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Need for Status: An Evolutionary Explanation for Mental Health Issues from Social MediaPosterPsychologyKaylee Aaron
The Impact of COVID-19 on Minority UnemploymentPosterEconomicsCasey Abbasspour
Human Rights & the Economy: Analyzing the Impacts of Manufacturing FDI on Labor StandardsPosterPolitical ScienceAyah AbdelwahabBuket Urgen
Virtual Human Rights Education: Best Practices in Teaching and Engaging with Human Rights OnlinePosterPolitical ScienceMennah Abdelwahab
Is America Failing its Workers? A US Report Card on Labor RightsPosterPolitical ScienceAyah Abdelwahab
Isolated incidents or troubling pattern? The power of human rights data to strengthen human rights narrativesPosterPolitical ScienceMennah Abdelwahab
Artificial Intelligence Evaluation of Breast Tumor Morphology in Different Racial GroupsPosterMicrobiologyRobyn AbernethyEmma Kate Banks, Marena Fleming, Soline McGee, Ellona Moulds
The Dawn of Real-Time Rendering Solutions: An Exploration into the Integration of Real-Time Rendering Solutions in the Pipeline for ProductionPosterComputer ScienceStephen Abraham
The Use of Video-Telemedicine (VTM) to Establishing Point of Care for Positive Code ST-Elevated Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Patients in the Pre-hospital SettingPosterNursing & Public HealthMartina Abuphilipous
Antibacterial Effects of Organosulfur Compounds That Have Anti-cancer PotentialPosterBiologyKaitlyn Accardi
Measuring the Toxicity Levels of Asparagus Setaceus in a Lethality Bioassay using Brine Shrimp (Artemia salina)PosterPlant SciencesRebeca Acevedo Barboza
Supplementing Traditional Musculoskeletal Anatomy Pedagogy with Brief, Focused Yoga SessionsPosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologySudhee AcharyaCatherine Colpoys, Nicole Jones, Emily Wright
Analyzing Ethnic Disparities of HSV Infections via HVEM PosterBiologyMaame AckonBai Bangura , Kayla Sykes
We’re Here to Get You There: A Statistical Analysis of Bridgewater State University’s Transit SystemPosterMathematicsAbigail Adams
Montgomery 1960: Using Immersive Technology to Teach Perspective Taking and EmpathyPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesJordan AdamsRidhwan Shakil
Oxidative Stress of Alligator Weed and Watercress Plants PosterBiologyDaniel AdamsGinger Bailey
Characterization of a Novel Model for Rotational Acceleration-induced Traumatic Brain InjuryPosterBiochemistryRaegan Adams
BacMam Actin and Lysoprobe Method Development in Human Embryonic Kidney and Mesenchymal Stem CellsPosterBiologyJessica AdamsAmelia Ray
The Intersections of Cannabis Culture and Economics with Race, Class, and GenderPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesJessica Addai
The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: Intestinal Inflammation and Psychological DisordersPosterPsychologyJolene Addi
Nike Group ProjectPosterBusinessVictor AdenipekunJamil Yaro, Tangela Mosby, Destiny Wade, Jordan Schmits, Jason Peter, Victor Adenipekun
A Semantic Network Analysis of Media Analytics Job Postings: Challenges and Opportunities for Media Analytics Curricula in Higher Education during the Pandemic. PosterCommunicationsAshleigh Afromsky
A Fundamental Study on Dynamics of Droplet SheddingPosterEngineeringPatricia Agbayani
Radiocarbon Dating a ShipwreckPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyMarissa Agerton
Comparitive Analysis of Photovoltaic Solar and Geothermal Heating and Cooling SystemsPosterEngineeringZavier Aguirre
Evaluating the Dynamic Stiffness of the Human Lumbar RegionPosterEngineeringZavier Aguirre
Development of an IR-LED Drive Circuit for Photoacoustic MicroscopyPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringKanwal Ahmad
Morphology changes in hippocampal astrocytes during circadian rhythmsPosterBiologySaad Ahmad
Drone Ultrasound Acoustic Energy TransferPosterEngineeringNeema Ahmadian
Role of Translesion Synthesis DNA Polymerases in SJG-136 Interstrand Crosslink RepairPosterBiologyArooba Ahmed
Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) for Early Prediction of Treatment Response in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer (LABC) PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentRachel Aideyan
A Study of the Industry Potential of Real-Time Virtual LED Sets as Compared to Traditional Film Sets for Future VFX ProfessionalsPosterFilm/Photography StudiesAlexus Aiken
Automatic Detection of Fish Using Airborne Lidar and Machine LearningPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringJoseph AistJoseph Aist, Jackson Belford, Kyle Rust
Web Connections: Shared Reality and Extremism in Online SpacesPosterPsychologyCanfer Akbulut
Exploiting Smart Device Communication to Perform Malicious AttacksPosterComputer ScienceAspen AkunneStacy Fortes
Structural Changes during Desmosome Assembly and MaturationPosterBiologyRose Albert
Single-leg Balance and Pirouette a La Second Turns in Dancers PosterDanceKobi Alcocer
Animal-Assisted Interventions and Children with a Trauma HistoryPosterSocial Work & Human ServicesKristen Aldous-Traynor
Trial by Media: Media's Impacts on the Right to a Fair TrialPosterLaw & Legal StudiesHailey Aldrich
Online International Phonics Professional Development for Non-Native English Speaking Educators in Developing Nations: Facilitating Direct Interaction Between Professional Development and InstructionPosterEducationMorgan Alexander
Impact of Stress on Food Based Routines in Families from Low Socioeconomic BackgroundsPosterNursing & Public HealthHira AliRiya Chhabra, Shraddha Jadhav
The Multidimensional LGBTQ Activism in Contemporary Kuwait; a Critical Media AnalysisPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyJood Alkibsy
Relationship of Personality Traits and the Continued Use of Childhood Comfort Objects by College StudentsPosterPsychologyAshlyn Allan
Investigating the Role of PA28γ in Early CarcinogenisisPosterBiologyEmily AllerMichelle Ramirez
Radical Mechanism for Cyclohexene Epoxidation by use of Tandem Photo CatalystPosterChemistryKatelyn Alley
Towards Evaluating Adversarial Attacks Against Recurrent Neural Networks in Audio DomainPosterComputer ScienceYigit AlparslanKen Alparslan
Educational Contributors to Income Inequality in StocktonPosterEconomicsJessica Alva
Adapting Community Colleges’ Mental Health Services via Cybercounseling and Online Student Support GroupsPosterPsychologyJesse Alvarez
: Self-Continuity in Adolescence: a Buffer Against Decreases in Self-Esteem and VictimizationPosterPsychologyGabriela Alvarez
Species composition of forensically-important flies associated with human decomposition at the Anthropology Research Facility of the University of TennesseePosterAnthropology & ArcheologyOmar Aly
Regulation of Oncogenic Stress Response in Gastric CancerPosterBiologyKaytlin Alzugaray
Urban Vertical Garden: Social and Environmental Justice Through Farming in Urban AreaPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignKoami Amegnran
The Status of School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists in New York State: Challenges and RewardsPosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyRebecca AmirJessica Fritzsch, Danielle Frankel
Electrostatic Doping of 2-Dimensional Material with Organic MoleculesPosterChemistryBukuru Anaclet
The Effects of Acute Creatine Supplementation on Arterial StiffnessPosterExercise Science & NutritionJuliana Ancalmo
Representing the “Enlightened Family” in Eighteenth-Century ArtPosterArt History & Visual ArtsAlexis Ancelin
the Growth Curve of Crithidia FasciculataPosterBiochemistryRonald Andanje
Muscle behavior adaptations after supervised exercise training in peripheral artery disease: and OpenSim simulationPosterExercise Science & NutritionCody Anderson
“Feeling” the Heat: Remotely Sensing Crop Temperature Response to Drought and Fruit Removal StressPosterPlant SciencesDuncan Anderson
Analyzing Stress Physiology in Response to Prolonged Periods in NaturePosterPsychologyDaniel Anderson
Exploring Canid Monogamy: Characterization of the Distribution of Oxytocin Receptors in the Brain of the Coyote (Canis latrans)PosterBiologyTrevor Anderson
Fostering Cultural Sensitivity and Global Awareness: How International Experiences Shape the Minds of College and Post Graduate StudentsPosterPsychologyArisha AndhaHaydee Soriano, Peri Yuksel
Assessment of Autophagic Flux in HIV-associated Neurocognitive Decline with Respect to Antiretroviral Therapy PosterBiologyEmma AndrakaMegan McGraw
Development of a System for Transposon Mutagenesis of Bartonella BacilliformisPosterMicrobiologyFinley Andrew
Federal Restrictions in Pharmacotherapeutics: Motivations for Medicinal Alcohol Prescriptions During ProhibitionPosterHistoryQuinn Andrews
Electron Microbursts from Dawn to Dusk: Investigating Whistler Mode Chorus as a Source of MicroburstsPosterPhysics/AstronomySilas Andrews
Designing a Robotic Arm for a DBD Plasma Wound Healing Probe ManeuveringPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAhmad AneesAnura Ghodke, Gautum Nair, Mukund Nair, Yogesh Baloda, Sohail Zaidi
Algae and Virus Hunting in High pH High Alkaline EnvironmentsPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityMichael Angyus
Creating a Novel Healthcare Delivery Model to Address Social and Health Disparities in Lexington, KentuckyPosterNursing & Public HealthHumza Anwar
The Environmental, Genetic, and Demographic Factors of Linguistic DiversityPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesRyan AponteRobin Fintz
Generating Resistance/ or Tolerance in Vitro in Laboratory Strains of Plasmodium falciparum Using Sub-therapeutic Doses of Artesunate drug PosterBiologyAndrews Appiagyei
Behavioral Analysis of Ultrathin Microelectrode ArraysPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringBetsiti Araya
New Voices Telling Old Stories: A Study in Stage AdaptationPosterTheatre/DramaCassie Archer
Characterizing the Role of the AATF Gene in Apoptosis Using the Model Organism Crithidia fasciculataPosterBiologyJackqueline Ardo
Trends in Outdoor Recreation SpendingPosterDiversity StudiesJeremy ArmentroutJeremy Armentrout, Anja Whittington
Characterization of Elastin-like Polypeptide Fusion Proteins for the Development of Drug-Free Macromolecular TherapeuticsPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringBlair Armstrong
The Portrayal of Military Service, Via America’s Army: Effects on the Enlistment Rates of Civilians Through the Measurements of Aggression Towards a Foreign Military Force Out-group: United States, Foreign, Military, Propaganda, Recruitment, Enlistment, VPosterSociologyJohnathan Arnold
Exploring the Lethal and Sub-Lethal Effects of Pesticide Pollution on Freshwater SymbiontsPosterBiologyCara Arrasmith
the Effects of a Calming Corner on the Health-Related Quality of Life of a Special Education UnitPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentRebecca ArroyoEdnjon Parilla, Samantha Gutierrez, Timothy Cervantez
Reduced Expression of Synaptic Function and Neurotransmitter-Signaling Related Genes in Individuals with Neovascular AMDPosterBiologyEllie Asadi
Dyeing the World Green: a Study of How Water and Other Liquids Affect the Photodegradation of Disperse DyesPosterChemistryStephanie Atkinson
Schizophrenia Network Dysfunction During Associative Learning Revealed Using Dynamic Graphical Models PosterPsychologyTristan Attisha
Construction of Candida albican specific antibody linked to antifungal peptidesPosterMicrobiologyPeter AtyiaAlexa Dickey, Glory Nguyen, Frank Albano
Examining Self-Care Behaviors in Undergraduate Students as a Function of Personality TraitsPosterPsychologyVictoria August
Boron Doped Carbon: A Tunable MorphologyPosterPhysics/AstronomyAaron Austin
Wigs, Lipstick, and Outcry: Drag Queen Activism from 1970 to 1983 in the United StatesPosterHistoryOlivia Austin
Do Treatment Methods of Acutely Ruptured Aneurysms Influence the Incidence of Cerebral Vasospasm?PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAlexandra Ayala
The Biological Mechanism Underlying the Intergenerational Inheritance of Fear PosterBiologyYasmine Ayman
Code Okie: Three Years of Growth, Adaptation, and Impact!PosterComputer ScienceKendall BabbMiranda Babb, Sila Tamang, Rashed Alrashed, Xavier Boomershine, Diep Nguyen
Extracellular Vesicles/HSP27 Protein Nanoparticles Are a Promising Approach to Decrease Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability in Ischemic StrokePosterBiochemistryRiyan Babidhan
Auto-Factory Practices Put Female Autoworkers at a Greater Risk of Developing Reproductive CancersPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentNolan Babinski
Impact of C-terminal Chemistry on Self-assembled Morphology of Guanosine Containing NucleopeptidesPosterBiochemistryKatherine BacchiSarah O'Neill
Characterizing Novel Chained-Particle Magnetic Polymers for Soft RoboticsPosterPhysics/AstronomyStratton Bacogeorge
Development of a Unique Antibiofilm Therapy for Diabetic Foot UlcersPosterMicrobiologyMarissa Badham
The Genetic Basis of Trichomes in Yellow MonkeyflowersPosterPlant SciencesKalob Baesen
Combination β-lactamase inhibitors and enhancement of sulbactam activity against carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter.PosterMicrobiologyMichelle BaezFernando Pasteran, Jose Cedano, Casin Le, Robert A Bonomo
Identifying the High Risk Social Media Messages by Analyzing Text InformationPosterComputer ScienceMene Bagudu
A Longitudinal Study Tracking the Development of Communication in Parents with Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersPosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyMegan Bahns
A Retrospective Chart Review of Patients Receiving Palliative Radiation Therapy at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in 2018 and 2019PosterMathematicsShania Bailey
Confederate Monuments in Context: Arlington National Cemetery and the Legacy of the ConfederacyPosterHistoryShannon Baker
How Plant Physiological Characteristics Can Be Used to Better Manage WildfiresPosterPlant SciencesNicolas Bakken-French
Is My Body a Cage?: Radical Dualism and Religious OrientationPosterPsychologyLauren Baldwin
Parameter Optimization of a Heat Sink using AnsysPosterEngineeringYogesh BalodaAnish Thalamati, Ritvik Pandey, Ishir Vaidyanath
The importance of using the Trends in IDT DatabasePosterEducationSumin Bang
Impact of a DBD Plasma Jet Flow Rates on Pathogen MitigationPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringMichael BangaBhavya Bellannagari, Khadijah Atthar, Neha Suri, Vedmanvitha Ketireddy, Alaap Rag
Evaluating Probiotic Protein Expression as a Function of Oxidation Over TimePosterBiochemistryAnjul Bansal
