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Subject: Dance

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FavTitleTypeSubjectSubmitter NameOther Presenters
Single-leg Balance and Pirouette a La Second Turns in Dancers PosterDanceKobi Alcocer
Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences Applied to Choreography OralDanceLaura Ardner
Improvisation Meets Choreography: the Channel Between Impulses and Identified MovementPerforming ArtsDanceOlivia Barner
The Intentional Relationship Between Choreographer and SpectatorOralDanceNaomi Bates
The Holocaust, Sigmund Freud, and Anna SokolowOralDanceCassidy Blackham
Dance for the Expecting DancerOralDanceAshlie Carlile
Stripping the Canvas: Claiming Authorship in Dance Through Choreographic CopyrightOralDanceHannah Corey
The Aftershocks: A Research through Dance on the Emotional Symptoms of Persistent Complex Bereavement DisorderOralDanceFrancesca DeMartino
In the Eye of the Storm: A Research through Dance on the Emotional Effects of COVID- 19Performing ArtsDanceFrancesca DeMartino
The Ballet World Designed by Misty: Topics of Race and Body Type OralDanceMartha Dunkelberger
The Multiple Benefits of Dance Movement Therapy in Children with Down SyndromeOralDanceRosemary Franklin
blood, DNA, connectionPerforming ArtsDanceZoe Glise
Cuerpo Talk: Expressions of Latinx Identity through Choreography OralDanceEmily Gomez
Something Big EnoughPerforming ArtsDanceAlexandra Griswold
Contact Improvisation During the #MeToo Era: Fostering a Safer and More Inclusive Environment for PractitionersOralDanceKarin Hoglund
It's a Man’s World: the Glass Ceiling in DanceOralDanceBethany Joyce
Bharatanatyam: A Product of Reform and Female OppressionOralDanceLuvenia Kalia
a Phenomenology Long Explanation for a Seemingly Simple ConundrumOralDanceJessica Kintigh
The Physical, Mental, and Creative Implications of Dance as a Form of Play: A Comparison of Collegiate Pre-professional and Recreational DancersPosterDanceSarah McNamee
Queer Dance in Liminal Spaces Performing ArtsDanceLucy Mundschau
Moving Through Liminal and Queer SpacePerforming ArtsDanceLucy Mundschau
Double HelixPerforming ArtsDanceKathryn Patrick
The Struggle WithinPerforming ArtsDanceRachel Peterson
Examining Feedback Practices in the Dance ClassroomOralDanceEmily Pollack
Chronicling Choréographie: an Introduction and Demonstration of French Baroque Dance NotationOralDanceChazlen RookMcKenzie Tipton
Life: the Improvised Performance of ExperienceOralDanceAlanna Rygelski
Hip-Hop Dance as a Cross-Cultural Dialogue Through TimeOralDanceRiley Smith
A Beautiful DeceptionPerforming ArtsDanceLane Swenson
Chasing the American Dream: Making _The Nutcracker_ a Christmas Tradition in the United StatesPosterDanceAlexandra Walsh