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Subject: Chemistry

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Green Synthesis of Sustainable Solar Cell MaterialsOralChemistryBadraa Al-JasimHilary Ngouajio
Radical Mechanism for Cyclohexene Epoxidation by use of Tandem Photo CatalystPosterChemistryKatelyn Alley
Electrostatic Doping of 2-Dimensional Material with Organic MoleculesPosterChemistryBukuru Anaclet
Dyeing the World Green: a Study of How Water and Other Liquids Affect the Photodegradation of Disperse DyesPosterChemistryStephanie Atkinson
Evaluation of G Protein Coupled Receptor Interaction Fingerprints in Docking ProtocolsOralChemistryLindsey Baker
Design of Instrumentation for the Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Field ResearchPosterChemistryRishi Basdeo
C-Jun N-terminal Kinase Inhibitory Compound SynthesisPosterChemistryJamie Berry
Determination of Hammett’s Sigma Values for Common Boryl-Substituted CompoundsPosterChemistryMary Bielinski
Investigation of Acid Catalyzed Pictet-Spengler Cyclization with SulfonamidesOralChemistryKaitlyn Birkhoff
Fundamental Study on Desulfurization of Petroleum Using Synthesized Novel Ionic Liquids and Betaine MoietiesPosterChemistryBryson BladPeyton Kiggins
Creation of Unnatural Dipeptide Antibiotics Against Pseudomonas aeruginosaPosterChemistryMadison Blanton
Synthesis and Utilization of New Sulfonium Salt PhotoinitiatorsPosterChemistryJordan Bobek
Novel Method for the Forensic Dye Analysis by Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass SpectrometryPosterChemistryMiquellie Bonner
Heavy Metal Concentrations in the Gulf of Mexico Using ICP-OESPosterChemistryRebecca Boutwell
Solid-Phase Microextraction Gas-Chromatography Mass Spectrometry of Hand SanitizerPosterChemistryRebecca BoutwellLauren Carnley
Why do my hemp cannabinoid results vary?OralChemistryDawson Bowles
Simulated Wastewater Treatment of Butylated Hydroxyanisole PosterChemistryNicholas Britt
Collection, analysis, and comparison of microplastics from rural and urban aquatic ecosystemsOralChemistryTyler BroderiusDaniela Vargas
Understanding the Surface of Cadmium Sulfide Quantum DotsOralChemistryNiamh Brown
Three-State pH Driven Biaryl Lactone Molecular Switches with Amine DonorsPosterChemistryAaron Bruckbauer
Tunable Silver Modified Engelhard Titanosilicate Core-Shell Heterostructure for Visible Light Photocatalysis PosterChemistryEmily Buttafuoco
Dithiolated Peptides with Tryptophan Residues as Potential Chelators for Mercury (II)PosterChemistryT'ea CameronCharlexia Witcher
Unique Lower Critical Solution Temperature Phase Behavior of Poly(Benzyl Methacrylate) in a Pyrrolidinium-Based Ionic LiquidOralChemistryBrian Carrick
Symmetric Electrochemical Cells in Nonaqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries – Applications for Longevity StudyOralChemistryJulia Case
Examining the Thermal Stability of Rice Bran Wax-Gelatin Bigels Using Differential Scanning CalorimetryOralChemistryCeleste Chadwick
A Brief Synopsis of the Synthesis and Characterization of Rhodium-Aluminum and Iridium-Aluminum Heterobimetallic Complexes Bridged by 5-Hydroxyquinoline OralChemistryMichael Chaney Jr.
