee
Near-infrared Light Propagation Analysis of Fitzpatrick Skin Types Using Monte-CarloOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringDaniela Leizaola
Optimizing Piezoelectric Process Parameters for Self-Charging Power CellsOralEngineeringPaige LelandKatrina Le
Fatigue Properties of 3D Welded Thin StructuresOralEngineeringAvery Lenihan
Increasing Stress Tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using Lipocalin GenesOralMicrobiologyXimena Leon
Peace for Papi: Life After Tragedy OralWriting & RhetoricSandra Leon
The International System in the Time of Trump: An Analysis of White House Daily NewslettersOralPolitical ScienceFaith Leslie
Picture This: Visualizing American Literature OralEnglish & LiteratureAvery Lewis
Byzantium Art and Its’ Influence on Symbolism and Logo DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsYong Liang Lim
Luisa Valenzuela's “Si esto es la vida, yo soy caperucita roja” and “Aquí pasan cosas raras”: Abuse of Power and the Role of Women in SocietyOralLinguistics & World LanguagesMaria Lincuiz Kukla
Referred Participants of Meals on Wheels in Rural Communities OralSocial Work & Human ServicesVictoria LindseyShayla Palow -
Lydia Burns -
Zondria Horne -
Transferring Identities: Shifting Expressions of Architectural Identity in the Franco-German BorderlandOralArchitecture & Interior DesignEmma Lineberger
Barriers and Facilitators to Physical Activity Among African American Women Living in Public Housing OralSocial Work & Human ServicesBreona LinkIndia Smith
Green Chemistry Synthesis of Imidazoles from 1,2-diketones and Their ApplicationsOralChemistryPeyton LittlePeyton Little, Elizabeth Nalley
Magical Realism in Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rain Forest: Opening Doors in Ecological CriticismOralEnglish & LiteratureGiancarlo Lizarraga
Association Between E-Cigarette Use and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Among Cancer SurvivorsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentWolfgarr Lobo
Gut Microbiome of Obese Mice Induced by High-Sugar DietOralMicrobiologyEmily Lockhart
Terahertz Spectroscopy of Carbon NanotubesOralPhysics/AstronomyRishi Lohar
A Deeper Analysis of Chinese and American Views on Climate Change: Evidence from a Frequency/Topic Prevalence Analysis of Open-Ended Survey Question ResponsesOralEconomicsPhilip LongSakumi Kawamoto -
Chloe Knuth -
Hannah Raddenbach -
Union Loyalists in Talbot County, MarylandOralHistoryThomas Long
A Life Well Lived Is a Life Completed: Utilizing Heidegger’s Phenomenology to Characterize a Good LifeOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesRosalie Looijaard
Freudian and Jungian Psychoanalysis in LiteratureOralPsychologyDaniela Lopez
American Sentiments on Behavioral & Cognitive Qualifications within Elected OfficialsOralPolitical ScienceKevin Lopez Pelaez
Women Painting Women: Empowerment and Exploration in Artworks from the Renaissance Era to the Mid-Twentieth CenturyOralArt History & Visual ArtsIsabella Losskarn
Significant Influences That Supported and Opposed the Production of Celtic Illuminated ManuscriptsOralArt History & Visual ArtsRegan Loyd
The Beauty of the Past Through Brushstrokes of Today OralArt History & Visual ArtsJose Lozano
America’s Emerging Drone Ecosystem: Why Hampton, Virginia?OralEconomicsBrayden Lozaw
Similarities Between the Stanford Prison Experiment and Police BrutalityOralPsychologyAlicia Lucas
Designing Home Solar Energy System from a Lake DockOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringColin LucasGrant Umberger
"Are You Sure It's Not Just a Phase?": How Erasure Contributes to Depressive Symptoms in Bisexual AdolescentsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesBailey Luczak
Does Parents' Immigration Status Affect Students' Academic Performance in Latinx Students?OralDiversity StudiesXimena LunaGema Gomez -
the Working Class Vs Chicago: a Study of Contemporary Work Stoppages in Chicago: 1993-2019 OralSociologyYizhi Joshua Luo
Eyes burn brightOralCreative WritingDaniel Lurie
Loss for Words: An Investigation of the English Nature VocabularyOralLinguistics & World LanguagesMargaret Luthin
Investigating the Negative Capacitance Regime in Ferroelectrics Using Non-Equilibrium Molecular DynamicsOralPhysics/AstronomyKelli Lynch
Animal Imagery in Carved Ivories from the Steckelmann CollectionOralArt History & Visual ArtsAlexis Lyons
The Relational Impact of Religious Rigidity: Exploring Conflict Between LDS Parents and Their Disaffiliated Young Adult ChildrenOralPsychologyElizabeth Macdonald
Levers of Change in Sustainability at the Nexus of Business and Society OralBusinessMolly MacEachen
Examining the Genetic Marker for Ischemic Preconditioning and its Effect on Apoptosis and Autophagy in ST-Elevation vs. Non-ST Elevation Acute Myocardial InfarctionOralNursing & Public HealthLacey Maclay
Operatic Constructions of ‘Femininity’ as Mirrors of Oppression: Sociocultural Analysis of Claudio Monteverdi’s OrfeoOralMusicKacper Madejek
Prevalence of Suicide Stereotypes in Pedagogical Death Investigation Literature and Their Effect on Manner of Death Assignment in Female Drug Intoxication CasesOralInterdisciplinary StudiesLaura Madler
A High Impact Engaged Demand Survey: Application of Data Mining in Student Retention Strategy Using Decision Tree ModuleOralBusinessJiyeon MaengAngie Milbourn
Effect of Ambient Temperature on Thermosiphon EfficiencyOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringSanjay Maharjan
Results of Faulty Communication Between Flight Students and Air Traffic ControlOralPhysics/AstronomyVictoria Malec
Climate Through the Prism of Covid: Lessons on Structural Vulnerability and Resilience in the Food, Health, and Social Service SectorsOralInterdisciplinary StudiesAidan MaloneJess McClelland -
Economic Extraction and the Literature of Struggle in the Central ValleyOralEnglish & LiteratureElizabeth Malone
Women’s Decolonial Perspectives and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple HibiscusOralEnglish & LiteratureEmma Mandella
the Ideological Analysis of Trump's Muslim Ban within Historical ContextOralInterdisciplinary StudiesMeena Manely
the Synergistic Drug Mechanism of Action of Enzalutamide and Topotecan on 22Rv1 Prostate Cancer Cell ViabilityOralBiochemistryMeena Manely
Saving Safety Suzy: The Digital Preservation of a 1940s Public Safety Campaign of the LAPDOralCommunicationsKatherine Mann
Gendered Language in Joseph Smith’s Revision of the New TestamentOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesSamuel Mann
Britain’s Blunder: The Creation of Iraq OralHistoryKaitlyn Mannis
Phage Discovery of Phages LestyG, Tamron, and KbmarsOralBiologyCaleb Manu
Acute Exposure to Sublethal Doses of Neonicotinoid Insecticides Increases Heat Tolerance in Honey Bees OralBiologyRachel Manweiler
The Afterglow of the Roman Republic: Becoming an Empire Before It Had an EmperorOralHistoryBincheng Mao
Standards-Based Assessments: Revolutionizing Education Culture with Authentic LearningOralEducationChristianna Marcy
Understanding Spatial Patterns of Eviction in Washington DCOralPolitical ScienceEvan Margiotta
Sexism in Parks and Recreation: the Effects of Sexism Through Television OralCommunicationsAnnie Margolis
Predicting Dynamic Loop Binding: A Small Molecule Pattern-Based ApproachOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringChloe Markey
Stomata Density in Response to Environmental ChangesOralBiologySydney Marks
Jail, Julian Assange and the Future of Watchdog JournalismOralLaw & Legal StudiesJoseph Maronski
The Presence of Posthumanist Justifications for Better Treatment of Animals in Small-Scale Animal Sanctuaries: A Case Study on HAPPY Animal SanctuaryOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesRoss Marotta
Effect of Human Development on the Herpetofauna Community in the Peruvian Amazon BasinOralEcologyAlexander Marsh
Disproportionate Rates of Maternal Mortality and Morbidity in African American Women in the United StatesOralNursing & Public HealthJulianna MarshallBernadette Kaehler, Kortni Hampton, Joyce Hoang, Hoda Ighanifard
9/11 and Zombie Apocalypses: How Zone One Mirrors Life TodayOralEnglish & LiteratureJessica Martin
Investigating Cancer in Appalachia Through Content Analysis of Oral History InterviewsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentCourtney Martin
How Inadequate Inclusivity Training and Gender Affirming Health Care Information in the Medical Field Creates Additional Hardships for Gender Nonconforming and Gender Nonbinary Patients in Health Care SettingsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesMackenzie Martin
Franklin's GraphicOralArt History & Visual ArtsZacary Martinez
Playwriting as a Form of Healing: Heroin Addiction and the FamilyOralCreative WritingLisa Martinez
The Rituals of Womanhood: An Autoethnographic, Cross-Cultural Study of Female Coming of Age Ceremonies in Jewish and Latinx CulturesOralAnthropology & ArcheologyMackenzie Martinez
Women of Color's Experiences of Pursuing Higher Education During a PandemicOralDiversity StudiesAmanda MartinezNou Xiong, Ayak Deng
Investigating Contributing Variables to Sexual Satisfaction: A Quantitative StudyOralCommunicationsAlan MartinezAndreyna Guijarro, Carley Neilson, Rochelle Hibbs, Beatrice Elizondo
The Development of the Term ‘’friend-zone’’ and its Media Influences: Is it a Harmful Concept?OralCommunicationsArely Martinez Medina
Assessing pH Conditions on Urease Enzyme ActivityOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringAnna Martinson
Analysis of Variants Q493P, W496R, G500D, and Y515C Associated with Cystic Fibrosis (CFTR) in Relation to the Known Pathogenic Variant Phe508delOralBiologyJenna MarvinRebekah Samuelson, Dylan Uibel, Jacob Laughlin
the Art and Design of the Medieval PeriodOralHistoryCorey Mason
Generating conic-like sectionsOralMathematicsIoannis Mastoras
Accent Modification and Identity: A Phenomenological Study Between International Students and Immigrants/RefugeesOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyGabriela Masztalerz
Gravitational Wave Polarizations: a Test of General Relativity using Binary Black Hole MergersOralPhysics/AstronomySudhi Mathur
When Science Becomes Partisan: The Clash of Public Health and Policy in Large-Scale Health CrisesOralNursing & Public HealthRohan Mathur
The Role of Islamic Identity in European Foreign PolicymakingOralPolitical ScienceTheodora Mattei
Stanley Morison and the Times New Roman FontOralArt History & Visual ArtsStephen Matthews
