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Subject: Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Development of an IR-LED Drive Circuit for Photoacoustic MicroscopyPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringKanwal Ahmad
Automatic Detection of Fish Using Airborne Lidar and Machine LearningPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringJoseph AistJoseph Aist, Jackson Belford, Kyle Rust
Home Agricultural Automation Controller Using Zigbee RadiosOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringBrian BellJoseph Djurich
Interband Frequency Distortion Suppression in a Dual-Band Power Amplifier Via Analog PredistortionPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringNathan Biesterfeld
Real-Time Auditory Nerve Modeling Using System-On-Chip Field-Programmable Gate ArraysPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMatthew Blunt
Development of all-in-one alternative energy harvesting systemsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringJacob Bradshaw
Quantum Computing Using Three Qubit GatesPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMiles Bush
CubeSat Reaction Wheel-Based Attitude Control SystemPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringBerkay Dean
Radio Frequency Identification Vibration Detection Using Long Short-Term MemoryPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringBarrett DurtschiJanita Aamir
IoT-based Solution to Gather Foot Plantar Pressure for Daily Life ActivitiesPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringAbdelrahman Elkhatib
Breaking out of the Traditional: Implementation of an Educational Robot in the Faculty of EngineeringPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringKhaled Elmalawany
Using Machine Learning and Audio Spectral Features for COVID-19 TestingPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMichael Esposito
Front Collision Detection System of Unmanned Ground Vehicle Using 90nm CMOSOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringAndrea GrayPatrick Steward, Xiaomeng Zhang, Shuo Li, Syed Mukarram Ali
Determining Optical Transmittance Spectra of 3D Printing MaterialsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringShannon Hamp
Drone Control ProjectOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringAlexander HuffCaleb Probst
Monitoring ADL Activities with Raspberry Pis Using WiFi Channel State InformationOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringChristopher Hunt
Wearable Sensors to HealthcarePosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringCara LawrenceSatyajit Arcot, Ankitha Seelam
Transforming the Chinese Pole Circus Apparatus into an Interactive Musical InstrumentPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringFosse Lin-BiancoEvan Mitchell
Super-Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography with FPGA Accelerated ProcessingPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMatthew LowKai Miller
Exploring Adversarial Phenomena in Deep-Learning-Based Autonomous Driving ApplicationsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMunib Mesinovic
Investigating Power Analysis Attacks and Countermeasures for IoT ApplicationsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringAaron Nguyen
Source Localization of Electroencephalogram (EEG) Waves with Convolutional Neural NetworkOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringTerence Onyewuenyi
Design of Community-level Solar Microgrids in Rural ArgentinaPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringPaula PérezKellen Kennedy, Martin Lucero, Elias Andrada
Garduino: Using Image Processing in Matlab to detect health in plantsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMaria PuglieseAdam Flowers, Matthew Tapia, Mang Thawng
Study of Creating Nanoporous Films with Spatially Modulate Optical PropertiesPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringTeofanes Ruiz
Building a Low-Cost Education Haptic DeviceOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringShashwat ShahAnkitha Seelam
Wearable haptic gloves for manual machine operator OralElectrical & Computer EngineeringShashwat ShahAnkitha Seelam
Investigate the Evolution of Refractive Index Using Machine LearningPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringAayush Shahi-ThakuriIheb Zemzemi
Electric Circuit Experiments for STEM OutreachOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringJacob ShawJared Hanna
Filtering Self-Interference in a STAR System Using Specialty RF Hardware with Digital Signal ProcessingPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMary Sobernheim
Wearable Obstacle Detection Device Via Integration of Multiple Ultrasonic Range Sensors for Visually Impaired PeoplePosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringCindy Tho
Smart E-Bike Conversion Kit and HelmetPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMarena TrujilloMegan West
Curb Detection in Autonomous VehiclesPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringCaleb Turcotte
Design and Fabrication of an Ultrasonic Erosion Monitoring System for High-pressure Control Valves Used in Oil and Gas ExcavationPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringKamren VanBuskirkAustin Jones, Michael Anderson
Machine-learning, Epidemiology and Hybrid Models: COVID-19 Accuracy PosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringSebastian Velez
3D Glass-based RF Filters for 5G Communication SystemsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringJeremy Webb
Towards the Scaling Up of Perovskite Solar Cells: Perovskite Photovoltaic Module Modeling and OptimizationPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringJiselle Ye