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Subject: English & Literature

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Women in ancient Greek Culture: Mythology and the PolisOralEnglish & LiteratureYasmeen Alrababah
Queering Jo March: Investigating Gender and Gender Identity in Louisa May Alcott’s "Little Women"OralEnglish & LiteratureMegan Baker
From Folk Tales to Literary Fairy Tales: Genre and Authorship in H.C. Andersen and the Brothers GrimmOralEnglish & LiteratureAbigail Bauer
The Evolution of the Epicene Pronoun and Gender Inclusivity in the English LanguageOralEnglish & LiteratureAbby Bebout
Memory and History in the Graphic Novels of Chris WareOralEnglish & LiteratureJacob Bibeault
A Castle or a Cage: A Thematic Analysis of Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64OralEnglish & LiteratureCole Blagg
Something to Hold on To: Barry Lopez, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Finding Purpose in Art and NatureOralEnglish & LiteratureCarina Blomberg
The Linguistics of Identity: Milton's Paradise LostOralEnglish & LiteratureSamuel Bloom
Ciarán Carson: Translations Transcending into Modern CultureOralEnglish & LiteratureChristopher Bond
How Valancourt Taught Her to Say No: How Literacy Inspires Consent and Autonomy in the Women of “Northanger Abbey”PosterEnglish & LiteratureUnity Bowling
Looking Past the Gaze: a Reassessment of Race in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestOralEnglish & LiteratureBrandt Bridges
A New Native Renaissance: Writers of the 21st CenturyOralEnglish & LiteratureHope Brown
A Narrative Study of The Sopranos: Is It Racist?OralEnglish & LiteratureGiuliano Catalano
Folklore: As Perceived by English Majors as Compared to Non-English Majors at Utah State UniversityPosterEnglish & LiteratureNikki Christensen
Vertical Relationality in Paradise LostOralEnglish & LiteratureTheo Colaiace
Black Contributions to Literature in Medieval EuropeOralEnglish & LiteratureMcKenzie Cooper
There Are No Straight Answers: Queer Relationships and the Supernatural in Marie De France’s GuigemarOralEnglish & LiteratureEmma Cork
The Biblical Paranoia of Macbeth: An Analysis of the Paranoid Effects of Christian Principles on the Life of MacbethOralEnglish & LiteratureValerie Dillard
“Like the Worst, She’s a Woman”: Objectification and Degradation of Women in Salvage the BonesOralEnglish & LiteratureDabney Doepner
You've Got Fear! – The Notification of Post-Modern Anxiety in Don DeLillo's White NoiseOralEnglish & LiteratureJaida Doll
Religious Submission versus Misogynistic Oppression: A Comparison of Charles Perrault’s and Francis Petrarch’s Adaptions of “The Griselda Tale”OralEnglish & LiteratureJaida Doll
BioFiction: Showcasing the Sick Nature of the Gender Binary and Alternative Ways of ThinkingOralEnglish & LiteratureAnika Eaves
Universal Language: Film Scoring Bilingual Shakespeare OralEnglish & LiteratureCathryn Flores
Performing identities in Kate Chopin’s the awakening OralEnglish & LiteratureKatie Fritsche
the Horror Narrative and Folktales: Afrofuturism and Folklore in Horror Film and Literature OralEnglish & LiteratureAntonia Garcia
Double Marginalization in Literature: the Timeline from Slavery to the PresentOralEnglish & LiteratureIsabella Goncea
Fruits of Forced Desire: A Marxist Criticism of Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”OralEnglish & LiteratureJames Greer
Challenging the Objectification and Ostracism of Sexually Liberal Queer Women Through the Four Waves of FeminismPerforming ArtsEnglish & LiteratureAbigail Griffin
Momoko Kuroda: Pilgrimage Haiku and Decentering the Male GazeOralEnglish & LiteratureNicky Gutierrez
Little Napoleons: Napoleon Worship in 19th Century LiteraturePosterEnglish & LiteraturePaul Hanna
“‘The Masculine Side of Her Talent’: Gender, Sexuality, and the Self in Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing”OralEnglish & LiteratureElena Hansen
To Be A Child: An Analysis of Child-Likeness in Dostoevsky's Brothers KaramazovOralEnglish & LiteratureMadison Hatfield
Labeling Sexual Deviancy: Rakes in "The Coquette"OralEnglish & LiteratureTess Hemmila
Fame and Attention: the Correct Way to Be a Proper Celebrity?OralEnglish & LiteratureXinyi Hu
Students’ Not-So-Safe Place: Addressing Guns’ Roles in School ShootingsOralEnglish & LiteratureRyan Huling
Colson Whitehead’s Extinguished WorldOralEnglish & LiteratureElias Hutchinson
Empowering the Planet: How the Empowerment of Women and Girls Is Vital to InnovationPosterEnglish & LiteratureElsa Ingwersen
A Posthuman Reading of Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye"OralEnglish & LiteratureMichelle Jones
Reading Chaucer's Virtuous Women in Late Medieval EnglandOralEnglish & LiteratureKamila Kaminska-Palarczyk
Shakespeare in the Wake of #BlackLivesMatter: Teaching the Bard and Exploring RacismOralEnglish & LiteratureKathryn Kelly
Utilizing the Five Factor Model of Personality to Analyze Character Activism in Richard Powers’ The OverstoryPosterEnglish & LiteratureDonovan Kent
