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Subject: Biochemistry

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Characterization of a Novel Model for Rotational Acceleration-induced Traumatic Brain InjuryPosterBiochemistryRaegan Adams
the Growth Curve of Crithidia FasciculataPosterBiochemistryRonald Andanje
Extracellular Vesicles/HSP27 Protein Nanoparticles Are a Promising Approach to Decrease Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability in Ischemic StrokePosterBiochemistryRiyan Babidhan
Impact of C-terminal Chemistry on Self-assembled Morphology of Guanosine Containing NucleopeptidesPosterBiochemistryKatherine BacchiSarah O'Neill
Evaluating Probiotic Protein Expression as a Function of Oxidation Over TimePosterBiochemistryAnjul Bansal
Using Eye-Tracking Data to Determine What Biochemistry Students Attend to When Completing a Revised Three-Dimensional Modeling ActivityPosterBiochemistryKaylee BarbeeHailey Knoeferl
Abnormal Accumulation of Glycogen and Altered Glycosylation in Brain TumorsPosterBiochemistryKayli Bolton
 Monitoring Metal Pesticide Complex in Biological Matrices Using Electro Spray Ionization Mass SpectrometryPosterBiochemistryGriffin Boone
The Calcium Sensor Protein Calmodulin Like 38 Is Degraded Via Autophagy During FloodingOralBiochemistryWilliam Bowman
Active Compound M11 of Prairie Turnip Extract Regulates the Expression of Genes on Intercalated Disks in Neonatal Rat CardiomyocytesPosterBiochemistryTiffany BraunAnna Sorenson, Quinten Vasa
Capillary Electrophoresis Identification of Rhodium-DNA Interstrand Cross-linkagePosterBiochemistryAlec Brisbois
Characterization and Control Over Induced Protein MultimerizationPosterBiochemistryTyler Brittain
X-Ray Crystal Structure of the CRISPR-Associated Protein Csx3 PosterBiochemistrySharidan Brown
Computational Discovery of Family-Specific Sequence Patterns in the Protein KinomePosterBiochemistryClaire Bunn
Mass Spectrometry Imaging Reveals Distinct Differences in Glycogen Accumulation in Lung Tumors from Appalachian Patients OralBiochemistryMichael Buoncristiani
Development of Quorum Sensing Inhibitors for Streptococcus pneumoniae Through Optimization of the Hydrophobic Binding Face and Substitution of the N-Terminus ResiduePosterBiochemistryAlec ButtnerEmilee Engler
Interactions of RgsCam and ATG8e: Hypoxia Stress Responses in PlantsOralBiochemistryMidnight Carroll
Examining the Effect of the E227Q Mutation on CDX2 in Transcription and ATM InhibitionPosterBiochemistryIan Chiu
Identifying the Active Site on CDX2 Homeodomain Responsible for ATM InhibitionOralBiochemistryNia Choi
Investigating Key Enzymes Involved in Glypican-3 Release from Hepatocellular CarcinomaPosterBiochemistryStevan Colakovic
The Role of Carbonic Anhydrase IX in Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Development of a Potential Therapeutic TargetPosterBiochemistryAustyn Colter
Discovery of Inhibitory Biomolecules of D-Alanine: D-Alanine Ligase of Staphylococcus aureus Using High-Throughput Virtual ScreeningPosterBiochemistryKaleigh Copenhaver
Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK) Cell Exosome Isolation and CharacterizationPosterBiochemistryBrianna Cowan
Salivary Hormonal Study on Individuals of African Ancestry Living in Different Socioeconomic Environments, in Order to Understand Etiology of Prostate CancerOralBiochemistryRachael Cundey
Genotyping Fatty Acid Variants in Arachis hypogaeaPosterBiochemistryHannah Curtis
How does the enzyme enolase enhance the acidity at the alpha carbon of 2-phospho-D-glycerate? Contributions by resonance and inductive effectsPosterBiochemistryEva Cutler
Overcoming the Heuristic Nature of k‑Means Clustering: Identification and Characterization of Binding Modes from Simulations of Molecular Recognition ComplexesPosterBiochemistryDanna De Boer
