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A Fundamental Study on Dynamics of Droplet SheddingPosterEngineeringPatricia Agbayani
Comparitive Analysis of Photovoltaic Solar and Geothermal Heating and Cooling SystemsPosterEngineeringZavier Aguirre
Evaluating the Dynamic Stiffness of the Human Lumbar RegionPosterEngineeringZavier Aguirre
Drone Ultrasound Acoustic Energy TransferPosterEngineeringNeema Ahmadian
Study of Non Linear Dynamic SystemsOralEngineeringSamikshaya Ananthakrishnan
Fluid Motion Over Topography on a Rotating PlanetOralEngineeringAlan AndonianIury Simoes-Sousa -
Amit Tandon -
Forecasting America's Domestic Airline Passenger Demand During the Coronavirus PandemicOralEngineeringGustavo Andrade
Parameter Optimization of a Heat Sink using AnsysPosterEngineeringYogesh BalodaAnish Thalamati, Ritvik Pandey, Ishir Vaidyanath
Microplastics Removal by Coagulation and Flocculation ProcessPosterEngineeringNicholas Banuelos
Analyzing Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Porcine Tricuspid Valve Leaflets Through a Statistical ApproachPosterEngineeringMichael Barber
Forming Bacterial Cellulose Capsules for Encapsulation and Slowed Release of SulfatePosterEngineeringLaurel Bitterman
Application to Analyze Color Calibration Needed for Automated Grinding of MetalcastingsPosterEngineeringAaron Bodenham
Thermal Transport in Uranium Dioxide-Graphene CompositeOralEngineeringMaurice BooneAliyah Lang
Ocean Thermal Energy ConversionPosterEngineeringDaniel BrownWoodlee Dieudonne
Highly Sensitive Flexible Electrochemical pH Sensor with Laser Photothermally Generated Porous GraphenePosterEngineeringStephen Buchanan
A Fundamental Study on Droplet SolidificationPosterEngineeringHaytham Buran
Layer-Specific Mechanical and Collagen Microstructural Characterizations of Tricuspid Valve LeafletsOralEngineeringKatherine CaseyMulan Tang
Prototype Vacuum Thermionic Energy Conversion DeviceOralEngineeringHenry Chance
3D Printed Biomedical Devices PosterEngineeringSofia Chavele-Dastamani
Fostering Student Creativity Using Sumo-Bot Team Competition – A Student Club InitiativePosterEngineeringZachary ChildersWilliam Brown, Samantha Mas, Phil Sites
Development of GPU-Based Tools for Analyses of Large Fluid Flow DatasetsOralEngineeringDerrick Choi
Assessment of Methacrylated Chitosan Hydrogels for Local Delivery of SimvastatinOralEngineeringEmily Coleman
Developing a Real-time Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging System for Monitoring Tissue HemodynamicsOralEngineeringGian Augustine Cuchapin
Development of Miniaturized Fiber-Based Pneumatic RobotsPosterEngineeringNorman Davenport
Modeling Capillary Action Through Tube with Internal RodPosterEngineeringCarson Davis
Characterizing the Microstructural and Biaxial Mechanical Properties of Porcine Aortic and Pulmonary Valves Through Non-Destructive Imaging TechniquesPosterEngineeringDeenna DoanClare Hillshafer
Effect of Intraluminal Thrombus Thickness and Bulge Diameter on the Oxygen Diffusion in Abdominal Aortic AneurysmOralEngineeringNina Dorfner
Characterization of EMG Sensors and Fluidic Muscles for Developing a Bioleg Knee BracePosterEngineeringHaadi ElahiIndeever Madireddy, Aayush Vemuri, Marvin Pablo, Vimal Viswanathan, Sohail Zaidi
Exploration in Manipulating FDA Approved Materials to Produce Surgical Assisting FoamOralEngineeringAaron EllefsonCuyler Monahan
Use of Retrieval Tasks to Rehabilitate Sensorimotor Impairments Due to Brain InjuryPosterEngineeringJoseph Epperson
Exploring the Utilization of Mineralized Fibers to Improve the Toughness of CementOralEngineeringMichael Espinal
Experimental Investigation of Mask Usage on Preventing PM2.5 Related Diseases in the Cardiovascular SystemPosterEngineeringBrianna FaulTravis Huff, Lillian Brown, Davis Payne, Peter Wahman
Determining the Resonant Frequency of a Mannequin PosterEngineeringOmar Figueroa FonsecaGisela Gonzalez Contreras
Vibrational Study on Stiffness and Damping Coefficient of MannequinOralEngineeringHaylie FlattenChase Cochran
Magnified Thermal Solar Collector Renewable Energy AlternativeOralEngineeringHaylie FlattenIvan Rivera