Microplastics Removal by Coagulation and Flocculation ProcessPosterEngineeringNicholas Banuelos
Using Eye-Tracking Data to Determine What Biochemistry Students Attend to When Completing a Revised Three-Dimensional Modeling ActivityPosterBiochemistryKaylee BarbeeHailey Knoeferl
Analyzing Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Porcine Tricuspid Valve Leaflets Through a Statistical ApproachPosterEngineeringMichael Barber
Tipsy Cop and Tipsy RobberPosterMathematicsViktoriya BardenovaVincent Ciarcia
Misinformation in the Time of Climate Change: The Generation Gap in the Effects of MisinformationPosterCommunicationsCharles Bare
Student Factors that Impact Retention in Higher EducationPosterEducationMartha BarnardLindsey Jansen, Kate Rudberg
The CST: A Study of Tourism Certification and Sustainability in Costa Rica PosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityCaylea Barone
Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Organizational Reputation in CrisisPosterCommunicationsIsabelle Barrett
Investigating robo1 and robo2 Expression in a Drosophila Injury ModelPosterBiologyDeclan Barrett
Bioinformatic and Experimental Evaluation of Transcription Factor Binding Site Conservation and Specificity in the Context of the Developing RetinaPosterBiologyMykel BarrettDenice Moran, Sacha Sulaiman
Singing in the Rain: the First Characterization of Courtship Singing in Rhinoceros BeetlesPosterEcologyNathan Barton
Design of Instrumentation for the Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Field ResearchPosterChemistryRishi Basdeo
Assessing the Acceptability of an eHealth Intervention to Improve Diabetes Care Among Emerging Adults with Poorly Controlled Type 1 DiabetesPosterNursing & Public HealthDeepika Baskar
Mathematical Model of Fluorescent Silica Nanoparticle Diffusion in Tumor Extracellular Matrix MimicPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringLyan Basora Dorville
Where is the Pipeline? An Exploration of Interest and Barriers for Paraprofessionals in a Large, Urban School DistrictPosterEducationAyana Bass
LGBT Representation in American Animated EntertainmentPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesWilliam Bates
Differential Trends in Telehealth Adoptions Among Urban and Rural Hospitals in the United States, 2008-2017PosterNursing & Public HealthAnna Baucom
Investor and Market Reaction to COVID-19 Vaccine AnnouncementsPosterEconomicsLuke Bausch
Designing an Ever-Changing FossilPosterArt History & Visual ArtsSydney Baxter
Identifying Kindergarten Children at Risk for Developmental Language Disorder and Dyslexia Using a Whole-Classroom Screen. PosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyAllison BeallAngela Clausen, Maria Begger, Mary Fahlman, Samantha Hege, Melissa Phelan, Sophia Tolbert
Rococo: A Symbol of WealthPosterArt History & Visual ArtsChloe Bean
Analyzing Probabilistic Algorithms for Integer Factorization and Discrete Logarithm ComputationsPosterMathematicsAustin Beard
Molecular Characterization of Tick Galectin in Context of α-Gal SyndromePosterBiologySumar Beauti
Analyzing the Trend and Forecasting of Covid-19 Outbreak Using Machine Learning TechniquePosterComputer ScienceBenie Bebela
Photogrammetric Reconstruction of Roof Snow LoadPosterGeography/GeologyMadeline BeckRoxanne Holmex
Structural and Biochemical analysis of a β-carbonic anhydrase from Streptococcus sanguinis, an opportunistic pathogen involved in subacute infective endocarditisPosterBiologyEmily Bedea
A Meta-analysis of the Association Between Parental Psychological Control and Youth Emotion RegulationPosterPsychologyLauren Beliveau
Lower Limb Neuromuscular Activities of Gait in People with Traumatic Brain InjuryPosterExercise Science & NutritionColton Belnap
The Women of Viennese Musical ModernismPosterMusicAlice BelshawJana Michalik
Investigating Colletochtrichum’s Antibacterial Potential PosterMicrobiologyFrancisco Beltran
Standard Trauma Screening in Pediatric PatientsPosterNursing & Public HealthChristina Benge
Effects of Forest Thinning Practices on Soil Properties in Wildfire Impacted Forests of the Sierra NevadaPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityLindsay Benjamin-Britton
Removal of Nitrogen Compounds Via Plant Biomass Assimilation and Biological Denitrification in a Brackish Wetland SystemPosterBiologyThomas BennettChristophe Degroote
Do Female US House of Representatives Candidates Receive More Scrutiny and Consideration of Their Families and Family Lives Than Do Male US House of Representatives Candidates?PosterPolitical ScienceAlexis Benson
Forensics Analytics: An Interdisciplinary Education-Career Pathway for Promoting STEM Participation by Underserved Students PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAlexia Benson
The Responses of Minority Women in the House of Representatives to President Trump's tweetsPosterPolitical ScienceMikaela Benton
Impact of Telehealth on Rural and Homebound Adults with Chronic DiseasePosterNursing & Public HealthCarina Berg
The Effects of Marijuana Products on Patients with Chronic Illness Compared to Polypharmacy.PosterNursing & Public HealthChristian BerglundLauren Yount, Sophia D'Alessandro, Colin Scranton
Everyone Wants What They Can’t Have: Appearance Comparisons Made on Instagram and Their Effect on Body DissatisfactionPosterPsychologyJanna Bernatsky
Hope Across Borders: A Look at How Culture Influences HopePosterPsychologyFrancisco Berrones
C-Jun N-terminal Kinase Inhibitory Compound SynthesisPosterChemistryJamie Berry
Design of Quantum-classical Computing Hybrid Algorithms for Materials SimulationPosterPhysics/AstronomyNoah Berthusen
Agricultural Gig Economy: Hurdles and Types of Side Hustles PosterBusinessDhaval Bhakta
Impact of Emergency Remote Instruction on Students’ Perspectives of Collaborative Teaching in an Introductory Biology CoursePosterEducationNamitha Bhat
Constructing a React Web Application for College Research Faculty and StudentsPosterComputer ScienceJay Bhatt
Psychology of the Nature of EvilPosterPsychologyTiffany Bickett
Predicting Intrinsically Disordered Protein Feature States Using Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network AlgorithmsPosterBiologyBrynn Biddle
Determination of Hammett’s Sigma Values for Common Boryl-Substituted CompoundsPosterChemistryMary Bielinski
Interband Frequency Distortion Suppression in a Dual-Band Power Amplifier Via Analog PredistortionPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringNathan Biesterfeld
Tomato Quality Effects in Reduced Tillage and Cover-Crop-Based Rotations in Organic Tomato ProductionPosterAgriculture & ExtensionLauren Bilek
Low Incidence of Mammary Cancers in Ungulates: A Meta-analysis and Causal ReviewPosterBiologySarah Billings
Veteran PTSD and Cardiovascular Disease--Is there a link?PosterNursing & Public HealthLora Bills
Forming Bacterial Cellulose Capsules for Encapsulation and Slowed Release of SulfatePosterEngineeringLaurel Bitterman
Provenance and Paleodepositional Environments of the Tyler and Kibbey Formations, Big Snowy Mountains, Central MontanaPosterGeography/GeologySophie Black
The Constitutional Context of Public Administration and Executive OrdersPosterPolitical ScienceDallas Blackburn
Waste Polystyrene Recycling with Nanofibrous CatalystsPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityCorinne BlacksherCourtney Severino, Sarah Nealy
Narratives of Enduring the Strong Black Woman StereotypePosterPsychologyKeyShauna Blackwell
Fundamental Study on Desulfurization of Petroleum Using Synthesized Novel Ionic Liquids and Betaine MoietiesPosterChemistryBryson BladPeyton Kiggins
Thermo-tolerant Tomato Growth PosterBiologyRachel Blanding
The Well-Being of Social Justice and Human Rights Activists PosterSociologySarah BlantonAnagha Sreevals , Ellen Gurung , Gabriella Guerrieri , Jasmin Enciu , Rafaela Lucioni
Creation of Unnatural Dipeptide Antibiotics Against Pseudomonas aeruginosaPosterChemistryMadison Blanton
Redefining Therapy: Writing’s Role in Eating Disorder Treatment  PosterWriting & RhetoricCarina Blomberg
Developing a Novel Therapeutic Compound for Epilepsy and TinnitusPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAmanda Bluem
Real-Time Auditory Nerve Modeling Using System-On-Chip Field-Programmable Gate ArraysPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMatthew Blunt
Synthesis and Utilization of New Sulfonium Salt PhotoinitiatorsPosterChemistryJordan Bobek
Application to Analyze Color Calibration Needed for Automated Grinding of MetalcastingsPosterEngineeringAaron Bodenham
Molecular characterization of three giant knotweed species in Wisconsin (genus Reynoutria, Polygonaceae)PosterBiologyJenna BoeckAlyssa Olson, Jenni Wendtlandt, Emily Peters, Noah Kofron, Morgan Sabol
A Spatial Analysis of Socio-economic Characteristics and COVID-19 Cases in California’s Counties PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAlexandra Bohlin
Disorder-induced Metal-insulator Transitions: a Quantum Cluster StudyPosterPhysics/AstronomyGeorge Boktor
Bridge Deck Thermography: Revisiting ‘Bridges Freeze Before Roadway’ From a Safe Salt PerspectivePosterCivil EngineeringEmily Bollendorf
Abnormal Accumulation of Glycogen and Altered Glycosylation in Brain TumorsPosterBiochemistryKayli Bolton
Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Induced Inflammatory Responses and Related Risk of COVID-19: A Literature ReviewPosterBiologyKriti Bomb
What alternative schools get right: Lessons from the fieldPosterEducationMichael BonaguraAdolfo Magarin -
Survivability of AMF Symbiosis with Festuca rubra in Heavy-metal Contaminated SoilPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKayla Bonilla
Novel Method for the Forensic Dye Analysis by Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass SpectrometryPosterChemistryMiquellie Bonner
 Monitoring Metal Pesticide Complex in Biological Matrices Using Electro Spray Ionization Mass SpectrometryPosterBiochemistryGriffin Boone
A novel laser enameloplasty technique for caries preventionPosterBiologyOleg Borisiuk
Biochar-Wattle for Enhanced Surface Water QualityPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKristopher BoschSam Butcher, Amber Freebourn, Kelsey Parker, Mami Scherman
Sex Differences in Stressor Controllability in Long Evans RatsPosterBiologyNate Bosnian
Montana Oral History ProjectPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesNicolena Boucher
Melatonin and Its Effect on Athletic PerformancePosterExercise Science & NutritionEmma BoughnerTyler Friefeld, Lindsey Graham, Miranda Rudisill, Nick Black, Alex Barnes
Heavy Metal Concentrations in the Gulf of Mexico Using ICP-OESPosterChemistryRebecca Boutwell
Solid-Phase Microextraction Gas-Chromatography Mass Spectrometry of Hand SanitizerPosterChemistryRebecca BoutwellLauren Carnley
The New Air Quality Measurement Method: Low-Cost Sensors on UAV’sPosterCivil EngineeringJasper Bowles
How Valancourt Taught Her to Say No: How Literacy Inspires Consent and Autonomy in the Women of “Northanger Abbey”PosterEnglish & LiteratureUnity Bowling
Turning Chaos into Community: Social Media’s Dual Existence and the Evolving Perception of Nonfiction WritingPosterRhetoric and Writing StudiesUnity Bowling
Predicting the Spread of Covid-19 with Neural NetworksPosterComputer ScienceIsaac BoydKieran Ringel
Reuse of Plastic in Geogrids for Unpaved RoadsPosterCivil EngineeringAna BoydMónica Flores, Dariana Martínez, Orlando Leyva
Renaissance Art as an Ideological OutletPosterArt History & Visual ArtsPeter Bradford
Nearly a Decade of Community Change Documented for a Montane Forest in UtahPosterPlant SciencesWilliam Bradshaw
Development of all-in-one alternative energy harvesting systemsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringJacob Bradshaw
the Role of the Atrophin Domain in the Function of AFF1-SEC as a Transcription InhibitorPosterBiologyMari Brady
Empowering Classrooms: Resources for Teachers of Students Who Have Experienced Trauma Through a Parent's IncarcerationPosterEducationAbbey Branco
Walking While Parasitized: Effects of a Nematode Parasite on Locomotor Activity of Horned Passalus BeetlesPosterEcologyChristopher Brandon
Innovating Preservation: Engaging Visitors at Historic HomesPosterArt History & Visual ArtsThea Brannon
Patient-Specific Four Chamber Cardiac ModelingPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringRemy Braun
Active Compound M11 of Prairie Turnip Extract Regulates the Expression of Genes on Intercalated Disks in Neonatal Rat CardiomyocytesPosterBiochemistryTiffany BraunAnna Sorenson, Quinten Vasa
Racial Barriers: How Two Chinese Men Managed to Be Accepted Despite Racial Discrimination Against Chinese in Merced County During 1870 to 1942PosterHistoryCynthia Bravo-Zamora
Chimeric PD1 Expressing T Cells for as a Therapy for Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and Acute Lymphocytic LeukemiaPosterBiologyHaley BresnahanArleigh Wood
Courage and Fear in Don QuixotePosterLinguistics & World LanguagesJamie Breyfogle
Local Forecast Accuracy and the Implications to Smart Irrigation TechnologyPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityRyan BridgesSonali Chokshi, Sam Myer, Christina Lilligren
Capillary Electrophoresis Identification of Rhodium-DNA Interstrand Cross-linkagePosterBiochemistryAlec Brisbois
Simulated Wastewater Treatment of Butylated Hydroxyanisole PosterChemistryNicholas Britt
Characterization and Control Over Induced Protein MultimerizationPosterBiochemistryTyler Brittain
Using Scientific Teaching Principles to Teach Genetic ModificationPosterEducationOrion Brock
Manga’s Mythical HistoryPosterArt History & Visual ArtsMackenzie Brock
Investigating Well-Being in the Lincoln NeighborhoodPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAlexa Brock
How Physical Activity Improves the Mental Health of AdolescentsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentPaige BrooksHal VanLandingham
The Impact of Captivity on the Social and Emotional Well-being of Orcas (Orcinus orca)PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesGhaaliyah Brown
X-Ray Crystal Structure of the CRISPR-Associated Protein Csx3 PosterBiochemistrySharidan Brown
Title: Politics as Usual: Restricting Immigrant Access to Public Assistance After the 1996 Welfare Reform Act Amid COVID-19PosterPolitical ScienceHeaven Brown
The Effect of Geography and Culture on Diets in the Baltic Sea Region of Medieval EuropePosterAnthropology & ArcheologyIzabelle Brown
Modeling and Algorithm Development for Adaptive Adversarial AI for Complex AutonomyPosterComputer ScienceJessica Brown