Assembly and Characterization of Quantum Dot Solar Cell Sensitized Solar Cells Utilizing Aqueous Copper Indium Sulfide Quantum DotsOralChemistryBrandon Chang
Determining Factors of Interparticle Spacing in 2-d Arrays of Covalently-Crosslinked, Thiol-Capped Gold Nanoparticle FilmsPosterChemistryBrianna Check
Development of a stability-indicating HPLC method to quantify BaclofenOralChemistryZhi Cheong
The Impact of Hydrophobicity/Hydrophilicity on PAMAM Dendrimer-Lipid Bilayer InteractionsPosterChemistryLynnie ChongEscarlin Perez, AJ Liles, Joseph Giancaspro, Patrick Scollan, Juan Rosario
Investigating Microfluidic Paper Analytical Device ExperimentsOralChemistryCaitlyn CollinsJessica Cowan
Nitrate Concentration Differences in Rural and Urban Locations OralChemistryCristian CortezCailie Corbin
Synthesis of a Norbornene-Containing Substrate for the Enzyme Geranylgeranyltransferase OralChemistryHaley Dammar
Exploring the Synthesis and Surface Chemistry of Ultrasmall NanoparticlesOralChemistryAcacia Dasher
Synthesis and Characterization of a Fluorinated Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Specific Sorption of Perfluorooctanoic AcidPosterChemistryJames DavisJoseph Meyer, Madeline McCoy, Chase Anderson, Alicia Loucks
Is the Development of Antibiotic Resistance in the Catawba River Basin Linked to Heavy Metal Pollutants?PosterChemistryMariana De Andrea PereiraMichael Ross, Alexander Dellinger, Roman Sheliakyn
Rational Design of Novel Nucleoside Analogues for the Treatment of SARS-COV-2 InfectionsPosterChemistryDiana Del RioKamryn Hansen, Derek Flores
Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorinated Pyridazines and Their Biological ApplicationsPosterChemistryHannah DendingerPaige Hoyt, Tori Leal, Alexis Scowden
Rapid Photocatalytic Mineralization of Glyphosate and AMPA by Pd@m-BiVO4/BiOBr Nanosheets: Mechanistic Studies and Degradation Pathways PosterChemistryCaitlyn Dollar
Identification of Binding Hotspots on Med25PosterChemistryAnthony Dominic
Historical Concentrations of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Persistent Organic Pollutants in Superior, WisconsinPosterChemistryKarsyn Doughty
Surface Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry (SALDI-MS) - Detection of Real World SamplesPosterChemistryVictoria Drake
Effect of Weathering on the Clear Coat Across Vehicles for Forensic PurposesPosterChemistryMadeline Dunn
Studying the Electrochemical Nitrite Reduction Mechanism at Human Serum Albumin-Heme Modified Glassy Carbon ElectrodesPosterChemistryAmanda Dynoske
Role of Quercetin in the Green Synthesis of Metal NanoparticlesPosterChemistryTravyse Edwards
‘Intelligent’ Organometallic MRI Contrast AgentsOralChemistryTasneem Elbashir
Learning from Home: Conductometric Titrations PosterChemistryChristian Escritt
Developing Protein-Polymer Nanoconstructs as Reusable Biocatalysts OralChemistryThomas Falkenhausen
Fabrication of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Based on Metal Substituted Tetraphenyl Porphyrins. PosterChemistryElizabeth Fletes
Luminescent Property Studies of Fluorobenzoic Acid Ligand-based Europium(III) Metal Complexes Using Computational Chemistry ToolsOralChemistryMatteo Fratarcangeli
Electrodeposition of Copper-Tin Alloy Nanostructures for the Catalytic Conversion of CO2OralChemistryLee Fuller
UV-vis Spectroscopic Procedure to Separate a Mixture of Cis- Pt(NH3)2Cl2 Anti-Tumor Drug and Biological SubstancesOralChemistryValeria Galemba
Reconstructing Layered Framework of 2D Transition Metal Carbides (MXenes) via Modification of Anionic Sublattice toward Formation of New OxidesOralChemistryCyra Gallano
Copper Conundrum: Using Pistachio Shells to Remove Copper (II) from an Aqueous SolutionPosterChemistryNicole Garcia
In Silico Molecular Modeling of Factor D Inhibitors OralChemistryLukas Gardner
