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Subject: Art History & Visual Arts

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Representing the “Enlightened Family” in Eighteenth-Century ArtPosterArt History & Visual ArtsAlexis Ancelin
The History and Controversies Surrounding the British MuseumOralArt History & Visual ArtsGrace Atallah
Domus Aurea: The Golden House of Nero OralArt History & Visual ArtsSkylar Barr
a Study of Gender and the Effects of Modern Feminism Within the Works of Artemisia Gentileschi. OralArt History & Visual ArtsSkylar Barr
Designing an Ever-Changing FossilPosterArt History & Visual ArtsSydney Baxter
Rococo: A Symbol of WealthPosterArt History & Visual ArtsChloe Bean
Das Reingold: Richard Wagner's Musical Impact on Thomas S. Buechner's Vitreographs OralArt History & Visual ArtsSavannah Bennett
Taking on Their Face: Studying Modernist Aesthetics Through Self-PortraitureVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsJada Bennett
Thomas Nast- His Life and InfluencesOralArt History & Visual ArtsGenevieve Bono
Renaissance Art as an Ideological OutletPosterArt History & Visual ArtsPeter Bradford
Innovating Preservation: Engaging Visitors at Historic HomesPosterArt History & Visual ArtsThea Brannon
Niche Marketing in Graphic Design Exposed by Independent Record LabelsOralArt History & Visual ArtsAdam Brewer
Manga’s Mythical HistoryPosterArt History & Visual ArtsMackenzie Brock
Retrofuturism: A Past and a FutureOralArt History & Visual ArtsAbigail Brumbaugh
Modern Erotic Art as a Tool for Female Empowerment and the Feminist Fight for EqualityOralArt History & Visual ArtsElizabeth Brumley
SEIZURE – a safety protocol & data collection applicationVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsJenna Bryson
Paving the Way: Black Designers Then and NowPosterArt History & Visual ArtsNichole Burroughs
Herb Lubalin: The King of Expressive TypePosterArt History & Visual ArtsNichole Burroughs
Beyond Fiction: Animation, Society, and Theories of RealityOralArt History & Visual ArtsMichael Camacho
Spanish Illuminated Manuscripts and Graphic Design PosterArt History & Visual ArtsYovanca Cervantes
The Commercial Advertising in Republic of China TimePosterArt History & Visual ArtsJiaxiao Che
Reimagining Saint Francis in Art: Caravaggio’s Saint Francis in EcstasyOralArt History & Visual ArtsAlexander Coberly
Raphael’s Interactive School of LearningPosterArt History & Visual ArtsMarieth Coetzer
Facial Covering Throughout History Shown in ArtPosterArt History & Visual ArtsAhleena Coolidge
Curated Race on Instagram: Exploring Content Strategies of Art Museums in Racial JusticeOralArt History & Visual ArtsJessica Cooper-Vastola
The History of Cute Design and the Influence of Hello Kitty OralArt History & Visual ArtsJessica Couch
The Eternal Art of HinduismPosterArt History & Visual ArtsThomas Craft
Photomontage: Technical Applications Throughout History and Meaning of It AllPosterArt History & Visual ArtsKevin Davis
Ancient Greek Vase Painting and How it Relates to Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsKasey Denney
The Importance of Art History in Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsSamantha Dillman
Skateboard Graphics and CountercultureOralArt History & Visual ArtsSamantha Dillman
How Baroque Connects to Modern Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsTran Do
Unmasking the Mouse: Cultural Appropriation in Disney FilmsOralArt History & Visual ArtsRebecca Domas
Mahou Shojou ArcabuceroVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsJessica Eason
SciArt: Viral Art, Microbiology, and the Transmission of Inclusive Scientific CommunicationVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsMikyla Futz
"French Quarter Musician"Visual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsAsh Gaude
Courbet and Peterson: Social Realism a Century ApartOralArt History & Visual ArtsJada Glenn
Female Orientalist Artists: The Creation of a Counter Culture in the 19th CenturyOralArt History & Visual ArtsSusan Gong
It Began with Ink and BambooOralArt History & Visual ArtsAndrew Grant
The Influence of Painting on Aztec SocietyOralArt History & Visual ArtsKyle Green