Effects of Anxiety and Test-Taking Strategies on Exam Differences Between Biology and Non-Biology MajorsPosterEducationJalen Brown
Ocean Thermal Energy ConversionPosterEngineeringDaniel BrownWoodlee Dieudonne
Leveraging Evidence-Based Messaging to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19PosterPsychologyAnastasia Browning
Three-State pH Driven Biaryl Lactone Molecular Switches with Amine DonorsPosterChemistryAaron Bruckbauer
Horizontal Positional Accuracy Assessment of 7.5’ Digital Geologic Maps of Part of the Nashville Dome, Central TennesseePosterGeography/GeologyMeredeth Bryson
How Has Political Marketing Changed? Is There Room for Ethics?PosterBusinessKara BuchaklianLiliana Gould, Olivia Steingraber
Highly Sensitive Flexible Electrochemical pH Sensor with Laser Photothermally Generated Porous GraphenePosterEngineeringStephen Buchanan
Qui Bono? Comparison of Behaviors in US CulturePosterPsychologyErica Buckland
Effect on Hypo/Hyper-methylation Rates on Genome Regions CDKN1A, BMAL1, PPARalpha, and PNPLA3 with CBG Implementation Utilizing a Mice Model with MCD Diet to Induce NASHPosterBiologyDawson Budke
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genetic Suppressor Screen Searching for Novel Sec6 Interacting ProteinsPosterBiologyMolly BullingtonPeter Opara-Nadi
Furthering Our Knowledge as Pikunii People PosterBiologyShawnTyana Bullshoe Sierra Mason
The Future of American Democracy: Why Your Vote MattersPosterPolitical ScienceNina Bundy
Computational Discovery of Family-Specific Sequence Patterns in the Protein KinomePosterBiochemistryClaire Bunn
A Fundamental Study on Droplet SolidificationPosterEngineeringHaytham Buran
Nesting ecology of the leatherback sea turtle, Dermochelys coriaceaPosterBiologyKathryn Burda
A Fossilized Egg from the Middle Jurassic Tiouraren Formation of NigerPosterGeography/GeologyJenna Bures
Exploration of Sustainable Concrete with Waste ProductsPosterCivil EngineeringCaroline Burkhardt
Perceptions of Anxiety, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and Learning DisabilitiesPosterPsychologyHannah Burmeister
Associations Between Self-Compassion and Mental Health: a Literature ReviewPosterPsychologyJenaya Burns
Paving the Way: Black Designers Then and NowPosterArt History & Visual ArtsNichole Burroughs
Herb Lubalin: The King of Expressive TypePosterArt History & Visual ArtsNichole Burroughs
Function and Mechanisms of APOBEC3 in Genome Integrity and Cancer BiologyPosterBiologyBrianna Bush
Quantum Computing Using Three Qubit GatesPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMiles Bush
What is Happening in the Black Community? Understanding African Americans’ Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)PosterCommunicationsReginae ButlerEbonie Farmer , Kiara Cook, Paige Hall
Tunable Silver Modified Engelhard Titanosilicate Core-Shell Heterostructure for Visible Light Photocatalysis PosterChemistryEmily Buttafuoco
Development of Quorum Sensing Inhibitors for Streptococcus pneumoniae Through Optimization of the Hydrophobic Binding Face and Substitution of the N-Terminus ResiduePosterBiochemistryAlec ButtnerEmilee Engler
Antioxidant Compound M-11 Inhibits the Growth of Staphylococcus aureus by Inhibiting DNA ReplicationPosterMicrobiologyGrace BybeeFaith Harvey
Shifts in Leaf Investment Strategies of Sunflowers Across Climatic Gradients in the Upper MidwestPosterEcologyMichael BylanderThu Nguyen
Differential Responses of Wetland and Upland Riparian Invasive Species to Forest Restoration and GeomorphologyPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityMorgan CahillRachel Silarszka, Laurel Griffin
Longitudinal Geometry of Pig Arteriovenous Fistulas (AVFs)PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringSavanna Cahoon
Meeting Sugar Intake Recommendation is Protective Against Health Parameters Associated with Chronic Disease in College studentsPosterExercise Science & NutritionApril Callister
Addressing Mental Health in Rheumatoid Arthritis Through Illness PerceptionPosterNursing & Public HealthChristy Calvert
Tourism Density and Recycling Rates: The Effect of Local Economy Composition on Recycling OutcomesPosterEconomicsRichard Calvo
Dis-connected at All Times: the Effects Social Media Platforms Have on Intrapersonal Development and Romantic RelationshipsPosterCommunicationsAlexandra Camejo
Dithiolated Peptides with Tryptophan Residues as Potential Chelators for Mercury (II)PosterChemistryT'ea CameronCharlexia Witcher
Validation of Laboratory Developed Test for the Detection of PolyagglutinationPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentBraxton CampbellRyan Kohli, Victoria Jones
An Analysis of the Correlation Between the Static and Dynamic Impedance During Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)PosterPsychologyCarliza CanelaGozde Unal, Jaiti Swami, Samantha Cohen, Niranjan Khadka, Harold Sackeim, Marom Bikson
Application of the Data Science Workflow to Molecular Dynamic SimulationsPosterComputer ScienceLemuel I. Cantú
Licensing of Negative Polarity Items in TigrinyaPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesAngela CaoMaddy Liotta
Hunting for Prions: Using Meiotic Inheritance Patterns to Attribute Epigenetic States to Prion ProteinsPosterBiologyMikala Capage
Changes in the Marketing Landscape Due to the Coronavirus PandemicPosterBusinessJulia CarabelliJackson Gadient
Impact of a multidisciplinary educational training program (OverdosED) on knowledge and perceptions of depressant substance use on a college campusPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesChristina Carilli
Hydrogeologic Assessment of the Kenosha DunesPosterGeography/GeologyKristen CarlsonBen Sieren , Daniel Kerstan
Musical Transposition Directly from Audio with Deep Recurrent Neural NetworksPosterComputer ScienceParker Carlson
The Effect of Coffee Extract on Adipogenesis PosterBiologyJaden Carper
Investigating Centriolar Biomarkers of Sperm in BovinePosterAnimal SciencesAlexa Carr
The Effects of Social Isolation on Mouse Mating, Behavior, and Mouse USVsPosterBiologyErin CarrollErin Carroll
Social Behavior and Resilience: Insights from Rodents PosterAnimal SciencesRene CarterTaylor Buell
Instructor Presence in Instructional VideoPosterPsychologyKevin CarterJessica Sendef, Devan Nelson
Economic Pressure Across Generations: The Impact on HCCPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMegan Carty
Am I right or Am I protectivePosterPsychologyJose Castaneda
Fibonacci GapsPosterMathematicsMadeline Ceccia
PDE based Deep Learning for Geometric Image DataPosterMathematicsRyan Cecil
The Relationship Between Fear of Missing Out and Health-Conscious Drinking in College StudentsPosterPsychologyJessica Cefalo
Using Virtual Reality to Increase Resistance to E. coli Infection in ChickensPosterMicrobiologySasha Celada
Morphometric Feature Selection for the High-throughput Image-based Chemical Phenotyping of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl SubstancesPosterNursing & Public HealthNicholas Cemalovic
Perceptions and Health Effects of Electronic Cigarettes Among College StudentsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentSafia Centner
Spanish Illuminated Manuscripts and Graphic Design PosterArt History & Visual ArtsYovanca Cervantes
Trophically-acquired Herbicide Exposure of Wolf Spiders Can Cause Weight Loss but No Change in Prey Capture EfficiencyPosterEcologyGrace Chamberlain
To Serve, Protect, and Reflect? Exploring Racial Disparity in the Louisville Police Department PosterLaw & Legal StudiesBriley Chambers
Family COMIDA: Consumo de Opciones Más Ideales De Alimentios (Consumption of More Ideal Food Options)PosterExercise Science & NutritionDebra Chan
Food Security and School Meal ProgramsPosterSocial Work & Human ServicesSara Chaney
Evaluating Iowa State University Writing and Media Center’s relationship with English as an additional language(EAL) studentsPosterDiversity StudiesYahan Chang
Engineered Material for Removal of Ammonia from WaterPosterCivil EngineeringLouis Chapman
Development of PARROT, a Wireless Orofacial Myofunctional Imaging and Pressure Mapping DevicePosterInterdisciplinary StudiesHanna Chastain
The Longitudinal Associations Between Depression and Future Life SatisfactionPosterPsychologyMuntaha ChaudhryMaria Zia
Untargeted Metabolomic Analysis of AMPKalpha1 knockout mouse knees reveals sexual dimorphism in osteoarthritis progressionPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringSoumilee Chaudhuri
3D Printed Biomedical Devices PosterEngineeringSofia Chavele-Dastamani
The Commercial Advertising in Republic of China TimePosterArt History & Visual ArtsJiaxiao Che
Determining Factors of Interparticle Spacing in 2-d Arrays of Covalently-Crosslinked, Thiol-Capped Gold Nanoparticle FilmsPosterChemistryBrianna Check
A Case Study on Prospective Telehealth Attitudes Amongst the Asian and Pacific Islander American Immigrant Population in Los AngelesPosterSocial Work & Human ServicesAngela ChenKevin M. Zhang, Amanda Y. Mac, Alex J. Ma, Jeana K. Shin, Jenny Wang
Are Pyramid Schemes Fueled by Strain or Opportunity? A Place-Based Analysis of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing in the USPosterEconomicsDalton Chenoweth
The Rise of Neoliberalism in Chile and the Effects on the Indigenous Mapuche CommunityPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesTatiana Cherry Santos
City Leisure and PlayPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignNick Cheung
Role of scamp3 Regulating cxcr4 Trafficking PosterBiologyAngelika ChiangSamantha Valaitis
Comparison of Operative Techniques for Closed Reduction of Supracondylar Humerus Fractures in ChildrenPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentChimelie Chibututu
Fostering Student Creativity Using Sumo-Bot Team Competition – A Student Club InitiativePosterEngineeringZachary ChildersWilliam Brown, Samantha Mas, Phil Sites
Pollution Gone Viral: Did the COVID-19 Lockdown Accelerate the Microplastic Pollution of Our Waterways? PosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilitySamantha Chillis
a Statistical Learning Regression Model Utilized to Determine Predictive Factors of Social Distancing During COVID-19 PandemicPosterMathematicsMatthew Chin
Exploring the Use of Multimedia Resources in Online Medical Education: A Targeted Literature Review PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentVarshita Chirumamilla
Examining the Effect of the E227Q Mutation on CDX2 in Transcription and ATM InhibitionPosterBiochemistryIan Chiu
Victim Silencing, Sexual Violence Culture, Social Healing: Inherited Collective Trauma of World War II South Korean Military “Comfort Women”PosterSociologyMiJin Cho
The Impact of Hydrophobicity/Hydrophilicity on PAMAM Dendrimer-Lipid Bilayer InteractionsPosterChemistryLynnie ChongEscarlin Perez, AJ Liles, Joseph Giancaspro, Patrick Scollan, Juan Rosario
Folklore: As Perceived by English Majors as Compared to Non-English Majors at Utah State UniversityPosterEnglish & LiteratureNikki Christensen
Assessment of the Loss of Pre-Veterinary Experiences Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Towards a Competitive DVM Application PosterAnimal SciencesFaith ChurchBryson Jacobs
Constituent Behavior Associated with College GivingPosterMathematicsAmelia CichoskiHeriberto Lopez, Collin Nill
The Relationship Between Unit Support and Post-deployment Social Support in Military VeteransPosterPsychologySherree Clark-Metcalf
Material Flow Analysis Toward a More Circular Economy for Wind Turbine BladesPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityElizabeth Clarkson
Social and Emotional Learning in Alternative Education- First-Year Direction Analysis Abstract PosterEducationAlannah Clay
Applying Restorative Cognitive Rehabilitation in Survivors of TBI 40 Years after Injury PosterPsychologyKiana Clay
How the Environment of Design Studio Education Has Changed at Kennesaw State University Due to COVID-19 PosterArchitecture & Interior DesignSara ClementCole Curry, Javier Molina
Data-driven Analysis for Optogenetic Nonstationary Local Filed PotentialsPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesXandre Clementsmith
Genomic Characterization of Genes Encoding Protein Methyltransferases Identifies Therapeutic Targets for Cancer TreatmentPosterBiologyEra Cobani
The Effect of Well-Being Initiatives on Nursing Students’ Perceived Gratitude, Happiness, and KindnessPosterNursing & Public HealthJoanne Cobos
Cytotoxic Responses of Mix Cellularity Classical Hodgkin's to Luteolin, in vitroPosterBiologyNaomi Codrington
Raphael’s Interactive School of LearningPosterArt History & Visual ArtsMarieth Coetzer
Why the Long Face?PosterMathematicsMarieth Coetzer
Evolution of Investment in Immatures in Adult Male Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata)PosterAnthropology & ArcheologyNoa Cohen
Investigating Key Enzymes Involved in Glypican-3 Release from Hepatocellular CarcinomaPosterBiochemistryStevan Colakovic
Effects of Presentation Styles and Personality Traits on CyberbullyingPosterPsychologyNicole Coleman
Musical Effects on Individual Time PerceptionPosterPsychologyNicole Coleman
The Role of Carbonic Anhydrase IX in Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Development of a Potential Therapeutic TargetPosterBiochemistryAustyn Colter
Demographic Indicators and Their Relation to Resident RetentionPosterEconomicsEli Coltin
Determining the Fairness of School Zones in Oklahoma City: A Report from 2020-2021PosterMathematicsChase Compton
Investigating the Effectiveness of Classroom Management MethodsPosterEducationErin ConnellConnor Rickett, Jennifer Kallenbach
Hypoxia and hypobaria exert separate effects on hypoxia inducible factor (SIMA) expression in female Drosophila melanogaster.PosterBiologyAlanna ConnollyJaden Buchanan, Kyle Sears
Effects of Anonymity on Deception PosterPsychologyJonathan Conrady
Mental Health and Discipline Through the Eyes of EducatorsPosterPsychologyCourtney ConwayCarly Chadd
The Influence of Maternal Age and Birth Order on Offspring Growth and DevelopmentPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentHaley Cook
The Effects of Intensive Exercise on the Knee Flexion Angle While Changing Direction and Thus the Correlation with ACL StrainPosterExercise Science & NutritionBrittany CookLeon Laskowski
Comparison of the Coding Sequence of raptor in 27 Drosophila SpeciesPosterBiologyBrittany CookLeon Laskowski
Groundwater Quality and Related Health Risks in the Upper Missouri Watershed, Madison County, MontanaPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityJordyn Cook
Facial Covering Throughout History Shown in ArtPosterArt History & Visual ArtsAhleena Coolidge