Toward the Synthesis of Nano-Zeolite-Templated CarbonsPosterChemistryKaitlin Garman
Separation and isolation of [6,6]-closed epoxide derivative of fullerene using semi-preparative high performance liquid chromatographyPosterChemistryMitzy Garner
Synthesis and Study of the Pyrochlore Structure La3Sb3Co2O14 for Use as an Oxygen Transport MembraneOralChemistryJose Gonzalez Jimenez
Development of Silicone-Based Solid-State Potassium Ion-Selective Electrodes Made with Colloid Imprinted Mesoporous Carbon for Wearable SensorsOralChemistryKaterina Graf
Moving Towards the Binding Mechanism of Arylazothioformamide Ligand ComplexesPosterChemistryVincent Groner
Computational Model for Structure Determination of the Na4Ag44(p-MBA)30 Nanoparticle SuperstructureOralChemistryVictor Guadron-Escobar
Removal of Palladium Ions from Polluted WaterPosterChemistryCaleb GuerraNicholas Spader
The Synthesis and Modeling of Carbon-linked Glycopeptides with Observed Incorporation into a Salivary Protein (Mucin 7) Polypeptide Subunit as Glycosylation-based AntigensPosterChemistryTanner Hahn
Reducing the Operating Costs for Fragrance Extractions in a Fragrance Manufacturing Company. OralChemistryMuhammad Hanzala
Using Electric Conductivity Measurements to Determine Concentration of Electrolytic Contaminants in Commercial Water-Soluble PolymersOralChemistryMadison HarrierBrynn Driscoll, Chad Studvick
Exchange of the Magnesium Ion in Chlorophyll by a Transition MetalPosterChemistryDouglas Harris
Size Engineering of Metal-Organic Framework MIL-101(Cr) for CO2 AdsorptionPosterChemistryJulia Hart
Anti-tumor Properties of Chalcone DerivativesPosterChemistrySierra Hart
Reactivity and Recyclability of Immobilized Engineered Sperm Whale Myoglobin Containing E. Coli Cell Beads in Aqueous and Deep Eutectic SolventsPosterChemistryNathan HartKhyati Patel
Development of a general method to assay deubiquitinase activitiesPosterChemistryTeagen HartleyTeagen Hartley, Jordan Brooks, Olivia Clarke, Aidan Baker, Eden Erazua, Vincent Leahy
Silymarin Complex as a Potential Drug Formulation for Intestinal Track Inflammatory Diseases PosterChemistryAmelia HartnettJohn Veracka, Siddarth Kesharwani
Kinetic Investigations of NOx Chemistry Pertaining to the Global Nitrogen CycleOralChemistryDaniel Heintzelman
Exploration of Aurone System in Mercury SensingPosterChemistryKoda Hengstenberg
Use of a Portable XRF to Map Elemental Composition Responsible for Coloration in New Mexico QuartzesPosterChemistryJordan HernandezVictor French
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Transport Properties of Ag6Ge10P12-xAsx (x=2-12)OralChemistryNethmi Hewage
Comparative study of humic acids from soils and from leavesPosterChemistryMaliea HoldenChristopher Spiller
Measuring the Effect of Water on the Density, Viscosity, and Self-Diffusion Coefficient of Polyethylene Glycols OralChemistryRachel Horowitz
Cyclometallated Iridium(III) Complexes for G-Quadruplex DNA Sensing Platforms OralChemistryRachel HorowitzBernard Okai
Complex dynamics of two delay-coupled Belousov-Zhabotinsky oscillatorsOralChemistryTiffany Hung
Evaluating Cosmetologists’ Chemical Exposure Using Silicone Wristbands and Necklaces OralChemistryMontana Hunter
Phenolic Acid Analogues as a Potential Drug Formulation for Inflammatory DiseasesOralChemistryHaleema Irfan
Organometallic MRI Contrast AgentsPosterChemistryMarrissa IzykowiczMelanie Staszewski
Synthesis of Cubical and Star-shaped Calcium Carbonate Microparticles and Their Effect on Nile Blue Dye LoadingPosterChemistryLuke Jaskowski
Synthesis and Investigation Photophysical Properties of 1,8-Naphthalimide DerivativesOralChemistryCHUL-HYUN JEONG
Design and Construction of a Modular SpectrometerPosterChemistryRyan JohnsonMason DeVries
