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Subject: Business

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Nike Group ProjectPosterBusinessVictor AdenipekunJamil Yaro, Tangela Mosby, Destiny Wade, Jordan Schmits, Jason Peter, Victor Adenipekun
Emotional Intelligence, Trust, Self-efficacy and Task Behavior: Longitudinal Study of Achievement Approach to Leadership EmergenceOralBusinessJustin AntonioJanell Laws
Monitoring Length of Stay (LOS) and 30-day Readmission Rate at Hospitals: An Analysis Using Statistical Process Control (SPC)OralBusinessHannah Beazoglou
Agricultural Gig Economy: Hurdles and Types of Side Hustles PosterBusinessDhaval Bhakta
Impact of Mindset on Female Leadership EmergenceOralBusinessAsha Bhattacharya
Personality as a Predictor of Personal Finance DecisionsOralBusinessAbigail Boltz
How Has Political Marketing Changed? Is There Room for Ethics?PosterBusinessKara BuchaklianLiliana Gould, Olivia Steingraber
Addressing Global Poverty and Hunger: College Students ContributionsOralBusinessAnna ButlerJacquelyn Littleton -
Changes in the Marketing Landscape Due to the Coronavirus PandemicPosterBusinessJulia CarabelliJackson Gadient
Pro-Social Community Investments Online: the case for Hispanic Peer-to-Peer LendingOralBusinessIsaac CuateIsaac Cuate
The Future of the Restaurant Industry in the Face of Growing Third-Party Delivery ServicesOralBusinessChloe DeWees
Hotel Managers' Perceptions of and Attitude Toward the Application of AI Service RobotsOralBusinessKaija Dockter
The Effectively use of Cultural Intelligence in the American WorkplaceOralBusinessJessica FonsecaSandra Orejarena
Effects of Hotel Guests on Hotel SalesOralBusinessMeghan GentryXuan Tran
An Analysis of the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger: Good...For Now?OralBusinessSamuel Grochowski
Implementing Psychology and Philosophy into Modern-Day Marketing InitiativesOralBusinessMeri Halabani
Mom’s the Word: Marketing to Moms in the New Normal OralBusinessNatasha Halulakos
Moderating Role of CSR Initiatives and Team Net Worth on Consumer Authenticity Perceptions of Professional Sports LeaguePosterBusinessKylee Hebert
Slaughter of the InnocentsPosterBusinessJustice Jackson
AbstractOralBusinessJa'Mia Johnson
Bankruptcy prediction model in the U.S. restaurant firms OralBusinessDoohyun KimZachary Wilde
Marketing Research and Plan for Castle Island Bilingual MontessoriPosterBusinessHarriet Koblenzer
Germany’s Transition to Hydrogen Energy in Heavy Industry SectorsPosterBusinessOlja Kovacevic
Financial Literacy and Student Loan DebtOralBusinessMyo KyawLaura Gonzalez
Reciprocal Mediating Effects of Team Cohesion and Team Performance in the Relationship with TrustPosterBusinessMitchell Lanzl
Beyond Leader-Member Exchange (LMX): the Development of a New Typology Model of Leader-Follower Relationships OralBusinessJanell LawsJustin Antonio
Levers of Change in Sustainability at the Nexus of Business and Society OralBusinessMolly MacEachen
Interracial Relationship Representations in Marketing: Effects on Societal and Consumer OutcomesPosterBusinessSavannah Maddux
A High Impact Engaged Demand Survey: Application of Data Mining in Student Retention Strategy Using Decision Tree ModuleOralBusinessJiyeon MaengAngie Milbourn
Building Engagement in College Student-Led ClubsPosterBusinessLuke McPherson
Capturing Emotional Brand EquityOralBusinessJenna MeyerSarah Schuster, Danielle Goddard, Jordyn Stearns
Cross Generational Behaviors and BiasesPosterBusinessChloe Murphy
Job satisfaction of Employees working in Big Four Accounting Firms Vs Non-Big Four Accounting Firms OralBusinessHari Meher Nori
Food Insecurity in an Anthropogenic Age: An Analysis into How Consumer Demand Will Shift During Climate ChangePosterBusinessChloe Parsons
Covid 19's Impact on the Dental Industry PosterBusinessSneh Patel
How Does the Size and Sector of a Firm Affect the Female and Minority Representation in the C-suite?PosterBusinessDipal Patel
A Linear Probability Model of Retail Beverage Store Locations PosterBusinessMatthew PeasterJustin Cook
Critical Success Factor Model of Virtual Internship Program under COVID-19OralBusinessJephte PhilippeMitchell Lanzl
An Examination of the Impact of Corporate Environmental Performance on Corporate Financial Performance using NHST versus Bayesian ApproachesPosterBusinessLisa Pink
Consumer Perceptions of Loot Boxes in Video Games and Corporate Social Responsibility OralBusinessAlex ReinhardMaya Nandy, George Seitis, Gianni Spinella
The Interactive Effects of Individual Differences in Examining Negotiation Behavior and EffectivenessOralBusinessMenno Servaes
Portfolio Diversification and Firm Success: an S-curve HypothesisOralBusinessCorinne Sherry
Observing Pilot Startle Effect During Abnormal OperationsOralBusinessMercedes St. George
Art as the Business of CommunityOralBusinessNatalee Stinebiser
International Firms’ Performance or Auditing in the USPosterBusinessGuannan Tao
Student Perceptions of Instructor Self-BrandingOralBusinessJack Wood