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Subject: Film/Photography Studies

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A Study of the Industry Potential of Real-Time Virtual LED Sets as Compared to Traditional Film Sets for Future VFX ProfessionalsPosterFilm/Photography StudiesAlexus Aiken
Danny Boyle's Twenty Eight Days Later: Rebirth of the British Horror GenreOralFilm/Photography StudiesKarlee Arendt
Raging Fire, ScreenplayOralFilm/Photography StudiesLada Egorova
Lights, Cameras, and Indigenous Action: How Indigenous Filmmakers Are Reclaiming Their Identities in Film PosterFilm/Photography StudiesAliyah Grant
A Dancer's JourneyOralFilm/Photography StudiesIsabella Harris Hamlin
An Isolated Cry: The Effects of Communism as Seen Through Film and the Negative Impact It Imposes on the Cuban Community OralFilm/Photography StudiesMelanie Perez
RestoreVisual Arts ExhibitFilm/Photography StudiesHannah Pippin
Analysis on Effective Horror MoviesPosterFilm/Photography StudiesMaggie Plum
Behind Closed DoorsVisual Arts ExhibitFilm/Photography StudiesAbigail Rega
How to Make a Woman Psycho: an Analysis of Media Featuring Women with BPD and the Stigma It CreatesOralFilm/Photography StudiesJanine Vitiello