Fraktur and Antiqua: Culture and the Struggle for StandardizationOralArt History & Visual ArtsKeith Mattix
Materiality and Sensorial Experience at the Church of OrsanmicheleOralArt History & Visual ArtsRebekah Maupin
The Musical Application of Historical LiteratureOralInterdisciplinary StudiesYazmeen Mayes
Rx Humor: For a Life of Well-Being and HealingOralInterdisciplinary StudiesKelly Mayol
Characterization of a Mutant in Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii that is Tolerant to Low NitrogenOralBiologyJared Mayrand
High-leverage Practices (HLPs) Implemented in Urban ClassroomsOralEducationMaryellen McCawCassandra Millard, Candice Mattie, Adriana Santana
Howler Monkey (Alouatta palliata) Microbial Endocrinology and Its Conservation ImplicationsOralBiologyAbigail McClain
Land Ownership in Western North Carolina: Exploring the Relationship between Absentee Ownership and Social VulnerabilityOralGeography/GeologyJessica McClelland
Inoculating a Campus: The Efficacy of Pyramid Scheme Education at Hamline UniversityOralEconomicsSarah McCollum
Evaluating the Predictability of Automation's Role in Occupational UnemploymentOralEconomicsCatherine McConnell
The impact of U.S. and Georgia recessions on unemployment and consumer spendingOralEconomicsAdarius McCoy
The Women of Country: the Evolution of Feminism in Country Music OralHistoryJoshua McCray
Human-in-the-Loop Gaussian Process-Based Coverage in Multi-Robot Settings: A New Take on Exploration vs. ExploitationOralComputer ScienceAndrew McDonald
The Role of Religion in Refugees' Integration from Africa’s Great Lakes Region Resettled in Greensboro, NCOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesSJ McDonald
The Climate Crisis: an Intersectional Approach to the Health and Dynamic of Migrant FamiliesOralSociologyKaryn McEvoy
An Investigation of the Impact of Post-traumatic Growth, Coping, and Resilience on Coherence and Perceived Self-Efficacy in Young Adult Survivors of Sexual Harassment and TraumaOralPsychologyClare McGaugheyKaylyn Kniery
To Thing or Not to Thing, That is the QuestionOralPsychologyBridgett McGill
What is the Better Motivator? : Token Economy System and Autism Spectrum Disorder OralEducationDonielle McGruderDonielle McGruder
Description of a New Species of Hyalella (Amphipoda: Hyalellidae) from Belle IsleOralEcologyMolly McKeon
Progress and Repression; an Analysis of the United States and Germany’s Treatment of BGLTQ+ Soldiers During the Second World WarOralHistoryAlexis McKernan
An Exploration of Risky College Students’ Behaviors in the Midst of the COVID-19 PandemicOralHealth & Human DevelopmentRheese McNabBriana Lipski, Jillian Tindall, Isabella Carabio, Isabella Carabio
Investigating Buried Clay Pots as an Efficient and Effective Irrigation System for Urban AgricultureOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKatie McShea
Archaism in Saite Dynasty Tombs of the Elite: A Form of ConservationOralArt History & Visual ArtsAbigail Mead
Understanding Chitimacha Culture: An Analysis of Basketry Techniques, Designs, and BeliefsOralArt History & Visual ArtsAbigail Mead
Scorched Earth, Democratic Erosion in Bolsonaro’s BrazilOralPolitical ScienceNayanne Medeiros
Image and Memory - the Relationship Between Visual Arts and Remembrance Through a French Perspective. OralArt History & Visual ArtsNayanne Medeiros
Machine Learning to Develop Algorithms to Predict Strength Degradations Resulting from Cyclic LoadingOralCivil EngineeringTiffany Meeks
Detection and Removal of Landmines – A Preliminary StudyOralEngineeringJivan Meguerditchian
Paucilactobacillus wasatchsensis WCD04 biofilm formation and adherence to stainless steelOralMicrobiologyLizell Mejias
Paucilactobacillus wasatchsensis WCD04 biofilm formation and adherence to stainless steelOralMicrobiologyLizell Mejias
Realizing Wing Morphology Through Additive Manufacturing of Soft and Smart ActuatorsOralEngineeringDanayit MekonnenStanislav Sikulskyi, Zefu Ren, Aleiya Holyoak, Natalia Thackorie Jr.
The Empowerment of Black, Indigenous, Women of Color through Food Systems in the United States OralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesHannah Mendez
Under Constricted Bylaws: Authoritarianism in Eritrea Post-LiberationOralPolitical ScienceYeabsera Mengistu
Impact of systemic pathologies on increased risk of Endodontic DisordersOralHealth & Human DevelopmentJayla Mercer
Weather Influences the Spatial Transmission of White-Nose Syndrome in Little Brown BatsOralEcologyAlexander Mercier Mercier
Death, Dying and Disney: Depictions of Death in Disney Movies OralInterdisciplinary StudiesRaquel Merino
Postcolonialism and Otherness in “Othello,” “Frankenstein,” and “Invisible Man”OralEnglish & LiteratureSamantha Merzel
Whose Plate Is Empty?: an Analysis of the Supply and Demand Problem of the World Food ProgrammeOralPolitical ScienceMadeleine Meyer
Capturing Emotional Brand EquityOralBusinessJenna MeyerSarah Schuster, Danielle Goddard, Jordyn Stearns
Comparison of Tissue Oxygenation Changes Captured by Near-Infrared Optical Scanner to Clinical Diagnosis of Radiation Dermatitis in Breast Cancer Subjects OralBiological & Chemical EngineeringBridgette Meyer
Effects of Covid-19 on Access to ContraceptionOralAnthropology & ArcheologyRachel Michel
Minority-Owned Business Ecosystem Project OralEconomicsGalen Miller
Attention Plays a Vital Role in Executive FunctioningOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAshley Miller
Stream Connectivity and Fragmentation Impacts on Wild Trout PopulationsOralEcologyJohn Miller
Regression Analysis: NBA Statistics and Their Impact on Player Salary. A Development of Guidelines Applicable to Any Regression Analysis. OralMathematicsSarah Milligan
Cultural Construction of the Mind: Schema Theory and William James in Gertrude Stein’s Tender ButtonsOralEnglish & LiteratureKathryn Milschewski
Museums in the Time of Covid: Crisis and Transformation in Digital EraOralAnthropology & ArcheologySavannah Milton
The Collateral Consequences of Mass Incarceration in African American Communities OralPolitical ScienceYevangelina Mironenko
Effects of Basil in Controlling Post-harvest Loss Against Maize WeevilsOralAgriculture & ExtensionJayna Misra
Media Coverage on Satanism in Connecticut OralHistoryAmanda Mitchell
The Effect of Locomotion and Phylogeny on Pelvic Morphology in RodentsOralBiologySkylar Mizell
The Seminole Wars of the 19th Century: A Look into the Causes of the Longest Conflicts of American HistoryOralNative American StudiesBryan Moats
Green and Sustainable Solar Energy MaterialsOralChemistryMegan Moberg
Sex and Sex Acts: Frescoes and Graffiti in the Purpose-Built Brothel and the Suburban Baths of PompeiiOralArt History & Visual ArtsPhoebe Mock
The Effects of Cheating on Mating Patterns in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeOralBiologySuraj Modi
Investigating the Effects of STEM courses on Students' Learning and Cognitive FunctioningOralPsychologyAlan Mograby
The Role of the Courts in Enabling Islamophobia: an Examination of the Annihilation of Due Process Rights for Muslims post 9-11 Under the Guise of National Security OralLaw & Legal StudiesSalma Mohamed
Evaluating the Shear Strength of Overconsolidated ClaysOralCivil EngineeringMohammed Mohammed
Athletes' Fear of Covid-19OralPsychologyKristina Mojica
Hula and Hawaiian Culture: Keeping Tradition Alive in Colonial Hawai'iOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesNaomi Molin
Individual Resilience Within the Civil Rights Movement: Life in the Southern United States in the 1950s and 60sOralHistoryLily Moll
A Facile Total Synthesis of ToyocamycinOralChemistryDennis MondaresJohn Adeleye, Michelle Ananym
Music in Culture: Its Personal and Professional Meaning to IndividualsOralMusicRonsard Mondesir
The Neuroprotective Effects of Curcumin and Vitamin E in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson’s DiseaseOralBiologyChloe Mondok
Synthesis and Self-Assembly of D and L Type PeptidesOralChemistryAlyssa MonohonJessica Lathrop
The Environmental & Health Effects of the US’ Nuclear-Arsenal-NetworkOralInterdisciplinary StudiesMira Monroe
Trends and Racial Disparities in US Liver Cancer Mortality, 1999 to 2018OralNursing & Public HealthRachelle Monteau
Isolating Authigenic Carbonate in Lake Sediment Cores to Improve Climate Reconstructions Kori L. Mooney, Spruce W. SchoenemannOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKori Mooney
Gratitude and Its Effects OralPsychologyJared Moore
Do Black Lives Matter to Congressional Candidates?OralPolitical ScienceRian Moore
Calculating the Behavior of Warped Spacetime of Two Merging Black Holes with a Next-Generation Numerical-Relativity Code. OralPhysics/AstronomyMarlo Morales
Reduced Graphene Oxide/Graphene Quantum Dots Heterostructure for PhotodetectionOralPhysics/AstronomyNayelie Morales Colon
Assessing the Localization of DAF-16 in C. elegans unc-33 mutants OralBiologyKarina Moreno
Optimizing the Alu Detection Program PolyDetectOralBiologyGrayce Mores
Most Effective Uses of Multiculturalism in Children’s Literature: Connecting Punjabi-Sikh and American Children Across CultureOralCreative WritingJacquelyn Morris
California Girls: Prostitution and Proper Sexuality in San Francisco, 1850-1900 OralHistoryMelissa Morrissey
Phenological Shifts in Monarch Nectar ResourcesOralBiologyNathan Morrow
Laboring in and Between Discursive Spheres: Deconstructing Domestic and Reproductive Constituting Acts of “Woman”OralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesNia Morton
Temporal and Spatial Landscape in Sally Wen Mao’s OculusOralEnglish & LiteratureMalavika Mujumdar
Indigenization of Mental Health and Psychosocial Services for Rohingya Refugees in BangladeshOralInterdisciplinary StudiesMaisa Munawara
An Analysis of “Live Discharge” Events by Disease TypeOralSociologySHelby-Jade Murdock
Musical String InharmonicityOralPhysics/AstronomyChristopher Murray
The 1991 Crown Heights Riots: Class, Race, and AntisemitismOralHistoryLillian Murray
Empathetic SpacesOralArchitecture & Interior DesignSally Murtadhi
an Examination of Creativity in the World Language ClassroomOralEducationJesselyn Nadolny
Minority Group Differences in Judgements of Societal Fairness and the Influence of Negative StereotypingOralPsychologyAbeer Naeem
The Queen of the Violin: Mapping Camilla Urso’s Performances on the American Lyceum Concert Circuit, 1852-1901OralMusicMaeve Nagel-Frazel
Temperature Dependence on the Passive Effects of K+ on Membrane Potential of Skeletal Muscle: Educational ModuleOralBiologyJanki NaidugariDara Castillo, Esther Dupont-Versteegden