Implications for Immigrants: A Needs-Assessment of Wicomico County PosterSocial Work & Human ServicesJohannah Cooper
Borrelia burgdorferi Pathogen Detection in Ixodes scapularis Using DNA Extraction and Nested PCRPosterBiologyPaige Copenhaver
Discovery of Inhibitory Biomolecules of D-Alanine: D-Alanine Ligase of Staphylococcus aureus Using High-Throughput Virtual ScreeningPosterBiochemistryKaleigh Copenhaver
Quantifying the Improvement in the Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Strip Footings on Soft Clay Stabilized with a Granular Trench PosterCivil EngineeringColton CorcoranDavid Petersen
Improving Mood State Assessment for Adolescents with Limited Language on the SpectrumPosterPsychologyJulia Cornish
The Effects of Race and Gender on Depression Among People in Interracial RelationshipsPosterPsychologyHannah CorradoAbigail Caselli
Health Locus of Control Beliefs and Other Correlates of Adherence to the Medical Regimen After Lung TransplantationPosterNursing & Public HealthAlexia Coutsouridis
Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK) Cell Exosome Isolation and CharacterizationPosterBiochemistryBrianna Cowan
Associating an Unclassified X-ray Source with a Distant QuasarPosterPhysics/AstronomyCody Cox
Assessment of Cannabinoid Levels in Successively Cloned Generations of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa)PosterAgriculture & ExtensionShelby Cox
A Future Beyond Multinational Corporatism: A Decolonial Analysis of Oil Corporations in NigeriaPosterEconomicsRachel Coyle
The Eternal Art of HinduismPosterArt History & Visual ArtsThomas Craft
The Effects of Polychlorinated Biphenyls on Reproductive HealthPosterBiologyCaroline CramblitTorie Cochran, Holly Barlage
Bringing Down Costs with Code: Measuring Snow Depth from Photographs Using RPosterBiologyBrandon Crasto
Perceived Parental Support: Does Maternal Depression and Motherhood Roles Matter? PosterPsychologyDestyni Cravens
Development of Support Materials for Voice Banking: A Systematic Replication for 2020PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAngela Crelly
Responses to Racial Violence: Unequal Expectations of Black ForgivenessPosterPsychologyCatherine CrimminsKatheleen Chavez
Calling Out Catcalling CulturePosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAlanna Cronk
Exploring the Impact of Recreational Marijuana Legalization on Drug-related Crimes in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington StatePosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeRoarke Cullenbine
the Experiences of a Family Fighting Childhood Cancer Regarding Access to Support Resources and Medical Care: an Individual Case StudyPosterSociologyFaith Cummings
Methods to Determine the Phenotypic Ratio of a Hybrid CrossPosterMathematicsCarter Cunningham
Genotyping Fatty Acid Variants in Arachis hypogaeaPosterBiochemistryHannah Curtis
Microbial contamination and antimicrobial resistance patterns in the Mississippi Gulf CoastPosterMicrobiologyRobyn Cuthbert
How does the enzyme enolase enhance the acidity at the alpha carbon of 2-phospho-D-glycerate? Contributions by resonance and inductive effectsPosterBiochemistryEva Cutler
COVID-19 Impact, Parental Stress, and Child Problem Behavior: a Mediation ModelPosterPsychologyOlivia Cutshaw
Mental Health Among College AthletesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentElizabeth Cuvelier
The Role of NFκB Innate Immune Factors in Maintaining Drosophila Retinal Integrity PosterBiologyMohamed Dabaja
Loneliness and Caregiver Burden in Aging Adults Caring for Individuals with DementiaPosterPsychologyBarbara Dabrowski
Finding Common GroundPosterPsychologyAndrea Dailey
Visualizing Covid-19 and Sports: a Case Study on the NBA PosterComputer ScienceColin Dalton
Revival of the Dead Zone- Ecotourism Within the Chornobyl’s Exclusion ZonePosterArchitecture & Interior DesignAngelina Damaj
Allelopathic Effects of Alternanthera Philoxeroides on Algal growthPosterBiologyThuan Dang
Photoluminescent Properties of 3D Printing Substrate PA2200 Induced by Anatase Titanium Dioxide PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringTyler Dann
Association of Lung Capacities in Musicians and SingersPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentCydney Daquila
Characterizing Spatial Coefficient of Variation in Arterial Spin Labeling: Associations with Age, Cognition, and Vascular Health in Older AdultsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentShelby Darichuk
Benzyl Butyl Phthalate-Induced Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 CellsPosterBiologyMegan Daubenspeck
Development of Miniaturized Fiber-Based Pneumatic RobotsPosterEngineeringNorman Davenport
Demyelination and Interferon Signaling in Axons Cause Retrograde Upregulation of ISGylation Pathway GenesPosterBiologyKenneth David
Sexual Health and Sex Education Access Among Latina College StudentsPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesGabriela Davila
Vocabulary Use in Writing Samples of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum DisorderPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesAmanda DavisYana Clarke
Synthesis and Characterization of a Fluorinated Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Specific Sorption of Perfluorooctanoic AcidPosterChemistryJames DavisJoseph Meyer, Madeline McCoy, Chase Anderson, Alicia Loucks
The Effects of Irradiation on Transposable Elements in Maize and Arabidopsis GenomesPosterBiologyMegan Davis
Antibiotic Resistance in Streptococcus PyogenesPosterBiologyKilee DavisRyan Dejam
Hospital to School: Transitions for Children with Special Healthcare NeedsPosterEducationMargaret Davis
Modeling Capillary Action Through Tube with Internal RodPosterEngineeringCarson Davis
Photomontage: Technical Applications Throughout History and Meaning of It AllPosterArt History & Visual ArtsKevin Davis
Antidepressants Versus Music Therapy: Which Treatment Is Better for Treating Depression in Parkinson's disease?PosterPsychologyEmaan Dawood
High-throughput Electrospinning, Structure, and Properties of Tungsten-based Oxide Nanofibers for Catalytic and Sensing ApplicationsPosterPhysics/AstronomyRachel Day
Is the Development of Antibiotic Resistance in the Catawba River Basin Linked to Heavy Metal Pollutants?PosterChemistryMariana De Andrea PereiraMichael Ross, Alexander Dellinger, Roman Sheliakyn
Overcoming the Heuristic Nature of k‑Means Clustering: Identification and Characterization of Binding Modes from Simulations of Molecular Recognition ComplexesPosterBiochemistryDanna De Boer
Barrier to Career PosterPsychologyAllison De Cristo
Social Identity, Legality, and Immigration: The Effects of House Bill 1804 on Hispanic or Latino Communities in OklahomaPosterPolitical ScienceJarvis De Leon
Studies on the Interaction of Zinc and SAP102 N-TerminusPosterBiochemistryDominique De Los Reyes
CubeSat Reaction Wheel-Based Attitude Control SystemPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringBerkay Dean
Effective Applications That Support Student's with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderPosterEducationHannah Deane
the COVID-19 pandemic and atmospheric pollutionPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKatelyn DeAnthony
Severe Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Prevalent Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Brain Dysfunction, Treatment, & Prevention A Systematic ReviewPosterPsychologyKailyn Deavens
Religiosity and Perceptions of HPV Vaccine SafetyPosterPsychologyConner DeichmanCaitlin Kreutz, Leini Jenkins, Tyler Graff, Shelby Seipert
Rational Design of Novel Nucleoside Analogues for the Treatment of SARS-COV-2 InfectionsPosterChemistryDiana Del RioKamryn Hansen, Derek Flores
Evidence Based Graduate School Applications in Psychology ProgramsPosterPsychologyHaylie DeMercyNatalie Wennergren, Sara Hathaway
Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorinated Pyridazines and Their Biological ApplicationsPosterChemistryHannah DendingerPaige Hoyt, Tori Leal, Alexis Scowden
The Human Cost of Geopolitics: An Examination of Guatemalan Testimonial LiteraturePosterLinguistics & World LanguagesRyan Denholm
the Effects of Barn Floor Patterns and Colors on the Behavior of Equus CaballusPosterAnimal SciencesMaris DeWald
Effects of a Discussion-based, Extracurricular Diversity Program on Explicit and Implicit Biases in Pre-Health Undergraduate StudentsPosterDiversity StudiesShreya DhutiaKarthik Reddy, Shreya Grandhi, Reuben Burch, Elijah Quiñones
An Investigation of STEM Career Diversity in High School Mathematics Textbooks PosterMathematicsAlexis Di Pasqua Emily Rumaldo, Evelyn Pohle
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Supramolecular EnzymesPosterBiochemistryGrace DiBileoShauna Harney
Practical Applications of Strange Attractors in Generative DesignPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesElliot Dickman
Effect of Curcumin on Steroid Sulfatase Activity in the Rat LiverPosterBiologyMia DiFrancesco
Discrimination Against Asian Americans During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterSociologyClaire DinehartOlivia Mauchley
Examining Free Clinic Patients Household Environmental Safety and the Resulting Impact on Their Perceived Stress LevelsPosterSociologyClaire Dinehart
Assessment of a Novel Laboratory Activity to Enhance Student Learning on Disease TransmissionPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMarco DiSanto
The Effects of Nursing Handoff Integrated with the Electronic Health Record: A Literature ReviewPosterNursing & Public HealthGrace DisonLeah Llanas
The Awareness of Obesity: Is There a Myth on Body Weight and Diet?PosterCommunicationsSafhari DixonDazya Mitchell
Characterizing the Microstructural and Biaxial Mechanical Properties of Porcine Aortic and Pulmonary Valves Through Non-Destructive Imaging TechniquesPosterEngineeringDeenna DoanClare Hillshafer
Applications of LIDAR in Site Identification in the Mississippi River of Southern WisconsinPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyCody Dobson
Investigating the Potential of Infrared Remote Sensing in Archaeological SurveyPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyCody Dobson
Traditional Hispanic HealthcarePosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesDenver Dobson
Drone Imagery and Archaeology: Protocols for producing isometric illustrations from drone imagery in Alpuente, SpainPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyKristen Doby
Studying the trends in traffic collisions during Covid-19PosterComputer ScienceKokoutse Doh
Rapid Photocatalytic Mineralization of Glyphosate and AMPA by Pd@m-BiVO4/BiOBr Nanosheets: Mechanistic Studies and Degradation Pathways PosterChemistryCaitlyn Dollar
La réalité des actualités : Examining the Relationship Between France and LebanonPosterSociologyHannah Domaracki
Identification of Binding Hotspots on Med25PosterChemistryAnthony Dominic
Using a Novel Image Processing Method to Investigate Superparamagnetic Nanoparticle Concentration Fluctuations PosterPhysics/AstronomyDavid Dorf
Cultural Competence: Understanding and Application by Health Care ProfessionalsPosterNursing & Public HealthTiana Dorosz
Functional Annotation of the Grape GenomePosterBiologyHaley Dostalik
Investigation of Individual Pesticide Toxicity in Relation to γ-Glutamyl-Transferase (GGT) ProductionPosterBiologyIsaac DotsonMegan Pizzo, Kaitlynn Gaebe, Kimberly Gaebe
Historical Concentrations of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Persistent Organic Pollutants in Superior, WisconsinPosterChemistryKarsyn Doughty
Surface Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry (SALDI-MS) - Detection of Real World SamplesPosterChemistryVictoria Drake
NCUR AbstractPosterCommunicationsKailey Drese;
Effect of Uncertainty on Competitive BehaviorPosterPsychologyDuncan DrewryMaxwell Klein
Identification of haloarchaea in gypsum from Great Salt LakePosterBiologyZhantao Du
the CMRL: a User-friendly R Package to Estimate Conditional Mean Residual Life FunctionsPosterMathematicsKaiyuan Duan
Essential Workers in Austin, Tx: Data Analysis on their Exposure to COVID-19PosterComputer ScienceMariana Duarte
Genocide and Genocide Prevention: An Analysis of Dr. Gregory Stanton's Preventative ModelPosterHistoryTravis DuCheneGrace Luloff
Association Between Gender in Adolescents with ADHD and the Prevalence of Eating DisordersPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentLaurel DunathanGabby Bazil, Pheobe Gay, Nathaniel Rogers, Lindsay Valentine
Effect of Weathering on the Clear Coat Across Vehicles for Forensic PurposesPosterChemistryMadeline Dunn
Design, Implementation, and Analysis of a Rooftop Solar Panel AssemblyPosterPhysics/AstronomyEvan Dunnam
Determination and Characterization of Deep Water Renewal Events in Loch EtivePosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityBrooke Dunnery
Radio Frequency Identification Vibration Detection Using Long Short-Term MemoryPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringBarrett DurtschiJanita Aamir
The Effect of Natural Products on the Growth of Docetaxel Resistant Triple Negative Breast Cancer CellsPosterBiologySonali Dutta
Trauma in the Media: A Thematic Analysis of Trauma Representations in The Umbrella AcademyPosterCommunicationsMacy Dykes
Studying the Electrochemical Nitrite Reduction Mechanism at Human Serum Albumin-Heme Modified Glassy Carbon ElectrodesPosterChemistryAmanda Dynoske
Applying the Integrated Model of Behavior to College Student Drinking Behavior During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterNursing & Public HealthBernadette Ebri
The Effect of Sense of Belonging on Minority Student Drinking on Predominantly White CampusesPosterNursing & Public HealthBernadette Ebri
Disconnect Between Congressional Approval Ratings and Reelection RatesPosterPolitical ScienceThomas Eder
Developing Authentic Corporate Activism InitiativesPosterCommunicationsThomas Edson
Multiparametric Radiomics for Predicting the Aggressiveness of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Using Hyperspectral ImagesPosterComputer ScienceKa'Toria Edwards
The Representation of Women in Hip-Hop Lyrics Before and During the #MeToo Movement PosterCommunicationsBriana Edwards
Role of Quercetin in the Green Synthesis of Metal NanoparticlesPosterChemistryTravyse Edwards
Hydrazone Condensation Reactions on Self Assembling Peptide SurfacesPosterBiochemistryKatherine EighmyPhilip Scali
Characterization of EMG Sensors and Fluidic Muscles for Developing a Bioleg Knee BracePosterEngineeringHaadi ElahiIndeever Madireddy, Aayush Vemuri, Marvin Pablo, Vimal Viswanathan, Sohail Zaidi
