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Subject: Computer Science

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The Dawn of Real-Time Rendering Solutions: An Exploration into the Integration of Real-Time Rendering Solutions in the Pipeline for ProductionPosterComputer ScienceStephen Abraham
Exploiting Smart Device Communication to Perform Malicious AttacksPosterComputer ScienceAspen AkunneStacy Fortes
Towards Evaluating Adversarial Attacks Against Recurrent Neural Networks in Audio DomainPosterComputer ScienceYigit AlparslanKen Alparslan
Code Okie: Three Years of Growth, Adaptation, and Impact!PosterComputer ScienceKendall BabbMiranda Babb, Sila Tamang, Rashed Alrashed, Xavier Boomershine, Diep Nguyen
Identifying the High Risk Social Media Messages by Analyzing Text InformationPosterComputer ScienceMene Bagudu
Privacy Perceptions of Users of At-home DNA TestingOralComputer ScienceKhadija Baig
Exploration of Graph-based and Traditional Machine Learning Algorithms in Regards to the Amount of Labeled Training Data RequiredOralComputer ScienceAshwin Balaji
Analyzing the Trend and Forecasting of Covid-19 Outbreak Using Machine Learning TechniquePosterComputer ScienceBenie Bebela
Semantic Analysis of Social Media Conversations on Music for the Prediction of a Song’s EmotionOralComputer ScienceAidan Beery
Predicting Drug-Gene Interactions Via Graph StructureOralComputer ScienceKayla Bennett
Music-enhanced Data Tables: A New Way of Experiencing Data PresentationsOralComputer ScienceAngel Bermudez
Constructing a React Web Application for College Research Faculty and StudentsPosterComputer ScienceJay Bhatt
Predicting the Spread of Covid-19 with Neural NetworksPosterComputer ScienceIsaac BoydKieran Ringel
Machine Assisted Speed Reading and TrainingOralComputer ScienceChristopher Brandt
Insight and Analytics from Git RepositoriesOralComputer ScienceJordan BrekkeYan Berezkin -
Timothy Guilfoyle -
Victor Huarota -
Zaid Altahat -
Modeling and Algorithm Development for Adaptive Adversarial AI for Complex AutonomyPosterComputer ScienceJessica Brown
Application of the Data Science Workflow to Molecular Dynamic SimulationsPosterComputer ScienceLemuel I. Cantú
Musical Transposition Directly from Audio with Deep Recurrent Neural NetworksPosterComputer ScienceParker Carlson
Paintings Come Alive: A New Way of Experiencing MasterpiecesOralComputer ScienceZane Chalich
Developing a Google Chrome Extension for Detecting Phishing EmailsOralComputer ScienceHongkai Chen
Simulation of the Internal Structure of Honey Bee SwarmsOralComputer ScienceClaudia Chen
Financial Impact of the COVID-19 Phishing Scams ResearchOralComputer ScienceHongkai Chen
Covid-19 and CybersecurityOralComputer ScienceAaron Chin King
Towards a Natural Language Database Query Processing System Using Montague SemanticsOralComputer ScienceAaron Cogbill
Visualizing Covid-19 and Sports: a Case Study on the NBA PosterComputer ScienceColin Dalton
Studying the trends in traffic collisions during Covid-19PosterComputer ScienceKokoutse Doh
Essential Workers in Austin, Tx: Data Analysis on their Exposure to COVID-19PosterComputer ScienceMariana Duarte
Deep Audio TranscriptionOralComputer ScienceVictoria Ebert
Multiparametric Radiomics for Predicting the Aggressiveness of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Using Hyperspectral ImagesPosterComputer ScienceKa'Toria Edwards
Robust Efficient Accurate License Plate and Character Detection System Based on Simplified CNNOralComputer ScienceZekai Fei
Smart Computational Model of the Human Cardiopulmonary SystemPosterComputer ScienceDouglas FolkAudrey Tseng, Michael Ciriacy
Evaluating the Performance of Caching Strategies in Diverse Information-centric Network SettingsPosterComputer ScienceRhonda-Lee Forbes
Sentiment Towards the Covid-19 VaccinePosterComputer ScienceStacy Fortes
Scaffold Analysis of Ligands Exhibiting GPCR Signaling BiasPosterComputer ScienceJulian FrancoJason Sanchez, Govinda KC
Blue Mars Initiative: Developing Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Network Models to Forecast Mesoscale Martian Weather ConditionsPosterComputer ScienceJared Frazier