Seeds of "Funk" in "The Bluest Eye"OralEnglish & LiteratureEmma Kiiskila
Picture Books That Normalize Same-Sex RelationshipsOralEnglish & LiteratureEmily Kincade
The Absurdity of the Hunger ArtistOralEnglish & LiteratureMichael Knott
The Folly of a Perfect Wife: Why Shakespeare Made Lady Macbeth the Beginning of Macbeth's DownfallOralEnglish & LiteratureGrace LaMack
Monstrosity, Community, and Reproduction: Lacking Disabled Maternity in Contemporary Speculative FictionOralEnglish & LiteratureEmily Lange
Picture This: Visualizing American Literature OralEnglish & LiteratureAvery Lewis
Magical Realism in Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rain Forest: Opening Doors in Ecological CriticismOralEnglish & LiteratureGiancarlo Lizarraga
Economic Extraction and the Literature of Struggle in the Central ValleyOralEnglish & LiteratureElizabeth Malone
Women’s Decolonial Perspectives and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple HibiscusOralEnglish & LiteratureEmma Mandella
9/11 and Zombie Apocalypses: How Zone One Mirrors Life TodayOralEnglish & LiteratureJessica Martin
The Politics of Light and Darkness in John Milton’s Paradise LostPosterEnglish & LiteratureMadelyn Matsubara
Postcolonialism and Otherness in “Othello,” “Frankenstein,” and “Invisible Man”OralEnglish & LiteratureSamantha Merzel
Cultural Construction of the Mind: Schema Theory and William James in Gertrude Stein’s Tender ButtonsOralEnglish & LiteratureKathryn Milschewski
"Passport" an original poemPerforming ArtsEnglish & LiteratureAutumn Montgomery
Temporal and Spatial Landscape in Sally Wen Mao’s OculusOralEnglish & LiteratureMalavika Mujumdar
Internships and the Job Market: How Remote Work Affects College Student’s CareersOralEnglish & LiteratureFrancisco Orozco
The Significance of a Name: Personal and Societal Ties to Character Names in Jane Austen’s Works OralEnglish & LiteratureSheridan Pena
A Historical Exploration of Theatre and PlagueOralEnglish & LiteratureRava Raab
March On: A Modern Retelling of Louisa May Alcott's Little WomenOralEnglish & LiteratureJessica Rinker
Male Melancholia in the Mid-Twentieth Century: Orwell and Salinger’s Shared Societal Critiques Across Dissimilar SettingsOralEnglish & LiteratureMax Robins
Prescription Pad Poetry: William Carlos Williams’ Theory of Medical HumanitiesPosterEnglish & LiteratureAudrey Ruan
Female Complicity in Women's Oppression OralEnglish & LiteratureRachel Sadowski
Collectivization of Trauma in Transnational FilmOralEnglish & LiteratureJohannes Shephard
Going To War: Anglo-American Approaches To Violence and TraumaOralEnglish & LiteratureJohannes Shephard
Witnessing and Spectatorship in Salinger’s The Catcher in the RyeOralEnglish & LiteratureMary Sincavage
Queer Representation in Young Adult Fantasy NovelsPosterEnglish & LiteratureLara Slabber
Satire in the Trump Era: a Marxist Critique on Resisting the Status QuoOralEnglish & LiteratureJulie Smallsreed
Navigating States of Mind in Jane Austen’s PersuasionOralEnglish & LiteratureStacey Sparks
The Relationship between News from Online Newspapers and Network TV Compared to Twitter on Political Outcomes during the 2016 Presidential Election through Bias and Generational PreferencesOralEnglish & LiteratureSahara Sriraman
The Life of a 'Thing:' Sámi Drums and Post-Colonial Discourse in Emerging Sámi Literature OralEnglish & LiteratureKeturah Stewart
Formalized Curiosity: Outcomes of an Empirically-Based Research Methods Course for English MajorsPosterEnglish & LiteratureSamantha Stringham
The Giving of Blood and the Breakdown of Bodies: Food and Communion in BelovedOralEnglish & LiteratureClaire Tillis
Systemic Oppression/ Racism in the United StatesOralEnglish & LiteratureMalacia Towns
Pervasive Whiteness in American Public School Classrooms: A Proposal for the Integration of Texts by Black Authors into the English CurriculumOralEnglish & LiteratureLauren Trace
Christ, the Devil, and Mark: An Examination of Addiction and Rehabilitation in “The Starlight on Idaho” by Denis JohnsonOralEnglish & LiteratureMcKenzie Twine
Chestnut or Mahogany: The Relationship Between the Characters of Ron Rash’s Serena and the EnvironmentOralEnglish & LiteratureMcKenzie Twine
Panopticonism in Higher Education: a Foucaultian Analysis of the Practice of Exams OralEnglish & LiteratureJoel Valdez
Literature: Should It Be Moral? OralEnglish & LiteratureIsabella Walle
On Deep Ecology: Owen and Barbusse and the Collective Memory of Destroyed LandscapesOralEnglish & LiteratureAnna WendorffRachel Hamele
Forging Male Flesh Through the Crucible of Physical Pain and Mental Torture in Robert Musil’s The Confusions of Young TörlessOralEnglish & LiteraturePaul Yang
Re-envisioning the Body and the City of Hong Kong Through Contemporary Protest PoetryOralEnglish & LiteratureKimberlie Young
Chinks in the Armor: an Ontological perspective on Asian American Marginalization and “Otherness” in American LiteratureOralEnglish & LiteratureGuiying Zhong