Studies on the Interaction of Zinc and SAP102 N-TerminusPosterBiochemistryDominique De Los Reyes
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Supramolecular EnzymesPosterBiochemistryGrace DiBileoShauna Harney
Hydrazone Condensation Reactions on Self Assembling Peptide SurfacesPosterBiochemistryKatherine EighmyPhilip Scali
The Role of BK Channels Elucidated Through In-Vivo Pharmacological ManipulationPosterBiochemistryLazaro Fernandez
The cleavage potential of cross-species TMPRSS2 variants toward SARS-CoV-2PosterBiochemistryTyshawn Ferrell
Learning Biochemistry the Write Way: Writing as a Tool to Promote Conceptual UnderstandingPosterBiochemistryHannah FrankRevaLu Ronnfeldt
PET/CT Image Analysis of an Animal Model of Induced Lung FibrosisOralBiochemistryDhruval Gadhia
Determining the Role of PP5 in ACE2 Expression and Cell Susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2PosterBiochemistryHannah Giannini
The Effects of Three Single Amino Acid Mutations in the XPD Gene on the Structure and Function of the DNA Helicase It Encodes For, and Their Role in the Development of PreeclampsiaPosterBiochemistryMackenzie Gladhill
N-Acetylglucosamine Drives Myelination by Triggering Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell DifferentiationOralBiochemistryAutreen Golzar
Tirapazamine and Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells as a Combination Therapy for Multiple MyelomaOralBiochemistryNicole Guenthner
Experimental Validation of Structure-Based Pharmacophores: Toward a High-Throughput Screening Tool for GPCR Ligand DiscoveryOralBiochemistryMartin Guerrero
Using Glycopolymers to Study the Role of Galectin-3 in Cancer Progressions for Applications in Ovarian CancerPosterBiochemistrySamantha Hansen
Elucidating Mechanisms Involved in Hydroxyurea-Mediated Reduction in Red-Cell Endothelial Interactions in Sickle Cell DiseasePosterBiochemistryKimera Harris
Structure and Dynamics of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 - bound Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2: Insight into the Role of a Conserved Disulfide PosterBiochemistryTiffany HeinzenAlyssa Huelsbeck
Engineered mutant α-ENaC subunit mRNA delivered by lipid nanoparticles reduces amiloride currents in cystic fibrosis–based cell and mice modelsOralBiochemistryMichael Henderson
Molecular dynamic simulation and analysis of PEA-15 complexes with ERK2 and FADDPosterBiochemistryJoyce Ikedife
Extracellular Vesicles Containing Innate Mitochondria Are a Promising Tool for Increasing Cellular ATP Levels in Ischemic Brain Endothelial CellsPosterBiochemistryGina Joy
Computational Investigation of Substrate Dependence of the Suzuki Coupling Reaction in Medicinal ChemistryPosterBiochemistryKaran KaliaHannah Bethman, Michelle De Angelis
Ribo-Go-for-Gold: Developing a Translation Assay for Benchmarking Riboglow Against the Gold StandardOralBiochemistryRita Kamenetskiy
Modeling, Characterization, and Classification of Human Thrombospondin Type-1 Like Domains: Evidence for TRP Ladder Functionalization Based on Ladder Type?OralBiochemistryKeerthana KasettyKathryn Edwards
Coordination and Reductive Cleavage of S-adenosylmethionine by [4Fe-4S]-MaquettesPosterBiochemistryKatherine Kaul
Analysis of Active Site Mutation in Casein Kinase 2 Involved in Okur-Chung’s NeuropathyPosterBiochemistryDevin Kelly
Developing the Perfect Fit: Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for Anti-cancer, Neurological and Autoimmune TherapiesPosterBiochemistryAyanna KempArrington Moses, Kelsey Glasper, Kennedi Fitts, Brandon James, Liam Goldman, Xavier May, Shana Stoddard
Effect of the Myeloperoxidase Enzyme on Protein Tissue Oxidation and Its Possible Implications in the Pathology of Rheumatoid Arthritis PosterBiochemistrySavannah Kile
examining the biochemical activity of the anti-CRISPR protein, AcrIIA7OralBiochemistryNegar Koupaei