Public Attitudes Towards and Knowledge of Sustainability: A Pilot StudyPosterPsychologyJessica EleazerAvery Perkins, Stephanie Jett
The Interplay of Music and Alcohol in Regulating College Students’ MoodPosterPsychologyMelissa Elias
IoT-based Solution to Gather Foot Plantar Pressure for Daily Life ActivitiesPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringAbdelrahman Elkhatib
New Nano-mechanical Approaches in Cancer BiologyPosterPhysics/AstronomySara Ellias
The Effects of Japanese Pop Idol Culture: An Analysis of Perfect BluePosterInterdisciplinary StudiesEstefana Elliott
Getting the Most out of Technology in the General Chemistry Classroom; a Comparison of Online Content Homework with Metacognitive Training HomeworkPosterEducationNakita Ellis
Family Communications, Religiosity, and Depression: A Path AnalysisPosterPsychologyMelvin Ellis
Analytical and Data-driven Models to Predict Algae Biofilm Growth in Wastewater TreatmentPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringDylan EllisGerald Jones
Breaking out of the Traditional: Implementation of an Educational Robot in the Faculty of EngineeringPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringKhaled Elmalawany
Tracing the Lines of Racism: The Development of Racial Segregation in HarrisburgPosterHistoryMolly Elspas
Interactions between T-Cell Death Associated Gene 51 (TDAG51) and TubbyPosterBiologyAurora EminiNora Caberoy, Lorena Samentar, PeiPei Pan, Arnold Salazar, Christopher Williams
The Epigenetics of COVID-19: a Memory of Racial MarginalizationPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyMaria Encinosa
Induction Heated Coffee RoasterPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringMarshall Engelhard
Examining the Impact of COVID-19 on College Students' Experience PosterPsychologyKaylee Engle Taiylor Hoeft, Tyra Klarenbeek
The Characterization of the Microbiome for the Northern Two-lined Salamander (Eurycea bislineata) and Its Ecological Interactions with the Pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidisPosterMicrobiologyKristen Enns
Use of Retrieval Tasks to Rehabilitate Sensorimotor Impairments Due to Brain InjuryPosterEngineeringJoseph Epperson
Facilitation of Bacterial Conjugation and Horizontal Gene Transfer of Antibiotic Resistance Genes Through Filter Feeding In Aquatic EnvironmentsPosterMicrobiologyKathryn EriksenCole Condon, Sofia Belladonna
Inspiring a Spirit of Inquiry in Undergraduate Nursing StudentsPosterNursing & Public HealthMaria EscaleraPamela Gonzales, Jennifer Wilson
Collection, Isolation, and Sequencing of Bacteriophages in Utah ValleyPosterBiologyAshley EscarateAshley Larsen -
Alissa Landefeld -
Arbovirus Surveillance in Oklahoma PosterBiologyChristian Escritt
Learning from Home: Conductometric Titrations PosterChemistryChristian Escritt
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Locating Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Strategies for a Trauma Informed Classroom Within Current Education Preparation Standards PosterEducationFrancis Espedido
High Speed Impact on Graphene CompositesPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringGiovanny Espitia
Using Machine Learning and Audio Spectral Features for COVID-19 TestingPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMichael Esposito
Stress, Physical Activity, and Sedentary Behavior in Minority GirlsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentKimberly Estrada
Influence of Parkin W402A Mutation in Mitochondria Within Mice: A Morphological and Morphometric ApproachPosterBiologyLuis Daniel Estrella
Novel Stilbene Analogues Inhibit Viability of Breast Cancer Cell Lines in CulturePosterBiologyNheikha EtienneMeghan Seth, McKayla Kelly, Kaelyn Julmeus
Face-to-FaceTime: Mother-infant interaction in the context of learning a new motor skillPosterPsychologyTaylor EvansJalyssa Matos
Gender Differences in Parkinson’s Disease from a Global PerspectivePosterGlobal HealthLaura Evans
Micro Electroadhesive Treaded Microrobot (μETR)PosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringSydney Evans
Investigating and Comparing the Effects of COVID-19 on Sustainable Development Goal #3 in Australia and the United StatesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentKarissa Ewing
Validating the impact of vegetative wall coverings on building cooling loads using heat-flux sensors and infrared images PosterArchitecture & Interior DesignOluwatobilba FagbuleRushi Patel
Is Hockey Still Canada's Game PosterMathematicsJon-Paul Faix
The Detroit Young Adult Asthma Project: Anxiety, Perception, and AdherencePosterNursing & Public HealthAli Fakih
An Analysis and Revision of U.S. Federal Drug SchedulingPosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeMegan Fallon
Afro-Caribbeans with Type 2 Diabetes Have Lower Body Mass Index and Lower Waist Circumference than African Americans: New York City Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2013/14PosterNursing & Public HealthMaria Farag
Preservice Teachers and TGNC Victimization: the Influence of Beliefs and Policy on Response StylePosterPsychologySofia Farmer
Microcystin: The Best Contraceptive There IsPosterEcologyRida FarookMoussa Chehab
Experimental Investigation of Mask Usage on Preventing PM2.5 Related Diseases in the Cardiovascular SystemPosterEngineeringBrianna FaulTravis Huff, Lillian Brown, Davis Payne, Peter Wahman
So Fine a Set of Men: The Influence of Race Relations Between Civil War Soldiers and the Shift in Perspective PosterHistoryMatthew Feiler
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Specific to the Coronavirus Pandemic: Risk and Protective Factors Among College StudentsPosterPsychologyTatum Feiler
The Role of Infant Locomotor Experience in Planning and Problem-solving in a Whole-body Object-retrieval TaskPosterPsychologyGrace Feiner
Antibiotic Potential of Lichens, Fungi, and Bryophytes in Northwest MontanaPosterBiologyHailey FennellDaniel Sanburg, Angela Wieczorek, Keith Moore
Attitudes Towards Recreational Drug Use: A Study of Kennesaw State University StudentsPosterPsychologyMatthew FennerJack Arbuckle, Daron Pracharn, Aaron Murray, Sierra Wynn, Coby Shepherd, Katerina Joseph, Giovanni Still, Arely Cruz
Perceived Productivity and Mental Health Amongst Students During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterPsychologyMatthew FennerMarsalis Byrd, Madison Garvin, Ryan Allen
Anxiety, Impulsivity and Intolerance of UncertaintyPosterPsychologyMichael Fensken
A Comparison of Central-Upwind Schemes for Solving the Burgers’ EquationPosterMathematicsTristin Fernandes
The Role of BK Channels Elucidated Through In-Vivo Pharmacological ManipulationPosterBiochemistryLazaro Fernandez
The Impact of Multimodal Other-Race Exposure on the Development of the Other-Race Effect in InfancyPosterPsychologyAleena Ferozuddin
The Efficacy of Popular MasksPosterPhysics/AstronomyVincenzo FerrariJohn Kruszewski
Determination of the Effects of the Lbl1 (leafbladeless1) Mutation on Meiotic Recombination in MaizePosterEcologyTyshawn Ferrell
The cleavage potential of cross-species TMPRSS2 variants toward SARS-CoV-2PosterBiochemistryTyshawn Ferrell
Determining the Resonant Frequency of a Mannequin PosterEngineeringOmar Figueroa FonsecaGisela Gonzalez Contreras
pH Response Genes in Cryptococcus neoformansPosterMicrobiologyHannah Finson
Microbial Assemblages in Relation to Host and Environmental SurroundingsPosterMicrobiologyMark Fischer
The Effects of Slack Tides on Turbidity and Horizontal Velocity in an Estuarine System PosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKatherine Fitzpatrick
Analyzing Power and Ideological Bias in U.S. Textbooks: a Case Study of the Bill of Rights Institute PosterPolitical ScienceJessica Flacksenburg
Investigating the Educational Impact of Community-Based Robotics Programs on Low-Income Youth PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesEric FlaningamHanna Keyerleber, Chris Embry
Sequencing of the Sf1 Gene in Apalone spinifera Softshell TurtlesPosterBiologyKatherine Flatt
Sequencing of the Sf1 Gene in Apalone spinifera Softshell TurtlesPosterBiologyKatherine Flatt
Simple or Is It? An Observation of the Immune Response of the House Cricket, Acheta Domesticus, to Altered-SelfPosterEcologySummer Fleming
Student Perceptions of Lyricism 101PosterEducationJulia Fleming
Fabrication of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Based on Metal Substituted Tetraphenyl Porphyrins. PosterChemistryElizabeth Fletes
Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Temperature and Precipitation on American Chestnut Hybrids PosterBiologyAustin Flippo
Sterilizing Facemasks with UVC LightPosterEngineeringChristopher FochtJosh Lummus
Smart Computational Model of the Human Cardiopulmonary SystemPosterComputer ScienceDouglas FolkAudrey Tseng, Michael Ciriacy
Competitions and Competitors in the WorkplacePosterPsychologyLeilani FonsecaHasan Zai -
Role of Grooming Behavior in Pesticide Resistance and Infection in Honey Bees (Apis mellifera)PosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityAnna Foose
Evaluating the Performance of Caching Strategies in Diverse Information-centric Network SettingsPosterComputer ScienceRhonda-Lee Forbes
Sentiment Towards the Covid-19 VaccinePosterComputer ScienceStacy Fortes
Effectiveness of Technology Tools in the ClassroomPosterEducationBrittany Foster
Impact of Racial Power Inequality on Environmental QualityPosterEconomicsGeorgia Fox
Racism in Sentencing and Conviction of Violent Criminal BehaviorPosterPsychologyKirsti Fox
Scaffold Analysis of Ligands Exhibiting GPCR Signaling BiasPosterComputer ScienceJulian FrancoJason Sanchez, Govinda KC
Learning Biochemistry the Write Way: Writing as a Tool to Promote Conceptual UnderstandingPosterBiochemistryHannah FrankRevaLu Ronnfeldt
Self-Defeating Behaviours and Emotional IntelligencePosterPsychologyHannah Frank
Investigating Associations Between Women's Interoceptive Awareness and Sexual FunctionPosterPsychologySophia FrankKendall Poovey
Suicide Patterning in Florida’s Medical Examiner District 1: Using Geospatial Data to Inform Forensic Recoveries of Suicide ScenesPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyMichaela Franklin
Reflections on Professional Development: Interviews and Survey Data from Teachers, Professors and StaffPosterEducationFaith FraymanBrenda Morales-Flores, Zoe Ziegler
Blue Mars Initiative: Developing Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Network Models to Forecast Mesoscale Martian Weather ConditionsPosterComputer ScienceJared Frazier
Exploring the Digital Divide: Factors Related to the Use of Patient PortalsPosterNursing & Public HealthMarlie Frisco
Utilizing student nurses for peer to peer training in Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) assessmentsPosterEducationJaidyn FronzaglioShayna Lundberg, Lizabeth Kerr, Alyssa Figueiredo, Madison Flaugh, Rachael Genesi
Baseball Rhetoric Used by Politicians and Media Creating a Stronger Sense of Nationalism in the White Male American Identity During World War II PosterPolitical ScienceKaitlyn Fulmore
An Improved Magnetically Bistable Piezoelectric Energy HarvesterPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringCarolyn Fulton
Lunar South Pole to Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 1 TrajectoriesPosterPhysics/AstronomyTsutomu Futamata
Bilingualism, Argumentative Writing, and Perspective TakingPosterPsychologyAvery Gaeta
Use of CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing for Generation of Mutant Yeast for PTC ReadthroughPosterBiologyEmily GainesRyan Mancinone
Expression of CD56 in glioblastoma treated with NK cell immunotherapyPosterBiologyMadelynn Gaines
Evaluation of Physiological Traits Expressed in vitro and Effects on Plant Growth by Bacillus Endophytes PosterBiologyJewel Galloway
Titan Fire Intervention & Relief EffortsPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringRafael GalvanFareed Alhasan , Martin Ramirez , Ulises Baza , Keiri Priego
Determining the Role of Genetic Variants Linked to PIK3CA and Metabolic Regulators in Breast CancerPosterBiologyTanish Gandhi
Fulfilling the Vision of Colombia’s Gender-Inclusive Peace: the Formal Reintegration of the FARC-EP’s Ex-Combatant WomenPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesZoe Garbis
The effect of pandemic precautions on NFL ticket consumptionPosterEconomicsCaleb Garbuio
Copper Conundrum: Using Pistachio Shells to Remove Copper (II) from an Aqueous SolutionPosterChemistryNicole Garcia
Titan Energy Generation SystemPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringDominic GarciaAlbert Chavez, Benedict Tuazon, Caleb Douglas, Hassan Fawaz, Tyler Viers
Assessing the Contribution of Alternative Splicing to the Regulation of SUMO3 SUMOylation in Human CellsPosterBiologyAndrea Garcia
Are BMPs Effective? Evaluating Best Management Practices by Tracking Fish Population ResponsePosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKaitlyn Gardineer
Improved Synthetic Bioengineering Production of Polysaccharides and size-specific Oligosaccharides of Low Molecular Weight Heparosan, a Heparin PrecursorPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringVarun Garg
Correlation of Physical Activity and Nutrition with White Matter Hyperintensity ChangePosterExercise Science & NutritionGauri Garg
Toward the Synthesis of Nano-Zeolite-Templated CarbonsPosterChemistryKaitlin Garman
Separation and isolation of [6,6]-closed epoxide derivative of fullerene using semi-preparative high performance liquid chromatographyPosterChemistryMitzy Garner
Investigating Source and Quantity of Dissolved Organic Matter in Waller CreekPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityRebekah Garza
Low Cost Monitor for Global Navigation Satellite Systems PosterEngineeringBenon Gattis
Productivity Playlist: Interpolating a Musical Path Between Emotions using a KNN AlgorithmPosterComputer ScienceShaurya Gaur
Scared to Death: Hospital Images Evoke Mortality Salience PosterPsychologyKelli GausAmber Lisman
Mapping the Photoresponse of Quantum-Dot-Based Photon-Number-Resolving DetectorsPosterPhysics/AstronomyTrevor GeerdtsConnor Govin
Exploring the Performance of Different Machine Learning and Statistical Models for Time Series Forecasting of Stock Closing Prices in the Standard and Poor's (S&P) 500PosterComputer ScienceJonathan GeffrardChristian Binoya
The Role of c-Jun N-terminal Kinase (JNK) in Sea Urchin Cleavage Stage DevelopmentPosterBiologyAshley Gehris
