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Subject: Communications

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A Semantic Network Analysis of Media Analytics Job Postings: Challenges and Opportunities for Media Analytics Curricula in Higher Education during the Pandemic. PosterCommunicationsAshleigh Afromsky
Cover-Up of Sexual Misconduct in The Morning Show and The Loudest VoiceOralCommunicationsSydney Ashworth
Misinformation in the Time of Climate Change: The Generation Gap in the Effects of MisinformationPosterCommunicationsCharles Bare
Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Organizational Reputation in CrisisPosterCommunicationsIsabelle Barrett
Liberal Arts Poster Students: the Symptoms of Visually Overrepresenting Students of Color in College CommunicationsOralCommunicationsGnim Bazim
Content Analysis of Adulting in New GirlOralCommunicationsStephanie Best
Mass Shootings in the Media: Framing of Perpetrators OralCommunicationsElizabeth Bierly
What is Happening in the Black Community? Understanding African Americans’ Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)PosterCommunicationsReginae ButlerEbonie Farmer , Kiara Cook, Paige Hall
Dis-connected at All Times: the Effects Social Media Platforms Have on Intrapersonal Development and Romantic RelationshipsPosterCommunicationsAlexandra Camejo
Effectiveness of Bus Advertising in Hong KongOralCommunicationsTsz Ching ChanPak Yiu Chan, Ka Man Hui, Tsz Yi Lee, Sin Yee Wong
Celebrity Worship and the Modern FanOralCommunicationsDorothy Corbett
Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 on lgbtq+ Intimate CommunicationOralCommunicationsJakob Coykendall
The Awareness of Obesity: Is There a Myth on Body Weight and Diet?PosterCommunicationsSafhari DixonDazya Mitchell
NCUR AbstractPosterCommunicationsKailey Drese;
Trauma in the Media: A Thematic Analysis of Trauma Representations in The Umbrella AcademyPosterCommunicationsMacy Dykes
Developing Authentic Corporate Activism InitiativesPosterCommunicationsThomas Edson
The Representation of Women in Hip-Hop Lyrics Before and During the #MeToo Movement PosterCommunicationsBriana Edwards
Engaging in Cultural Conversations: Black Twitter and the R. Kelly CaseOralCommunicationsDaniella Elliott
Importance of Culturally Relevant Science Communication Workshops for FacultyOralCommunicationsDaniel Erenstein
Journalists' Dilemma: Newspaper Coverage During the 1978 World CupOralCommunicationsAmanda Gibson
Deception in Reality T.V.: Love is Blind/Too Hot to HandleOralCommunicationsKatherine Grey
Dwight, You Ignorant Slut: Content Analysis of Shame and Shaming in The Office and an Exploration of Its Effects Upon the Unsuspecting ViewerOralCommunicationsKatherine Holmes
Emotionality in Climate Change CommentaryOralCommunicationsAngela HuguninEmma Dimick, Olivia Misorski, Ben Worner
Common-Sense Water ConservationOralCommunicationsBranden Ingersoll
Delayed or Relayed Messaging: How COVID-19 Information Circulates Differently in the South OralCommunicationsCristy Kennedy
An Analysis of Body Image in Fashion AdvertisementsOralCommunicationsJessica KettererNatalie Yesner
The Hybrid Firestorm OralCommunicationsOlivia Lawless
Content Consumption and Cancel Culture: a Study on the Correlation Between Scandal and Consumer CulturePosterCommunicationsJordan Lear
Latinx Identity and Impact on Mental HealthPosterCommunicationsAnaMarie Lopez
Fan Base Identification Through Simulation TheoryPosterCommunicationsDaniel Lurie
Saving Safety Suzy: The Digital Preservation of a 1940s Public Safety Campaign of the LAPDOralCommunicationsKatherine Mann
Sexism in Parks and Recreation: the Effects of Sexism Through Television OralCommunicationsAnnie Margolis
Investigating Contributing Variables to Sexual Satisfaction: A Quantitative StudyOralCommunicationsAlan MartinezAndreyna Guijarro, Carley Neilson, Rochelle Hibbs, Beatrice Elizondo
The Development of the Term ‘’friend-zone’’ and its Media Influences: Is it a Harmful Concept?OralCommunicationsArely Martinez Medina
Activism and Social Media: A Case StudyPosterCommunicationsMadison Moyer
Uncovering the Path to ReparationPosterCommunicationsMakena Mugambi
Reporting on the NewsroomPosterCommunicationsLauren Nye
The Disparity College Rape Victims Face from Institutionalized Sexism and the Systematic Injustices Against Them Beyond Being RapedOralCommunicationsHosna Opeyany
Child Labor, Fashion, and CottonPosterCommunicationsLily Overacker
Accessibility Through Technology: Practical Advice for Event Planners PosterCommunicationsIsabella Pizzo
Understanding Afrikaner’s Perceptions of Affirmative ActionOralCommunicationsKaelyn Poirier
Exposure to the National Diabetes Prevention Campaign: the Relationship Between Personal Involvements with Diabetes and Understanding the DiseasePosterCommunicationsTakyia Price
Race Matters: The Sociopolitical Impacts of Prejudice in Dear White PeopleOralCommunicationsRoselyn Romero
TV Is the New Criminal: How Violence in the Media Creates a Falsely Dangerous WorldOralCommunicationsCaroline Roos
Analysis of Press Releases of US States during COVID-19 Initial Crisis Phase using Machine Learning OralCommunicationsAllison Rybalnik
Wedding Professionals’ Duty to Be Diverse and Inclusive: How Do We Get Educated?PosterCommunicationsJulia Salvatore
Race and Facial Expression PerceptionsOralCommunicationsJeffrey Salyers
Do It for the Gram: An Investigation of Performative Activism on Social Media PlatformsPosterCommunicationsAnna Samsonov
Unintended Consequences: the Toll COVID-19 Is taking on College Student’s ental healthOralCommunicationsEmma Schulok
How people use social media to reaffirm their political beliefs on climate change: A survey study of confirmation bias in climate change information consumptionPosterCommunicationsLaura Scudder
College Students and Body Image: An Analysis of Self-Presentation and Comments Left by Instagram Followers PosterCommunicationsSudan SmithLeia Wedge, Shakira Miles
Preserving Police Procedures: Documenting the Post-WWII Training Practices of the LAPDOralCommunicationsNicholas Spader
Natives in America: Land That Was Once FreeOralCommunicationsSara Steeves
Expert Communication About Cancer Clinical Trials: Cognitive Map AnalysisPosterCommunicationsSophie StypelkoskiFrantz Garilus
Sunshine and Salt Air: An International Student's Sunday in FloridaVisual Arts ExhibitCommunicationsMaartje van Dam
Can’t Trust the News: Mainstream News Losing Credibility Among Young PeopleOralCommunicationsJohana Vazquez
the Commodification of Green; Tracking Brand Positioning on SustainabilityOralCommunicationsDeclan Walkush
Communicating from the Court to the Community: A Content Analysis of NBA Teams’ Social Responsibility Twitter CommunicationsPosterCommunicationsCameron Wilson
The Evolving Brand and Fear of ChangePosterCommunicationsStanley Zaneski
Communicating Study Abroad Opportunities to Student-Athletes: What’s Happening at Division I Schools?PosterCommunicationsAlyssa Zee
Foster Care: A Look into the Communication Patterns in Non-biological and Temporary Family UnitsPosterCommunicationsElianna Zimmerman