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Subject: Biology

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The Effects of Levetiracetam on Glutamatergic Synaptic Transmission: Crayfish NMJsOralBiologyMohammad Abou El-Ezz
Antibacterial Effects of Organosulfur Compounds That Have Anti-cancer PotentialPosterBiologyKaitlyn Accardi
Analyzing Ethnic Disparities of HSV Infections via HVEM PosterBiologyMaame AckonBai Bangura , Kayla Sykes
BacMam Actin and Lysoprobe Method Development in Human Embryonic Kidney and Mesenchymal Stem CellsPosterBiologyJessica AdamsAmelia Ray
Oxidative Stress of Alligator Weed and Watercress Plants PosterBiologyDaniel AdamsGinger Bailey
Morphology changes in hippocampal astrocytes during circadian rhythmsPosterBiologySaad Ahmad
Role of Translesion Synthesis DNA Polymerases in SJG-136 Interstrand Crosslink RepairPosterBiologyArooba Ahmed
the Effect of Circadian Rhythms on Immune Behavior OralBiologyWajd Alaidrous
Structural Changes during Desmosome Assembly and MaturationPosterBiologyRose Albert
Investigating the Role of PA28γ in Early CarcinogenisisPosterBiologyEmily AllerMichelle Ramirez
Regulation of Oncogenic Stress Response in Gastric CancerPosterBiologyKaytlin Alzugaray
Measuring stiffness of the Hamstring Using Surface WaveElastographyOralBiologyMohamad AmmarJhon Congor
Neurological Gene jus Is Associated with Aging-Related Muscle Loss in the Fly Model of SarcopeniaOralBiologySoobin AnKaveh Kiani, Melody Jabbari, Christina Talley
Exploring Canid Monogamy: Characterization of the Distribution of Oxytocin Receptors in the Brain of the Coyote (Canis latrans)PosterBiologyTrevor Anderson
Assessment of Autophagic Flux in HIV-associated Neurocognitive Decline with Respect to Antiretroviral Therapy PosterBiologyEmma AndrakaMegan McGraw
Bioinformatics Analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 Interactome in Human Fetal Brain DevelopmentOralBiologyMariah Antopia
Generating Resistance/ or Tolerance in Vitro in Laboratory Strains of Plasmodium falciparum Using Sub-therapeutic Doses of Artesunate drug PosterBiologyAndrews Appiagyei
Evolution and Development of Staminodes in Paronychia (Caryophyllaceae)OralBiologyAndrea Appleton
Characterizing the Role of the AATF Gene in Apoptosis Using the Model Organism Crithidia fasciculataPosterBiologyJackqueline Ardo
Exploring the Lethal and Sub-Lethal Effects of Pesticide Pollution on Freshwater SymbiontsPosterBiologyCara Arrasmith
Reduced Expression of Synaptic Function and Neurotransmitter-Signaling Related Genes in Individuals with Neovascular AMDPosterBiologyEllie Asadi
Toxoplasma gondii SUB4 Gene Deletion Mutants and Their Viability in Host Cell InvasionOralBiologyJohn Asmus
Genetic Differentiation of Amethyst-throated Hummingbirds (Lampornis amethystinus)OralBiologySasha Audier-JohnsonShanteesh Stewart
The Biological Mechanism Underlying the Intergenerational Inheritance of Fear PosterBiologyYasmine Ayman
Farnesoid X Receptor Regulates Immune Cell Activation and Recruitment to the Lung following Exposure of Mice to Nitrogen MustardOralBiologyTanvi Banota
Investigating robo1 and robo2 Expression in a Drosophila Injury ModelPosterBiologyDeclan Barrett
Bioinformatic and Experimental Evaluation of Transcription Factor Binding Site Conservation and Specificity in the Context of the Developing RetinaPosterBiologyMykel BarrettDenice Moran, Sacha Sulaiman
Impact of Nutrition on 30-day Readmissions Among Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Acute Heart FailureOralBiologyDilnoor Kaur Bawa
Comparing Therapeutically-Relevant Copy Number Profiles in African Americans and European Americans with Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma OralBiologyErica Beatson
Molecular Characterization of Tick Galectin in Context of α-Gal SyndromePosterBiologySumar Beauti
Structural and Biochemical analysis of a β-carbonic anhydrase from Streptococcus sanguinis, an opportunistic pathogen involved in subacute infective endocarditisPosterBiologyEmily Bedea
Relationships Between Cell Measurements from Fine-needle AspirationsOralBiologyTaylor Behrens
Assessing the Health of Freshwater Mussels of Southwest WisconsinOralBiologyCody BellJames Cahill, Emma Bryla
Removal of Nitrogen Compounds Via Plant Biomass Assimilation and Biological Denitrification in a Brackish Wetland SystemPosterBiologyThomas BennettChristophe Degroote
Predicting Intrinsically Disordered Protein Feature States Using Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network AlgorithmsPosterBiologyBrynn Biddle
Low Incidence of Mammary Cancers in Ungulates: A Meta-analysis and Causal ReviewPosterBiologySarah Billings
Microglia recover after ethanol exposure: examining cytokine production as a mechanism OralBiologyBreanna Bishop
Thermo-tolerant Tomato Growth PosterBiologyRachel Blanding
Kruppel-Like Factor 4 Regulates Glycolytic Metabolism and the Cellular Response to Metabolic StressOralBiologyAndrew Blum
Molecular characterization of three giant knotweed species in Wisconsin (genus Reynoutria, Polygonaceae)PosterBiologyJenna BoeckAlyssa Olson, Jenni Wendtlandt, Emily Peters, Noah Kofron, Morgan Sabol
Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Induced Inflammatory Responses and Related Risk of COVID-19: A Literature ReviewPosterBiologyKriti Bomb
A novel laser enameloplasty technique for caries preventionPosterBiologyOleg Borisiuk
Sex Differences in Stressor Controllability in Long Evans RatsPosterBiologyNate Bosnian
the Role of the Atrophin Domain in the Function of AFF1-SEC as a Transcription InhibitorPosterBiologyMari Brady
Chimeric PD1 Expressing T Cells for as a Therapy for Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and Acute Lymphocytic LeukemiaPosterBiologyHaley BresnahanArleigh Wood
Effect on Hypo/Hyper-methylation Rates on Genome Regions CDKN1A, BMAL1, PPARalpha, and PNPLA3 with CBG Implementation Utilizing a Mice Model with MCD Diet to Induce NASHPosterBiologyDawson Budke
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genetic Suppressor Screen Searching for Novel Sec6 Interacting ProteinsPosterBiologyMolly BullingtonPeter Opara-Nadi