Virginia Commonwealth University Mental Health Organizational Infrastructure: How Separation of Student Health and Counseling Services Impacts Stigma and Quality of Care for Undergraduate StudentsPosterPsychologyEmma Geisler
Calculating Effects on Snohomish River Travel Time Using Water Speed, River Discharge, and TidePosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityEleanor Geraghty
Feasibility Assessment of a Wave Energy Converter with Linear GeneratorPosterEngineeringNicole GerdesCaleb Harrison, Phadungsak Tubuntoeng, Luis Fernandez de Valderrama
3D Printed Scaffolds to Aid Against Bone DefectsPosterEngineeringKevin GhaleMohamed Samad, Mohammad Khaled
Determining the Role of PP5 in ACE2 Expression and Cell Susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2PosterBiochemistryHannah Giannini
The Evolution of Ukiyo-e: Understanding the Sociohistorical Advancement of Japanese Women Since the Edo PeriodPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesCady Gibbs
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), and β-Amyloid Accumulation: Using CCD as a Reference for the Development of AD Treatments and TherapiesPosterAnimal SciencesIsabel (Izzi) Gibbs
Re-envisioning a Residential Eating Disorder Treatment CenterPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignElizabeth Gibson
Re-envisioning a Residential Eating Disorder Treatment CenterPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignElizabeth Gibson
Biologia Molecular y Celular Para Todos: Increasing Access to Cell and Molecular Biology Through Multilingual Science ActivitiesPosterBiologyEdwin Girald
Using cBioPortal to Detect Genes Involved in Skin Melanoma PosterBiologyEdwin Girald
Differences in Psychosocial Factors and Pain Perception Between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White from the Border RegionPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMegan Giron
Analysis of Common Healthcare Conditions of Rural Medical Mission Clinics in Haiti PosterNursing & Public HealthMakenzie GirtmanJonathan Howe
Research and Documentation Study of The Founders Residence of Lawrence Technological University as a Demonstration Project for Sustainability based EducationPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignNikola Gjurchinoski
The Effects of Three Single Amino Acid Mutations in the XPD Gene on the Structure and Function of the DNA Helicase It Encodes For, and Their Role in the Development of PreeclampsiaPosterBiochemistryMackenzie Gladhill
Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead: an Analysis of Student Nurses Post-study Abroad Reflections and Perceived Future Nursing Career ImpactsPosterNursing & Public HealthKatelyn Glogowski
Assessing the Potential of Antimicrobial Blue Light and Combination Therapies to Treat and Prevent Infections Following Osseointegrated Implant TechnologyPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringRose Godfrey
Investigation of a Translatable Animal Model in Order to Understand the Etiology of Heterotopic OssificationPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringRose Godfrey
Predictors of Healthcare Utilization in Family Caregivers of Persons with a Primary Malignant Brain Tumor PosterNursing & Public HealthIsabella Goldberg
Stressed Out and Under Pressure: Decision-Making in the Healthcare Field PosterPsychologyBailee Golisch
Factors Affecting Pubertal Timing and Perceptions of Birth ControlPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAshley Gomm
Investigating the Role of TAS3 in Root Nodulation in Trifolium Pratense PosterBiologyCaleb Gooden
The Automated Pull-Force Task: An Open-Source, High-Throughput Forelimb Motor Function Assay for RodentsPosterBiologyBraxton Goodnight
Mapping the Distinctive Geography of Jewish Students at the University of Michigan in the 1930sPosterPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesJoshua Gordon
Mapping the Photoresponse of Quantum-Dot-Based Photon-Number-Resolving DetectorsPosterPhysics/AstronomyConnor Govin
Religious Influences on Climate Change Rhetoric: a Content Analysis of U.S. News MediaPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesMariana Gracia Leon
Comparing Two Measures of Relationship Quality on Systolic Blood Pressure PosterPsychologyTyler GraffMikel Cressman, Nathaniel Call, Shelby Seipert, Jordan Berrey, Wendy Birmingham
Evaluating Three Different Histological Subtypes Seen in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma in Mouse Model PosterBiologyMaggie Granatir
A Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Dissolved Oxygen in Possession Sound, WAPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityJasmin Graner
Lights, Cameras, and Indigenous Action: How Indigenous Filmmakers Are Reclaiming Their Identities in Film PosterFilm/Photography StudiesAliyah Grant
Revitalizing the Charm: Connecting Homelessness to UrbanizationPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignTyrik Grant
Gendered Media Framing of Participants in Political Violence: the Case of Women in the Palestinian IntifadasPosterPolitical ScienceKelsie Greene
Mechanistic Exploration of SmiA-Mediated Degradation of SwrA in Bacillus subtilisPosterMicrobiologyMicah Greenzweig
Measuring Connectivity Performance Thresholds for Moving Target DefensesPosterComputer ScienceNicholas Greiner
Improving Upper-Limb Prostheses Control via Optimizing sEMG Electrode Number and LocationPosterEngineeringGursirat Grewal
the Relationship Between Lucid Dreaming, Dream Emotion, and Morning Mood Via LIWC AnalysisPosterPsychologyAlam Grewal
Speech Language Pathologists and Comfortability of Treating Emotional Needs of Patients with Aphasia PosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyCharlotte Griffith
Hiv/Aids and the Virgin Cleansing Myth in South AfricaPosterGlobal HealthTatjana Groenewald
Analysis of Environment and Behavior on Heart Health in UkrainePosterGlobal HealthMadysen Gromer
Moving Towards the Binding Mechanism of Arylazothioformamide Ligand ComplexesPosterChemistryVincent Groner
The Lethal Effects of Herbicides and Herbicide Residues on the Agriculturally Important Wolf Spider Pardosa milvinaPosterEcologyTyler GrossRachel Morehouse, Joe'l Morris, Sara Nicola, Kevin Rainey, Aaron Romano, Washko Jordan
Chronic Exposure to Herbicides and Herbicide Residues Influences the Weight and Feeding Behavior of the Wolf Spider Pardosa milvinaPosterEcologyTyler GrossRachel Morehouse, Joe'l Morris, Sara Nicola, Kevin Rainey, Aaron Romano, Jordan Washko
Fatty Acid Kinase Structure and Function Relationships PosterBiologyHannah Gross
The Role of RNF216 in NeuroinflammationPosterBiologyDustin Grossman
The Effects of Thiamethoxam on Bombus impatiens Foraging EfficiencyPosterEcologyEmma Grover
Removal of Palladium Ions from Polluted WaterPosterChemistryCaleb GuerraNicholas Spader
Trace Metals and Specific Conductivity Associated with Land Use and Geology in Central AppalachiaPosterGeography/GeologyRachel Guevara
I will do anything to be in the group: Personal control moderates the effect of the need to belong on in-group aggressionPosterPsychologyDavid Guirgus
Sugar Plantations and the Roots of the Haitian RevolutionPosterHistoryKentz Gustave
A Fungal-Bacterial Bioreactor: Multi-Domain Biofilm Defacement of Building MaterialsPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringGretchen Gutenberger
Landmark-guided T-maze Learning in the Wolf Spider Tigrosa helluoPosterBiologyTiffany Guth
Harmonic excitation approach to determine system identification of a mannequinPosterEngineeringMarco GutierrezMarco Gutierrez, Chan Chang
Visualizing Autophagy in Nutrient Starved Cells Via Transfection of an LC3 Dual Fluorescence PlasmidPosterBiologyBryan GutmanRenee Saneholtz
Beating Google Captcha with Artificial IntelligencePosterComputer ScienceJohn HaagZach Kovalenko, Thomas Shear
Social and Emotional Ramifications of Having a Sibling with a Disability PosterSocial Work & Human ServicesShana Haas
Mood Induction in the Wild: Examination of a Brief and Mobile Negative Affect Induction for Use in Psychobiological and Field ResearchPosterPsychologyMohammad Habib
Species-specific Differences in Retinal Aii Cell ConnectivityPosterBiologyOlivia Haddadin
Human-Computer Interactions Between Behavioral Health Applications and Native American AdolescentsPosterComputer ScienceShelby Hagemann
The Synthesis and Modeling of Carbon-linked Glycopeptides with Observed Incorporation into a Salivary Protein (Mucin 7) Polypeptide Subunit as Glycosylation-based AntigensPosterChemistryTanner Hahn
Yes or No, Does Pitch Matter? Modeling the Conditions for Meaning in Polar QuestionsPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesCristina Hain
Development of Coarse-Grained Bulk Water Model Using New Hybrid Coarse-Graining ApproachPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAustin Haley
Effect of Adolescent Binge-Like Alcohol Exposure on Adult Alcohol Consumption in Sprague Dawley RatsPosterPsychologyUsman Hamid
Ahjah Hamilton: How Racism and Discrimination in the Literary Canon Effect American EducationPosterEducationAhjah Hamilton
Determining Optical Transmittance Spectra of 3D Printing MaterialsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringShannon Hamp
A Model and Design for Automated Honeypot DetectionPosterComputer ScienceAshlyn HanksChristos Haramis, Timothy Beal
Little Napoleons: Napoleon Worship in 19th Century LiteraturePosterEnglish & LiteraturePaul Hanna
Using Glycopolymers to Study the Role of Galectin-3 in Cancer Progressions for Applications in Ovarian CancerPosterBiochemistrySamantha Hansen
A Systematic Review: Curriculum-based Language Interventions for Students with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)PosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyKaelyn Hanson
Does Negative Affect Mediate the Association Between Maternal Depression and Child Coping?PosterPsychologyFarah Harb
Development of a Kinase Translocation Reporter Assay for High-Throughput Screening of Novel PAK1 InhibitorsPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringDavid Harbaugh
Antibiotic Potential of Flathead Fungi & FloraPosterMicrobiologyEthan HarboTeri Ridenour, Kate Smith
Investigating the link between pH regulation and membrane trafficking in Cryptococcus neoformans.PosterBiologyAllyson Hardin
Assessing Condition of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) and Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in Pennsylvania StreamsPosterEcologyRebecca Harner
Who Owns the Forests?: Public Land Acquisition and Conservation in FloridaPosterEconomicsMolly Harnish
[Insert Your Name Here]: Stigma Management in Self-Insert Mass Murderer FanfictionPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesJasmine Harrell
Design and Characterization of Micro-grooving on Flow Diverting Stent PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringSeth Harriet
Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of PCL Flow Diverters PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringSeth Harriet
Elucidating Mechanisms Involved in Hydroxyurea-Mediated Reduction in Red-Cell Endothelial Interactions in Sickle Cell DiseasePosterBiochemistryKimera Harris
AbstractPosterEconomicsAlayzia Harris
Exchange of the Magnesium Ion in Chlorophyll by a Transition MetalPosterChemistryDouglas Harris
Associations Between Past Incidents of Child Abuse and Problematic Drinking and Risky Behavior PosterPsychologyEvelyn Harrison
Reactivity and Recyclability of Immobilized Engineered Sperm Whale Myoglobin Containing E. Coli Cell Beads in Aqueous and Deep Eutectic SolventsPosterChemistryNathan HartKhyati Patel
Anti-tumor Properties of Chalcone DerivativesPosterChemistrySierra Hart
Size Engineering of Metal-Organic Framework MIL-101(Cr) for CO2 AdsorptionPosterChemistryJulia Hart
Development of a general method to assay deubiquitinase activitiesPosterChemistryTeagen HartleyTeagen Hartley, Jordan Brooks, Olivia Clarke, Aidan Baker, Eden Erazua, Vincent Leahy
Silymarin Complex as a Potential Drug Formulation for Intestinal Track Inflammatory Diseases PosterChemistryAmelia HartnettJohn Veracka, Siddarth Kesharwani
Molecular Mechanism of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Prairie Turnip (Psoralea esculenta), Extract Treated Human MacrophagesPosterBiologyFaith HarveyGrace Bybee
Problematic Alcohol Consumption in College Students During a Pandemic PosterPsychologyLauren Haus
Design, Development, and Characterization of 3D-Printed Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone PolymerPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringTyler HawleyAditya Pulipaka
Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Traffic Flows, with Consideration of Data Privacy PrinciplesPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesSheila Hayati
Raising Aquatic Vertebrates in Impaired Waters Causes a Mis-expression of Genes Leading to Developmental MalformationsPosterBiologyCecily HayekDorian Tignor
Relationships of California Floristic Province Menthinae (Lamiaceae)PosterPlant SciencesMallory Hays
Detection and Identification of Bartonella Henselae Present in Ixodes Scapularis Ticks Within Plymouth CountyPosterBiologyDiane Heath
Moderating Role of CSR Initiatives and Team Net Worth on Consumer Authenticity Perceptions of Professional Sports LeaguePosterBusinessKylee Hebert
Optical Coherence Tomography Graphical User Interface using LabviewPosterEngineeringAlex Hebert
Retrospective Analysis of Porcine Circovirus 2 and Porcine Circovirus 3 in the U.S. Swine IndustryPosterAnimal SciencesChrista Heffern
a Population Genomics Approach to Understanding the Role of Indigenous Foragers in the Distribution and Genetic Diversity of an Australian Wild Bush Tomato (Solanum Diversflorum)PosterPlant SciencesJeffrey Heim
Wilderness Therapy as an Intervention for At-Risk Youth: A Pilot Study of Treatment Mechanisms and Program EffectivenessPosterPsychologyMorgan HeimbignerCali Caughie -
Phoebe Bean -
Samantha Russell -
Madison Goldstein -
Structure and Dynamics of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 - bound Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2: Insight into the Role of a Conserved Disulfide PosterBiochemistryTiffany HeinzenAlyssa Huelsbeck
The Silent Crisis: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and the Effort to Bring Awareness PosterNative American StudiesKayleigh HeisterKatherine Ryan
The Changing Status of Prostitution Within the Thought of the Medieval ChurchPosterHistoryKayleigh Heister
Complexes of Aggrecan and Hyaluronic Acid Determine Structural Properties of Soft TissuePosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringZina Helal
