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Subject: Civil Engineering

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Service Life Model of Zeolite Based High Performance Concrete MixturesOralCivil EngineeringHothaifa Al EidJacqueline Diaz
Bridge Deck Thermography: Revisiting ‘Bridges Freeze Before Roadway’ From a Safe Salt PerspectivePosterCivil EngineeringEmily Bollendorf
The New Air Quality Measurement Method: Low-Cost Sensors on UAV’sPosterCivil EngineeringJasper Bowles
Reuse of Plastic in Geogrids for Unpaved RoadsPosterCivil EngineeringAna BoydMónica Flores, Dariana Martínez, Orlando Leyva
Exploration of Sustainable Concrete with Waste ProductsPosterCivil EngineeringCaroline Burkhardt
Wildfire Evacuation Modelling Coupling Traffic and Fire BehaviourOralCivil EngineeringHannah Carton
Engineered Material for Removal of Ammonia from WaterPosterCivil EngineeringLouis Chapman
Understanding the Structural Dynamics of Wind Turbine Blades, an Analytical ApproachOralCivil EngineeringDavid Clarabut
Quantifying the Improvement in the Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Strip Footings on Soft Clay Stabilized with a Granular Trench PosterCivil EngineeringColton CorcoranDavid Petersen
Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of Double Façades to Mitigate Wind-Induced Effects on Tall BuildingsPosterCivil EngineeringMichael Huntley
The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Air Quality and Transportation Patterns in FloridaPosterCivil EngineeringMariel JuddTate Grant
Waste to Resource: Coal Fly Ash BeneficiationPosterCivil EngineeringDimitrios Kakaris Porter
Analysis of Damage Patterns from Hurricane MichaelOralCivil EngineeringSteven Klepac
Machine Learning to Develop Algorithms to Predict Strength Degradations Resulting from Cyclic LoadingOralCivil EngineeringTiffany Meeks
Evaluating the Shear Strength of Overconsolidated ClaysOralCivil EngineeringMohammed Mohammed
The Effect of Nanosilica on Compressed Stabilized Earth BlocksPosterCivil EngineeringKhalil MualinMalek Elbatta, Merwan Mohammed
Peak Shear Strength of Ash/Sand Mixtures PosterCivil EngineeringJohn Navarrete
Automated Detection of Rutting in Asphalt Pavements Using Street-Level ImagesPosterCivil EngineeringMark Shorey
Characterization of Microplastics in the AtmospherePosterCivil EngineeringAlexis SmithAtharv Dangore
Relationship Amongst Coastal Hazard Countermeasures and Community Resilience in the Tōhoku Region of Japan Following the 2011 TsunamiOralCivil EngineeringRobert Wachter III