Furthering Our Knowledge as Pikunii People PosterBiologyShawnTyana Bullshoe Sierra Mason
Activation of tumor immunity against colorectal cancer by modification of the colonic microbiomeOralBiologyHannah Bumgarner
Nesting ecology of the leatherback sea turtle, Dermochelys coriaceaPosterBiologyKathryn Burda
Determining the Elon University Forest Soil Seed BankOralBiologyAustin Burnett
Potential Signaling Mechanisms for the SaeR/S Two-Component System in Staphylococcus aureusOralBiologyOwen Burroughs
Function and Mechanisms of APOBEC3 in Genome Integrity and Cancer BiologyPosterBiologyBrianna Bush
Effects of Chemotherapeutic Agent Doxorubicin on the Corpus LuteumOralBiologyHaeYeun Byun
Pesticides affect Apoptosis, DNA damage, and global DNA Methylation in aquatic organisms.OralBiologyAlexa CamposMichelle Rivera, Esmirna Cantu
Pesticides Affect Apoptosis, DNA Damage, and Global DNA Methylation in Aquatic OrganismsOralBiologyEsmirna CantuMichelle Rivera, Alexa Campos
Hunting for Prions: Using Meiotic Inheritance Patterns to Attribute Epigenetic States to Prion ProteinsPosterBiologyMikala Capage
The Effect of Coffee Extract on Adipogenesis PosterBiologyJaden Carper
The Effects of Social Isolation on Mouse Mating, Behavior, and Mouse USVsPosterBiologyErin CarrollErin Carroll
Synaptic Plasticity of the Crossed Temporodentate Pathway in Ovariectomized Female Sprague-Dawley RatsOralBiologyJack Casey
Human APOE Genetic Variants Contribute to Lung Cancer DisparitiesOralBiologyJosephine Chang
Comparing Copy Number Profiles in African Americans and European Americans with Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma OralBiologyMaryum Cheema
De Novo Arginine Synthesis Is a Metabolic Requirement for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cell ProliferationOralBiologyRiona Chen
Role of scamp3 Regulating cxcr4 Trafficking PosterBiologyAngelika ChiangSamantha Valaitis
Molecular Analysis of the Protocadherin HNCM1: a Novel Therapeutic Target for Head and Neck CancersOralBiologySuehyun Cho
Endothelial Cell Studies with Surface Engineered Flow Diverting StentsOralBiologyYung-Dai Clayton
Genomic Characterization of Genes Encoding Protein Methyltransferases Identifies Therapeutic Targets for Cancer TreatmentPosterBiologyEra Cobani
Cytotoxic Responses of Mix Cellularity Classical Hodgkin's to Luteolin, in vitroPosterBiologyNaomi Codrington
Hypoxia and hypobaria exert separate effects on hypoxia inducible factor (SIMA) expression in female Drosophila melanogaster.PosterBiologyAlanna ConnollyJaden Buchanan, Kyle Sears
Comparison of the Coding Sequence of raptor in 27 Drosophila SpeciesPosterBiologyBrittany CookLeon Laskowski
Borrelia burgdorferi Pathogen Detection in Ixodes scapularis Using DNA Extraction and Nested PCRPosterBiologyPaige Copenhaver
The Effects of Polychlorinated Biphenyls on Reproductive HealthPosterBiologyCaroline CramblitTorie Cochran, Holly Barlage
Bringing Down Costs with Code: Measuring Snow Depth from Photographs Using RPosterBiologyBrandon Crasto
Creating a Transgenic Drosophila Line Expressing mRFPruby in Primordial Germ CellsOralBiologyWilliam Crow
The Role of NFκB Innate Immune Factors in Maintaining Drosophila Retinal Integrity PosterBiologyMohamed Dabaja
Allelopathic Effects of Alternanthera Philoxeroides on Algal growthPosterBiologyThuan Dang
Benzyl Butyl Phthalate-Induced Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 CellsPosterBiologyMegan Daubenspeck
Demyelination and Interferon Signaling in Axons Cause Retrograde Upregulation of ISGylation Pathway GenesPosterBiologyKenneth David
Antibiotic Resistance in Streptococcus PyogenesPosterBiologyKilee DavisRyan Dejam
The Effects of Irradiation on Transposable Elements in Maize and Arabidopsis GenomesPosterBiologyMegan Davis
Non-inflammatory Cerebrospinal Fluids Biomarkers in Neonates with Perinatal Hypoxic Brain Injury - a Systematic ReviewOralBiologySaihaj DeolSidhartha Tan -
Traumatic Brain Injury in the Elderly: Age as a Factor in Choosing Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation as a Neuroprotective Treatment OralBiologyLauren Dietrich
Effect of Curcumin on Steroid Sulfatase Activity in the Rat LiverPosterBiologyMia DiFrancesco
Brewing Meets Biotechnology: A Survey of Genetic Variation in Flocculation ProteinsOralBiologySarah Dooley
Functional Annotation of the Grape GenomePosterBiologyHaley Dostalik
Investigation of Individual Pesticide Toxicity in Relation to γ-Glutamyl-Transferase (GGT) ProductionPosterBiologyIsaac DotsonMegan Pizzo, Kaitlynn Gaebe, Kimberly Gaebe
Identification of haloarchaea in gypsum from Great Salt LakePosterBiologyZhantao Du
Monitoring Changes in the Composition and Structure of Vegetation in Elon University Forest Over 10 YearsOralBiologyHannah Durkin
The Effect of Natural Products on the Growth of Docetaxel Resistant Triple Negative Breast Cancer CellsPosterBiologySonali Dutta
Interactions between T-Cell Death Associated Gene 51 (TDAG51) and TubbyPosterBiologyAurora EminiNora Caberoy, Lorena Samentar, PeiPei Pan, Arnold Salazar, Christopher Williams
Collection, Isolation, and Sequencing of Bacteriophages in Utah ValleyPosterBiologyAshley EscarateAshley Larsen -
Alissa Landefeld -
Quorum Sensing and Its Role in Bacterial Response to Extreme External Stimuli OralBiologyEthan Escobar
Arbovirus Surveillance in Oklahoma PosterBiologyChristian Escritt
Phylogenetic evidence of headful packaging strategy in gene transfer agentsOralBiologyEmma Esterman
Influence of Parkin W402A Mutation in Mitochondria Within Mice: A Morphological and Morphometric ApproachPosterBiologyLuis Daniel Estrella
Novel Stilbene Analogues Inhibit Viability of Breast Cancer Cell Lines in CulturePosterBiologyNheikha EtienneMeghan Seth, McKayla Kelly, Kaelyn Julmeus
Myeloperoxidase Produces is a Pro-oxidant Enzyme in Microglial CellsOralBiologySavannah EwingAlicen Wilcox
Antibiotic Potential of Lichens, Fungi, and Bryophytes in Northwest MontanaPosterBiologyHailey FennellDaniel Sanburg, Angela Wieczorek, Keith Moore