The Linguistic Impacts of Anesthesia: Studying Cognitive Function and the Distribution of the Gray Matter Volume in Parts of the Brains of Children Aged Four to Six OralPsychologyHasitha Nannapaneni
Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv Induces Gene Expression of PDE4A and PDE7A in Human MacrophagesOralBiologyAdrian Naoun
An Examination of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol A Derivatives During Zebrafish DevelopmentOralEcologyRachel Nas
Machine Learning to Predict Anti-Malarial CompoundsOralComputer ScienceJose Navarro
Accountability Policies in Virginia: Teaching Practices with Lower Engagement Levels in High-Poverty SchoolsOralEducationPurva Nayam
Predictors of Physical Activity Engagement among Chronic Disease Patients at Region 10, Guyana- Application of Modified Health Belief Model.OralNursing & Public HealthCamika NelsonNatasha Allicock, Metrina Daniels
Graham Jackson: The Ambassador of GoodwillOralMusicEmily Nelson
The Impact of Technology Use on Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills of Elementary School StudentsOralEconomicsMarybeth Nemecek
Antiquity and Applicability : Relating Euripides’ Medea to ModernityOralHistoryTaylor Nesselroad
Rethinking Environmental Conversation Education: an Interdisciplinary Approach OralInterdisciplinary StudiesErica Nettles
Tensors and Stochastic Automata Networks with Application to Biochemical Reaction SystemsOralMathematicsMarie Neubrander
Mexico: Comparing State Responses to Covid-19OralPolitical SciencePiper Neulander
Accidental Overdoses: Insights to Aid in PreventionOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAnnabel Nganga
Psychological Resilience of High Risk Occupational WorkersOralPsychologyZachary Ngo
Hasse-Minkowski Theorem and the Local–Global PrincipleOralMathematicsPhuc Ngo
Low physical activity is linked to hemodynamic and cardiac autonomic function in Doctor of Physical Therapy studentsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentVy NguyenChristian Hipolito
Asian American Political Participation: More Than a High Education LevelOralPolitical ScienceVan Thanh Nguyen
Assessing risk factors for the incubation period of Covid-19OralMathematicsMai Nguyen
CRISPR/Cas9-mediated elimination of fermentative S. cerevisiaeOralMicrobiologyChandler NicholasKasey Doney -
Cameron Shapiro -
Brian Rushforth -
Chadwick Boseman: the Face of African Culture and Religion in the Twenty-First CenturyOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesChaviva Nicholas
Gender Differences in OnlyFans Content Creators' Subscription Pricing StrategiesOralPsychologyJoshua NicholsJoshua VanArsdall, Alec Degnan, Marina Orrico, Zaharina Jimenez, Vanessa Sevilla, Jessica Watz, Christopher Munt
Common Problems Pedagogy - Interdisciplinary Cooperative Problem Solving : Improving Student Learning Through Solving Common ProblemsOralEducationJay Nickols
Interplay of Politics and Medical EthicsOralHistoryStefan Nikolic
Structured Heterogeneity Across Animals in Remapping Behavior OralBiologyParsa Nilchian
Effects of Mindset Priming and Technology on Theory of Mind PerformanceOralPsychologyBrooke Nixon
Investigating Transitions of Transition Metal Doped Materials at Wavelengths Close to 1550nm for Quantum Information Applications OralPhysics/AstronomyZoe Noble
The Use and Influence of Birth Control in Muslim Population Around the World ContinentsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAmeera Noon
The Effects of a Purine Mixture on Cell Migration, Proliferation, and Differentiation in the Treatment of Myofibroblast Related DiseasesOralBiologyAmeera Noon
Review of Minority Students Learning Through Online EducationOralEducationAlice Nor
Job satisfaction of Employees working in Big Four Accounting Firms Vs Non-Big Four Accounting Firms OralBusinessHari Meher Nori
Illinois’ Forgotten Contribution to World War IIOralHistoryKaitlyn Normoyle
Modal Identification of Hydrogel Using Phase-Based Motion MagnificationOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringKenneth Nwagu
Effects of Neem Oil Against Growth and Development of Aspergillus Flavus in PeanutsOralBiologyOnachukwu Nwolisa
Montana Culinary History During the Great Depression OralHistoryEmily O'Brien
Improving the Sustainability of Bioethanol Production by Integrating Thermochemical Treatment of Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles OralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilitySamuel O'Brien
Protein Engineering and Optimization of Peptide-Based Therapeutics as Dual Site Binding Coronavirus AntiviralsOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringBenjamin OelkersFelissa Wallave, Adrian Russ, Serena Stoddard, Quanyi Yi, Shana Stoddard
International Medical Waste Management: Implementing Medical Waste Classification in the United StatesOralHealth & Human DevelopmentTaelor Oey
Modeling Active Galactic Nuclei Accretion-Disk WindsOralPhysics/AstronomyMary Ogborn
The Effect of Extrinsic Vs. Intrinsic Motivation on Latinx Students’ Academic SuccessOralEducationMariana Olivo Urbina
Career Advancement Inventory Factor Analysis: Improving Career Assessment Through a Five Factor ModelOralPsychologyJonah O'Neill
Source Localization of Electroencephalogram (EEG) Waves with Convolutional Neural NetworkOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringTerence Onyewuenyi
The Disparity College Rape Victims Face from Institutionalized Sexism and the Systematic Injustices Against Them Beyond Being RapedOralCommunicationsHosna Opeyany
Internships and the Job Market: How Remote Work Affects College Student’s CareersOralEnglish & LiteratureFrancisco Orozco
Does the Invaginated Eye of the Disco Clam Use Opsin-based Phototransduction to Detect LightOralBiologyJennifer Ortiz
The Old Post CemeteryOralHistoryMicah Ortiz
Characterization of the Cyclohexadienyl Radical (C6H7) Using Matrix Isolation Infrared SpectroscopyOralChemistryNicole Orwat
Exploring the impact of virtual learning environments (VLEs) in one fourth-year English learner’s learningOralEducationYusdanis Ospino CastroFabio Hernando Linares Romero
Fluorescent Tagging of Replication Proteins to Study Protein-protein InteractionsOralBiologyLydia Ostmo
Synthesis of Novel Meta- and Para- Aldehyde Analogs of 5-Aminoimidazole Using Microwave ProtocolsOralChemistryMayowa Osunsanya
Maybe It's a Sign: Observation and Doubt in a Mesopotamian Omen SeriesOralHistoryMadeline Ouimet
Violence and Its Vultures: War and State Formation in Northern MesopotamiaOralAnthropology & ArcheologyMadeline Ouimet
Participant Bar Theory: A New Syntax TheoryOralLinguistics & World LanguagesDaniel Packer
An Analysis of the Vitality of the Welsh LanguageOralLinguistics & World LanguagesDaniel Packer
Spatial and temporal distribution of neotectonic activity in the Araya-Paria Peninsula, VenezuelaOralGeography/GeologyJoel Padgett
Satisfaction of Telehealth Services in Behavioral HealthOralSocial Work & Human ServicesJoseph Pagano
Classic Psychedelics: Legality and Public Perception in the United States Through HistoryOralHistoryRay Pagenkopf
Self-advocacy in Autistic and Non-Autistic College Students OralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyMadison Paige
Presidential Rhetoric about Immigration from Ronald Reagan to Donald TrumpOralPolitical ScienceKatya Palacios
Controls and Sources of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Intermittent Headwater Streams OralBiologyTEJ PANDEY
Engineering the Geometry of Nanocages Using Proline for Targeted Drug Delivery OralChemistryAshma Pandya
“People would be surprised, but we didn't care”: A Study of Latina/x/o Foster Youth Making Sense of their Cultural and Family IdentityOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesMichael Papias
Resilience and Interpersonal Theory of Suicide During Covid-19OralPsychologyScott Paquette
The Change of Routine Due to COVID-19 and Depression Symptoms in AdolescentsOralPsychologyAyesha Paracha
Black HolisticOralArchitecture & Interior DesignAzha Parker
"Just to Chat, Truly Yours, Your Biggest Fan, This Is Stan": an Analysis on the Phenomenon Known as Stan TwitterOralRhetoric and Writing StudiesAllison Partin
Education Policy and Democratic Consolidation: the Case of Post-Euromaidan UkraineOralPolitical ScienceKateryna Pashchenko
“Let Thy Conscience Act Her Part”: Republican Motherhood in Civil War Popular SongOralMusicGianna Patchett
Using Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Therapy to Improve Constipation-Associated Comorbidity of Depression in the United StatesOralBiologyShivam Patel
Exploring South Asian Health in New York City OralSociologySanjeda Patwari
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles with Europium Metal Doping for Potential Antimicrobial ApplicationsOralChemistryGeorge Paulino
Exploring Prostate Cancer Treatments Through Ciliogenesis OralBiologyGabria Pearson
Brown Skin Girls: Colorism Among African American Women in the Twenty First CenturyOralHistoryTuesdae Pelt-Willis
The Significance of a Name: Personal and Societal Ties to Character Names in Jane Austen’s Works OralEnglish & LiteratureSheridan Pena
Activity Rhythms of Adult Fiddler CrabsOralBiologyLeyna Pence
Studying Three Universal Essential Genes with Potential Functions in DNA Maintenance/RepairOralBiologyLeilani PendillaBraden Bell, Stephen Sanders
Wisconsin, the Wilderness, and the Anthropocene: The Existentialist Dread of a Gen Z'erOralCreative WritingBurgundy Pendragon
The Human-Faith Melody and the Power of the Common Soul: Charles Ives and the Concord TranscendentalistsOralMusicSarah Penna
Monitoring of Nitrate in Georgia’s Lake Lanier Watershed: a Validation study OralChemistryCalvin Perdigao
Beaker, Flask, or Graduated Cylinder?: Teaching a Computer to Identify Laboratory GlasswareOralChemistryMuthuporutotage PereraEmil Matti, Lennox Apudo
3D Printed Facemask Design Using Multilayer Filters to Use as Protective Gear, for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) OutbreakOralEngineeringIlse PerezGerardo Salinas
An Isolated Cry: The Effects of Communism as Seen Through Film and the Negative Impact It Imposes on the Cuban Community OralFilm/Photography StudiesMelanie Perez
The Effect of Rhododendron on Soils and Foliar Characteristics of a Wintergreen Perennial HerbOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityMolly Perkins
Uncovering Ethnic Disparities in Respiratory Syncytial Virus InfectionsOralBiologyJasmin Perkins
Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease in the Turks and Caicos IslandsOralBiologyGracie Perry-Garnette