An Energetic View of Membrane Water Permeability: Effect of Caffeine and CholesterolPosterChemistryTavis Johnson
Investigation of Photophysics of Fluorescent Dyes in Graphene Oxide Nanocolloids in Reverse Micellar EnvironmentsPosterChemistryWilliam Jones
Designing Ge-N Donor Acceptor Complexes That Change Structure in Solid-State or in Solution PosterChemistryKeisha Kappel
the Role of the Mammalian Sperm Acrosome in FertilizationOralChemistryNathlita Karnley
Preparation and Application of Nanoparticle-Oligonucleotide AggregatesPosterChemistryAshley Kennedy
Kinetic Study for Adsorption of Cu2+ onto Modified and Unmodified Peanut HullsPosterChemistrySusan Kenny
On the Colour of Fountain Pen InksPosterChemistryKaitlin KrivakCarlos Romero -
Studies on the Non-Telomeric Regions of G-Quadruplex DNAOralChemistryNikhil Kumar
Green Chemistry Synthesis of Imidazoles from 1,2-diketones and Their ApplicationsOralChemistryPeyton LittlePeyton Little, Elizabeth Nalley
Developing Cyt-P450-like Artificial Enzymes for Cannabinoid Differentiation: a Spectroscopic and Molecular Docking InvestigationPosterChemistryAshley Lombardo
The Green Synthesis of Maleimide Derivatives: Potential New Acetylcholineesterase InhibitorsPosterChemistryAidan LoobySebastian Cuka
Hydrothermal Synthesis of MoO3 Nanoparticles: Factors Affecting Its Crystal Growth, and Its Effects on the Photocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine-BPosterChemistryKenneth Lowery
Wacker-type Oxidation of Alkenes over Active Palladium Organometallic Mesoporous CatalystsPosterChemistrySallie LuskAbigail Bullins
Novel Approach to the Formation of Acyl Nitroso Compounds Using Alkyl NitritesPosterChemistryEmma Markun
Post-Polymerization Functionalization of Poly(Phenylene-Ethynylene) Type Water-Soluble Conjugated Polymers and Their Applications as Biological ProbesPosterChemistryDaniel Martinez
Optimization of Mechanochemical Synthesis in the Formation of the Metal-Organic Framework Cu3(BTC)2 PosterChemistryJohn Mason
Inhibitiing Nistroso Related Methylation of Guanine Using Dietary Supplements and FlavonoidsPosterChemistryMadeline McCoyAlec Basile
Investigation of Ruthenium Supramolecular Hexamers from a Chemical and Biochemical StandpointPosterChemistryJoshua McCray
Green and Sustainable Solar Energy MaterialsOralChemistryMegan Moberg
A Facile Total Synthesis of ToyocamycinOralChemistryDennis MondaresJohn Adeleye, Michelle Ananym
Synthesis and Self-Assembly of D and L Type PeptidesOralChemistryAlyssa MonohonJessica Lathrop
Quantification of Cannabis in Infused Consumer Products and Their Residues on SkinPosterChemistrySara Moreno
Modeling Density-dependent Kinetics of Exciton Transport PosterChemistryEileen Moudou
A Computational and Experimental Examination of the Structural and Energetic Properties of OC–BX3 ComplexesPosterChemistryJordan Munos
Proton Transfer Reaction-Mass Spectrometry Measurements of Propylene Glycol and Diethylene Glycol: Implications for Emissions of Volatile Chemical Products (VCPs)PosterChemistryKeri Nauman
Synthesis of Phenyl Pyrazoles for the Inhibition of UNH in Trichomonas VaginalisPosterChemistryKevin Nelson
Quantification of Cannabinoids in HempPosterChemistryValerie Nelson
Early Transition Metal-Boride Bond Dissociation EnergiesPosterChemistryChristopher Nielson
Electrochemical Characterization of Short Amyloid Peptides with Phe-Phe and Trp-Trp DyadsPosterChemistryMikaylin NoglerVasiliki Bayiokos
Synthesis of Corrosion Inhibitors for Oxidative SystemsPosterChemistryNeechi Okwor
Detection of Biogenic Amines in Grave Soil and Cadaver Dog Training Aids Using High Performance Liquid ChromatographyPosterChemistryAllena Opoku
Investigation of Photophysical Properties and Solvation Dynamics of CY5 Dye in Graphene Oxide Nanoparticle in Reverse MicellePosterChemistryMelany Opolz