Investigation of the Thickness of Model Cell Membranes by Electrophysiological MeasurementPosterBiochemistryMichael KrmicJoseph Giancaspro
Characterization of Self-assembled Phenylalanine High Ordered AggregatesPosterBiochemistryGabriel Kupovics
Progress Towards the Development of an in Vitro Assay to Study the Effect of Essential Oils on Inflamed Intestinal CellsPosterBiochemistryKyli Kurtenbach
Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies to Probe the Impact of Oxidative Stress on the Binding of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein to Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme IIPosterBiochemistryBethany LaatschHarrison Lowater, Carl Fossum, Alex Narkiewicz-Jodko
Optimizing a Yeast Hormone Assay for Detecting Endocrine ActivityOralBiochemistryAbbey Langford
Creative Processing of Mouse Brain Slices: in Search of the PNN GestaltPosterBiochemistryHannah Lee
Studying the Interaction of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs with Phospholipid Membranes Through Differential Scanning CalorimetryPosterBiochemistryAJ Liles
Gelatinases in Human Peripheral Atherosclerotic LesionsPosterBiochemistryRegina Liu
Effects of T7 RNA polymerase and porphyrin P2 isomer on each other binding affinities on phiX174RF DNA using restriction enzyme assaysPosterBiochemistryElizabeth LopezAlejandra Viera
the Synergistic Drug Mechanism of Action of Enzalutamide and Topotecan on 22Rv1 Prostate Cancer Cell ViabilityOralBiochemistryMeena Manely
Effects of Decreased PFKP Levels in Schizophrenia SubjectsPosterBiochemistryAnveetha Matta
Raman Spectroscopy as a Diagnostic Technique to Identify Cancer-Specific BiomarkersPosterBiochemistryCailin McCracken
Telmisartan as an Anticancer AgentPosterBiochemistryMichael McParlan
DNA Interactions of Novel Transition Metal ComplexesPosterBiochemistryJessica Mickno
Role of a Novel Human Antigen R Inhibitor in NeuroinflammationPosterBiochemistryAnish Myneni`
Investigating the Effects of Molecular Crowding on Protein Structure using Atomic Force MicroscopyPosterBiochemistryAlexander Narkiewicz-JodkoNathaniel Severson
Optimization of High-Throughput Liposomes Fluorescence Assay for the Screening of Drug Libraries with Potential Therapeutic Use for Ion Channel Dysfunction Related DiseasesPosterBiochemistryEmily Ostermaier
Identifying Novel Inhibitors for 6PGDH in Leishmania major Based on Protein Modeling, Molecular Dynamics, and Virtual Screening. PosterBiochemistryDzung Pham
Drugging the Undruggable: Biophysical Characterization of Small Molecules Binding to the ARNT Transcription FactorOralBiochemistryLeandro Pimentel Marcelino
Tumorigenesis by Human Apobec3B in MicePosterBiochemistryJoshua Proehl
Discovering Virally Encoded Proteins That Block Type IV CRISPR Immune SystemsOralBiochemistryBrock RedmanAndrew Williams, Alex Lyons
The Impact of Distal Disulfide Bridges on the Binding of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 to the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2PosterBiochemistryDaniel ReitherAspen Hatzenbeller
Exosome Mediated Delivery of Functional Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles (NANPs)PosterBiochemistryMelina Richardson
Effect of Proline on Formation of Human FGF-1 Amyloid-Like FibrilsPosterBiochemistryEmily Richey
Metformin (Glucophage) Biodegradation: Relevance to Water Treatment and the Human GutPosterBiochemistryAshley Robinson
Cooperativity and Competition in the Binding of Heterocyclic Diamidines and RNA Polymerases to PHIX174 DNAPosterBiochemistryNidiathamayra RodriguezStephen Winkle
Status-Dependent differences in Acute Stress-Induced Neuroinflammation in the vmPFCPosterBiochemistryRoland Rodriguez
Computational Studies of the Role of Cis and Trans Double Bonds on Water Permeability in Synthetic Membranes in the Presence and Absence of CholesterolPosterBiochemistryJuan Rosario