Determining Disengagement Methods: Deciphering the Relationship Between Engagement Pathways of U.S. Identity-Motivated Domestic Terrorists and the Most Effective Disengagement MethodsOralPolitical ScienceMichaila Peters
Examining Changes in Expression of Orange Carotenoid Protein Homologs in Fremyella diplosiphon in Response to Stress Conditions OralMicrobiologyIsabel Petrescu
A study of religiosity and donations: Does religion make its believers more prosocial?OralEconomicsTereza Petrovicova
Latent Factor Discovery in Markov Processes through Optimal TransportOralMathematicsNhi Pham
Critical Success Factor Model of Virtual Internship Program under COVID-19OralBusinessJephte PhilippeMitchell Lanzl
Public Opinion and Mental Health in VirginiaOralPolitical ScienceWilliam Phillips
Estimating the Ideal Linear Observer for Image Reconstruction with a Hybrid Channelized Hotelling ObserverOralPhysics/AstronomyJohn Paul Phillips
Effects of predation hazard on habitat selection of fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas)OralEcologyRebecca Piche
Comparison of Muscle Activation in the Flexor Digitorum SuperficialisOralEngineeringJustin PillaJashalynn Maddox, Dami Olaoye
Aerosols and Particulates Emitted while Speaking and SingingOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringEric Pillow
Comparing Positions for Handgrip DynamometryOralExercise Science & NutritionKevin Pilotzi
Drugging the Undruggable: Biophysical Characterization of Small Molecules Binding to the ARNT Transcription FactorOralBiochemistryLeandro Pimentel Marcelino
Tailoring Multicomponent Experiments with Fractional Factorial Designs and Randomized Controlled TrialsOralMathematicsRita PintorMichael Strand -
Impact of Brucella Bacteriophage on Immune Cell SignalingOralMicrobiologyJack Plewa
Understanding Afrikaner’s Perceptions of Affirmative ActionOralCommunicationsKaelyn Poirier
Examining Feedback Practices in the Dance ClassroomOralDanceEmily Pollack
Reconstructing Neanderthal behavior and their ability to adapt to their environmentOralAnthropology & ArcheologyElizabeth Poplavska
Monitoring subclinical pneumonia progression via thoracic ultrasonography in neonatal calvesOralAnimal SciencesMadison Porter
Cognitive Decline in a Social Context: Have We Done It to Ourselves? OralPsychologyDavid Posada
National Parks in a Changing ClimateOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityLucy Potter
Integration of a miniaturized radar sensor and GPS system to an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAS) to determine surface reflectivityOralGeography/GeologyQuinn Powell
A Numerical Method to Solve an Inverse Source Problem for Hyperbolic EquationsOralMathematicsWilliam Powell
Learning from Adult LearnersOralHealth & Human DevelopmentKamil Powell
Specific Sources of Stress and Well-being Barriers in Division II Student-Athletes OralExercise Science & NutritionKalpaka Pradip
The Prospective Effects of Marijuana Use in Adolescence on Illicit Drug use in Middle AgeOralSociologyRadhika Prasad
Phonon Dispersion Study on Carbon Nano Tube GrapheneOralEngineeringMatheus Prates
The Everyday Negotiation of Citizenship in the French EmpireOralHistoryKatherine Price
Reading Aloud in the Writing Center: Perspectives from Tutors and WritersOralRhetoric and Writing StudiesBrianna Price
Assessing the Effectiveness of Volont'R in Facilitating Refugee IntegrationOralInterdisciplinary StudiesSavannah Price
Crude Oil Price Fluctuations: a Forty-Year ExaminationOralEconomicsStephanie Price-Cummings
The Blame GameOralPolitical ScienceAlexander Prom
Spectral Analysis and Correlation of Power Signatures for SHA-256 Encryption Keys OralComputer ScienceCorbin ProvostAlexander Sigler
Humanitarian Assistance in Protracted Emergencies: Reconceptualizing the Role of Food Aid in Adjumani, UgandaOralInterdisciplinary StudiesVictoria Puglia
Nüshu Transmitters in Hunan, Jiangyong OralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesKaiyang Qiu
March Madness: Math, Methods, MoneyOralMathematicsAnthony Quagliata
Computational Characterization of Carotid Bifurcation Hemodynamics Under MicrogravityOralEngineeringGraham Quasebarth
"El che" OralLinguistics & World LanguagesDolores Quezada
People Seeing PeopleOralSocial Work & Human ServicesGrace Quinn
A Historical Exploration of Theatre and PlagueOralEnglish & LiteratureRava Raab
Exploring PDE4 Somatic Copy Number Variations, Gene Expression and PDE4 Inhibition in Lung Cancer Health DisparitiesOralBiologyJoelle Rabin-Court
Evaluating Food Insecurity in Students Before and After COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic at Loyola University ChicagoOralInterdisciplinary StudiesFrances Rafferty
Addressing LGBTQ+ Health Inequities in Chennai, South India through Mobile App DevelopmentOralGlobal HealthNima RahmanShelby Hobohm, Rosaleen Xiong, Shilpa Rajagopal
Gendered Perceptions of Female Terrorists: College Students Perceptions of Female Terrorists OralSociologyMegan Rajkumar
Constraining the Properties of Kilonovae Based on the Zwicky Transient Facility Searches for 13 Neutron Star MergersOralPhysics/AstronomyPriyadarshini Rajkumar
qPCR Assay Design for Genital Microbial SignaturesOralMicrobiologyAndrea Ramírez Torres
The Blue Loophole: Social Contract Theory and Law Enforcement in AmericaOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesGabriella Ramos
Dissecting the mechanisms underlying attraction and repulsion to cat sensed cues: Worms and cats aren’t much different OralBiologyBrianna Ramos
Chemical Investigations of Pasaquan and Interdisciplinary Paint RestorationOralChemistryShyrisse Ramos
Using novel biologging technologies to study age-old questions of magnetic sensing in free-roaming wild boarOralBiologyFabian Ramos-AlmodovarLuis Estrada, Kallista Capdevila
Long Short Term Memory Load ForecastingOralComputer ScienceLevi Randall
Effects of covid-19 on Sustainable ArchitectureOralArchitecture & Interior DesignRiley Ransom
Rapping Resistance: Dalit and Black Hip-Hop Genres in Transnational PerspectiveOralPolitical ScienceDhanya Rao
A Review of the Effect of Intestinal Bacteria on COVID-19 Severity Via Bacteria-Induced Immunomodulatory Pathways and an Analysis of the Efficacy of Microbiome Therapies as a TreatmentOralMicrobiologyRohan Rathi
Gravitational Wave Calibration Error for Supernovae Core CollapseOralPhysics/AstronomyBrad Ratto
A Diffusion Approach for Plasma Synthesis of Superhard Tantalum BoridesOralPhysics/AstronomyAaditya Rau
Effects of Phragmites Australis Destruction on the Concentration of Trace Metals in Utah Lake Water, Sediments, and PlantsOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityClayton Rawson
Artificial Muscles in Lightweight Low-Cost Exoskeletons for Stroke RehabilitationOralEngineeringShawn Ray
Sentimental analysis of COVID-19 vaccine related tweetsOralComputer ScienceMohannad Rayani
a Study of Coincidence Reflections in Two Dimensions and Three DimensionsOralMathematicsCalvin Raymond
Challenging Ignorance: AIDS and female agency, 1980 – 1989OralHistoryJacob Reavis
A Case Study of a Western Wisconsin Farmers Market Double Your Money Incentive Program for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Households: An Analysis of Implementation, Participation and Positive ImpactsOralEconomicsKatelyn ReckinEthan Blaney -
Andrew Lindaas -
Katie Klingbeil -
Discovering Virally Encoded Proteins That Block Type IV CRISPR Immune SystemsOralBiochemistryBrock RedmanAndrew Williams, Alex Lyons
Bias Against Female Political Leaders After Mexico’s DemocratizationOralPolitical ScienceMeghan Reed
Toxic Masculinity’s Origins and Modern CinemaOralInterdisciplinary StudiesEmma Reed
Expanding Opportunity in Low-Income Neighborhoods: Effect of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit on Neighborhood Gentrification, 1990 to 2010OralSociologyOtelo Reggy-Beane
Rehabilitation Post-Criminal Activity: Functional Characteristics of Programs for Offenders with Mental IllnessOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeJosephine Reid
Enduring Caricatures: Spectacles of Blackface and Minstrelsy in Early Nineteenth Century PennsylvaniaOralHistoryJoshua Reid
Volkstrauertag in Michigan as a Microcosm for the Relationship Between West Germany and the U.S. During the Cold War EraOralHistoryShelby Reidle
Consumer Perceptions of Loot Boxes in Video Games and Corporate Social Responsibility OralBusinessAlex ReinhardMaya Nandy, George Seitis, Gianni Spinella
Covering All Our Bases: Minimum Dominating Sets of GridsOralMathematicsIsaac Reiter
The VICCard Cipher: a New Contribution to the Field of Playing Card CryptographyOralMathematicsIsaac Reiter
The Numb Protein Affects Drosophila Locomotion OralBiologyMary Renkemeyer Nick Pritchett, Andrew Galbraith
The Persistence and Use of Traditional Medicine in the Municipals of Colón and Santiago de Querétaro in Querétaro, MexicoOralAnthropology & ArcheologyMayra Reyes
“Returning to ______” Emerging Artists in the Year of 2020, a Performance Installation Project OralTheatre/DramaSierra-James Reynolds Jess Bertrand -
Interest Level in a Hypothetical Intergenerational Bonding (IGB) Program: a Survey StudyOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyLauren Rezac
Macho Mentality and the Subaltern Subject in Eva Luna OralLinguistics & World LanguagesDaniela Riascos
Ports, Persecution, and Prosperity: the Jewish Merchants of the European-Caribbean Slave and Agricultural Trade, 1625-1700OralHistoryGraeme Rieser
The Islamic Environmental Ethic: A Call to ReturnOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesJenna Rifai
Molecular Solvation in Phosphonium Ionic LiquidsOralChemistryRachel Riga
Polarimetric Observation of the Young Open Cluster NGC 7160OralPhysics/AstronomyRyan Riley
Examining the Effect of Kratom on Dopamine Transmission Related to Abuse LiabilityOralPsychologyLindsay Ringer
March On: A Modern Retelling of Louisa May Alcott's Little WomenOralEnglish & LiteratureJessica Rinker
Rembrandt and the Female NudeOralArt History & Visual ArtsJanie Ritter
Impact of Liberation Theology on Mass Mobilization: Findings from the PhilippinesOralPolitical ScienceGabrielle Rivera
Pesticides affect Apoptosis, DNA damage, and global DNA Methylation in aquatic organisms. OralBiologyMichelle RiveraEsmirna Cantu, Alexa Campos
The American Food System: Food for Thought?OralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityDaniela Rivera-Cintrón
River Otters of the Chesapeake Bay: Conservation and Camera TrappingOralEcologyJaeda Roberts