Eliminating Plastic Wastes - Using Thermophiles in the Bioconversion of Pre-treated Plastic WastesPosterMicrobiologyAshlyn Hemmah
The Relationship Between Feelings of Discrimination, Binge Drinking, and Suicidal Ideation in Minority College StudentsPosterNursing & Public HealthMorgann Hendrixson
The Relationship Between Racial and Sexual Identity and Suicidal Ideation Among College Students Who Binge DrinkPosterNursing & Public HealthMorgann Hendrixson
Exploration of Aurone System in Mercury SensingPosterChemistryKoda Hengstenberg
Equitable Obstacle RacePosterArchitecture & Interior DesignRebecca HenningsFarli Boden, Atticus Cummings, Henry Weaver, Eleanor Bernard, Madelyn Townsend
Style Paper: the Mysterious OlmecPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJesus Hernandez
Use of a Portable XRF to Map Elemental Composition Responsible for Coloration in New Mexico QuartzesPosterChemistryJordan HernandezVictor French
Molecular Phylogeny of a Potential New Species in Rhipidocladum, a Genus of Mexican Woody BambooPosterBiologyAriana Hernandez
Immunological Response to the Influenza VaccinePosterBiologyEmiliano HernándezJulia Wellham
Evolutionary Blooming of RNAiPosterBiologyClaudia Hernandez-Chavez
Iron/Cobalt-Based Ferrofluids for hyperthermia applicationsPosterPhysics/AstronomyKent Hess
Assessing Cortical Dopamine Transmission in a Genetic Rat Model of ADHDPosterPsychologyCarina Hicks
"Save Our Red River": a Historical Analysis of the Methods Used by Environmentalists to Preserve the Red River Gorge in Kentucky PosterHistoryClaire Hilbrecht
Deep-Seated Individual Interest Regarding the Underrepresented Topic of Arts in HealthPosterNursing & Public HealthSara Hildreth
The effects of sociocultural factors on body image in Division III female collegiate athletesPosterPsychologyNaomi Hill
Contrast and ControversyPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJerod Hill
The Generational Flow of Imagery in Aztec Art and DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJerod Hill
Music as Motivation for Language-Learning: a Survey of Undergraduate Language LearnersPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesHenry Hinchey
A Comprehensive Examination of the Wind River Range: Does Hybridization Effect Dietary Partitioning?PosterBiologyRebecca Hinds
Mark V , Greenville's "Sound of the South" StudioPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesJack Hines
Impact of Free, Locally Sourced Lunch Program on Food Insecurity and Stress Reduction Among College StudentsPosterExercise Science & NutritionJordan Hinton
How prepared are you? Analyzing the perceptions and preparedness of severe weather at the University of Wisconsin-WhitewaterPosterGeography/GeologyPayton Hintz
Chronic Pain and Hazardous Alcohol Consumption Are Associated with Mitochondrial DNA Damage in People Living with HIV PosterPsychologyMichael Ho
DBD Plasma Jet Characterization Using Plasma Luminosity and Emission Spectroscopy PosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringKathy HoangBhavya Bellannagari, Raghav Murthy, Shivani Kota, Hiral Mehta
Bats and Rats: Evolutionary Implications and Hindlimb Development PosterBiologyTara Hobbs
Differing Effects of Financial Incentives on Residential Solar Panel InstallationsPosterEconomicsZoe Hobbs
Changing Needs of Inclusion and Diversity Training in Non-Profit Organizations: Assessing Modes of Delivery and Content in Response to Current Events and Trends PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAbigail Hoekman
Utilizing Art for Indigenous Self-Determination: the Case for Seventh Native American GenerationPosterSociologyLillianna Hoffman
Horus: a Sojourn-Centric Dynamic HoneypotPosterComputer ScienceKyle HoffpauirNathan Markle
“Fantasy and reality distinction in children”PosterPsychologySarah Hohl
Enhancing the Biosynthesis of Antibiotic Compounds from Soil-Derived Bacillus Using Co-Culturing Techniques PosterMicrobiologyAndrew Hoium
Comparative study of humic acids from soils and from leavesPosterChemistryMaliea HoldenChristopher Spiller
From Community Control to School Choice: Two Decades of School Reform in New York CityPosterHistoryClaire HollemanMalaya Jules, Annie Langan
Using Hasse Diagrams to Compute a Gradient Vector FieldPosterComputer ScienceBenjamin Holmgren
Interstate Adoption: Does Openness Influence a Birth Mother’s Decision to Use an Out-of-state Adoption Agency?PosterSocial Work & Human ServicesLiz Homez Gonzalez
Elucidating the Reaction Mechanism of HMF Electrooxidation to FDCA via Kinetic Studies on Shape-Controlled Platinum NanocatalystsPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringNina Hooper
Isolation of Circulating Lung Tumor Endothelial Cells Using MicrofluidicPosterBiologyJacob Hooper
Exploring the Compounding Effects of Common Pesticides  on Freshwater MicrobiomesPosterEcologyGabriel HooperNathan Edmondson, John Hoverson, Mark Fischer
The Impact of Student Recreational Facilities Use on Student PersistencePosterEducationHayden Hoopes
Phantom Limb Pain Strap: Monitoring and Mitigating PLP using a Unique Treatment Development ApproachPosterEngineeringAlexis HopkinsDina Dragoljic, Camara Casson, Angel Collins, Marissa Jordan
Learning by Doing: Composing a SymphonyPosterMusicTaylor Hosek
Mapping of Microbial Populations and Antibiotic Resistance Across Surface Water Along the Catawba River BasinPosterBiologySavannah HouserAlexander Dellinger, Callahan Abernathy, Prem Gandhi
Analysis of Stenosed Region in Artery with Its Association to Velocity and Pressure Gradient PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringJordan HouseworthDurwash Badr
Analyzing Balanced Reduction/Oxidation Status in Liver Cells Under Extreme Stresses with Vector-Mediated Genome-editingPosterBiologyJulia Houston
Contrasting Approaches to the Improvement of Cattle Ranching in ColombiaPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityIsabel Hoyos Arango
Assessing Nurses’ Knowledge of the Care of Clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder Seeking Treatment in the Emergency Department: A Mixed Methods StudyPosterNursing & Public HealthAlexa Hromyak
Viewer Perceptions of Emotions in Racially Diverse Animated Film MediaPosterPsychologyCarmen Huang
Determination of the Role of Cofilin1 in Rod PhotoreceptorsPosterBiologySeth Hubbard
A Study of Vowel Lengthening in Modern FarsiPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesJacqueline Hubbard
Spanish Lessons: The Translation of Sally McKeanPosterHistoryLauren Huber
Exercise, Health, and Respiratory Infections, Including COVID-19PosterNursing & Public HealthKylie Huesman
Comparison of Proliferation Marker Expression in Napabucasin and APX2009 Treated Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath TumorsPosterBiologyEmily Hulsey
the Influence of Online Advertisements on Consumer BehaviorPosterPsychologyHaley Hunter
Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of Double Façades to Mitigate Wind-Induced Effects on Tall BuildingsPosterCivil EngineeringMichael Huntley
How Does the Inhibition of Aquaporin 3b Affect the Calcium Signals Transmitted in the Neural Plate of Xenopus laevis Embryos?PosterBiologyZachary Hurt
Faunal Remains from the Bergstrom Site (24JT0893): A Late Prehistoric Bison Kill in Central MontanaPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyTristan Huxtable
Gamma Band Activity is Decreased in an Animal Model of SchizophreniaPosterBiologyAnh Huynh
Relationship Between Pre-Existing Depressive Symptoms and General COVID-19 Related Stress Levels Among Adoptive ParentsPosterPsychologySu Jin Hwang
Plant-associated Bacteria Compete Differently on Diverse Media Sources PosterMicrobiologyThomas Hyde
Cultural Cognition: Mouse Tracking Reveals the Impact of Cultural Differences on Taxonomic and Thematic RelationsPosterPsychologyPaola Ibarra
Identification of Mosquitoes in Oklahoma PosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityRaul Iglesias
Molecular dynamic simulation and analysis of PEA-15 complexes with ERK2 and FADDPosterBiochemistryJoyce Ikedife
Barriers to Breastfeeding for Low-Income African American Mothers PosterNursing & Public HealthCarmel Iman
Using Surface Plasmon Resonance to Measure Cooperative Binding of DNAPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringZachary Imel
Empowering the Planet: How the Empowerment of Women and Girls Is Vital to InnovationPosterEnglish & LiteratureElsa Ingwersen
PI3K Subunits in the Rat Supraoptic NucleusPosterBiologyRiley IrmenZaynab Said, Duong Nguyen
Identifying Collateral Sensitivity Networks and Associated Genetic Markers in Burkholderia SpeciesPosterBiologyENOSH ISHMAN
Fission Yeast Polycystin Pkd2p Promotes Cell Growth Synergistically with the MOR PathwayPosterBiologyDenisa Ivan
Organometallic MRI Contrast AgentsPosterChemistryMarrissa IzykowiczMelanie Staszewski
Validating a microbiopsy sampling technique for morphological analysis of human musclesPosterBiologyMelody Jabbari
The HBCU and PWI Unemployment Study: Are Our Grads in Demand?PosterDiversity StudiesCory Jackson
Slaughter of the InnocentsPosterBusinessJustice Jackson
Depressive Symptoms Help Explain the Relationship Between Experiences of Discrimination and Insomnia Symptoms PosterPsychologyBethaney Jackson
Assessment of the Loss of Pre-Veterinary Experiences Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Towards a Competitive DVM Application PosterAnimal SciencesBryson JacobsFaith Church
Student Perception of COVID-19PosterPsychologyAngel JaimesEmily Pollack, Jordyn Jackson, Josiah Takang, Katy Chon, Sage Dombrowski
Community Incarceration: Economic and Sociological Impact PosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeSadiyo JamaSoraya Dorvilier
Comparing Small Mammal Communities on Remnant and Restored Prairies with a Special Emphasis on Rare Species PosterEcologyFaith JamesOlivia Vergin, Faith James, Peyton Lehman
Small Crustaceans, Big Implications: Anthropogenic Impacts of Propeller Scars on Floridian Seagrass EcosystemsPosterEcologyFaith JamesFaith James, Ingrid Jacobson
Scolytinae Species Distribution Across an Elevational Gradient in the Talamanca Mountains, Costa RicaPosterBiologyNatalie James
Bonnie in the Boy's ClubPosterArt History & Visual ArtsKarly James
Effects of Heterogeneity for Continuous, Binary and Correlational Data Meta-Analysis Using MATLABPosterComputer ScienceMohammad JamilAditya Jaiswal, Sridharan Pariyangat, Rohith Sunil, Sohail Zaidi
Analysis of the Synergistic Epidemic of Arboviruses and Coronavirus Disease in BrazilPosterBiologyGabriela Jansen
PV Panel Loading and Surface TemperaturePosterPhysics/AstronomyJosef JaramilloCorey Sanchez
Associations Between Parental Perception of Neighborhood Safety and Behavioral Inhibition Behaviors Among Emerging AdolescentsPosterPsychologyJocelyn JarvisRyan Sullivan
Synthesis of Cubical and Star-shaped Calcium Carbonate Microparticles and Their Effect on Nile Blue Dye LoadingPosterChemistryLuke Jaskowski
Implementation of Auxotrophic Gene Complementation in Asaia bogorensis to Ensure Plasmid Stability in the FieldPosterBiologySumer Jasmine
How Do the Gender and Race/Ethnicity of Healthcare Providers Impact Quality of Care and Health Disparities?PosterNursing & Public HealthMaygui Jean
The Role of the HPV L2 C-terminus Cationic Region in Endosomal Membrane Destabilization and vDNA TraffickingPosterMicrobiologyAdvait Jeevanandam
The Relationship Among Depression, Anxiety, Perceived Stress, and Susceptibility to IllnessPosterPsychologyJazzmyne Jefferson
Graph Theoretical Analysis of the Default Mode Network in Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease: An fMRI ProjectPosterPsychologyCarter Jenkins
Examining Spatial Differences in pH with Variables of Snohomish River EstuaryPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilitySophie Jenness
Acoustic Stability of Lipid-Shelled Microbubbles on Weekly ScalePosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringDaniella Jimenez
Obesity-associated Leptin Concentrations Inhibit Chemotherapeutic Drug, Panobinostat, and Induced Death in Myeloma Cell LinesPosterBiologyRenshal Joaquin
Access to Healthcare Resources Via a Virtual Voice AssistantPosterComputer ScienceJoan John
Characterization of Photon Antibunching in Semiconductor NanostructuresPosterPhysics/AstronomyCory Johns
The Impact of Genetic Manipulation on the Virulence of Listeria monocytogenes Strains PosterMicrobiologyHaley Johnson
Exploring the Relationship Between Sleep and Body Composition in Healthy Adult Females in North DakotaPosterExercise Science & NutritionZachary Johnson
The Effects of Social Media Use and Content on Self-Esteem and Perceived Physical Appearance in College StudentsPosterPsychologyCatherine Johnson
Spatial Skills in Undergraduate General Education Math: An Investigation​PosterEducationMagnolia Johnson
An Energetic View of Membrane Water Permeability: Effect of Caffeine and CholesterolPosterChemistryTavis Johnson
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Implications in Cancer DevelopmentPosterMicrobiologyMegan JohnsonMia Damiano -
Alyssa Davenport -
Savannah Finley -
Time and Location Correlation of Downward Leading Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes Observed by the Telescope Array Surface Detector and Upward Leading Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes and Transient Luminous Events Detected by the Atmospheric-Space Interactions PosterPhysics/AstronomyHans Johnson
Biomaterial printerPosterEngineeringRiley JohnsonRiley Johnson, David Yang, Nicholas Umling, Jeff Albriton, Levi Johnson, Nazmul Ahsahn, Cameron Lewis
Muscle Development and Injuries in Full Time MusiciansPosterMusicKarli Johnson
Design and Construction of a Modular SpectrometerPosterChemistryRyan JohnsonMason DeVries
From Plagues and Flus to Covid-19; an Expose on Human Response to the Spread of DiseasePosterInterdisciplinary StudiesMelanie Johnson
A Validation of Failure Modes and Yield Accelerations of Rock Blocks Subjected to Seismic LoadsPosterEngineeringFrankie Johnston
Rates of Water Loss and Absorption in Stick Insect EggsPosterEcologyGarret Jolma
Detection of Post-Translation Modifications of Tau Protein in Alzheimer's Disease Using a Phage Display ApproachPosterBiologyStephanie Jones
Bioinformatics Approach to Understand the Dynamics of Mms21 SUMO Ligase and Sumoylated Protein ComplexesPosterBiologyEmily Jones
Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Native American Women: A Model for Restructuring Maternal Health Care SystemsPosterNative American StudiesKameron Jones
Arabic Calligraphy: Typographic ExcellencePosterArt History & Visual ArtsShaliyah Jones
