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Subject: Agriculture & Extension

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Integrating IoT Sensing Technology into Indoor Agriculture Design OralAgriculture & ExtensionAbraham Alvarez Garcia
Effect of switch trimming on fly avoidance behaviors, udder cleanliness, and milk quality in lactating Holstein and Jersey dairy cowsOralAgriculture & ExtensionDillon Arnold
Tomato Quality Effects in Reduced Tillage and Cover-Crop-Based Rotations in Organic Tomato ProductionPosterAgriculture & ExtensionLauren Bilek
Assessment of Cannabinoid Levels in Successively Cloned Generations of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa)PosterAgriculture & ExtensionShelby Cox
Differences in Thermal and Physiological Properties of Organically and Conventionally Grown Tomato PlantsOralAgriculture & ExtensionHannah ElliottOmar Figueroa Fonseca, Michael Blackwell
Effects of Basil in Controlling Post-harvest Loss Against Maize WeevilsOralAgriculture & ExtensionJayna Misra
Sorghum Physiological Responses to Sugarcane Aphid FeedingPosterAgriculture & ExtensionJuan Raya Vaca
Nutritional Supplementation to Increase Fertility and Pregnancy in Montana YakPosterAgriculture & ExtensionNaomi Redfield
Vieques, Puerto Rico: Approaches and Challenges to Local Food ProductionOralAgriculture & ExtensionMelissa Vargas
Allelic Variation of ClSUN25-26-27a Associated with Fruit Shape in Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)OralAgriculture & ExtensionDouglas Vines