Acid Rain Mitigation in Streams: Direct versus Terrestrial LimingOralChemistryMadison Roberts
Effects of a Low-Head Dam on a Sympatric Population of TurtlesOralEcologyReece Robinett
Male Melancholia in the Mid-Twentieth Century: Orwell and Salinger’s Shared Societal Critiques Across Dissimilar SettingsOralEnglish & LiteratureMax Robins
Does It Matter If You Have a Defense Attorney?: Importance of Defense Counsel at Bond Modification HearingsOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeMorgan Robinson
Hablar en dos mundos: Exploring the Roles of Spanish-English Bilingualism in the Lives of Spanish-English Bilingual Adults in Central PennsylvaniaOralLinguistics & World LanguagesAmalia Robinson
Exploring Environmental Masculinities OralSociologyLola Robinson
Immunomodulation of Innate Immunity by a Bacteriophage OralBiologyAutumn Robinson
Classification and Mapping of Marine Habitats Using Drone DataOralEcologyMaria Rocha
The Effect of Doctors' Care Coordination Style on Multiple Chronic Condition PatientsOralEconomicsSarah RodmanWilliam Wei, Noah Hillman
Characterization and Comparison of the Microbiome of African CarnivoresOralMicrobiologyWill Rogers
May the Homeostasis be With You: Physiology of the Animal Kingdom in George Lucas’ Star WarsOralBiologyMelissa Rogers
Rediscovering Charles Galloway: The Life and Music of a St. Louis OrganistOralMusicNoah Rogers
Pre-service Teachers’ Language Learning Experiences and Teaching English Language Learners (ELLs): Possible Cross-Linguistic Transfer from L1 to L2OralEducationRomaura Rojas PenaAlexis Ancelin, Elaine Belenguer, Adja Sackor, Gabrielle Heard, Mia Porter
Race Matters: The Sociopolitical Impacts of Prejudice in Dear White PeopleOralCommunicationsRoselyn Romero
Analysis of Chicago Transit Authorities Bus RoutesOralEconomicsPatrick Ronan
Chronicling Choréographie: an Introduction and Demonstration of French Baroque Dance NotationOralDanceChazlen RookMcKenzie Tipton
TV Is the New Criminal: How Violence in the Media Creates a Falsely Dangerous WorldOralCommunicationsCaroline Roos
Understanding Depths of LamentOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesHannah Rose
The Effects of Proactive Interference on Adult Working Memory PerformanceOralPsychologyAshley Ross
Observing Atmospheric Changes Caused by Solar EclipsesOralPhysics/AstronomyMadeline RossGillian Durand, Anisa Tapper
Freshwater Algae of Turnbull National Wildlife RefugeOralBiologyLucy Roussa
the Language of Politics: Building a Cognitive Framework for Political Science's Language MethodologyOralPolitical ScienceJackson Rudoff
Reproductive Agency and the Role of the Female Psyche in Soranus' GynaecologyOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesHelen Ruger
L444P GBA Mutation Potentially Mediates Behavioral Deficits and α-Synuclein PathologyOralBiologyDreson Russell
The Effects of Riluzole on Sensory and Motor Nerve FunctionOralBiologyWilliam Russell
Evolution of the Percussion Ensemble Through an Analysis of Select LiteratureOralMusicIsobel Russo
Why Does an Ex-Offender Reoffend?OralCriminology/Criminal JusticeJacob Rybak
Analysis of Press Releases of US States during COVID-19 Initial Crisis Phase using Machine Learning OralCommunicationsAllison Rybalnik
Evolution of Women’s Reproductive Health Care and Control in the Nineteenth CenturyOralHistoryKennedy Ryder
the Early Federal Republic’s Forgotten Crisis: How Konrad Adenauer Stabilized West Germany Through Solving the Refugee QuestionOralHistoryKennedy Ryder
Life: the Improvised Performance of ExperienceOralDanceAlanna Rygelski
A Divided Nation: Cherokees and the Civil War in Indian TerritoryOralHistoryRobert Rymer
Relationship Between Walking Speed and Key Vital Signs in Young AdultsOralExercise Science & NutritionRosalba Saavedra
Vocalizing Justice: An Exploration of Representation and Diversity in the Choral ArtsOralMusicCaroline Sabin
Female Complicity in Women's Oppression OralEnglish & LiteratureRachel Sadowski
Ortho-K Therapy and Auricular Acupressure: A Combined Approach for Treating Progressive Myopia in Children Aged 8-12OralBiologyAashima Sagar
Glucose-induced obesity increases deamidation and changes solubility of lens crystallins increasing susceptibility to cataracts OralBiochemistryCaleb SagertTanner Peterson, Damien Ball, Tobi Adeoye
Race and Facial Expression PerceptionsOralCommunicationsJeffrey Salyers
Speciation of Chelerythrine, a Potentially Toxic Benzophenanthridine Alkaloid in Black Salve Alternative Medicine ProductsOralChemistryLauren SampsonNicole Wiemken
Analyzing Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Scientific Explanations of the “Storm in a Glass” PhenomenonOralEducationBlake SampsonKeziah Jenkins
The Story of a Beautiful and Rich Culture and Territory Victim of Imperialism Illustrated by Latin American Artists OralLinguistics & World LanguagesValerie Sanabria
Effect of Long-Term Egg Quiescence on Permethrin Susceptibility in Aedes aegyptiOralBiologyChristian Sanchez
Three Centuries of Service: a Study on the Local Response to the Changing Role of Public LibrariesOralSociologyElan Sandler
Self-Avoiding Walks Used as Simulations to PolymersOralComputer ScienceAdalis Santiago
Misrepresentation of Queerness in Contemporary Young Adult MediaOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesLaura Santos
Use of Untargeted and Targeted Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics to Profile Texas GrapevinesOralBiochemistryDavid Sarabia
The Radicalization of Feminism: The History of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF’s)OralInterdisciplinary StudiesKatelyn Sargeant
Regeneration of Peripheral Motor Nerves Following Hyperglycemic Induction In Danio rerioOralBiologySheridan Sargent
Comparison Between Population Demographics and Viewpoints Regarding the COVID-19 PandemicOralNursing & Public HealthKyle Sasso
Examining the effects of generational differences in public-school prescription drug education in AmericaOralNursing & Public HealthKush Savsani
Inclusive Health Development in India: Examining the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Sustainable Development Goal 3 Through National Indicator Framework Indicators 3.8.1 and 3.8.8OralPolitical ScienceLyla Saxena
Oppression Of and By the Church: Saving the Catholic Church from Heresies at the Cost of Minority Groups’ BloodOralHistoryLailuma Sayed
Framing and Political Affiliation in Relation to Social Media Responses about Black Lives Matter OralPsychologyAutumn Scarborough
Motives and Manifestation of Jean Gerson's Biases Towards WomenOralHistoryMarissa Scharlau
Microscopic Optical Buffering in a Harmonic PotentialOralPhysics/AstronomyKalista Schauer
Microscopic Optical Buffering in a Harmonic PotentialOralPhysics/AstronomyKalista Schauer
Does Being Adopted Affect Future Income?OralEconomicsMaya Schechter
How the Male-Modeled Autism Diagnostic Test (ADOS-2) Underdiagnoses the Female Autistic Phenotype: Proposing a Female-Modeled Diagnostic TestOralPsychologyRachel Schmitt
Phonon Scattering in Molten Salt Reactor FuelOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringChristian SchneiderRobert Walz
Novel Ferroelectric Nanomaterial, K2W7O22, for Breath Acetone Detection in DiabetesOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringAnna Marie Schornack
Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Interventions for Individuals with a Psychotic Disorder: A Systematic ReviewOralPsychologyAlexandra Schroeder
Unintended Consequences: the Toll COVID-19 Is taking on College Student’s ental healthOralCommunicationsEmma Schulok
The Related Effects of Collector Position and Input Power on Thermosiphon System EfficiencyOralEngineeringTruman Schulz
Instrumental Musique Concrète: the Virtue of Nuance in the Sonic ExperienceOralMusicConnor Scroggins
Investigating Spectral Dependence of White Light Illumination in Instant Polarized Light MicroscopyOralEngineeringLucia Secaida Del Cid
the Memory Key: a Collective Historical Identity Visual Analysis of the 1973 Wounded Knee Occupation and the 2015 Dakota Access Pipeline ProtestOralHistoryJane Seibert
The Importance of Graphic Design in PropgandaOralArt History & Visual ArtsJakob Seiler
The Effects of Agglomerated Blood Plasma on Scour Incidence and Severity in Pre-Weaned Dairy CalvesOralAnimal SciencesAlyssa Seitz
Optimization Method on Programs Using Dependency Analysis and Loop Peeling TransformationsOralComputer ScienceAssya Sellak
The Interactive Effects of Individual Differences in Examining Negotiation Behavior and EffectivenessOralBusinessMenno Servaes
Gene Annotation of the Insulin Signaling Pathway Across Drosophila SpeciesOralBiologyChristine Severude
Laboratory Study of Energy Distribution During Laser Removal Process of Aluminum Space DebrisOralPhysics/AstronomyVeronica Sevilla RubiNaqsh E Zafar
Building a Low-Cost Education Haptic DeviceOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringShashwat ShahAnkitha Seelam
Wearable haptic gloves for manual machine operator OralElectrical & Computer EngineeringShashwat ShahAnkitha Seelam
On the Determinants of OECD Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan AfricaOralEconomicsKaushik Shah
Design and Prototyping of a Compact Smart Tool Organizer for the Machine Shop in the UCO College of Math and ScienceOralEngineeringMohmed Yaeesh ShaikhTara Van Wieren, Abdullah Almaghlouth
Locked Jaws: A Historical and Contemporary Look at Police Dogs and Violence Against the African-American Community in the United StatesOralInterdisciplinary StudiesKendall Shanks
Niche Breadth Changes in Response to Environmental Perturbation: the Impact of Early Snowmelt on Subalpine Plant-Pollinator SpecializationOralEcologyMicah Sharer
Electric Circuit Experiments for STEM OutreachOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringJacob ShawJared Hanna
Pushing the Envelope: How Personal Correspondence Can Shape Our Understanding of National EventsOralHistoryLiam Sheahan
Paul Rand’s Influential Impact on DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsKarisa Sheely
Collectivization of Trauma in Transnational FilmOralEnglish & LiteratureJohannes Shephard
Going To War: Anglo-American Approaches To Violence and TraumaOralEnglish & LiteratureJohannes Shephard
Sex-Based Differences in Depression Based on Estradiol Expression in the Lateral Habenula of Congenital Learned Helplessness RatsOralBiologySalma Sheriff
A Decolonial Analysis in the Socio-Legal Dimensions of Food Sovereignty: The Case of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe v. MonsantoOralInterdisciplinary StudiesDerek Sherrange