Combating Vaccine Hesitancy Using a Moral Foundation ApproachOralBiologyMatthew FindlayElizabeth Turner, Eli Mills, Zachary Cromar
Sequencing of the Sf1 Gene in Apalone spinifera Softshell TurtlesPosterBiologyKatherine Flatt
Sequencing of the Sf1 Gene in Apalone spinifera Softshell TurtlesPosterBiologyKatherine Flatt
Breaking the Barriers of Traditional Service Learning in a Pandemic with E Service-Learning: Impacts of a COVID-19 Module in a Non-Majors Biology CourseOralBiologyRyleigh FlemingMarco Esteban
Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Temperature and Precipitation on American Chestnut Hybrids PosterBiologyAustin Flippo
Drosophila Cyp1 Regulates Larval LocomotionOralBiologyMario FongAspen Unerstall, Carol Koob, Evan Clark, Chang Li
Use of CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing for Generation of Mutant Yeast for PTC ReadthroughPosterBiologyEmily GainesRyan Mancinone
Expression of CD56 in glioblastoma treated with NK cell immunotherapyPosterBiologyMadelynn Gaines
Evaluation of Physiological Traits Expressed in vitro and Effects on Plant Growth by Bacillus Endophytes PosterBiologyJewel Galloway
Determining the Role of Genetic Variants Linked to PIK3CA and Metabolic Regulators in Breast CancerPosterBiologyTanish Gandhi
Assessing the Contribution of Alternative Splicing to the Regulation of SUMO3 SUMOylation in Human CellsPosterBiologyAndrea Garcia
The Role of c-Jun N-terminal Kinase (JNK) in Sea Urchin Cleavage Stage DevelopmentPosterBiologyAshley Gehris
Acetyl isogambogic acid activates unfolded protein response and apoptosis in head and neck cancerOralBiologyMehrnoosh Ghafouri AbbasAbadi
Using cBioPortal to Detect Genes Involved in Skin Melanoma PosterBiologyEdwin Girald
Biologia Molecular y Celular Para Todos: Increasing Access to Cell and Molecular Biology Through Multilingual Science ActivitiesPosterBiologyEdwin Girald
Investigating the Role of TAS3 in Root Nodulation in Trifolium Pratense PosterBiologyCaleb Gooden
The Automated Pull-Force Task: An Open-Source, High-Throughput Forelimb Motor Function Assay for RodentsPosterBiologyBraxton Goodnight
Prioritizing Differentially Expressed Genes for Functional Analyses of Color Pattern DevelopmentOralBiologyMadison GosnellSally Sagarsee
Studying the Role of Zwischenferment (Zw) in a D. melanogaster Model of Fat Formation Utilizing CRISPR-Cas9OralBiologyMary Grace
Sterol Composition of the Peridinioid Dinoflagellate Zooxanthella nutricula, a Symbiont of Polycystine Radiolarians: Implications for Symbiont-Derived Radiolarian Sterols and a Comparison to Sterols of Other DinophyceaeOralBiologyJori Graeff
Evaluating Three Different Histological Subtypes Seen in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma in Mouse Model PosterBiologyMaggie Granatir
Fatty Acid Kinase Structure and Function Relationships PosterBiologyHannah Gross
The Effects of Incubation Temperature on Metabolic Physiology in Temperature Sex Determined Reptile Species: Eublepharis maculariusOralBiologyTwyla GrossKatherine Ziebol, Harry Peterson
The Role of RNF216 in NeuroinflammationPosterBiologyDustin Grossman
Landmark-guided T-maze Learning in the Wolf Spider Tigrosa helluoPosterBiologyTiffany Guth
Visualizing Autophagy in Nutrient Starved Cells Via Transfection of an LC3 Dual Fluorescence PlasmidPosterBiologyBryan GutmanRenee Saneholtz
Species-specific Differences in Retinal Aii Cell ConnectivityPosterBiologyOlivia Haddadin
Effects of Donor Macrosteatosis on Early Allograft Dysfunction in Liver Transplant PatientsOralBiologyMohammad Hamed
Investigating the link between pH regulation and membrane trafficking in Cryptococcus neoformans.PosterBiologyAllyson Hardin
Molecular Mechanism of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Prairie Turnip (Psoralea esculenta), Extract Treated Human MacrophagesPosterBiologyFaith HarveyGrace Bybee
Raising Aquatic Vertebrates in Impaired Waters Causes a Mis-expression of Genes Leading to Developmental MalformationsPosterBiologyCecily HayekDorian Tignor
Genetic Diversity & Connectivity of Chasmanthium latifolium (Poaceae) in Pennsylvania & the Effect on Conservation StatusOralBiologyJonathan HayesTanisha Williams -
Rachel Goad -
Scott Schuette -
Angela McDonnell -
Christopher Martine -
Detection and Identification of Bartonella Henselae Present in Ixodes Scapularis Ticks Within Plymouth CountyPosterBiologyDiane Heath
Using the BioID Approach to Identify Proteins Interacting with the P0 Protein from Turnip Yellows VirusOralBiologyKellen Henning
Molecular Phylogeny of a Potential New Species in Rhipidocladum, a Genus of Mexican Woody BambooPosterBiologyAriana Hernandez
Immunological Response to the Influenza VaccinePosterBiologyEmiliano HernándezJulia Wellham
Evolutionary Blooming of RNAiPosterBiologyClaudia Hernandez-Chavez
A Comprehensive Examination of the Wind River Range: Does Hybridization Effect Dietary Partitioning?PosterBiologyRebecca Hinds
Bats and Rats: Evolutionary Implications and Hindlimb Development PosterBiologyTara Hobbs
Inhibition of Ascosphaera apis, a Pathogenic Fungus, Using Derivatives of Caffeic Acid EstersOralBiologyRisa Holmes
Isolation of Circulating Lung Tumor Endothelial Cells Using MicrofluidicPosterBiologyJacob Hooper
Surveying Pensacola Beach for Elasmobranchs using Environmental DNA and Metabarcoding OralBiologyCaroline HornfeckMelissa Hebert
Further Microbial Analysis of an Ecologically Unique Tennessee Cave System OralBiologyBrianna HortonLauren Camp, Kaylie Wheeless, Aspen Huseman
Mapping of Microbial Populations and Antibiotic Resistance Across Surface Water Along the Catawba River BasinPosterBiologySavannah HouserAlexander Dellinger, Callahan Abernathy, Prem Gandhi
Analyzing Balanced Reduction/Oxidation Status in Liver Cells Under Extreme Stresses with Vector-Mediated Genome-editingPosterBiologyJulia Houston
Determination of the Role of Cofilin1 in Rod PhotoreceptorsPosterBiologySeth Hubbard
Comparison of Proliferation Marker Expression in Napabucasin and APX2009 Treated Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath TumorsPosterBiologyEmily Hulsey