Sterilizing Facemasks with UVC LightPosterEngineeringChristopher FochtJosh Lummus
Reaction Energetics of 1,2,3-Propenetriol Bonding on Metal Catalyst SurfacesOralEngineeringJesse Gallegos
Low Cost Monitor for Global Navigation Satellite Systems PosterEngineeringBenon Gattis
Feasibility Assessment of a Wave Energy Converter with Linear GeneratorPosterEngineeringNicole GerdesCaleb Harrison, Phadungsak Tubuntoeng, Luis Fernandez de Valderrama
3D Printed Scaffolds to Aid Against Bone DefectsPosterEngineeringKevin GhaleMohamed Samad, Mohammad Khaled
Improving Upper-Limb Prostheses Control via Optimizing sEMG Electrode Number and LocationPosterEngineeringGursirat Grewal
Harmonic excitation approach to determine system identification of a mannequinPosterEngineeringMarco GutierrezMarco Gutierrez, Chan Chang
Implementing Specifications onto a Runtime Verification UnitOralEngineeringAbigail HammerMatthew Cauwels, Benjamin Hertz
Mars Glider Swarm Design and Testing at NASA Armstrong Flight Research CenterOralEngineeringAlex Healy
Optical Coherence Tomography Graphical User Interface using LabviewPosterEngineeringAlex Hebert
Quantifying Mucus Heterogeneity for Assessing Pulmonary Disease OralEngineeringAlex Hebert
Phantom Limb Pain Strap: Monitoring and Mitigating PLP using a Unique Treatment Development ApproachPosterEngineeringAlexis HopkinsDina Dragoljic, Camara Casson, Angel Collins, Marissa Jordan
Rapid and Accountable Screening by the SentinelOralEngineeringIan HunterDavid Perez, Christopher Kiener, Vanessa Rodriguez
High-speed structured polarized light imaging of tissue dynamicsOralEngineeringGrace Ingram
Biomaterial printerPosterEngineeringRiley JohnsonRiley Johnson, David Yang, Nicholas Umling, Jeff Albriton, Levi Johnson, Nazmul Ahsahn, Cameron Lewis
A Validation of Failure Modes and Yield Accelerations of Rock Blocks Subjected to Seismic LoadsPosterEngineeringFrankie Johnston
Numerical Simulations of Aerosol Penetration and Deposition in a Turbulent Pipe FlowOralEngineeringTobi Kamoru
Lumbar ResonancePosterEngineeringLukas Korn
Julia Language 1.1 Ephemeris Reader and Gravitational Modeling Program for Solar System Bodies PosterEngineeringParker Landon
Phonon Transport Study in Graphene Composites of Oxide FuelsOralEngineeringAliyah LangMaurice Boone
Detection of Tuberculosis Associated Breath Biomarkers Via Engineered Electroactive SolutionsPosterEngineeringShaylee Larson
An Investigation of the Effect of Specimen Size on the Tricuspid Valve Leaflet Biaxial Mechanical Response PosterEngineeringHunter LauBrennan Mullins
Optimize the Drill Case by Measuring VibrationOralEngineeringCara LawrenceAustin Harlen
Buckle-Up: Instantaneous Buckling of Polydimethylsiloxane and Other Active Soft MaterialsOralEngineeringKatrina Le
Seeing with Fingers: Using a Custom-built Smart Glove to Identify the Differences Between Real-World ObjectsOralEngineeringDavis Le
Optimizing Piezoelectric Process Parameters for Self-Charging Power CellsOralEngineeringPaige LelandKatrina Le
Fatigue Properties of 3D Welded Thin StructuresOralEngineeringAvery Lenihan
Damping of Human SpinePosterEngineeringWill LoganLukas Korn
Investigating User Engagement Strategies for an eHealth Intervention for Social Anxiety PosterEngineeringGisselle Lopez
Anti-Collision System for a Powered WheelchairPosterEngineeringNicholas LubeckMichael Knawby
Surface Wettability PosterEngineeringMaria Maalouf
State of the Art of Brain-to-Brain Interfaces (B2BI): Towards Effective Neural Communication Between Multiple BrainsPosterEngineeringMaria Mackie
Development of a PIV System for Aneurysmal Flow Analysis in Silicon ModelPosterEngineeringZackary Maggard
DIY Air Cleaning: A Simplified Method for Measuring the Clean Air Delivery Rate of Do-It-Yourself Portable Air FiltersPosterEngineeringAndrew Martin
Constrained Suitability Optimization of Military Officer AssignmentsPosterEngineeringSpencer Matthews
Detection and Removal of Landmines – A Preliminary StudyOralEngineeringJivan Meguerditchian
Realizing Wing Morphology Through Additive Manufacturing of Soft and Smart ActuatorsOralEngineeringDanayit MekonnenStanislav Sikulskyi, Zefu Ren, Aleiya Holyoak, Natalia Thackorie Jr.