The Romanian Immigration Experience to GermanyOralInterdisciplinary StudiesBranum Sherrill
Portfolio Diversification and Firm Success: an S-curve HypothesisOralBusinessCorinne Sherry
A New Protocol for First Responders for Hypothermic Pulselessness in Pediatric PatientsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentIsabel Shimanski
Gifts from Ancient EgyptOralArt History & Visual ArtsYeIn Shin
The Art of ConservationOralArt History & Visual ArtsArianna Shiraz
HIPs (High Impact Practices) Near and Far OralFAN - Faculty OnlySara Shuger Fox
Evaluation of the in vivo and in vitro Effects of Polyphenols in Virgin Coconut Oil on Oxidative StressOralBiochemistryDrake Shull
Technology in a Secondary History Classroom: Comparing Urban and Rural Usages of TechnologyOralEducationTyler Shull
Counting the Spanning TreesOralMathematicsMaryam SiddiqueDerya Asaner
Evaluation and Standardization of Antioxidant Capacity in Natural Products OralChemistryJarrett SiemensOdilia Osakwe
The Demasculinization of Central European Security: How Women’s Empowerment Enhances Civil Society’s Capacity to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism OralInterdisciplinary StudiesSkylar Silvera
Hyperparasitism of Four Species of Avian Ectoparasitic Hippoboscid Flies by Mites on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CanadaOralEcologySamuelle Simard-Provençal
Causes Leading to an Improper Identification of English Language LearnersOralEducationHeather Simmons
Is America "One nation under God"?OralPolitical ScienceAnna Simonson
Witnessing and Spectatorship in Salinger’s The Catcher in the RyeOralEnglish & LiteratureMary Sincavage
What Makes a Protest a Riot? Analyzing South China Morning Post and China Daily Framings of the 2014 and 2016 Hong Kong Protest MovementsOralInterdisciplinary StudiesHarriet Sinclair
Barriers influencing pre-enrollment withdrawal in randomized clinical trials: Reflections of participants who did not complete screening for a smart technology-based weight loss studyOralNursing & Public HealthAnmol Singh
Circadian Influences on Stressor Controllability Outcomes in Long-Evans RatsOralPsychologyChelsea Singh
A Configurable Data Preprocessing Framework to Improve Existing Travel Industry Time Series Prediction ModelsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringNicolai Sison
Impacts of Presentational Aspects on the Perception of Art: the Impact of Alexander McQueen’s Runway Shows on the Perception of His DesignsOralArt History & Visual ArtsLillian Sisti
Gershwin's Concerto in F, Second Movement: a Critical AnalysisOralMusicMichelle Siy
Don’t Block Me: Toward a Foundation of Tech-Aware Copyright PracticeOralComputer ScienceTravis Skene
The Sun Never Sets on Lives and Lifeboats: An Analysis of the RMS Titanic DisasterOralHistoryAlec Slawich
Restoration of the Three-ridge Mussel, Amblema plicata, to the Cedar RiverOralEcologyToni Sleugh
Virtual Reality Based Schizophrenia SimulatorOralComputer ScienceJonathan Slotten
Satire in the Trump Era: a Marxist Critique on Resisting the Status QuoOralEnglish & LiteratureJulie Smallsreed
Socioemotional Correlates of Understanding Compliance with Privacy Statements OralPsychologyJaden Smith
Characterization of Mutant L-Chain Ferritins Responsible for NeuroferritinopathyOralChemistryGideon Smith
Hip-Hop Dance as a Cross-Cultural Dialogue Through TimeOralDanceRiley Smith
What do you Meme?: An analysis of how Central Washington University students use memesOralAnthropology & ArcheologySkyler Smith
Characterization of Wind Flow Around Buildings in the Context of Small-Scale Urban Wind PowerOralEngineeringJackson SmithRishab Humagai
Comparative Neutron Radiography Analysis of Siliceous Marine Sponges: Dragmacidon lunaechartaOralEcologyAmanda Smolinski
The Effect of Social Antecedents of Bullshitting on Bullshit DetectionOralPsychologyTyler Snodgrass
Indigenous Justice; Recommendations for Expanding Tribal Jurisdiction in the Wake of VAWA Reauthorization ActOralLaw & Legal StudiesShalese Snowdon
The Effect of Medications on Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts in Bipolar I DisorderOralPsychologyClaire Snyder
Exploring Relationships Among Race, Mothers' Perceptions of Discrimination During Perinatal Healthcare Visits, and the Prevalence of Adverse Maternal and Neonatal Health OutcomesOralNursing & Public HealthFiona So
A Cross-national Comparative Analysis of Political Knowledge of Young Adults: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany OralPolitical ScienceEmma Sommer
Seasonal Malaria Chemotherapy and the effect of sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine resistance OralBiologyAwa Sore
Involuntary Hospice Discharge: A Critical Analysis About the Ethics of Ending Hospice Care for Terminal PatientsOralNursing & Public HealthMadeleine Sorenson
Could Wasps Be Pollinators? a Study on Body Pollen Carriage and Floral FidelityOralEcologyPaola Soto Mendez
The Effects of Remote Learning on Students in an Urban School District OralEducationKaitlin Soucy
Projective Geometric Algebra for Paraxial Geometric OpticsOralPhysics/AstronomyKatelyn Spadavecchia
Preserving Police Procedures: Documenting the Post-WWII Training Practices of the LAPDOralCommunicationsNicholas Spader
Navigating States of Mind in Jane Austen’s PersuasionOralEnglish & LiteratureStacey Sparks
Foucault's Discipline and Punish and the Authoritarian Power of Social Media and TechnologyOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesJames Speaker
The Effects of Cereal Type and Pulverization on Infant Formula ThicknessOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyAbigail SpodenAbbey Sterkowitz
Creating and Experiencing Art in Augmented RealityOralArt History & Visual ArtsLauren Spratt
No Longer Falling on Deaf Ears: Standing Rock and the Struggle for Indigenous RightsOralInterdisciplinary StudiesBriana Springer
Video Analysis of Physics Experiments with TrackerOralPhysics/AstronomySean Springmann
Electronic Music of Steve ReichOralMusicMcKenzie Squires
Designing a CURE Infused Curriculum in the Biological SciencesOralFAN - Faculty OnlyAparna SreenivasanNathaniel Jue
Interleukin-6 Mediated Regulation of ENaC via Time-Dependent MAPK Family ActivationOralHealth & Human DevelopmentHarini Srinivasan
The Relationship between News from Online Newspapers and Network TV Compared to Twitter on Political Outcomes during the 2016 Presidential Election through Bias and Generational PreferencesOralEnglish & LiteratureSahara Sriraman
Observing Pilot Startle Effect During Abnormal OperationsOralBusinessMercedes St. George
The Ecological Impacts of Road Salt and Potentially Safer Alternative Deicers on Freshwater InvertebratesOralEcologyRachel Stander
Constant Depth Exact Time Evolution of Spin Systems Based on Cartan DecompositionOralPhysics/AstronomyThomas Steckmann
Critical Issues Surrounding Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women OralNative American StudiesMikayla Steele-Cyphert
Natives in America: Land That Was Once FreeOralCommunicationsSara Steeves
The Rome Courier’s Crusade Against Cotton: The Use of Media in the Confederate Cotton CrisisOralHistoryCamilla Stegall
Development of a New Molecular Predictor for Risk of Melanoma Brain MetastasesOralBiologyChristopher Stehn
Reactive Measures: A Comparative Analysis of Disinformation Policy in the US and the EUOralPolitical SciencePablo Stein
Accuracy of Emergency Severity Index Score for the Triage of Emergency Department Patients with Suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome.OralNursing & Public HealthJennifer Stemler
Canvas to Creator: the Aesthetic Ecology of Early Female Land ArtistsOralArt History & Visual ArtsSophie Stephens
The Influence of Caloric Density on the Thickness of Infant Formulas and Their Anti-Reflux Correlates OralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyAbbey SterkowitzAbigail Spoden
Universality of Healthcare and the Supply of DoctorsOralEconomicsZachary Sterne
The Life of a 'Thing:' Sámi Drums and Post-Colonial Discourse in Emerging Sámi Literature OralEnglish & LiteratureKeturah Stewart
Genetic Differentiation of Amethyst-throated Hummingbirds (Lampornis amethystinusOralBiologyShanteesh StewartSasha Audier-Johnson
Computer Vision Based Parking Lot SystemOralComputer ScienceMark Stiller
Sonata-Allegro Form: an EvolutionOralMusicChristopher Stimson
Art as the Business of CommunityOralBusinessNatalee Stinebiser
Benefiting from Friction: An Analysis of Conflict Management Methods and Their EffectivenessOralPsychologyJared Stocking
Zoom Story Time: Can Preschool-Aged Children Engage in Shared Book Reading with Virtual Partners?OralPsychologyTaylor StoneKatelyn Zimmerman, Caitlyn Thomas
Detection of Wastewater Derived Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Surface WaterOralBiochemistryMichal Stout
Experimental Flight Performance Study of Urban Air TaxisOralEngineeringBrendan Stoutenburgh
Women's College Athletics: Title IX and Its Effects on Women's College AthleticsOralHistoryJordyn Strange
The Noisy or Nice Dichotomy: Taylor Swift’s Evolution from “Good Girl” to Activist Go-Getter in American PoliticsOralMusicHaley Strassburger
Breastfeeding Differences Among Mothers Who Emigrate from Mexico and Mothers Who StayOralSociologySophia Su
The Role of Diagnostic Echocardiography in the Cardiovascular Screening of High School StudentsOralExercise Science & NutritionSriram Sugumaran
Synthesis of PEG and PDMAEMA Block Copolymers Using ARGET ATRP and Characterization Using UV-Vis and DLSOralChemistrySorfina Suzali
Stereoselective Synthesis of a Potential 5-HT2A AgonistOralChemistryJulie Talbert
Utilizing the 2018 Pennsylvania (PA) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health Needs Assessment Report to Assess the Interest and Engagement in Healthy Lifestyles Within the Allegheny County LGBT CommunityOralNursing & Public HealthIsabella Tam
Novel efforts to improve access to mental health services among low-income, socially disadvantaged women: Integrating behavioral health services in public health settingsOralSocial Work & Human ServicesKevin Tan
Linking the Function of Heat Shock Factor in Tumor Progression with Normal Development in Drosophila melanogasterOralBiologyJinghong Tang
Africa Is My City and My City Is Me: a Content Analysis of Afro Trap Songs Towards a New Understanding of Afropolitanism OralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesNoémie Tangelo
Converting a Chirality Experiment to be Inquiry-Based and VirtualOralChemistrySamantha Tannenbaum