How Does the Inhibition of Aquaporin 3b Affect the Calcium Signals Transmitted in the Neural Plate of Xenopus laevis Embryos?PosterBiologyZachary Hurt
Gamma Band Activity is Decreased in an Animal Model of SchizophreniaPosterBiologyAnh Huynh
PI3K Subunits in the Rat Supraoptic NucleusPosterBiologyRiley IrmenZaynab Said, Duong Nguyen
Identifying Collateral Sensitivity Networks and Associated Genetic Markers in Burkholderia SpeciesPosterBiologyENOSH ISHMAN
Fission Yeast Polycystin Pkd2p Promotes Cell Growth Synergistically with the MOR PathwayPosterBiologyDenisa Ivan
Validating a microbiopsy sampling technique for morphological analysis of human musclesPosterBiologyMelody Jabbari
Scolytinae Species Distribution Across an Elevational Gradient in the Talamanca Mountains, Costa RicaPosterBiologyNatalie James
Analysis of the Synergistic Epidemic of Arboviruses and Coronavirus Disease in BrazilPosterBiologyGabriela Jansen
Implementation of Auxotrophic Gene Complementation in Asaia bogorensis to Ensure Plasmid Stability in the FieldPosterBiologySumer Jasmine
Exploring the Anticancer Effects of Novel Marine Compounds and Very Low-dose Ionizing radiation in Various CancersOralBiologyJoubin JebelliDavian Caraballo, Emily Will
Assessing the therapeutic potential of novel marine products and very low-dose ionizing radiation in prostate cancerOralBiologyJoubin Jebelli
Autocrine C-type Natriuretic Peptide Signaling in Skeletal Muscle May Restore Exercise Benefits Blocked by NPR-C Clearance MechanismOralBiologyBrigitte Jia
Obesity-associated Leptin Concentrations Inhibit Chemotherapeutic Drug, Panobinostat, and Induced Death in Myeloma Cell LinesPosterBiologyRenshal Joaquin
Detection of Post-Translation Modifications of Tau Protein in Alzheimer's Disease Using a Phage Display ApproachPosterBiologyStephanie Jones
Streak-backed Oriole VocalizationsOralBiologyEthan Jones
Bioinformatics Approach to Understand the Dynamics of Mms21 SUMO Ligase and Sumoylated Protein ComplexesPosterBiologyEmily Jones
Determining the Expression Pattern of Contactin-3 (CNTN3), a Candidate Regulator of Neural Crest and Ocular DevelopmentPosterBiologyEllie Julson
Long-term Persistence of an Influenza-like virus in a laboratory Axolotl PopulationOralBiologyMirindi Kabangu
Effective Antimicrobial Activity of Hydroxamic Acids and DerivativesOralBiologyJenan Kanan
Biological Analysis of Glutathione Attached Fiber for Potential Skin Graft GenerationPosterBiologyKarim Kari
Chemogenetics orexin/hypocretin intervention ameliorates Hipp-dependant memory imparment in A53T mice model of Parkinson's diseasePosterBiologyNaol Kebede
the Danger of Blue LightOralBiologyJoseph Kemp
The Effects of Estradiol Treatment on Synaptic Reorganization and Plasticity Around Motoneurons After Traumatic Peripheral Nerve Injury in MiceOralBiologyVernon Kennedy
Function of Onset Timing in White-handed Gibbon (Hylobates lar) CommunicationPosterBiologyAzniv Khaligian
A Possible Novel Mechanism for Cognitive Resistance to Neurodegeneration: Modulation of Interneuron Activity in the Hippocampus After Exposure to Enriched EnvironmentsOralBiologyZuhayr Khan
An Economical Protocol for Neuroanatomy Instructors and Researchers: Combining the Nissl and NADPH-diaphorase Protocols to Overcome their Individual LimitationsOralBiologyZuhayr Khan
Glycolysis and Fructolysis in Sugar-induced Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease OralBiologyAlexander KingJack Farley, Natalie Norell, Megan Smith
Long-Term fFooding Impacts in Brook Trout Populations in an Appalachian Mountain WatershedOralBiologyBenjamin King
The Role of Tricornered in the Development of Glia in the Nervous System PosterBiologyAndrea KirincicAndrea Kirincic
Toxic Cyanobacteria IdentificationPosterBiologyNatalie KirkbrideSarah Jansen, Vinny Sanchez, Lizette Zavala
Genomics in Pleistocene Park: On the Internal Causes Driving ExtinctionPosterBiologyJacob Kostecke
Cloning and Characterization of CRISP Transcripts from Snake VenomPosterBiologyPaulina Kowalski
Sex Differences in Ethanol Addiction Using a Novel Self-Adminstered Behavioral Paradigm in MicePosterBiologyPaulina KozanErick Alvarado, Mikayla Zobeck, Vanessa Sauer
Analysis of Plant Height in Zea maysPosterBiologyChase Krug
Exploring Mites on LemursPosterBiologyTaeim KwonMichelle Mayakis
Ovulation Is Inhibited by Exposure to an Environmentally Relevant Phthalate Mixture via Disrupted Progesterone Production in Mouse Antral Follicles In Vitro. PosterBiologyKatie Land
Examining the Relationship between STAT 3 and Estrogen receptor in Osteoclast function and developmentOralBiologyStephanie Landazuri
Effects of Invasional Meltdown on Community Structure in Marine EcosystemsPosterBiologyKate Lazzeri
The Role of Dendritic Spines in the Place Tuning of Mouse Hippocampal CA1 Pyramidal CellsPosterBiologyEmma Lee
The Conundrums of SARS-CoV-2 Short Linear Motifs PosterBiologyTeresa LiberatoreChristopher Mederos
Characterization of Epithelial Growth Factor Transcripts Identified in Crotalus atrox VenomPosterBiologyIvan Lopez
Protective Effects of Curcumin on the Production and Metabolism of Dopamine in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Model of Parkinson’s Disease: An Interdisciplinary Study. PosterBiologyRaquel Lopez de Boer
Modifications of Conserved Sequences in Mycobacteriophage Giles WhiB-like ProteinPosterBiologyAllison Lynn
Tau Pathology and Recurrent Seizures in Experiment Model of EpilepsyPosterBiologyCandide Mafuta
Project Title: Using Fermentation to Create Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging: Testing Antioxidant Properties of Kefiran for Use in Plastic-Free FilmsPosterBiologyJake Maisano
Retinoic Acid Regulates KIT Protein Expression in Peritubular Myoid Cells in the Mammalian TestisPosterBiologyTaylor Malachowski
An Updated Checklist of Plant Species Found in Castner Range, TexasPosterBiologyAparna Mangadu
Characterization of a Novel Retroviral GenePosterBiologyCooper MannBrayden Crowley
Probing the Genetic Diversity of Phages Infecting Arthrobacter globiformisPosterBiologyCharlene Mansour