Queer Art Exhibitions: Diverse Inclusion or White, Gay CanonOralArt History & Visual ArtsKai Griffin
the Importance of the Chicano Poster Movement: Viva La Movimiento!OralArt History & Visual ArtsAshley Guerrero
Ancient Japan’s Edo Period: the Effects of an Era in Graphic DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsAshley Guerrero
Interface for Mobile Application to Assist Pet OwnersVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsRuth Hagler
Flesh Meet Body: an Exploration of the Use of the Grotesque Aesthetic by Contemporary Female ArtistsOralArt History & Visual ArtsSonny Helms
Parallels of the Evolution of Beekeeping and PrintmakingOralArt History & Visual ArtsDahlia Hensley
Style Paper: the Mysterious OlmecPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJesus Hernandez
The Generational Flow of Imagery in Aztec Art and DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJerod Hill
Contrast and ControversyPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJerod Hill
The Influence of Early African ArtOralArt History & Visual ArtsLynh Hoang
The Science of Fragrance DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsNoah Holcomb
From Apprentice to MasterOralArt History & Visual ArtsNoah Holcomb
The Renaissance and its Influence on Book Design OralArt History & Visual ArtsJazlyn Huynh
Photography Revolutionizes the NewspaperOralArt History & Visual ArtsAlexandra Isbell
Bonnie in the Boy's ClubPosterArt History & Visual ArtsKarly James
From the Islands to the Mainland: The Tiki MovementOralArt History & Visual ArtsJameson Johns
“Trakr,” a Mobile Application Design to Improve Consistency and Efficiency of Pet CareVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsStephanie Johnson
Arabic Calligraphy: Typographic ExcellencePosterArt History & Visual ArtsShaliyah Jones
Pigment of the Imagination: How Color Accessibility Affects Contemporary Art PracticeOralArt History & Visual ArtsMadisen Judge
Pigment of the Imagination: How Color Accessibility Affects Contemporary Art PracticeOralArt History & Visual ArtsMadisen Judge
One Furnace to Rule Them AllVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsEmily Keenan
Clover Vail: A Forgotten Avant GardeOralArt History & Visual ArtsDelaney Kennedy
The Influence of Art NouveauOralArt History & Visual ArtsBali Kinsey
The Positive Impact of Early Photography Technology Development on the Legacy of BauhausPosterArt History & Visual ArtsMinjung Lee
Examining the Relationship Between Visual and Audio Quality in Virtual Reality PosterArt History & Visual ArtsJohn Levee
Death and the Medieval Maidens in Pre-Raphaelite PaintingsPosterArt History & Visual ArtsMANRONG LI
Byzantium Art and Its’ Influence on Symbolism and Logo DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsYong Liang Lim
Women Painting Women: Empowerment and Exploration in Artworks from the Renaissance Era to the Mid-Twentieth CenturyOralArt History & Visual ArtsIsabella Losskarn
Significant Influences That Supported and Opposed the Production of Celtic Illuminated ManuscriptsOralArt History & Visual ArtsRegan Loyd
The Beauty of the Past Through Brushstrokes of Today OralArt History & Visual ArtsJose Lozano
Animal Imagery in Carved Ivories from the Steckelmann CollectionOralArt History & Visual ArtsAlexis Lyons
Franklin's GraphicOralArt History & Visual ArtsZacary Martinez
Stanley Morison and the Times New Roman FontOralArt History & Visual ArtsStephen Matthews
Fraktur and Antiqua: Culture and the Struggle for StandardizationOralArt History & Visual ArtsKeith Mattix
Materiality and Sensorial Experience at the Church of OrsanmicheleOralArt History & Visual ArtsRebekah Maupin
Archaism in Saite Dynasty Tombs of the Elite: A Form of ConservationOralArt History & Visual ArtsAbigail Mead
Understanding Chitimacha Culture: An Analysis of Basketry Techniques, Designs, and BeliefsOralArt History & Visual ArtsAbigail Mead
Image and Memory - the Relationship Between Visual Arts and Remembrance Through a French Perspective. OralArt History & Visual ArtsNayanne Medeiros
The Erotic and Elegant Art of Aubrey BeardsleyPosterArt History & Visual ArtsMattea Mertz
Animated Fight Scene: A Combination of 2D and 3D TechniquesVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsLauren Mickley
