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Subject: Economics

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Minority UnemploymentPosterEconomicsCasey Abbasspour
Does the MRP of a College Basketball Player Diminish?OralEconomicsAdonis Abdullah
Educational Contributors to Income Inequality in StocktonPosterEconomicsJessica Alva
Investor and Market Reaction to COVID-19 Vaccine AnnouncementsPosterEconomicsLuke Bausch
Eco-Efficiency and its Implications on Macro Resource Use: An Empirical Study on Energy Consumption Patterns in Five European Countries and USA 2005-2015OralEconomicsKelly Brassington
Tourism Density and Recycling Rates: The Effect of Local Economy Composition on Recycling OutcomesPosterEconomicsRichard Calvo
The Measure of Gross Domestic Product — Is It Complete?OralEconomicsLily Careb
Decomposition of U.S. Urban-Rural Racial Wage GapsOralEconomicsEvan Carr
A Field Experiment on Racial Discrimination in the Rental Housing Market in OahuOralEconomicsElena Chen
Are Pyramid Schemes Fueled by Strain or Opportunity? A Place-Based Analysis of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing in the USPosterEconomicsDalton Chenoweth
Effects of COVID-19 in twin ports economyOralEconomicsSajid Hasan Chowdhury
Demographic Indicators and Their Relation to Resident RetentionPosterEconomicsEli Coltin
A Future Beyond Multinational Corporatism: A Decolonial Analysis of Oil Corporations in NigeriaPosterEconomicsRachel Coyle
A comparative Study on Outcomes of Social Entrepreneurship Education OralEconomicsRabia Demirelli
Quantitative Analysis of the Impact of Higher Carbon Dioxide on Arkansas Healthcare CostsOralEconomicsAaron Dent
Winning an NFL Championship on a City’s Local Unemployment RateOralEconomicsWilliam Durdin
Using Machine Learning to Predict Human DevelopmentOralEconomicsJonah Eger
Rational Risk-Takers: a Game Theoretic Analysis of Terrorists as Rational ActorsOralEconomicsBailey Forsyth
Impact of Racial Power Inequality on Environmental QualityPosterEconomicsGeorgia Fox
Security Design in Markets with Risk: Price and Allocation EfficienciesOralEconomicsMatthew Froberg
The effect of pandemic precautions on NFL ticket consumptionPosterEconomicsCaleb Garbuio
Chinese and American Views on Climate Change: An Examination of Differences Across Countries and Changes Within Countries Over TimeOralEconomicsSavanna GrunzkeMaddie Culhane -
Caleb Kulich -
Katelyn Worzalla -
Who Owns the Forests?: Public Land Acquisition and Conservation in FloridaPosterEconomicsMolly Harnish
AbstractPosterEconomicsAlayzia Harris
Education for All and Private Education ExpendituresOralEconomicsBrandy Herrera
Differing Effects of Financial Incentives on Residential Solar Panel InstallationsPosterEconomicsZoe Hobbs
The One-Child Policy and Women’s Labor ParticipationOralEconomicsZixuan Jin
Life Microinsurance: a Mechanism for Uninsured Canadian Households to Deal with the Expenses of a Sudden DeathPosterEconomicsAaliah Joseph
Declining Female Labor Force Participation Rates in India: Trends and ReasonsOralEconomicsMansi Kalra
The Effect of School Start Time Changes on EnrollmentOralEconomicsEmma KettleOlivia Matzke
Food Insecurity: How Severe Is It? Implications of China in KenyaOralEconomicsShiru Kimani
Welfare Gains of Auto-IRAs: a Theoretical InvestigationPosterEconomicsPooja Kumar
Creating Hysteria: The Influence of News Media over Consumption Behavior during COVID-19 pandemic PosterEconomicsIsabelle LaBianco
Just A Game: A Strategic Analysis of ByteDance’s Response to Trump’s Executive OrderOralEconomicsNathaniel Lackey
A Deeper Analysis of Chinese and American Views on Climate Change: Evidence from a Frequency/Topic Prevalence Analysis of Open-Ended Survey Question ResponsesOralEconomicsPhilip LongSakumi Kawamoto -
Chloe Knuth -
Hannah Raddenbach -