The Effect of X-Rays on Drosophila Melanogaster BehaviorPosterBiologyVaishnavi Mantraratnam
Phage Discovery of Phages LestyG, Tamron, and KbmarsOralBiologyCaleb Manu
Acute Exposure to Sublethal Doses of Neonicotinoid Insecticides Increases Heat Tolerance in Honey Bees OralBiologyRachel Manweiler
Solanum ‘Deaf Adder,’ a New Bush Tomato Species from the Australian Monsoon TropicsPosterBiologyClaire Marino
Determining Phylogenetic Relationships of Corvus corax in Mexico and Central America Through Mitochondrial DNA SequencingPosterBiologyRichard Marino
Stomata Density in Response to Environmental ChangesOralBiologySydney Marks
Analysis of Variants Q493P, W496R, G500D, and Y515C Associated with Cystic Fibrosis (CFTR) in Relation to the Known Pathogenic Variant Phe508delOralBiologyJenna MarvinRebekah Samuelson, Dylan Uibel, Jacob Laughlin
The Expression of ​Protocadherin​ ​8 (PCDH8)​ During Early Development in Chick EmbryosPosterBiologyMohammed Mashal
Mu Opioid Receptor Signaling in Neurofibromatosis Type 1PosterBiologyWilliam Mathias
Determining the Role of Aquaglyceroporin-3b in Convergent Extension During Xenopus GastrulationPosterBiologyZachary Mayne
Characterization of a Mutant in Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii that is Tolerant to Low NitrogenOralBiologyJared Mayrand
Howler Monkey (Alouatta palliata) Microbial Endocrinology and Its Conservation ImplicationsOralBiologyAbigail McClain
TRIM Protein Regulation of Type I Interferon Induction and Signaling in Human CellsPosterBiologyCamille McEwenKristine Jordan
Assessment of Autophagic Flux in HIV-associated Neurocognitive Decline with Respect to Antiretroviral Therapy PosterBiologyMegan McGrawEmma Andraka
The neuroprotective effects of capsaicin in a 6-hydroxydopamine rodent model of Parkinson’s diseasePosterBiologyRiley McHugh
Investigation of Root Zone Phytoene Synthase (PSY) and Alfin (ALF) Gene Expression in Salt-Stressed Zea mays Inbred Lines Mo17 and B73PosterBiologyKay McNeary
DNA Sequence Conservation of a Bmp4 Enhancer in Diverse VertebratesPosterBiologyMegh Mehta
Dual Genetic and Immunofluorescent Labeling Reveals Distinctive Anatomical Distributions of Pnmt+ Neurons in the Hypothalamus and Cerebellum of Adult MicePosterBiologyMeeti Mehta
The effect of herbicide on activity level and chemically-mediated antipredator responses in wolf spidersPosterBiologyJoar Mejia Feliz
Development of DNA Barcoding in Oak SpeciesPosterBiologyJoshua MelnickLisa Oti, Mikaela Williams
Human Spaceflight and Vision Impairment: The Effects of Microgravity on Gene Expression in Retinal Glial Cells PosterBiologyChristopher MendellLuke D'Cruz, Nathalie Hager, Sabrina Gjerswold-Selleck, Cole Allan, Rodolfo Raimundo
Using Crowdsourced Observations to Study Road Mortality in Idaho’s Amphibians and ReptilesPosterBiologyJulie Meredith
Tau-SH3 Interactions Are Critical for Amyloid-β Toxicity in Primary Neurons PosterBiologyJacob Mesina
Using Genetics in a Model Organism to Understand Polyamine TransportPosterBiologyVictoria Millington
The Effect of Locomotion and Phylogeny on Pelvic Morphology in RodentsOralBiologySkylar Mizell
The Effects of Cheating on Mating Patterns in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeOralBiologySuraj Modi
Expression of Semenogelin 1 in Humans and Chimpanzees to Study Molecular Evolution of Reproductive ProteinsPosterBiologyRaahi Modi
Optimizing Protein Precipitation Methods in Human Nail SamplesPosterBiologyEliese MoelkerNathan Koorndyk, Mikaela Stephan
Type 2 Cytokine Decreases ACE2 Expression in Nasal Epithelial CellsPosterBiologyAllyson MolzahnHiroki Kimura, Michelle Conway, Dave Francisco, Monica Kraft
The Neuroprotective Effects of Curcumin and Vitamin E in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson’s DiseaseOralBiologyChloe Mondok
Assessing the Localization of DAF-16 in C. elegans unc-33 mutants OralBiologyKarina Moreno
Optimizing the Alu Detection Program PolyDetectOralBiologyGrayce Mores
Determining How the PINK1:Parkin Mitophagy Pathway Responds to Transient Mitochondrial Stress and How This is Affected By Disease Associated Mutations in ParkinPosterBiologyGabriella Morin
Longevity Compound Target Investigation Using Chemical Genetics in Heterozygous Knockout Diploid Yeast CollectionPosterBiologyMichaela Morrison
Phenological Shifts in Monarch Nectar ResourcesOralBiologyNathan Morrow
Temperature Dependence on the Passive Effects of K+ on Membrane Potential of Skeletal Muscle: Educational ModuleOralBiologyJanki NaidugariDara Castillo, Esther Dupont-Versteegden
Effective Connectivity Analyses of the Plasticity of Brain Networks in Schizophrenia During Learning PosterBiologyKalyyanee Nanaaware
Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv Induces Gene Expression of PDE4A and PDE7A in Human MacrophagesOralBiologyAdrian Naoun
Understanding Pennsylvania Tick Population and Tick-borne Disease Dynamics: A Retrospective Analysis of Archived Databases from 2008-2020PosterBiologyNishi NataliaJulia Sendatch
Comprehensive Analysis of MEN1 Mutations and Their Role in CancerPosterBiologyDevi Dheekshita Nelakurti
16s Metagenomic Survey of Two Sites Along the Middle Rio Grande in New Mexico PosterBiologyAida Nevarez
Determining Effects of Road Construction on Stress-Related Gene Expression in FishPosterBiologyDalena Nguyen
Epigenetic Effects of Exercise in a Rodent Model of Temporal Lobe EpilepsyPosterBiologyTram Nguyen
Identifying the Role of the ARF Activators BIG1 and BIG2 in Regulating Endocytosis and RecyclingPosterBiologyBrian Nguyen
Effects of Microplastics on Telomere Elongation and Telomerase Activity in Regenerated Tissue of the Gray Sand StarPosterBiologyHailee Nigro
Hard Tissue Histology and Analysis of Bone Growth Embraced by Titanium ImplantPosterBiologySadegh NikfarjamMorshed Khandaker
Structured Heterogeneity Across Animals in Remapping Behavior OralBiologyParsa Nilchian
The Effects of a Purine Mixture on Cell Migration, Proliferation, and Differentiation in the Treatment of Myofibroblast Related DiseasesOralBiologyAmeera Noon
Visualizing and Describing Science Identity Through an Image Association Survey PosterBiologyMacKenzie NormanPreston Carroll
