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Subject: Ecology

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English Ivy Removal and Restoration of Biodiversity in a Piedmont ForestOralEcologyCollin Anderson
Singing in the Rain: the First Characterization of Courtship Singing in Rhinoceros BeetlesPosterEcologyNathan Barton
Walking While Parasitized: Effects of a Nematode Parasite on Locomotor Activity of Horned Passalus BeetlesPosterEcologyChristopher Brandon
Influence of Physical Barriers Significantly Reducing Stream Flow and Seasonal Variation in Determining Stream Quality Using Subsampling of Macroinvertebrates Collected Using Kick-Net TechniquesOralEcologyJennifer Brenner
Shifts in Leaf Investment Strategies of Sunflowers Across Climatic Gradients in the Upper MidwestPosterEcologyMichael BylanderThu Nguyen
Do Pellet Counts Count? Efficacy of Pellet Count Surveys for Estimating White-Tailed Deer DensityOralEcologySarah Cain
Implications of COVID-19 on Wildlife Daytime ActivityOralEcologyBenjamin CarrKaitlin Goode
Trophically-acquired Herbicide Exposure of Wolf Spiders Can Cause Weight Loss but No Change in Prey Capture EfficiencyPosterEcologyGrace Chamberlain
Amphibian Skin Pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Surveillance in EcuadorOralEcologyConnor Chapman
Latitudinal Gradients in Large Milkweed Bug (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) Reproductive Ecology and Climate ResponsesOralEcologyTedra Cuddy
Microcystin: The Best Contraceptive There IsPosterEcologyRida FarookMoussa Chehab
Determination of the Effects of the Lbl1 (leafbladeless1) Mutation on Meiotic Recombination in MaizePosterEcologyTyshawn Ferrell
Simple or Is It? An Observation of the Immune Response of the House Cricket, Acheta Domesticus, to Altered-SelfPosterEcologySummer Fleming
Chronic Exposure to Herbicides and Herbicide Residues Influences the Weight and Feeding Behavior of the Wolf Spider Pardosa milvinaPosterEcologyTyler GrossRachel Morehouse, Joe'l Morris, Sara Nicola, Kevin Rainey, Aaron Romano, Jordan Washko
The Lethal Effects of Herbicides and Herbicide Residues on the Agriculturally Important Wolf Spider Pardosa milvinaPosterEcologyTyler GrossRachel Morehouse, Joe'l Morris, Sara Nicola, Kevin Rainey, Aaron Romano, Washko Jordan
The Effects of Thiamethoxam on Bombus impatiens Foraging EfficiencyPosterEcologyEmma Grover
Assessing Condition of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) and Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in Pennsylvania StreamsPosterEcologyRebecca Harner
Population Dynamics of Wintering Waterfowl in the Mid-Atlantic Region, USAOralEcologyThomas HokeAbigail Harris
Exploring the Compounding Effects of Common Pesticides  on Freshwater MicrobiomesPosterEcologyGabriel HooperNathan Edmondson, John Hoverson, Mark Fischer
Small Crustaceans, Big Implications: Anthropogenic Impacts of Propeller Scars on Floridian Seagrass EcosystemsPosterEcologyFaith JamesFaith James, Ingrid Jacobson
Comparing Small Mammal Communities on Remnant and Restored Prairies with a Special Emphasis on Rare Species PosterEcologyFaith JamesOlivia Vergin, Faith James, Peyton Lehman
Rates of Water Loss and Absorption in Stick Insect EggsPosterEcologyGarret Jolma
Canopy Cover and Seasonal Variability on Macroinvertebrate Communities Affecting Stream Quality Determination OralEcologyRachel Kanady
Innovation in Restoration: Estimating Seed Counts Using a Photography App OralEcologySamantha Kelly Cessair McKinney
An Analysis of Florida Fighting Conch Tissue for the Presence of MicroplasticsPosterEcologyJordan Kleinschmidt
Oyster Mortality Events: Exploring the Microbiome of Cultured Eastern OystersOralEcologyKelly Koehler
The effect of flock size and habita on vigilance in the American Coot (Fulica americana)OralEcologyDat Lam
Investigating Phenotypic Plasticity Along Two Axes of Plant Variation in Helianthus PosterEcologyAleksander LeonardsonLydia McNabb
Do Aboveground Crop Patches Indicate Belowground Microbial Hotspots? PosterEcologyJustin Lerma
Effect of Human Development on the Herpetofauna Community in the Peruvian Amazon BasinOralEcologyAlexander Marsh
Are Rotational Grazing Practices Impacting Native Vertebrate Diversity in Pennsylvania Streams? PosterEcologyAngela McCarty
Description of a New Species of Hyalella (Amphipoda: Hyalellidae) from Belle IsleOralEcologyMolly McKeon
Weather Influences the Spatial Transmission of White-Nose Syndrome in Little Brown BatsOralEcologyAlexander Mercier Mercier