Fanfiction, a ‘safe haven fantasy world’: the rise of erotic and queer online fanfiction and its educational potential for gender and sexuality development among Chinese youthOralSociologyWeifeng Tao
Falling in love in the gaming world: Exploring digital intimacies through a Chinese massively multiplayer online role-playing gameOralSociologyWeifeng Tao
Lower Atmosphere Neutron Detection Using Personal Neutron Dosimeters OralPhysics/AstronomyAnisa TapperGillian Durand, Madeline Ross
Edward Snowden: Traitor or WhistleblowerOralPolitical ScienceJoshua Tarver
Stemming the School-to-Prison Pipeline: a Teacher’s Call to DutyOralEducationAshley Tatum
To Build a Space: Reading of Bodies, Temporality, and Urban ColonizationOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesDelaney Tax
Detecting Clandestine Graves Using White Dutch clover; Plant Growth and Germination in Response to High Cadaverine LevelsOralBiologyAnthony Taylor
An Overexpression of a Foxp2 Truncated Variant Shows Biological Relevance on the Development of Vocalizations and Behaviors in RatsOralBiologyMichael Taylor
Testing Binary Black Hole Spectroscopy with Simulated SignalsOralPhysics/AstronomyKaden Taylor
Portable testing device for detecting contaminations in the environment OralEngineeringLidao TchatalaAdam Jakubski, Lidao Tchatala, Julia Bruemmer, Lukas Barauskas
Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) and Retirement Readiness: A Programming Possibility?OralHealth & Human DevelopmentHavan Temesghen
The Effect of Preventative Methods on Wildfire Damage OralEconomicsBrooke Terry
Science Fact or Science-Fiction: Effects of Undergraduate Science-Fiction Media Consumption on Neurotechnology LiteracyOralPsychologyRussell TesmerMcKayla Kurtz -
Teana Krolak -
Shannon Bruce -
Austin Seibert -
Moderate-to-vigorous Physical Activity in a Digital Exercise Intervention: Effect of Delivery Synchronicity OralExercise Science & NutritionDiana ThanMadeleine Phan
Effectiveness of Natural Coagulants for Wastewater Treatment Using the Peelings of Banana, Cassava, and Plantain: a ReviewOralChemistryAshford Thom
Baby Boomers and Their Worthy Opponents: a History of the Collective Experience of Divided GenerationsOralHistoryTrenton Thomas
Online Learning and Inclusivity: How Online Proctoring Technology Impacts Students with ADHDOralPsychologyCrystal Thomas
A Look into American Political Polarization as a Product of Psychological PhenomenaOralPolitical ScienceJoel Thomas
Computational Fluid Dynamics of 3D Printed TissueOralEngineeringElysa Thompson
Machine Learning and Forced Alignment Applied to Audiobook EditingOralComputer ScienceMicah Tietz
The Giving of Blood and the Breakdown of Bodies: Food and Communion in BelovedOralEnglish & LiteratureClaire Tillis
A window into religious and sexual identity: A qualitative exploration of LGBT emerging adults' identity integrationOralHealth & Human DevelopmentKacey TitzerKayli Worthey, Courtney Owens, Gracie Rhoades
Breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein Equation in Reverse Micellar SolutionsOralChemistryMatthew Too
Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Solutions of Water in Monodisperse Polyethylene GlycolsOralChemistryMatthew Too
Computational Modeling with Fluid-Structure Interaction of Aortic StenosisOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringScott TothAngelica Alday, Talha Lone
African American-Enriched IsomiR Expression Signatures Are Associated with Down-Regulation of Menthol Metabolizing Genes in Lung Cancer PatientsOralBiologySavanna Toure
Systemic Oppression/ Racism in the United StatesOralEnglish & LiteratureMalacia Towns
Pervasive Whiteness in American Public School Classrooms: A Proposal for the Integration of Texts by Black Authors into the English CurriculumOralEnglish & LiteratureLauren Trace
Generating Silica Sol-Gel Manganese Porphyrin Enzymes as Catalysts for Oxidative Desulfurization ReactionsOralChemistryAaron Trail
Education and the Asian American Dream: Exploring Exclusion in Meritocratic Systems of Higher EducationOralDiversity StudiesBrooke Tran
The Effects of Intolerance of Uncertainty on Self-ControlOralPsychologyQuang-Anh Tran
Intolerance of Uncertainty Predicts Coping, Depression, and Anxiety During the COVID-19 PandemicOralPsychologyQuang-Anh TranJailekha Zutshi, Shimiao Zuo
Dehydration of Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles (NANPs) for Stable Storage and TransportationOralBiochemistryAllison Tran
Possible Changes in the Amount of Food Consumed and Rate of Food Consumption When Watching MukbangsOralSociologyVi Tran
The Pragmatic Methodist's TrilateralOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesNathan Travis
Water Quality, Storage, Uses and Perceptions in Alaska Native HouseholdsOralEngineeringAnand TrehanPaula Perez
College Students with Physical Disabilities: a PhenomenologyOralPsychologyVictoria TruheAndrew Clinton, Tessa Hansen, Alexa Posa, Hannah Mullins
Synthesis of a Novel Pyrrole Family as Potential Anticancer AgentsOralChemistrySang Truong
A Formulation on Friction in ForgingOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringMargarita Tsarkouskaya
Assessing the Availability of Indigenous Latin American Language Resources in ChicagoOralAnthropology & ArcheologyJenna Tuckerman
Linear and Nonlinear Mechanisms Underlying Flexible Frequency Integration in Midbrain Neurons of Barn OwlsOralMathematicsOliver Tufte
Biochemical Characterization of Aminomutases Involved in Salt Tolerance in Methanogenic ArchaeaOralBiochemistryTaylan Tunckanat
The Black and Women's Suffrage Created the Alienation Black Women Face TodayOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesTimara Turman
Christ, the Devil, and Mark: An Examination of Addiction and Rehabilitation in “The Starlight on Idaho” by Denis JohnsonOralEnglish & LiteratureMcKenzie Twine
Chestnut or Mahogany: The Relationship Between the Characters of Ron Rash’s Serena and the EnvironmentOralEnglish & LiteratureMcKenzie Twine
In vitro Selection of DNA Aptamers for the Detection of the Agricultural Insecticide ImidaclopridOralBiochemistryVeng Hout TyVeng Hout Ty
Shifting the Narrative: Censorship and Misogyny in Hip-Hop and Rap CultureOralMusicTori Tyler
Warrior Motivation: A Cross Cultural SearchOralAnthropology & ArcheologyAndrea Uehling
Methods of Determining the Gender, Size, and Age of “Cola”, a Pleistocene Mammoth Discovered in Southeastern IdahoOralGeography/GeologyNatalya Usachenko
the Creation of a 501c3 Nonprofit OrganizationOralArt History & Visual ArtsJessica Vaage
The Impacts of CBP Holding Cell Conditions on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Detained Pregnant WomenOralGlobal HealthVineeth Vaidyula
Panopticonism in Higher Education: a Foucaultian Analysis of the Practice of Exams OralEnglish & LiteratureJoel Valdez
Re: Constitution: a Proposal for Legislative RenewalOralPolitical ScienceArish Vale
Covid-19 Experiences: a Comparison of Traits, Coping Styles, and the Effects of Social Isolations During the PandemicOralPsychologyMichaella ValenzuelaChelsea Anowi, Alondra Miranda
Gravitation Free Confined Systems: Capillary Condensation Transitions OralPhysics/AstronomyElina van Kempen
The Art of the AztecsOralArt History & Visual ArtsDarren VanCuren
Gut Microbiome Meta-Analysis in Parkinson’s DiseaseOralHealth & Human DevelopmentNatalie VanderNoot
Electronic Health Records: Understanding Their Role in HealthcareOralNursing & Public HealthKokila Varadarajan
the Relationship Between Free Will and EconomicsOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesDaniel Vargas
Vieques, Puerto Rico: Approaches and Challenges to Local Food ProductionOralAgriculture & ExtensionMelissa Vargas
Parking Timeshare: a Case Study of the University of Nebraska at Kearney ParkingOralEconomicsDaniel Vargas Castano
Period Poverty in a University and Surrounding Community Setting OralNursing & Public HealthJaaie VarshneySuvitha Viswanathan, Maeve Breathnach, Ashley Boyle, Mahathi Mula
Status, Detention, and Deportation: Uncertainty Among Immigrant Communities in the United StatesOralSociologyJennifer Vasquez Merino
William Morris and the Kelmscott PressOralArt History & Visual ArtsCarley Vassh
Policy Effects on Teachers at Juvenile Detention CentersOralEducationChandler Vaughan
Can’t Trust the News: Mainstream News Losing Credibility Among Young PeopleOralCommunicationsJohana Vazquez
LIGO Glitch Detection Statistic for Excess Power near Gravitational Wave SignalsOralPhysics/AstronomyLeah Vazsonyi
China's Counterterrorism Policies and Human Rights ViolationsOralPolitical ScienceLaura Vega
Trump's Immigration Policy Impact on White and Latinx People, and Their Endorsement of the American DreamOralPsychologyAlexa Vega RivasSamantha Sanchez -
Prediction of VO2max in Healthy Adults Using a Series of Predictor Variables via Multiple RegressionOralExercise Science & NutritionDenise Velasquez
Covid-19: An Econometric Analysis of Depression RatesOralEconomicsHanna Venera
Field Extensions in MathematicaOralMathematicsGiacomo Viazzo
The Digital Service IndustryOralEconomicsPedro Vieira Marasciulo
Allelic Variation of ClSUN25-26-27a Associated with Fruit Shape in Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)OralAgriculture & ExtensionDouglas Vines
How to Make a Woman Psycho: an Analysis of Media Featuring Women with BPD and the Stigma It CreatesOralFilm/Photography StudiesJanine Vitiello
Applying Elements of the Suzuki Method to Private Music Lessons Over VideoOralMusicNaomi Vliet
Relationship Amongst Coastal Hazard Countermeasures and Community Resilience in the Tōhoku Region of Japan Following the 2011 TsunamiOralCivil EngineeringRobert Wachter III
"Threaten Our Existence. Expect Our Resistance." Native American Narratives and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Crisis, 2016-2018OralPolitical ScienceAnnie Waddell
Space Weather Scenario ToolkitOralEngineeringKaiya Wahl
Fatheads Don’t Eat Plastic: Food Preference Among Juvenile Fathead MinnowsOralEcologyKendall Wald
Global Protection of Alliance for Zero Extinction Sites and the Conservation of Threatened and Near Threatened SpeciesOralEcologyMargaretta Walker
Optimizing Environmental DNA Storage: Comparing DNA Recovery Between Low Binding and Standard Polypropylene Plastic Tubes Using Quantitative PCROralBiologyMegan WalkinshawJenna King
the Commodification of Green; Tracking Brand Positioning on SustainabilityOralCommunicationsDeclan Walkush
Generation of Electronic Spectra for Thin Solid FilmsOralChemistryAustin Wallace