Effects of Neem Oil Against Growth and Development of Aspergillus Flavus in PeanutsOralBiologyOnachukwu Nwolisa
Olfactory Navigation Strategies on an Experimentally Generated PlumePosterBiologyCasey O'Brien
The Effects of P53 Levels in Different Genders, Ages, and Races of Patients That Consume CigarettesPosterBiologyAdelisa OmerovicPaulina Sobieralski
Does the Invaginated Eye of the Disco Clam Use Opsin-based Phototransduction to Detect LightOralBiologyJennifer Ortiz
Fluorescent Tagging of Replication Proteins to Study Protein-protein InteractionsOralBiologyLydia Ostmo
Investigating the Innervation of Taste-Receptor-Like Chemosensors by Vagal Sensory NeuronsPosterBiologySamantha Oviedo
Characterizing Multiple Mechanisms of Superinfection Exclusion in Pseudorabies Virus InfectionPosterBiologyJonathan Owen
Detecting Bacterial Species from Next Generation Sequencing Data Derived from Ancient Human Skeletal SamplesPosterBiologyAriel Owens
Vitamin E Decreases Mortality in Type I Diabetic Rats by Reducing Oxidative Stress and Preventing Severe Hypoglycemia-Induced Cardiac ArrhythmiasPosterBiologyMilan Oxspring
Controls and Sources of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Intermittent Headwater Streams OralBiologyTEJ PANDEY
Epigenetic Mediated Neuroprotection by Tip60 in a Drosophila Model of ALSPosterBiologyVisha Parmar
Mechanism of Age Associated Increase in Thrombogenecity: A Narrative ReviewPosterBiologyABHISHA PATELParnian Alavi
Sex and Diabetes-Specific Differences in Human Primary Adipocyte LipolysisPosterBiologyAyush Patel
Using Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Therapy to Improve Constipation-Associated Comorbidity of Depression in the United StatesOralBiologyShivam Patel
Altered Expression of Metabolism-regulating Genes in Tumor Tissue Reveals Putative RNA-level Biomarkers with Prognostic Significance for Cancer PatientsPosterBiologyJames Patterson
Neuronal Activity and SOD1 Interact in DrosophilaPosterBiologyMorgan PayneSydney Morin
Urbanization and Insects: a Contrast in Trends Between Latitudinal Temperature Gradients and the Urban Heat Island Effect Across Cities in the Eastern United StatesPosterBiologyZach PeaglerCourtney Buttram
Exploring Prostate Cancer Treatments Through Ciliogenesis OralBiologyGabria Pearson
Activity Rhythms of Adult Fiddler CrabsOralBiologyLeyna Pence
Studying Three Universal Essential Genes with Potential Functions in DNA Maintenance/RepairOralBiologyLeilani PendillaBraden Bell, Stephen Sanders
Three Different Approaches of Allometric Scaling to Predict Human Clearance for SecnidazolePosterBiologyAlexandra Pentikis
Evaluating Protein Stability to Detect Protein Dysfunction: The Role of Apolipoprotein E Isoforms in Alzheimer’s Disease. PosterBiologyAdam Perez
It Takes Two to Tango: Comparison of the Coding Sequence of tango in 23 Drosophila SpeciesPosterBiologyJorge PerezHanah Mastandrea, Janelle Marie Suriaga
Uncovering Ethnic Disparities in Respiratory Syncytial Virus InfectionsOralBiologyJasmin Perkins
Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease in the Turks and Caicos IslandsOralBiologyGracie Perry-Garnette
Spef1 Paralogs Promote Ciliary Array Organization Optimizing Hydrodynamic FlowPosterBiologyAlexander Pham
Determining the Effect of Citral Chromene Oxime on Cell Viability in Sea Urchin EmbryosPosterBiologyJack PrestonNevin Hoenninger, Eden Park
Mutations along the COVID-19 genome: Minnesota casesPosterBiologySydney Preston
Effects of Kratom, a Natural Supplement Which Binds to Opioid Receptors, on Fetal Development in C57BL/6 MicePosterBiologyDaisy Quach
Integrating GIS mapping and locomotor activity of Florida field Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to understand environmental determinants of behavior variabilityPosterBiologyJessica Quiñones
Exploring PDE4 Somatic Copy Number Variations, Gene Expression and PDE4 Inhibition in Lung Cancer Health DisparitiesOralBiologyJoelle Rabin-Court
Neurological and Respiratory Response in Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) to Deepwater Horizon Crude Oil VaporsPosterBiologyRayyan RahmanJason Simpson
Pharmacologic Inhibition of LIMK1 Provides Dendritic Spine Resilience Against β-amyloidPosterBiologyRaksha Ramdas
The effects of ITGAM genetic variation on double negative cells PosterBiologyAmlitha Ramesh
Dissecting the mechanisms underlying attraction and repulsion to cat sensed cues: Worms and cats aren’t much different OralBiologyBrianna Ramos
Using novel biologging technologies to study age-old questions of magnetic sensing in free-roaming wild boarOralBiologyFabian Ramos-AlmodovarLuis Estrada, Kallista Capdevila
Deciphering the Effects of Splice Mutations in Cancer PosterBiologyMadelaine Rangel
Identifying Fluctuating Asymmetry and Developmental Rate as Indicators of Developmental Stability in Drosophila melanogasterPosterBiologyCarrie Reaver
Characterization of RarA, a Membrane Porin from Sulfurospirillum barnesii SES-3 PosterBiologyLauren Rebel
Investigating Natural Selection from Visual Predators on Galápagos Endemic Land Snails PosterBiologyNicole Recla
Meta-analysis of sgRNA Efficiency in Mouse and Rat Gene Manipulation StudiesPosterBiologyKarthik ReddyKrishna Josyula, Hannah Majors, Amber Glaze
DNA Barcoding of Vietnamese MayfliesPosterBiologyJake ReedJed Whetten
Analysis of Environmental Variables and Their Correlation to Sea Turtle Occupancy and BycatchPosterBiologyJackson Reimer
The Numb Protein Affects Drosophila Locomotion OralBiologyMary Renkemeyer Nick Pritchett, Andrew Galbraith
Sex Differences in the Infiltration of Immune Cells in a CCI Model Identified with Theranostic Nanoemulsions PosterBiologyLaura Reynolds
Monitoring Aquatic Invertebrate Biodiversity of Restored Coastal WetlandsPosterBiologyGwendolyn RichardsonEli Cortez, Hannah White
A race against time: Using environmental DNA to detect specimens of the River redhorse in the Escambia RiverPosterBiologyHunter Rider
Talking Planimals! Identifying Genes Associated with Coral BioacousticsPosterBiologyCamila Rimoldi Ibanez