Productivity Playlist: Interpolating a Musical Path Between Emotions using a KNN AlgorithmPosterComputer ScienceShaurya Gaur
Exploring the Performance of Different Machine Learning and Statistical Models for Time Series Forecasting of Stock Closing Prices in the Standard and Poor's (S&P) 500PosterComputer ScienceJonathan GeffrardChristian Binoya
TeX Math Here: a Versatile Notation and Equation Composition ToolOralComputer ScienceNathanael Gentry
A Novel Routing Protocol for Wireless AD HOC Networks Based on the Behavior of Slime Mold Physarum PolycephalumOralComputer ScienceNicholas Gilmet
Evaluating the Performance of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms on Predicting Treatment Outcomes of Bovine Respiratory DiseaseOralComputer ScienceJeffrey Gradner
Measuring Connectivity Performance Thresholds for Moving Target DefensesPosterComputer ScienceNicholas Greiner
Beating Google Captcha with Artificial IntelligencePosterComputer ScienceJohn HaagZach Kovalenko, Thomas Shear
Human-Computer Interactions Between Behavioral Health Applications and Native American AdolescentsPosterComputer ScienceShelby Hagemann
Secure Suite: an Open Source Service for Internet SecurityOralComputer ScienceOliver Haney
A Model and Design for Automated Honeypot DetectionPosterComputer ScienceAshlyn HanksChristos Haramis, Timothy Beal
Toward a Metric for Assessing Ideological Devotion Within Technical CommunitiesOralComputer ScienceMichael Harding
Precipitation Prediction Using Multiple AI ApproachesOralComputer ScienceTimothy Haskins
Implementation and Evaluation of a Novel Encryption Algorithm Based on Graph TraversalOralComputer ScienceHenry Hetzel
Horus: a Sojourn-Centric Dynamic HoneypotPosterComputer ScienceKyle HoffpauirNathan Markle
Using Hasse Diagrams to Compute a Gradient Vector FieldPosterComputer ScienceBenjamin Holmgren
Fingerprinting IoT Devices using Artificial Intelligence TechniquesOralComputer ScienceAlex HoskinsAshley Renwick
A New Charter of Ethics and Rights of Artificial Consciousness in a Human WorldOralComputer ScienceMarkian Hromiak
Effects of Heterogeneity for Continuous, Binary and Correlational Data Meta-Analysis Using MATLABPosterComputer ScienceMohammad JamilAditya Jaiswal, Sridharan Pariyangat, Rohith Sunil, Sohail Zaidi
Access to Healthcare Resources Via a Virtual Voice AssistantPosterComputer ScienceJoan John
Characterisation of Human Behaviours Against Cyber AttacksOralComputer ScienceChanon Kachornvuthidej
An Investigation of How Undergraduate Students Manage the Email They Received from UniversityOralComputer ScienceJin Kang
Effective Measurement and Intervention of Adolescent Stress Levels with Social Robots PosterComputer ScienceRaida Karim
Real-Time Mobility Assistance for the Legally BlindPosterComputer ScienceRaunak Khaitan
A Covid-19 Word Cloud Map based on Twitter PosterComputer ScienceUmaid Ali Khalid
Simplifying the Integer Linear Program Model in SimCCSPosterComputer ScienceAnne Kreeck
Artificial Intelligence in a competitive robotics competitionPosterComputer ScienceJonathan KrummenacherMicheal Jones
Using Machine Learning and Emergence to Provide Non-deterministic NPCs in Video Game CombatOralComputer ScienceRayad Lackhan
Visualization of Sentiments for Covid-19 Mask UsagePosterComputer ScienceEric LandaverdeShivam Patel
Seasonal and Locational Analysis of Carnivores in an Urban Setting with Visualization and Evaluation of ClustersPosterComputer ScienceYinying LiangEthan Chatfield
Efficient Algorithms for the Four Corners Problem and Two-Dimensional Pattern MatchingPosterComputer ScienceAri Liloia
Non-Emergency Response Time Prediction using Deep LearningPosterComputer ScienceJillian Magyar
A Novel Multi-Faceted Approach for Analyzing Cybersecurity Educational GamesPosterComputer ScienceChase MaschinotLaura Nestor, Ankur Chattopadhyay
Human-in-the-Loop Gaussian Process-Based Coverage in Multi-Robot Settings: A New Take on Exploration vs. ExploitationOralComputer ScienceAndrew McDonald
Lloyd the Monkey 1 & 2 PostmortemPosterComputer ScienceNoah Meyer
