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Subject: Criminology/Criminal Justice

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Justice Reimagined: an Analysis of the Efficacy of Restorative Justice PracticesOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeNeha ChavaKayla Blaise
Restorative Justice in Pennsylvania: The Case of AdvozOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeSara Crouch
Exploring the Impact of Recreational Marijuana Legalization on Drug-related Crimes in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington StatePosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeRoarke Cullenbine
Can Family Formation as a Source of Parental Strain Contribute to Juvenile Delinquency Using a GST Approach? OralCriminology/Criminal JusticeMargaret Czarniak
An Analysis and Revision of U.S. Federal Drug SchedulingPosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeMegan Fallon
Human Trafficking: Policies and Preventative MeasuresOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeMarybeth Gormley
Bias in Police Shootings: Is it just an opinion? OralCriminology/Criminal JusticePhuong Ho
Community Incarceration: Economic and Sociological Impact PosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeSadiyo JamaSoraya Dorvilier
Pathways For Change: A Qualitative Look at a Therapeutic Community PosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeKayla Reid
Rehabilitation Post-Criminal Activity: Functional Characteristics of Programs for Offenders with Mental IllnessOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeJosephine Reid
Subculture of Violence in Youth Correctional InstitutionsPosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeIsabella Riggs
Does It Matter If You Have a Defense Attorney?: Importance of Defense Counsel at Bond Modification HearingsOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeMorgan Robinson
Why Does an Ex-Offender Reoffend?OralCriminology/Criminal JusticeJacob Rybak
Criminological Theory: Examining Criminal Justice Theory and Societal RelevancePosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeJordan Thomas
Frontline Mental Health Workers and Incarceration: Expectations Vs. Reality and Stress Management During COVID-19PosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeHannah Westwood
The Death of My Transgender Sisters: A Crime Theory AnalysisOralCriminology/Criminal JusticeBrandt Wild