Stream Connectivity and Fragmentation Impacts on Wild Trout PopulationsOralEcologyJohn Miller
Temporal Variation in Eelgrass Wasting Disease Severity Alters Preferred Food Availability for HerbivoresPosterEcologyNaomi Murray
An Examination of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol A Derivatives During Zebrafish DevelopmentOralEcologyRachel Nas
Effects of Low-Tech Restoration Structures on Activity of Coleoptera in Sagebrush SteppePosterEcologyEthan Palen
Environmental Variables Regulate Prevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Infections in California Amphibian PopulationsPosterEcologyMargaret Paulsen
Effects of predation hazard on habitat selection of fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas)OralEcologyRebecca Piche
Chemical Ecology of Yucca Moth Mating SystemsPosterEcologyHolly Redmond
Reproductive Health of Oregon White Oak Across Multiple HabitatsPosterEcologyHenry RobertsOswaldo Moreno, Samantha Sackett, Shayla Solomon
River Otters of the Chesapeake Bay: Conservation and Camera TrappingOralEcologyJaeda Roberts
Effects of a Low-Head Dam on a Sympatric Population of TurtlesOralEcologyReece Robinett
Classification and Mapping of Marine Habitats Using Drone DataOralEcologyMaria Rocha
Effects of a Non-indigenous Bryozoan on the Recruitment of the Native Olympia Oyster, Ostrea lurida. PosterEcologyLeeza-Marie Rodriguez
The Influence of Predation History on Bobwhite Quail Reproductive BehaviorPosterEcologyWill Rogers
Preliminary Results from a Study of the Impact of Walker Lake on the North Branch of Middle Creek Using Metrics Generated by Diatom Biofilm Communities PosterEcologyShannon Ryan
Differences in Bold Personality Traits Between Captive Male and Female Coquerel’s Sifakas (Propithecus coquereli)PosterEcologyElaina Savage
Effects of Organic Fertilizers on Herbivore PerformancePosterEcologyPhoebe Scharle
Niche Breadth Changes in Response to Environmental Perturbation: the Impact of Early Snowmelt on Subalpine Plant-Pollinator SpecializationOralEcologyMicah Sharer
Life History Factors Important in Incidence of White-nose Syndrome (Pseudogymnoascus destructans) Among North American Bats PosterEcologyCandace Siirila
Hyperparasitism of Four Species of Avian Ectoparasitic Hippoboscid Flies by Mites on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CanadaOralEcologySamuelle Simard-Provençal
How Does Atrazine Affect Corticosterone Stress Response in the Northern Two-lined Salamander (Eurycea bislineata)?PosterEcologyDarlene Slavick
Restoration of the Three-ridge Mussel, Amblema plicata, to the Cedar RiverOralEcologyToni Sleugh
Comparative Neutron Radiography Analysis of Siliceous Marine Sponges: Dragmacidon lunaechartaOralEcologyAmanda Smolinski
Could Wasps Be Pollinators? a Study on Body Pollen Carriage and Floral FidelityOralEcologyPaola Soto Mendez
The Ecological Impacts of Road Salt and Potentially Safer Alternative Deicers on Freshwater InvertebratesOralEcologyRachel Stander
the Impacts of Atrazine Exposure on the Performance of Northern Two Lined Salamander Larvae (Eurycea bislineata) PosterEcologyKody Streeter
Identification of Hepatopancreatic Parasites Afflicting Crayfish and Associated Snails in Local Virginia Streams PosterEcologyJonathan TenerovichCara Arrasmith , Nathanael Lamb, Jessica Welty, Amelia Wickham, Ashton Young, Ashley Warren
Comparison of leaf damage and trichomes of Wisconsin Helianthus populations grown in varying environmentsPosterEcologyMadilyn Vetter
Fatheads Don’t Eat Plastic: Food Preference Among Juvenile Fathead MinnowsOralEcologyKendall Wald
Global Protection of Alliance for Zero Extinction Sites and the Conservation of Threatened and Near Threatened SpeciesOralEcologyMargaretta Walker
Effects of Trophic Pressures on Nocturnal Activity in Wisconsin Microbats (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)PosterEcologyGrace WampoleKyle Bergendahl
Evaluating the Use of Autonomous Recording Units for Monitoring Northern Bobwhite CoveysPosterEcologyElke Windschitl
DNA Barcoding of Crustacea from Artificial Reefs in the Gulf of MexicoPosterEcologyCara Womacks
Effects of Low Summer Flow on Stream Physicochemistry, Macroinvertebrate Abundance, and Redband Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss Gairdneri) Condition in an Ephemeral Idaho StreamPosterEcologyAndrew Wymore
Genetic Variability and Inbreeding in Gray Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) Populations in OhioPosterEcologyEmma Young