Pesticides affect Apoptosis, DNA damage, and global DNA Methylation in aquatic organisms. OralBiologyMichelle RiveraEsmirna Cantu, Alexa Campos
Immunomodulation of Innate Immunity by a Bacteriophage OralBiologyAutumn Robinson
May the Homeostasis be With You: Physiology of the Animal Kingdom in George Lucas’ Star WarsOralBiologyMelissa Rogers
Prefrontal Cortical Activity Dynamics During Cue-induced Natural- vs Drug-reward SeekingPosterBiologyElizaveta Romanova
Freshwater Algae of Turnbull National Wildlife RefugeOralBiologyLucy Roussa
Dm Ime4 Is Required for Drosophila SpermatogenesisPosterBiologyLauren Rowe
The Unexpected Role of the Dynamic CentriolePosterBiologyAbigail Royfman
hsa-mir-4520-2-3p: a potential modulator of covid-related ace2PosterBiologyMolly Ruggles
The Effects of Riluzole on Sensory and Motor Nerve FunctionOralBiologyWilliam Russell
L444P GBA Mutation Potentially Mediates Behavioral Deficits and α-Synuclein PathologyOralBiologyDreson Russell
How Does Avian Diversity, Abundance, and Composition Vary Among Different Oregon White Oak Habitats?PosterBiologySamantha Sackett
Effects of Manuka Honey in the Inhibition of Commonly Found Bacteria in HospitalsPosterBiologyMaria SadekSummer Hamad, David Hamad
Difference Between Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found in Caribbean Soils Vs. North American Soils PosterBiologyMaria SadekKaren Kanke
Ortho-K Therapy and Auricular Acupressure: A Combined Approach for Treating Progressive Myopia in Children Aged 8-12OralBiologyAashima Sagar
Insecticide Resistance Assessment among Aedes aegypti Populations in the Northern Chihuahuan DesertPosterBiologyRoberto Salas
Social and Motor Deficits Associated with Deletion of Type-1 Dopamine Receptors in Cerebellar Bergmann Glial CellsPosterBiologyNatalie Saliba
The Effect of Sleep Fragmentation on Alzheimer's DiseasePosterBiologyFrances SalisburyLindsay Beechem
Effect of Long-Term Egg Quiescence on Permethrin Susceptibility in Aedes aegyptiOralBiologyChristian Sanchez
Exploring the Functional Divergence of Bacterial Rsm HomologsPosterBiologyRaziel Therese Santos
the Effect of Natural Products on the Growth of Docetaxel Resistant Androgen Independent Prostate Cancer Cells Expressing Cancer Stem Cell MarkersPosterBiologyBriana Sargent
Regeneration of Peripheral Motor Nerves Following Hyperglycemic Induction In Danio rerioOralBiologySheridan Sargent
Grape Seed Extract Effects on hsp70 Inflammatory Gene Expression in Zebrafish and Sequencing hsp70 in a Non-model OrganismPosterBiologyGunnar SchultzNicholas Ludergnani
Effects of SUV39H1 and SUV420H1/H2 on Programmed Genome Rearrangement in Petromyzon marinus PosterBiologyClaire Scott
Gene Annotation of the Insulin Signaling Pathway Across Drosophila SpeciesOralBiologyChristine Severude
Conditioning Minimizes Cognitive Damage During Early-Stage Brain DevelopmentPosterBiologyNadiya Sharif
Sex-Based Differences in Depression Based on Estradiol Expression in the Lateral Habenula of Congenital Learned Helplessness RatsOralBiologySalma Sheriff
Characterization of a Novel Calcium-permeable Ion Channel, Osc1p, in Fission YeastPosterBiologyOumou Sidibe
Relationships Between Waterfowl Beak Morphology Feeding Ecology and Sensory Brain Region/Pathway StructurePosterBiologyThomas Sistek
Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Stream Macroinvertebrate Diversity over time in Georgia, USA PosterBiologyPrecious Slade
Effects of Habitat Management on Gopher Tortoise Burrow Distribution PosterBiologyCade SmelleyJoel Borden, Steven Schultze
Survey of Mosquito Predatory Ciliate Lambornella for Potential Biological ControlPosterBiologyNathan SmithEmerniece Cooper, Mary Parsley, Radina Porashka, Sauleen Shamdeen
Bacterial Community Structure and Diversity in Different Levels of Lead (Pb) Contaminated SoilsPosterBiologyJake Smith
Finding Biomarkers for Early Alzheimer’s DetectionPosterBiologySavannah Snider
Seasonal Malaria Chemotherapy and the effect of sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine resistance OralBiologyAwa Sore
The Effects of Climate Change on Phenology of Hemiparasite, Seymeria cassioides (Orobanchaceae)PosterBiologySharon SpiessCaroline Shaw
The Epigenetic Effects of Cadmium Exposure on Liver DevelopmentPosterBiologyCassie Starnes
Best Practice Analysis of College and University Food PantriesPosterBiologyHunter SteelmanAndres Torres, Egypt Edwards
Development of a New Molecular Predictor for Risk of Melanoma Brain MetastasesOralBiologyChristopher Stehn
Genetic Differentiation of Amethyst-throated Hummingbirds (Lampornis amethystinusOralBiologyShanteesh StewartSasha Audier-Johnson
Plant Power: A Chemical Bridge Between Legume Phytochemicals and Human Health in Fighting Global Pandemics. PosterBiologyAmber Stiller
Workflow Development for Exosome Isolation of A549 Lung CellsPosterBiologyCourtney Stinger
Investigation of Complete Groundwater Denitrification Utilizing an Environmentally Relevant Bacterial Co-culturePosterBiologyUve Strautmanis
Research of Sexual Health Education at UCO and BeyondPosterBiologyAshley Strobridge
The Role of trans-Golgi Network and Endosomal Adaptors in Nitrogen-Regulated Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiaePosterBiologyRachel StublerEllen Madden
Isolation and Analysis of Novel Microbacterium Phage MakinzyPosterBiologyJackson Summers
Applying Membrane Protein Chaperone as Therapeutics to Prevent Alzheimer’s DiseasePosterBiologyChristopher Sun
Investigating the Predation of Rhithropanopeus harrisii on Lake Granbury ShorelinesPosterBiologyAbigail Swaim
Linking the Function of Heat Shock Factor in Tumor Progression with Normal Development in Drosophila melanogasterOralBiologyJinghong Tang
Novel genes that utilize programmed ribosomal frameshifting for expression in yeastPosterBiologyDiego Tanton
Correlating Hand Speed and Tissue Charring with Soft Tissue Laser Surgical Outcomes PosterBiologyAsad TanweerNicole Walawander, Khrystyna Adam, Jenna Kahn
Detecting Clandestine Graves Using White Dutch clover; Plant Growth and Germination in Response to High Cadaverine LevelsOralBiologyAnthony Taylor