Sex and Sex Acts: Frescoes and Graffiti in the Purpose-Built Brothel and the Suburban Baths of PompeiiOralArt History & Visual ArtsPhoebe Mock
The Works and History of a Japanese American in the 1900s PosterArt History & Visual ArtsMcGwire Newell
the Development and Symbolism of Stained Glass Throughout HistoryPosterArt History & Visual ArtsDestiny Osife
Inca and Great Design in the Long PastPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJonghyeon Park
Impact of the WPA Federal Art Project on Graphic DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJace Pevey
The Basis and Importance of Illuminated Manuscripts to Modern Book ProductionPosterArt History & Visual ArtsJulia Pierce
Gender Journeys - The Exploration of Gender through the Histories of Transgender, Non-binary, and Gender Nonconforming persons - Handmade Artist BookVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsCordelia Regenold
Newspapers: the First Leap into Mass Visual CommunicationPosterArt History & Visual ArtsMadalynn Reid
The Impact of the Artistic Human Form PosterArt History & Visual ArtsKelsey Rice
Rembrandt and the Female NudeOralArt History & Visual ArtsJanie Ritter
Christian Influence on Medieval Art, Design, and ArchitecturePosterArt History & Visual ArtsFallon Rodgers
Black Lives Matter's Use of Graffiti and Protest to Reclaim Confederate MonumentsPosterArt History & Visual ArtsSabereh Saleh
The Arts of the Hindu ReligionPosterArt History & Visual ArtsEbony Sayles
Thailand: the Land of Smiles and Thoughtful DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsEbony Sayles
The Importance of Graphic Design in PropgandaOralArt History & Visual ArtsJakob Seiler
Paul Rand’s Influential Impact on DesignOralArt History & Visual ArtsKarisa Sheely
Creativity and Madness: an Analysis of Evidence Supporting the Mad GeniusVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsMadison Shields
Gifts from Ancient EgyptOralArt History & Visual ArtsYeIn Shin
The Art of ConservationOralArt History & Visual ArtsArianna Shiraz
The Development of Photography and its Connections to the Development of DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsEmily Singleton
Impacts of Presentational Aspects on the Perception of Art: the Impact of Alexander McQueen’s Runway Shows on the Perception of His DesignsOralArt History & Visual ArtsLillian Sisti
Creating and Experiencing Art in Augmented RealityOralArt History & Visual ArtsLauren Spratt
Exploring Japanese Arts and How They Influenced Modern Graphic DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsHope Sprouse
Designing in the DarkPosterArt History & Visual ArtsHope Sprouse
Canvas to Creator: the Aesthetic Ecology of Early Female Land ArtistsOralArt History & Visual ArtsSophie Stephens
Identity Construction and the Human Experience in Art-MakingVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsMelissa Strom
The Art of Ancient Greek StylePosterArt History & Visual ArtsHallie Tadajewski
the Modern Poster: a Look into Lucien Bernhard’s Influence on Modern Poster DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsSpencer Teague
the Walt Disney Company: the Ultimate Copyright AntiheroPosterArt History & Visual ArtsSarah Theriault
Columns Through Greek and Modern TimesPosterArt History & Visual ArtsSabrina Truong
Connections between people and animePosterArt History & Visual ArtsSabrina Truong
Why Have There Been No Great Women Designers?PosterArt History & Visual ArtsAnna Tucker
the Creation of a 501c3 Nonprofit OrganizationOralArt History & Visual ArtsJessica Vaage
The Art of the AztecsOralArt History & Visual ArtsDarren VanCuren
William Morris and the Kelmscott PressOralArt History & Visual ArtsCarley Vassh
Materiality in ArtVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsAbigail Wallar
Currus deiVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsTherese Wilhelmi
Accessibility in New York City Visual Arts Institutions OralArt History & Visual ArtsAriel Wilson
The Ineffable Influence of Parody in DesignPosterArt History & Visual ArtsAllison Woodward
The Missing Picture: Early Modern Venetian Attitudes Towards Mental DisabilityOralArt History & Visual ArtsMichelle Zillioux