Minimally Invasive, Transparent Neural Electrodes Based on Porous Graphene Derived from Fluorinated Polyimide for Peripheral Nerve StimulationPosterEngineeringDaniel Mitchell
Impact of Storm Events on Sediment Transport and Sampling MethodologyPosterEngineeringKai Narum
A Simple, Real-Time Method for Measuring Firebrand Heat Flux using Semiconductor DevicesPosterEngineeringBirch NewellMarcus Chester
Investigation of Electrospray ApplicationsPosterEngineeringShannon O'ConnorSahil Ghate, John Veracka
Thermal Properties Of Clove SeedPosterEngineeringDami Olaoye
Convective and radiative heat transfer coefficient measurement by thermal imagesPosterEngineeringDami Olaoye
3D Printed Facemask Design Using Multilayer Filters to Use as Protective Gear, for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) OutbreakOralEngineeringIlse PerezGerardo Salinas
Design and Development of an Exercise Bike Power GeneratorPosterEngineeringHuy PhamPranav Bellannagari, Sohail Zaidi, Vimal Viswanathan
Comparison of Muscle Activation in the Flexor Digitorum SuperficialisOralEngineeringJustin PillaJashalynn Maddox, Dami Olaoye
Instrumentation in Flexible Robotics and Its ApplicationsPosterEngineeringMargaret Pisacano
Analysis of Micro-grooved Flow Diverters with Fibroblasts Populated Collagen LatticePosterEngineeringFatemeh PourmalekSeth Harriet, Yung Dai Teng
Phonon Dispersion Study on Carbon Nano Tube GrapheneOralEngineeringMatheus Prates
Bio-engineered Scaffold as a Solution to Arthritis Disease PosterEngineeringHelga ProgriVinay Swami, Vivek Swami, Asma Hosna, Sadegh Nikfarjam
Salt Concentrations in Charleston City ParksPosterEngineeringAidan Puzzio
Computational Characterization of Carotid Bifurcation Hemodynamics Under MicrogravityOralEngineeringGraham Quasebarth
On the Development of Affordable Electrochemical Devices for Monitoring Biogeochemical Processes in Constructed WetlandsPosterEngineeringChloe RadiganMorgan Sperry, Noah Kagan
Design and Development of Braiding Machine for Flexible Medical StentsPosterEngineeringBen RaulstonDylan Stottmann, Alex Hardin, Vishal Barot, Zeb Jandt
Artificial Muscles in Lightweight Low-Cost Exoskeletons for Stroke RehabilitationOralEngineeringShawn Ray
Vibrations and Controls Lab 8 Abstract: A C & K for gel dummyPosterEngineeringJay Rogers
Load-Following Flexibility of Small Modular Reactors Coupled with Wind Farms in the Presence of Extreme Wind ConditionsPosterEngineeringJoseph RollandCarl Robinson, Elijah Bloom, Chris Rodriguez, Fawaz Alsubaie
Paper-Based 2-3D Piezoelectric DevicesPosterEngineeringYahriel Salinas-Reyes
NCUR 2021 The Stiffness, Damping, and Damping Ratio of a Mannequin using Resonance MethodPosterEngineeringWill SandersKevin Nguyen
Human-Electric Hybrid VehiclePosterEngineeringJonathon SchatzAntonio Gomez Medina, Emmanuel Sanchez, Quang Ly, Saul Velasco Rodriguez, Toan Nguyen, Phi Huynh
The Related Effects of Collector Position and Input Power on Thermosiphon System EfficiencyOralEngineeringTruman Schulz
Investigating Spectral Dependence of White Light Illumination in Instant Polarized Light MicroscopyOralEngineeringLucia Secaida Del Cid
Design and Prototyping of a Compact Smart Tool Organizer for the Machine Shop in the UCO College of Math and ScienceOralEngineeringMohmed Yaeesh ShaikhTara Van Wieren, Abdullah Almaghlouth
Characterization of Wind Flow Around Buildings in the Context of Small-Scale Urban Wind PowerOralEngineeringJackson SmithRishab Humagai
Design and Development of a Compact and Portable VentilatorPosterEngineeringDylan StottmannBen Raulston, Alex Thelin
Experimental Flight Performance Study of Urban Air TaxisOralEngineeringBrendan Stoutenburgh
Lumbar VibrationsPosterEngineeringJosh StreitPlinio Rodriguez
Portable testing device for detecting contaminations in the environment OralEngineeringLidao TchatalaAdam Jakubski, Lidao Tchatala, Julia Bruemmer, Lukas Barauskas
Computational Fluid Dynamics of 3D Printed TissueOralEngineeringElysa Thompson
The Effects of Bisymmetrical and Bilateral Symmetrical Vertical Axis Wind Turbine DesignsPosterEngineeringAnnalisa TostensonPeyton Wolf, Carson van Sytzama
Water Quality, Storage, Uses and Perceptions in Alaska Native HouseholdsOralEngineeringAnand TrehanPaula Perez
High Sensitivity Glucose Detection Based on Laser Photothermally Generated 3D Porous GraphenePosterEngineeringErin Van Dell
Designing a Vehicle to Collect Debris to Minimize Threats to Existing and Future Space Missions and TechnologyPosterEngineeringKatlynn Vicuna
Space Weather Scenario ToolkitOralEngineeringKaiya Wahl
Evaluation and Modeling of Porous Propellers for Improved PropulsionPosterEngineeringDaniel YameenCharles Walsh
Design Analysis for a Voice Activated Robotic Bionic Knee BracePosterEngineeringRuijie ZhuEmmanuel Cabral , Pranav Bellannagari, Vimal Viswanathan, Sohail Zaidi
Evaluating the Effect of Flavonoids on Neutrophil NETosisOralEngineeringKian Ziai