Glucose-induced obesity increases deamidation and changes solubility of lens crystallins increasing susceptibility to cataracts OralBiochemistryCaleb SagertTanner Peterson, Damien Ball, Tobi Adeoye
Defining Metabolic Perturbations in Glycogen Storage DiseasesPosterBiochemistryWilliam Sanders
Use of Untargeted and Targeted Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics to Profile Texas GrapevinesOralBiochemistryDavid Sarabia
Dopaminergic DRD-1 Receptor Signaling in Neurofibromatosis Type 1PosterBiochemistryGabrielle Schmale
The Understanding of Biomembrane Structure through the Use of Raman SpectroscopyPosterBiochemistryPatrick Scollan
Investigating the Effect of a High Salt Environment on HER2+ Gastric Cancer Cells Through SIK3 Protein ActivationPosterBiochemistryKevin Scott
Finding the Role of Biological Probes on MUTYH ActivityPosterBiochemistrySonia Sehgal
Evaluation of the in vivo and in vitro Effects of Polyphenols in Virgin Coconut Oil on Oxidative StressOralBiochemistryDrake Shull
Acid-Mediated Dissociation of Haemophilus ducreyi Cytolethal Distending Toxin Subunits Upon Cell EntryPosterBiochemistryIsabel SilvaAshley Fragoso, Carla Reyes Bermudez
Analysis of Novel Anthraquinone-Based Fluorescent DyesPosterBiochemistryRichard SirardSimeon Standridge
Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Molecular Modeling Studies of Dual Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase/Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase InhibitorsPosterBiochemistryAleksei Solomatov
Endosomal Localization Mechanism of Insulin-Degrading EnzymePosterBiochemistrySarah SpriggCourtney Martin
Detection of Wastewater Derived Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Surface WaterOralBiochemistryMichal Stout
VHHA11: a Novel Diagnostic Tool for von Willebrand FactorPosterBiochemistryAlly Su
Assembly and Structure of Collagen IV within DrosophilaPosterBiochemistryJacob Summers
Structural analysis of SARS-CoV-2 RNA noncoding regionsPosterBiochemistryBrandon Tenaglia
Identification of Therapeutic Targets That Reduce VLA-4 Adhesion-mediated Vaso-occlusive Episodes in Sickle Cell DiseasePosterBiochemistryUrvashi Thongam
Determination of the Relationship Between Hypertension and Endogenous Ouabain Placental Concentration in Preeclampsia PosterBiochemistrySamantha TilleyClayton Rawson, Kevin Ludwig, Sadie Johnson
Dehydration of Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles (NANPs) for Stable Storage and TransportationOralBiochemistryAllison Tran
Biochemical Characterization of Aminomutases Involved in Salt Tolerance in Methanogenic ArchaeaOralBiochemistryTaylan Tunckanat
In vitro Selection of DNA Aptamers for the Detection of the Agricultural Insecticide ImidaclopridOralBiochemistryVeng Hout TyVeng Hout Ty
Cooperativity and Competition in the Binding of N-methylpyridylporphines and SP6 RNA Polymerase to PhiX174RF DNAPosterBiochemistryAlejandra VieraElizabeth Lopez -
Characterization of Novel Bioactive Glasses Containing Different Ratios of Mixed Valence NanoceriaPosterBiochemistryBrittny Vosper
Identifying the Role of RRM2 in PTBP1 Nucleocytoplasmic ShuttlingPosterBiochemistryKimberly VuNiroshika Keppetipola
Role of a Conserved Disulfide on the Interactions Between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 PosterBiochemistryGavin WalkNoah Titera
Development of New Treatments for Neuropathic Pain Based on Imidazodiazepines PosterBiochemistryTaylor Wilcox
Investigating an uncharacterized protein (3UN6) in Staphylococcus aureus NCTC 8325PosterBiochemistryCharles Wise
Drug Discovery of Cryptosporidium parvumPosterBiochemistryGrace Xiong
Development of the Organonitrogen Biodegradation Database: A Bioinformatics Approach to Study the Microbial Degradation of Cyanoguanidine and Related CompoundsOralBiochemistryDean Young