Growth and Structural Properties of Heterostructure of (110)-oriented YBa2Cu3O7 Superconductor and (110)-oriented PrBa2(Cu0.8Ga0.2)3O7 Electrical InsulatorPosterPhysics/AstronomyJulia Jones
Investigation of Photophysics of Fluorescent Dyes in Graphene Oxide Nanocolloids in Reverse Micellar EnvironmentsPosterChemistryWilliam Jones
Species-Specific Capture-Mark-Recapture Analysis of Individuals in a Small Mammal CommunityPosterMathematicsBenjamin Jones
Life Microinsurance: a Mechanism for Uninsured Canadian Households to Deal with the Expenses of a Sudden DeathPosterEconomicsAaliah Joseph
Extracellular Vesicles Containing Innate Mitochondria Are a Promising Tool for Increasing Cellular ATP Levels in Ischemic Brain Endothelial CellsPosterBiochemistryGina Joy
The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Air Quality and Transportation Patterns in FloridaPosterCivil EngineeringMariel JuddTate Grant
Determining the Expression Pattern of Contactin-3 (CNTN3), a Candidate Regulator of Neural Crest and Ocular DevelopmentPosterBiologyEllie Julson
Abre los ojos: a Socio-Political Analysis of Spanish Horror FilmsPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesSophia Kachur
Determining the Orientation of the Large Magellanic Cloud's Stellar Disk Using Gaia ParallaxesPosterPhysics/AstronomyMadison Kadrmas
Waste to Resource: Coal Fly Ash BeneficiationPosterCivil EngineeringDimitrios Kakaris Porter
Computational Investigation of Substrate Dependence of the Suzuki Coupling Reaction in Medicinal ChemistryPosterBiochemistryKaran KaliaHannah Bethman, Michelle De Angelis
Historical Loss: Implications for Health of American Indians in the Blackfeet Community PosterPsychologyTaylor Kampf
Associating Access to Mental Health Resources with Anxiety Levels in the API Population Attending Community Health FairsPosterNursing & Public HealthIris KangKristy Lin, Matthew Tsai, Elaine Zheng, Ly Nguyen, Alexis Duke
Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber Laminate in Elevated Temperatures PosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringJeffrey Kangas
Covid-19 Preventative Airport TerminalPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignKelsi Kanoy
Designing Ge-N Donor Acceptor Complexes That Change Structure in Solid-State or in Solution PosterChemistryKeisha Kappel
Biological Analysis of Glutathione Attached Fiber for Potential Skin Graft GenerationPosterBiologyKarim Kari
Effective Measurement and Intervention of Adolescent Stress Levels with Social Robots PosterComputer ScienceRaida Karim
Microblogs: Possible Tools in Accessing Health Care InformationPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAnup Kathet
Histone deacetylase 8 (I94T)PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringKhushmeet Kathuria
Coordination and Reductive Cleavage of S-adenosylmethionine by [4Fe-4S]-MaquettesPosterBiochemistryKatherine Kaul
“Men of the Hills”: Examining Past Philanthropic Organizing in Central Kentucky and Its Portrayal of AppalachiaPosterSociologyEmily Keaton
Chemogenetics orexin/hypocretin intervention ameliorates Hipp-dependant memory imparment in A53T mice model of Parkinson's diseasePosterBiologyNaol Kebede
Post-Pandemic Urban LivingPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignAusten Keever
An Experimental Study of Graphene-Based Conductive Ink for Inkjet-Printable ElectronicsPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringWilliam KehoeHayden Qualls
New Azhdarchid Pterosaur Material from the Campanian Two Medicine Formation of Northwestern MontanaPosterGeography/GeologyLauren Keller
Ambisonics in Theater Sound Design: An Exploration in Spatializing Audio Through Ambisonics TechnologyPosterTheatre/DramaEmma Kellermann
Analysis of Active Site Mutation in Casein Kinase 2 Involved in Okur-Chung’s NeuropathyPosterBiochemistryDevin Kelly
Nocturia Is an Unrecognized Symptom of Obstructive Sleep ApneaPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentSara KellyTaylor Kerstetter
Developing the Perfect Fit: Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for Anti-cancer, Neurological and Autoimmune TherapiesPosterBiochemistryAyanna KempArrington Moses, Kelsey Glasper, Kennedi Fitts, Brandon James, Liam Goldman, Xavier May, Shana Stoddard
Microfossils in Mercer Subglacial LakePosterGeography/GeologyMeaghan Kendall
The Application of Relativism in the Judicial System: An Argument for a Jury of Cultural Peers PosterPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesAnthony Kennedy
The Disruption of Education Due to Covid-19PosterEducationAnthony Kennedy
Preparation and Application of Nanoparticle-Oligonucleotide AggregatesPosterChemistryAshley Kennedy
Breaking Down Business Barriers: The Theory of Planned Behaviour and Employing People with DisabilitiesPosterPsychologyLiam KenneyKimberly Nakahara, Natasha Ladouceur
Kinetic Study for Adsorption of Cu2+ onto Modified and Unmodified Peanut HullsPosterChemistrySusan Kenny
Utilizing the Five Factor Model of Personality to Analyze Character Activism in Richard Powers’ The OverstoryPosterEnglish & LiteratureDonovan Kent
Quantifying Sources of Error in Estimating Water Availability Using Hydrologic Modeling Under Retrospective Climate ChangePosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityPatricia Kernan
Unrecognized Obstructive Sleep ApneaPosterNursing & Public HealthTaylor Kerstetter
Quasi-stationary evolution of HMNS with exotic EoSPosterPhysics/AstronomySanika KhadkikarChatrik Mangat
Real-Time Mobility Assistance for the Legally BlindPosterComputer ScienceRaunak Khaitan
Muon Identification at Muon Endcap Sub-detector of CMS DetectorPosterPhysics/AstronomySadokat Khakimova
A Covid-19 Word Cloud Map based on Twitter PosterComputer ScienceUmaid Ali Khalid
Function of Onset Timing in White-handed Gibbon (Hylobates lar) CommunicationPosterBiologyAzniv Khaligian
The Intersectionality between Religion and Sexuality: A Qualitative Study of Young Muslim Students ExperiencesPosterPsychologySahar Khanpour
The Relationship Between Big Five Personality Traits and COVID-19 Guideline CompliancePosterPsychologyPatrick KiellyShannon Hayes, Christopher Woolford, Ty Nelson
Student Anxiety About Mass ShootingsPosterPsychologyPatrick KiellyAngel Jaimes, Madison Wilcox
Effect of the Myeloperoxidase Enzyme on Protein Tissue Oxidation and Its Possible Implications in the Pathology of Rheumatoid Arthritis PosterBiochemistrySavannah Kile
Running Kinematics Analysis of Collegiate Long Distance Runners with a History of Iliotibial Band SyndromePosterExercise Science & NutritionD'Artagnan Kilgore
Text analysis of Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Adolescents and Young AdultsPosterNursing & Public HealthJulianne Kimmel
Notating Philosophical Suicide: Absurdist Realization and the Works of John CagePosterMusicSarah Kindley
Assessing Risk Factors of Sexual Assault Victimization on College Campuses PosterSociologyWren King
The Role of Tricornered in the Development of Glia in the Nervous System PosterBiologyAndrea KirincicAndrea Kirincic
Toxic Cyanobacteria IdentificationPosterBiologyNatalie KirkbrideSarah Jansen, Vinny Sanchez, Lizette Zavala
Resilience to Freshwater Quality and Usage Across the USAPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityHalie Kish
An Analysis of Florida Fighting Conch Tissue for the Presence of MicroplasticsPosterEcologyJordan Kleinschmidt
The Sea as a Connecting Force: Greek Seafarers and Indigenous Women Negotiating a Colonial Middle Ground PosterAnthropology & ArcheologyHannah Kloster
Foster Care Risk of Incarceration PosterSocial Work & Human ServicesBertha Knight
The Impact of a Compassionate Love Writing Intervention on State Attachment to GodPosterPsychologyKaitlyn Knight
Marketing Research and Plan for Castle Island Bilingual MontessoriPosterBusinessHarriet Koblenzer
Characterization of the In Vivo Effects of Alpha-Synuclein Preformed Fibrils on Mouse Brain MitochondriaPosterAnimal SciencesSindhu Komaragiri
Lumbar ResonancePosterEngineeringLukas Korn
Early Developmental Concerns in 22q11.2 Deletion and Duplication CarriersPosterPsychologyEve Kortanek
The Effectiveness of Incredible Years on Preschoolers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Systematic Literature ReviewPosterPsychologyTianna KortmanTatum Steele
Genomics in Pleistocene Park: On the Internal Causes Driving ExtinctionPosterBiologyJacob Kostecke
Microplastics in the aquatic and terrestrial environments of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area WildernessPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityReed KostelnyThomas Adams, Megan Vaillancourt, Monica Dickson
Improved Outer Boundary Conditions for Error Reduction in Computer Simulated Gravitational Wave SignalsPosterPhysics/AstronomyTim Kostersitz
Wearable Biosensor for Monitoring of Inflammatory Biomarkers from Eccrine SweatPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringAashay Kothari
Germany’s Transition to Hydrogen Energy in Heavy Industry SectorsPosterBusinessOlja Kovacevic
Inertial Confinement Fusion as a Tool to Study Fundamental Nuclear SciencePosterPhysics/AstronomyTyler Kowalewski
Cloning and Characterization of CRISP Transcripts from Snake VenomPosterBiologyPaulina Kowalski
Sex Differences in Ethanol Addiction Using a Novel Self-Adminstered Behavioral Paradigm in MicePosterBiologyPaulina KozanErick Alvarado, Mikayla Zobeck, Vanessa Sauer
Communication, Planning, and Self Care: Examining the Gendered Aspect of Coping with Work Family Conflict Among Parents and Childfree IndividualsPosterSociologyRanya Krayem
Simplifying the Integer Linear Program Model in SimCCSPosterComputer ScienceAnne Kreeck
Disparities in Healthcare and More Equitable ApproachesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentLynn Krieger
Identifying and Understanding the Function of CRISPR Leader-Repeat SequencesPosterMicrobiologyPushya Krishna
On the Colour of Fountain Pen InksPosterChemistryKaitlin KrivakCarlos Romero -
Investigation of the Thickness of Model Cell Membranes by Electrophysiological MeasurementPosterBiochemistryMichael KrmicJoseph Giancaspro
Analysis of Plant Height in Zea maysPosterBiologyChase Krug
Artificial Intelligence in a competitive robotics competitionPosterComputer ScienceJonathan KrummenacherMicheal Jones
Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Emotion Regulation Efficacy: The Role of Interpersonal Trust and AnxietyPosterPsychologyLauren Kubic
SWITCH-Laos: Power systems investment planning for economic and geopolitical resilience in LaosPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityAaditee KudrimotiNatalie Fedorova
Welfare Gains of Auto-IRAs: a Theoretical InvestigationPosterEconomicsPooja Kumar
Effects of Kyoto Protocol on Country-level GDP per capitaPosterPolitical ScienceSommer Kunstmann
Characterization of Self-assembled Phenylalanine High Ordered AggregatesPosterBiochemistryGabriel Kupovics
Progress Towards the Development of an in Vitro Assay to Study the Effect of Essential Oils on Inflamed Intestinal CellsPosterBiochemistryKyli Kurtenbach
A Survey of Veterinarian Recommendations and Attitudes Towards Spay and Neuter in North CarolinaPosterAnimal SciencesMadelaine KuwadaHaley Cook, Talia Brooks
Quantifying Crystal Defect Densities in Rare-Earth-Doped Crystals by Gravimetric AnalysisPosterPhysics/AstronomyRobert Kwapisz
Exploring Mites on LemursPosterBiologyTaeim KwonMichelle Mayakis
Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies to Probe the Impact of Oxidative Stress on the Binding of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein to Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme IIPosterBiochemistryBethany LaatschHarrison Lowater, Carl Fossum, Alex Narkiewicz-Jodko
Creating Hysteria: The Influence of News Media over Consumption Behavior during COVID-19 pandemic PosterEconomicsIsabelle LaBianco
MEDkit: Modular Emergency DeploymentPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignChristian Ladefoged
The Effect of Cadence on Total Push-up Repetitions in College StudentsPosterExercise Science & NutritionKworweinski Lafontant
Disparities in the German Education System: Causes and Impacts on Turkish Student AchievementPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesMackenzie Lamb
Energy Recovery from Distillery Spillage and Brokerage Waste Via Anaerobic TreatmentPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringAbby Lamborn
Ovulation Is Inhibited by Exposure to an Environmentally Relevant Phthalate Mixture via Disrupted Progesterone Production in Mouse Antral Follicles In Vitro. PosterBiologyKatie Land
The Role of Chronic Caffeine Administration on Major Depressive Symptoms in Long Evans RatsPosterPsychologyLucy LandaetaDan Roever
Visualization of Sentiments for Covid-19 Mask UsagePosterComputer ScienceEric LandaverdeShivam Patel
Julia Language 1.1 Ephemeris Reader and Gravitational Modeling Program for Solar System Bodies PosterEngineeringParker Landon
Shoreline Erosion of Canyon Ferry Reservoir, Helena, MontanaPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityDavid Lange
Reciprocal Mediating Effects of Team Cohesion and Team Performance in the Relationship with TrustPosterBusinessMitchell Lanzl
The Impact of Motivational Book Reading on Attitude Changes: Mediating Role of Emotional IntelligencePosterPsychologyMitchell Lanzl
Queer, Muslim, and Maghrebi: Intersectional Analysis of Immigrant Women in Contemporary FrancePosterAnthropology & ArcheologyTrinidad Lara
Detection of Tuberculosis Associated Breath Biomarkers Via Engineered Electroactive SolutionsPosterEngineeringShaylee Larson
Lithic Debitage Analysis at the Louisville Swamp SitePosterAnthropology & ArcheologyEva LarsonHannah Bergene
An Investigation of the Effect of Specimen Size on the Tricuspid Valve Leaflet Biaxial Mechanical Response PosterEngineeringHunter LauBrennan Mullins
Stressful Life Events: Risk Factors for Poor Breastfeeding OutcomesPosterNursing & Public HealthCharlotte Laubacher
EEG and Alertness: Evaluating Non-Invasive Objective Measures of Fatigue in Medical Students PosterPsychologyMeagan Lauber
The Global Drug Market’s Impact on Baltimore City PosterPolitical ScienceLewis Laury, Jr.
Deconstructing the Myth of La Dolce Vita: an Analysis of Italian Women’s Disparity in Southern ItalyPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesEmilie LaVoie-Ingram
Wearable Sensors to HealthcarePosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringCara LawrenceSatyajit Arcot, Ankitha Seelam
Effects of Invasional Meltdown on Community Structure in Marine EcosystemsPosterBiologyKate Lazzeri
How Does Environmental Temperature Effect Eczema?PosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityKathy Le