America’s Emerging Drone Ecosystem: Why Hampton, Virginia?OralEconomicsBrayden Lozaw
the Impact of Increased Usage of Airbnb in New York, USA, on Housing Markets and Social Dynamics of Local Communities and Resulting Local RegulationPosterEconomicsNeha Madakasira
Inoculating a Campus: The Efficacy of Pyramid Scheme Education at Hamline UniversityOralEconomicsSarah McCollum
Evaluating the Predictability of Automation's Role in Occupational UnemploymentOralEconomicsCatherine McConnell
The impact of U.S. and Georgia recessions on unemployment and consumer spendingOralEconomicsAdarius McCoy
Information and Communications Technology and Economic Growth PosterEconomicsNicole Melnyk
Breezing Towards a Sustainable Future: The Economic Costs of Transitioning to Renewable Energy SPosterEconomicsMarisol Mendez
Minority-Owned Business Ecosystem Project OralEconomicsGalen Miller
Investigating the Impact of Investor Attention on Price and Volatility of Cryptocurrency and StablecoinsPosterEconomicsMatthew Mitten
The Impact of Technology Use on Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills of Elementary School StudentsOralEconomicsMarybeth Nemecek
Understanding the Financial Literacy of Young Adults PosterEconomicsNicole Pazarecki
A study of religiosity and donations: Does religion make its believers more prosocial?OralEconomicsTereza Petrovicova
Crude Oil Price Fluctuations: a Forty-Year ExaminationOralEconomicsStephanie Price-Cummings
The Impact of Employee Lawsuits on Financial Performance: A Case StudyPosterEconomicsJuliette Raymond
A Case Study of a Western Wisconsin Farmers Market Double Your Money Incentive Program for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Households: An Analysis of Implementation, Participation and Positive ImpactsOralEconomicsKatelyn ReckinEthan Blaney -
Andrew Lindaas -
Katie Klingbeil -
Utah Children’s Budget Report: How Utah Is Investing in the Future PosterEconomicsTammy RequeWyatt Hudgens
Scarlet to Black: A Comprehensive Student-led Approach to Financial LiteracyPosterEconomicsMelanie RickerAlexus Leonard
The Effect of Doctors' Care Coordination Style on Multiple Chronic Condition PatientsOralEconomicsSarah RodmanWilliam Wei, Noah Hillman
Analysis of Chicago Transit Authorities Bus RoutesOralEconomicsPatrick Ronan
The Redistributive Impact of British Columbia’s Carbon TaxPosterEconomicsDaniel Rosen
Revisiting Inequality: International Trade and European Integration EffectsPosterEconomicsIoan Octavian Rusu
Does Being Adopted Affect Future Income?OralEconomicsMaya Schechter
On the Determinants of OECD Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan AfricaOralEconomicsKaushik Shah
The Effect of Epidemiological Investor Sentiment on Financial Market MovementsPosterEconomicsRuben Silverstone
Universality of Healthcare and the Supply of DoctorsOralEconomicsZachary Sterne
The Next Holler Over: An Economic Analysis of Appalachia and An Anecdotal Story of One Appalachian FamilyPosterEconomicsAudrey Sullivan
The Effect of Preventative Methods on Wildfire Damage OralEconomicsBrooke Terry
Parking Timeshare: a Case Study of the University of Nebraska at Kearney ParkingOralEconomicsDaniel Vargas Castano
Covid-19: An Econometric Analysis of Depression RatesOralEconomicsHanna Venera
The Digital Service IndustryOralEconomicsPedro Vieira Marasciulo
Use of Machine Learning Models in Fund Performance PredictionOralEconomicsYongqi WangYingwei Zhao
Is Being Artists Associated with WagesOralEconomicsRuoyu Wu
The Beauty Talk in an Dictator GameOralEconomicsWeiling (Lydia) Yan
Characterizing the Allocation, Pick-up and Usage of Benefits Offered Through the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Senior Assistance Farmers Market Fruit and Vegetable Programs in WisconsinOralEconomicsMadelyn ZennerKayla Irlbeck -
Zach Ledwith -
Tristan Shuttleworth -