Computational Studies of Benzimidazoles PosterChemistry mirka Ortiz
Characterization of the Cyclohexadienyl Radical (C6H7) Using Matrix Isolation Infrared SpectroscopyOralChemistryNicole Orwat
Synthesis of Novel Meta- and Para- Aldehyde Analogs of 5-Aminoimidazole Using Microwave ProtocolsOralChemistryMayowa Osunsanya
Engineering the Geometry of Nanocages Using Proline for Targeted Drug Delivery OralChemistryAshma Pandya
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles with Europium Metal Doping for Potential Antimicrobial ApplicationsOralChemistryGeorge Paulino
Monitoring of Nitrate in Georgia’s Lake Lanier Watershed: a Validation study OralChemistryCalvin Perdigao
Beaker, Flask, or Graduated Cylinder?: Teaching a Computer to Identify Laboratory GlasswareOralChemistryMuthuporutotage PereraEmil Matti, Lennox Apudo
Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Azo c-Kit and Tie-2 Kinase InhibitorsPosterChemistrySan Pham
Synthesis of Thiochromanones Via Conjugate Addition to Thiochromones and Synthetic ApplicationsPosterChemistryTibran Pickens Flynn
Investigating the Proton Transfer Dynamics and Vibrational Spectrum of Hydrogen Oxalate Using Driven Molecular Dynamics SimulationsPosterChemistryDominick Pierre-JacquesOlivia Cochran, Dayana Salazar, Dalton Boutwell
Hydrogen and Methane Storage in Densified Zeolite-Templated CarbonsPosterChemistrySeth Putnam
Chemical Investigations of Pasaquan and Interdisciplinary Paint RestorationOralChemistryShyrisse Ramos
Acrylamide Characterization to Be Used in the Elution and Concentration of Lambda Concatemer DNA MoleculesPosterChemistrySamantha RauAlex Larsen, Kristy Kounovsky-Shafer
Molecular Interaction of Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids with a DNA-OligonucleotidePosterChemistryJoshua Raymond
the Effect of Physiological Phosphate Concentrations on Iron Mineralization and Mobilization in FerritinPosterChemistryAliaksandra Reutovich
Synthesis and Evaluation of New Sulfonium Salt and Sulfonate PhotoinitiatorsPosterChemistryStephanie Rickert
Molecular Solvation in Phosphonium Ionic LiquidsOralChemistryRachel Riga
Acid Rain Mitigation in Streams: Direct versus Terrestrial LimingOralChemistryMadison Roberts
Generating a GPC-1 knockout in glioblastoma cells using CRISPRPosterChemistryJamie Rogers
Using Blender as a Site-Specific 3D Glycoprotein Visualization Software to Create Accurate and Visually Appealing Glycoprotein RenderingsPosterChemistryDaniel Rouhani
Methane Interactions with Heteroatom-Doped Carbon SurfacesPosterChemistryRylan Rowsey
Discerning Heavy Metal Concentrations by XRF in Arabidopsis thaliana Through Standard AdditionPosterChemistryEva-Maria Rudler
Synthesis of an Intermediate Towards the Total Synthesis of the Potential Cytotoxic Agent Callyspongamide APosterChemistryAlyssa SalazarErica Ruiz, Jennifer Lopez, Kennedy Dankert, Sarah Rocha
Speciation of Chelerythrine, a Potentially Toxic Benzophenanthridine Alkaloid in Black Salve Alternative Medicine ProductsOralChemistryLauren SampsonNicole Wiemken
Optimization Rules for SARS-CoV-2 Mpro Antivirals: Ensemble Docking and Exploration of the Coronavirus Protease Active SitePosterChemistryNowreen Sarwar
The Synthesis of Novel Rhodium Compounds Using Combinatorial ChemistryPosterChemistryEmily Saulino
Sesquiterpene Conformational Data Describes Reaction PathwaysPosterChemistryJulie Schrey
Analysis of Surface Adsorption for Iron Porphyrin-like Molecules on a Pt(111) SurfacePosterChemistryDavid Shaker
Investigation of Carbonic Acid Kinetics Under Physiological ConditionsPosterChemistryAnna Sheinberg
Fluorescent Labels Based on the Aurone Scaffold: A Group ProjectPosterChemistryJillian ShererAmy Tran
Evaluation and Standardization of Antioxidant Capacity in Natural Products OralChemistryJarrett SiemensOdilia Osakwe
