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Subject: Gender, Ethnicity, & Cultural Studies

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The Intersections of Cannabis Culture and Economics with Race, Class, and GenderPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesJessica Addai
Tribalism in Our SocietyOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesNierouz Alrashdan
The Myth of Universal Sisterhood: An Examination of The Complexities of Gender, Race, and ClassOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAntonio Ball
LGBT Representation in American Animated EntertainmentPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesWilliam Bates
Makeup’s Influence on Perception of a Female Job Applicant’s Character in the Workplace from 1970-2020: How Makeup Can Influence Capability, Femininity, and Potential EarningsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesMegan Burroughs
Bridging the Gap: Potential for Incorporating Music Therapy with Traditional Black Church WorshipOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesBree Chambers
Calling Out Catcalling CulturePosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAlanna Cronk
Sexual Health and Sex Education Access Among Latina College StudentsPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesGabriela Davila
Traditional Hispanic HealthcarePosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesDenver Dobson
Racism in English FootballOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAlex Duong
South Asian, College-Aged Women, and the Influence of Religion and Cultural Factors on Sexual Decision MakingOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesSrija Dutta
One More Thing to Hate: Toxic Masculinity in 10 Things I Hate About YouOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAnne Edwards
Breaking Bondage Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Wonder Woman's Role in the Evolution of FeminismOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesRena Elhessen
Feminism and the Portrayal of Women in the Artistic Works of George M. CohanOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesSofia Filip
Fulfilling the Vision of Colombia’s Gender-Inclusive Peace: the Formal Reintegration of the FARC-EP’s Ex-Combatant WomenPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesZoe Garbis
The Evolution of Little Women and the Timeless Feminine IdealOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesIsabelle Goodwin
Literacy and Representation in Queer CommunitiesOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesHeather Graham
Theft of the Black HillsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesMaximus Hayes
"Are You Sure It's Not Just a Phase?": How Erasure Contributes to Depressive Symptoms in Bisexual AdolescentsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesBailey Luczak
The Impact of the Non-Fatal Strangulation Protocol in Salt Lake County on Protective OrdersPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesVeronica Lukasinski
How Inadequate Inclusivity Training and Gender Affirming Health Care Information in the Medical Field Creates Additional Hardships for Gender Nonconforming and Gender Nonbinary Patients in Health Care SettingsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesMackenzie Martin
The Empowerment of Black, Indigenous, Women of Color through Food Systems in the United States OralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesHannah Mendez
Hula and Hawaiian Culture: Keeping Tradition Alive in Colonial Hawai'iOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesNaomi Molin
The Use and Influence of Birth Control in Muslim Population Around the World ContinentsOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAmeera Noon
“People would be surprised, but we didn't care”: A Study of Latina/x/o Foster Youth Making Sense of their Cultural and Family IdentityOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesMichael Papias
The Prominence of East Asian Entertainment in America in Relation to Asian American DiscriminationPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesVictoria Pittella
Nüshu Transmitters in Hunan, Jiangyong OralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesKaiyang Qiu
Reproductive Agency and the Role of the Female Psyche in Soranus' GynaecologyOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesHelen Ruger
Misrepresentation of Queerness in Contemporary Young Adult MediaOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesLaura Santos
A Crisis in Symphony: Migrants and Refugees in Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom PosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesLena Siemers
Africa Is My City and My City Is Me: a Content Analysis of Afro Trap Songs Towards a New Understanding of Afropolitanism OralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesNoémie Tangelo
To Build a Space: Reading of Bodies, Temporality, and Urban ColonizationOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesDelaney Tax
Safe Sex Practices Among Racial and Ethnic Minority High School Students in the United StatesPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesRachel TindelHannah Lovett, Aramis Chapman, Anna Schneider
The Black and Women's Suffrage Created the Alienation Black Women Face TodayOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesTimara Turman
Comparative Analysis of Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing KitsPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesNathaniel VanceKristina Amos
Storytelling Methodology for Advocacy and Empowerment of Marginalized People & Positive Change in Southeast AsiaPosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesAvery Vernon
Beyond Leaning In: Engendering an economy of women's belongingOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesQianchi Wang