An Overexpression of a Foxp2 Truncated Variant Shows Biological Relevance on the Development of Vocalizations and Behaviors in RatsOralBiologyMichael Taylor
Role of C/EBPα in Macrophage-Neutrophil Cell DifferentiationPosterBiologyRaba Tefera
Differences in Vigilance Among Three Prey Species​ at Mineral Licks in the Amazon RainforestPosterBiologyMarie Tessier
Gut microbiome and opioid-induced analgesic tolerancePosterBiologySach Thakker
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Potential Spinal Cord Injury TreatmentPosterBiologySara Timmons
CITRUS as a Semi-Unsupervised Data Analysis Tool to Enhance Immunophenotypic Analysis Following TransplantationPosterBiologyKatherine Tong
African American-Enriched IsomiR Expression Signatures Are Associated with Down-Regulation of Menthol Metabolizing Genes in Lung Cancer PatientsOralBiologySavanna Toure
Assessing Accuracy of Citizen Science Programs Through Anuran Diversity at a Local ScalePosterBiologySamantha Trame
Establishing a Link Between Neonatal Brain Injury and Adult Neurodegenerative Disease in a Mouse Model of Hypoxia-Ischemia PosterBiologyTimothy Treinen
Effects of Kratom, a Natural Supplement on the Gut Microbiome and Intestinal Permeability in MicePosterBiologyLauryn Tumey
Selection for Thermophilic Bacteria with Antibacterial Potential Along Fire-Affected Soils in Centralia, PAPosterBiologyLanie UrbanskiTammy Tobin -
The Role of the Fenton Reaction in the Progression of Pancreatic Cancer PosterBiologyIshan VaishSuma Yarabarla, Neha Kotike
Role of scamp3 Regulating cxcr4 TraffickingPosterBiologySamantha ValaitisAngelika Chiang
Juvenile Exposure of Commercial Spectracide® Causes Movement Disorder and Developmental Anomaly in Drosophila melanogaster: Insights from in Vivo and in Vitro studyPosterBiologySamuel Vielee
Effect of Mercury Chloride and Methyl MercuryPosterBiologyXitlalli Villanueva
The Effects of Temperature and a Common Herbicide on Egg-Laying in the Variable Field Cricket, Gryllus lineaticepsPosterBiologyCindy Vo
Identification of Chromatin Modifiers That Play a Role in Restricting Stem Cell Gene Expression During Neural Lineage DevelopmentPosterBiologyEmma Wabel
Zic Genes Involved in Convergent ExtensionPosterBiologyJocelyn Waggoner
Optimizing Environmental DNA Storage: Comparing DNA Recovery Between Low Binding and Standard Polypropylene Plastic Tubes Using Quantitative PCROralBiologyMegan WalkinshawJenna King
Structural Characterization of the Interaction Between CARD8 and the Novel Serine Peptidase PREP-LPosterBiologyKelly Walter
Exploring the Microbiome of Korean Industrial Kimchi Fermentation ProductsPosterBiologyCynney Walters
The Potential Role for Anoctamin 1 in Zebrafish Gastrointestinal Mucus ProductionPosterBiologyPasoon Wazir
Chemoanemotaxic Responses to Selected Odorants by House CricketsOralBiologyCameron WeaverCameron Weaver, Vonnie Shields
Subcellular Location of Multidrug Resistance Protein 4 (Mrp4) and AMP-activated Protein Kinase(AMPK) in Human Kidney Cells During Cellular StressOralBiologyHarley Webley
Endurance Exercise Outcomes of Drosophila melanogaster as Determined by Cardiac Health and Dietary CompositionOralBiologyTyra Wentz
Mosquito Arbovirus Susceptibility and Insecticide Resistance SurveillancePosterBiologyAlyssa Wheeler
Microglia Display Partial Recovery After TDP-43 StimulationOralBiologyAlicen Wilcox
Elective Caesarean Sections: the Use of Breast Milk, Probiotics, and Prebiotics to Combat Gut Microbiome Bacterial Shift, Obesity, and Asthma of Infants in the United StatesOralBiologyEmily Wilhelm
Do COI Primers, Environmental Variables, and Variation in Lab Techniques Affect the Biodiversity Measures or the Quality and Quantity of Environmental DNA?PosterBiologyCamryn Williford
Fetch: a Pipeline to Parse NCBI and Organize Data into a Multiple Forms Based on BiopythonPosterBiologyWilliam Winnett
Comparative Anatomy and Connectivity of the Aii Amacrine Cell in Mouse and Rabbit RetinaPosterBiologySelena Wirthlin
Glutamatergic Transmission Regulates Worms Staying on a Food Patch in C. elegansPosterBiologyTrevor Wolf
A Molecular Investigation of the Infectivity Rate of Ticks with the Obligate Intracellular Pathogen, Anaplasma phagocytophilumOralBiologyJeremy Woodward
Investigation of the Synergistic Nature of Traumatic Brain Injury and Opioid Exposure on Generation of Reactive Oxygen SpeciesPosterBiologyAlexander Woznicki
Effects of the Environment on the Medicinal Properties of Echinacea sppOralBiologyRebecca Wright
Traditional Breeding of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to Produce a Strain High in Protein and Lipid Content for Use as Source of Fish FoodPosterBiologyAngela Xia
Misregulation of Tip60 in the Tau Drosophila Alzheimer’s Disease ModelPosterBiologyMerry Xiang
Alzheimer’s Disease Ontology to Support Electronic Health Records Data MiningPosterBiologyGrace Xiong
SNPC-1.3 is a sex-specific regulator of male piRNA expression in C. elegansPosterBiologyEmily Xu
Analysis of RNA Sequencing Data from Chick Neural Crest Cells Identified Genes Linked to Primary CiliaPosterBiologyMai Yang
APOE and TOMM40 variants in mitochondria dysfunction and Alzheimer’s diseaseOralBiologySau Qwan Yap
Profiling Genes Regulated by the Neural Crest-Essential Methyltransferase NSD3 with an Emphasis on Nervous System DevelopmentPosterBiologyKendra Yoder
Yeast Magic: a Science Outreach Activity to Teach Elementary School Children About Cells OralBiologyKomal Zahrah
Reducing T-cell Receptor Expression in T Cells Using RNAi and CRISPR-dCas9OralBiologyAlexander Zhu
What Happens When You Cross Plant Species with Two Distinct Sexual Systems?: an Ex Situ Hybridization ApproachPosterBiologyDiamanda Zizis
Molecular Detection of Aspergillus flavus in Georgia peanut, variety TifguardOralBiologyCarolle Zolome
Title: The Interaction Between Connective Tissue and Three-Dimensionally Printed Sintered Cobalt Chrome Alloy  PosterBiologyEryn ZuikerLindzy Nelson, Hope Benike
Investigating Vertical Transmission of Microbial Symbionts in Marine SpongesPosterBiologyLuis Zuniga