Characterization of Mutant L-Chain Ferritins Responsible for NeuroferritinopathyOralChemistryGideon Smith
Computational Investigation of Curcumin in Vacuum and Solvent Using Semi-empirical and Quantum Mechanics MethodsPosterChemistryJoel Sop Tueam
Removal of Palladium Ions from Polluted Water PosterChemistryNicholas SpaderCaleb Guerra
Water-borne Antimicrobial Latex CoatingsPosterChemistryGianni Spencer
Synthesizing Silver Nanoparticles with L-Theanine and MesalaminePosterChemistrySarah StognerCole Landreth -
Characterization of Vanilla Extracts by Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR) PosterChemistryMeredith Stone
Effect of Insertion of D-Amino Acid on the Conformations and Energetics of Cystine Poly-Alanine OligopeptidesPosterChemistrySimruthi Subramanian
Synthesis of PEG and PDMAEMA Block Copolymers Using ARGET ATRP and Characterization Using UV-Vis and DLSOralChemistrySorfina Suzali
Stereoselective Synthesis of a Potential 5-HT2A AgonistOralChemistryJulie Talbert
Simple Method for Preparing Customizable Pyrolyzed Photoresin Electrodes Using 3D PrintingPosterChemistryBinny Tamang
Converting a Chirality Experiment to be Inquiry-Based and VirtualOralChemistrySamantha Tannenbaum
Effectiveness of Natural Coagulants for Wastewater Treatment Using the Peelings of Banana, Cassava, and Plantain: a ReviewOralChemistryAshford Thom
3+2 Cycloaddition Reactions of Aromatic Nitriles with Sodium Azide to form Tetrazoles, PosterChemistryColin ToHaley Beller
Breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein Equation in Reverse Micellar SolutionsOralChemistryMatthew Too
Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Solutions of Water in Monodisperse Polyethylene GlycolsOralChemistryMatthew Too
Generating Silica Sol-Gel Manganese Porphyrin Enzymes as Catalysts for Oxidative Desulfurization ReactionsOralChemistryAaron Trail
Synthesis of a Novel Pyrrole Family as Potential Anticancer AgentsOralChemistrySang Truong
Room Temperature, Self-Healing Polymer with High Tensile Strength via Crosslinking and Supramolecular Network for Applications in Robotics and ElectronicsPosterChemistryJohn Veracka
Computational Studies on the Free Energies of Water Permeation: Effect of Cation Concentration and Type on DOPCPosterChemistryJorge Villa
a Study of near Infrared DNA Damage and Photo-Cytotoxicity by a Brominated 4-Quinolinium Dicarbocyanine Pentamethine Dye (ESS-2-4)PosterChemistryYewouemoe Lynda Waku Kouomou
Generation of Electronic Spectra for Thin Solid FilmsOralChemistryAustin Wallace
Testing of unknown detergent samples for cleaning oil from bird feathers PosterChemistryAutumn Weber
Dependence of Ferrozine and Iron Concentration on the Kinetics of Ferrozine-Fe2+ Complexation ReactionPosterChemistryCassidy WelshRuth Reichard, Gideon Smith, Aliaksandra Reutovich, Fadi Bou-Abdallah
Bypassing the Malting Process with KojiOralChemistryTom Williams
Construction and Evaluation of Polycaprolactone Fibers for Drug Release ImplantsPosterChemistryRuth Woehlke
Quantifying the Irreversible Adsorption of Acetone by Titanium(IV) Oxide Under Atmospheric ConditionsOralChemistryMegan Wright
Investigating the Role of Ion Exchange Sites in Cyclic Voltammetry of Lanthanide Trifluoromethanesulfonates at Nafion-modified ElectrodesPosterChemistryMai Yer YangDani Lehto, Ethan Henseler
Greener Synthesis of Pterostilbene Derivatives as Drug Candidates for the Treatment of AlzheimersPosterChemistryVictor You
Introducing Biocatalysis in an Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory Using a Cyclopropanation Reaction PosterChemistrySarah Youngblood
Stereoselective Synthesis of Lactones from DinitrielsPosterChemistryKala Youngblood
Using Acridinium Photocatalysts to Oxidize Ene-Ynamides to Form Important Bicyclic Amides PosterChemistryJason Zhang