Implementation of Machine Learning and ROS into Self-Driving RC CarsPosterComputer ScienceAnderson Molter
IoT-Enabled Smart Mobility Devices for Aging and RehabilitationPosterComputer ScienceNafisa Mostofa
Machine Learning to Predict Anti-Malarial CompoundsOralComputer ScienceJose Navarro
Impact of Covid-19 by Income and PopulationPosterComputer ScienceDaniel Niedzwiedzki
Visualizing Social Distancing: a Computer Vision ApproachPosterComputer ScienceChigozie OfodikeStacy Fortes
Research on Inclusiveness in Computer Science EducationPosterComputer ScienceChigozie OfodikeAnibely Torres
A Decision Support System for Mental Healthcare WorkersPosterComputer ScienceDaniel Ojeda
Effect of TIMP-1 Levels, MMP-1 Levels, and Healing Times on the Wound Surface AreaPosterComputer ScienceAarini Panzade
Inexpensive Search & Rescue UAV with Mission-Planning and Machine Learning Human DetectionPosterComputer ScienceDennis PavlyukRyan Ellis
Differentiating Between Mobile and Desktop Application Network TrafficPosterComputer ScienceTyler Percy
Automatic Crossword GenerationPosterComputer ScienceOtis Peterson
StudyBuddy: A Voice-based Studying AssistantPosterComputer ScienceFariha PiaUmaid Ali
Summarizing Footage from Sporting Events with Computer VisionPosterComputer ScienceScott Powell
Spectral Analysis and Correlation of Power Signatures for SHA-256 Encryption Keys OralComputer ScienceCorbin ProvostAlexander Sigler
Analyzing 2020 Protest Effects Using Datasets to Visualize ChangePosterComputer ScienceAmrutha RagothamanAspen Akunne, Eric Landaverde
Long Short Term Memory Load ForecastingOralComputer ScienceLevi Randall
Sentimental analysis of COVID-19 vaccine related tweetsOralComputer ScienceMohannad Rayani
Measuring Algorithm Efficiency in Modern Password CrackersPosterComputer ScienceJustin Riccardelli
SafeWalk: Software Engineering of a Jetpack SimulatorPosterComputer ScienceKathryn RohlfingCameron Brecount
Implementing and Comparing Various Dots and Boxes Monte Carlo Tree Search TechniquesPosterComputer ScienceMina Ryumae
Self-Avoiding Walks Used as Simulations to PolymersOralComputer ScienceAdalis Santiago
Optimization Method on Programs Using Dependency Analysis and Loop Peeling TransformationsOralComputer ScienceAssya Sellak
Effectiveness of Thin Client from IT Perspective PosterComputer ScienceNirajan Shrestha
Don’t Block Me: Toward a Foundation of Tech-Aware Copyright PracticeOralComputer ScienceTravis Skene
Virtual Reality Based Schizophrenia SimulatorOralComputer ScienceJonathan Slotten
Computer Vision Based Parking Lot SystemOralComputer ScienceMark Stiller
Designing a Smart Dog Harness for Seizure DetectionPosterComputer ScienceMarji Symonds
RCytoGPS: an R Package for Reading and Visualizing Cytogenetics DataPosterComputer ScienceDwayne Tally
Analyzing Flaws in Educational Robots for Determining Alignment With IEEE Global Standards For Ethically Aligned Trustworthy AIPosterComputer ScienceDanielle ThaxtonAbdikadar Ali
Human-in-the-loop Clustering Dashboard for Materials Structure ExplorationPosterComputer ScienceMaria Alexandra Theodorescu
Machine Learning and Forced Alignment Applied to Audiobook EditingOralComputer ScienceMicah Tietz
Improved Viola-Jones Face Detection Method Based on Cross-Examples for Thermal ImagesPosterComputer ScienceHong Tran
Continuing In-person Motor Neuroscience Research Virtually During COVID-19PosterComputer ScienceKristen TwiggCameron Perrie, Trevor Maco
Creating Contextual Awareness for Human-Robot InteractionPosterComputer ScienceMicheal Wetherbee
3D Learning Environments in Practice - Virtual Museum and Virtual Classroom Case StudiesOralComputer ScienceSam Williams
Open Sesame - Validation of Port Knock Sequence GenerationPosterComputer ScienceKyle Wiseman
Constructing an Assembler and Virtual MachinePosterComputer ScienceDevin Wright
A Hierarchical Approach to Fine-Grained Visual Classification for Plant Image AnalysisOralComputer ScienceRam Zaveri
Historical Documentation & Mathematical Analysis of Introductory CryptographyOralComputer ScienceBrendan ZemberKatie Henschell