Development of a Training Module for Student Facilitators of Student-led Support Groups at Undergraduate Institutions OralPsychologyDaniel Wallace
Literature: Should It Be Moral? OralEnglish & LiteratureIsabella Walle
Nutrition Assessment in St. Mary's Health Clinic Serving Undocumented, Latinx PatientsOralExercise Science & NutritionTeal WaltersKatherine Lilja, Megan Baumler, Ambria Crusan
Use of Machine Learning Models in Fund Performance PredictionOralEconomicsYongqi WangYingwei Zhao
Beyond Leaning In: Engendering an economy of women's belongingOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesQianchi Wang
Anatomical Dimensions of Human Vertebral Bodies Over TimeOralHealth & Human DevelopmentZakary Wankier
Cost-Effectiveness of Diabetes Prevention Programs OralNursing & Public HealthKathleen Wann
Testing Performance Characteristics of Sponge Spicule Tempered CeramicsOralAnthropology & ArcheologyMegan Ware
Evaluating the Efficacy of Restorative Justice Practices in St. Louis County's Zero to Three Safe Babies Court InitiativeOralLaw & Legal StudiesElliana Waring
Rethinking Feminist Standpoint Theory with María LugonesOralPolitical ScienceAnna Watson
Comparison of the Globus Pallidus and Subthalamic Nucleus as Stimulation Targets for Alleviating Gait Disturbances in Parkinson’s Disease: a Pilot StudyOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringDestiny Weaver
Chemoanemotaxic Responses to Selected Odorants by House CricketsOralBiologyCameron WeaverCameron Weaver, Vonnie Shields
Subcellular Location of Multidrug Resistance Protein 4 (Mrp4) and AMP-activated Protein Kinase(AMPK) in Human Kidney Cells During Cellular StressOralBiologyHarley Webley
Motivations of Student Medical Interpreters: Professional, Personal, or Altruistic?OralLinguistics & World LanguagesJulie Wechsler
Yellow Fever Pandemic of 19th Century New Orleans OralHistoryCaitlin Weid
The Environmental Impacts of the Pulp and Paper Industry OralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityEmma Weis
Combating Misinformation During the COVID-19 Pandemic: General Strategies and Learning from American and German ContextsOralNursing & Public HealthAnna Weisenburger
Encountering Overdose: An Analysis of College Students' Overdose ExperiencesOralNursing & Public HealthDuncan WellerAnne Scully
On Deep Ecology: Owen and Barbusse and the Collective Memory of Destroyed LandscapesOralEnglish & LiteratureAnna WendorffRachel Hamele
Endurance Exercise Outcomes of Drosophila melanogaster as Determined by Cardiac Health and Dietary CompositionOralBiologyTyra Wentz
Anti-Vaxxers: Parents Fighting ScienceOralHealth & Human DevelopmentKatie West
Viability of Live Stake Species: Bud Production, Herbivory, and the Effects of Rooting Hormone and Herbicide TreatmentsOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityRose Wetzel
Autonomy and the Birthing ProcessOralNursing & Public HealthAlyssa WhitakerAbby Holton -
Ergosterol Levels and Antifungal Resistance in Candida albicans Grown in MicrogravityOralMicrobiologyKenna White
How the Chameleon Effect Impacts Introverts and Extroverts in Social and Academic Settings OralPsychologyAndrea White
Protein through insectsOralGlobal HealthAmy Whyte Krenchel
Mitochondrial Stress as a Missing Link between APOBEC3A and Cancer MutagenesisOralMicrobiologyChloe Wick
Microglia Display Partial Recovery After TDP-43 StimulationOralBiologyAlicen Wilcox
The Death of My Transgender Sisters: A Crime Theory AnalysisOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeBrandt Wild
Elective Caesarean Sections: the Use of Breast Milk, Probiotics, and Prebiotics to Combat Gut Microbiome Bacterial Shift, Obesity, and Asthma of Infants in the United StatesOralBiologyEmily Wilhelm
Macro Solutions to Micro Problems: The War on AntibioticsOralInterdisciplinary StudiesAshley Wilkins
Moving Towards Culturally Competent Research in the Field of Speech-Language PathologyOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyMaliah Wilkinson
Resting State Functional Connectivity in Schizophrenia OralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyMaliah Wilkinson
Preliminary Seasonal Flood Impact Assessment at Aishalton, Southern RupununiOralGeography/GeologyTimothy Williams
Loneliness During Mass Social Distancing: an Exploratory Qualitative Study of Loneliness in College Students During the COVID-19 PandemicOralSociologyMadeline Williams
Bypassing the Malting Process with KojiOralChemistryTom Williams
"Naming the Divine in the Old English Andreas: Transfer and Adaptation of Epithets for Odin during Anglo-Saxon Christian Conversion"OralLinguistics & World LanguagesNicholas Williams
Where Are We with Education About Mental Health and Illness: a Survey ResearchOralPsychologySymphony Williams
3D Learning Environments in Practice - Virtual Museum and Virtual Classroom Case StudiesOralComputer ScienceSam Williams
Accessibility in New York City Visual Arts Institutions OralArt History & Visual ArtsAriel Wilson
LGBTQ+ Political Progress in Houston from the 1970s Through the 1990sOralPolitical ScienceKatarina Wilson
Translation in Higher Education: Creating a Bilingual Glossary to Translate College Admissions Materials OralLinguistics & World LanguagesCasey Wilson
Brexit: A Fluke or the Future of British Conservatism? Analyzing the Post-Brexit Conservative Party’s Populist Status QuoOralPolitical ScienceJacob Winn
Mediated Contact Through Television: Media Effects on Ingroup Attitudes and Behaviors Toward OutgroupsOralPsychologyJessica Wolford
The Stars Kepler Missed: Investigating the Biases Behind the Kepler Target Selection Function Using Gaia DR2OralPhysics/AstronomyLinnea Wolniewicz
Student Perceptions of Instructor Self-BrandingOralBusinessJack Wood
Characterization of a Portable, Customizable, Low-cost Temperature Control System for Amplification and Quantification of Specific Nucleic Acids in Microfluidic DevicesOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringMikayla Wood
A Molecular Investigation of the Infectivity Rate of Ticks with the Obligate Intracellular Pathogen, Anaplasma phagocytophilumOralBiologyJeremy Woodward
Using a Numerical Model to Investigate the Analytical Limits of Thermal DiffusionOralPhysics/AstronomyJamie Woodworth
Proximity to Illinois River Impacts Photosynthetic Leaf Traits in OaksOralPlant SciencesKatie Worden
Epistemic Communications: the Politics of Confronting the Global COVID-19 PandemicOralPolitical ScienceKaitlyn Workman
The Phenomenology of Interpersonal Disagreement: Through a look at Ahmed’s “Orientations: Toward a Queer Phenomenology”OralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesFrank Wotton
The Phenomenology of Interpersonal Disagreement: Through a Look at Ahmed’s “Orientations: Toward a Queer Phenomenology”OralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesFrank Wotton
Quantifying the Irreversible Adsorption of Acetone by Titanium(IV) Oxide Under Atmospheric ConditionsOralChemistryMegan Wright
Finland and the Jewish Question: the Complex Role of Finns and the HolocaustOralHistoryStephanie Wright
Effects of the Environment on the Medicinal Properties of Echinacea sppOralBiologyRebecca Wright
How Can Undergraduate Students Foster Authentic Global Perspectives That Transform Learning on the Post-pandemic Campus?OralSociologyXifan WuMadalena Almeida Da Silva
Is Being Artists Associated with WagesOralEconomicsRuoyu Wu
Accelerating Graph-based Geometric Data AnalysisOralMathematicsXingzi Xu
The Beauty Talk in an Dictator GameOralEconomicsWeiling (Lydia) Yan
Forging Male Flesh Through the Crucible of Physical Pain and Mental Torture in Robert Musil’s The Confusions of Young TörlessOralEnglish & LiteraturePaul Yang
Eugenics in The United States During the 20th CenturyOralHistoryCindy Yankovich
The Dark Triad Personality Traits as Predictors of Political Conservatism, Racial Discrimination and Attitudes Towards Police BehaviorOralPsychologyIrene Yannios
APOE and TOMM40 variants in mitochondria dysfunction and Alzheimer’s diseaseOralBiologySau Qwan Yap
Envisioning an Equity-Based Conceptual Framework for STEM Literacy OralEducationCaitlyn YostAbigail Fowler
Senior Capstone Courses as Undergraduate Research GroupsOralFAN - Faculty OnlyGregory Young
Re-envisioning the Body and the City of Hong Kong Through Contemporary Protest PoetryOralEnglish & LiteratureKimberlie Young
Development of the Organonitrogen Biodegradation Database: A Bioinformatics Approach to Study the Microbial Degradation of Cyanoguanidine and Related CompoundsOralBiochemistryDean Young
God’s Country: Examining the Intersection of American Nationalism and Country MusicOralPolitical ScienceLori Younissess
Laboratory Simulated Supernova Shock WavesOralPhysics/AstronomyElatia Zaffke
The Democratic Dilemma and the Royal Prerogative in the United KingdomOralPolitical ScienceGarrett Zahner
Yeast Magic: a Science Outreach Activity to Teach Elementary School Children About Cells OralBiologyKomal Zahrah
A Hierarchical Approach to Fine-Grained Visual Classification for Plant Image AnalysisOralComputer ScienceRam Zaveri
Historical Documentation & Mathematical Analysis of Introductory CryptographyOralComputer ScienceBrendan ZemberKatie Henschell
Vocal Folds Obstruction During High-Speed Videoendoscopy in Connected SpeechOralPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologySarah Zenas
Characterizing the Allocation, Pick-up and Usage of Benefits Offered Through the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Senior Assistance Farmers Market Fruit and Vegetable Programs in WisconsinOralEconomicsMadelyn ZennerKayla Irlbeck -
Zach Ledwith -
Tristan Shuttleworth -
Chinks in the Armor: an Ontological perspective on Asian American Marginalization and “Otherness” in American LiteratureOralEnglish & LiteratureGuiying Zhong
“The Grass must bend, When the Winds Blow across it”: British Colonial Hong Kong’s Education Policies and Its People’s Response, 1967-1978OralHistoryZhelun Zhou
Reducing T-cell Receptor Expression in T Cells Using RNAi and CRISPR-dCas9OralBiologyAlexander Zhu
Evaluating the Effect of Flavonoids on Neutrophil NETosisOralEngineeringKian Ziai
The Missing Picture: Early Modern Venetian Attitudes Towards Mental DisabilityOralArt History & Visual ArtsMichelle Zillioux
Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) Hydrogels for Drug Delivery ApplicationsOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringDell ZimmermanJames Jur
Emotional Benefits of Brief Creative Movement and Art InterventionsOralPsychologyNikki Zimmermann
Molecular Detection of Aspergillus flavus in Georgia peanut, variety TifguardOralBiologyCarolle Zolome