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Subject: Geography/Geology

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Geochemical Insights into Magma Dynamics Beneath Monogenetic Volcanoes at Active Continental Margins: Constraints from Amphibole and Apatite Crystal PopulationsOralGeography/GeologyRaghad Al GboryLiannie Velazquez
Mapping Forest Change Through Time with Historical Maps, Aerial Photography, and Satellite Imagery in Uxeau, FranceOralGeography/GeologyDuncan Anderson
Photogrammetric Reconstruction of Roof Snow LoadPosterGeography/GeologyMadeline BeckRoxanne Holmex
Origin of carbonate concretions in Iowa's loess soilsOralGeography/GeologyJazlyn Beeck
Provenance and Paleodepositional Environments of the Tyler and Kibbey Formations, Big Snowy Mountains, Central MontanaPosterGeography/GeologySophie Black
Horizontal Positional Accuracy Assessment of 7.5’ Digital Geologic Maps of Part of the Nashville Dome, Central TennesseePosterGeography/GeologyMeredeth Bryson
A Fossilized Egg from the Middle Jurassic Tiouraren Formation of NigerPosterGeography/GeologyJenna Bures
Size Estimates of Extinct Eocene Aquatic Snakes from Central Georgia OralGeography/GeologyColin Calvert
Hydrogeologic Assessment of the Kenosha DunesPosterGeography/GeologyKristen CarlsonBen Sieren , Daniel Kerstan
Effects of Wind Flow and Topography on Snow Distribution and Liquid Water Content in Mountain SnowpacksOralGeography/GeologySiobhan Ciafone
Evaluating Magma Ascent Rates Beneath Central Andean Monogenetic VolcanoesOralGeography/GeologyMitchell Duncan
Modal Analysis and Resonant Frequency Monitoring of a Freestanding Rock TowerOralGeography/GeologyAlex Dzubay
Trace Metals and Specific Conductivity Associated with Land Use and Geology in Central AppalachiaPosterGeography/GeologyRachel Guevara
How prepared are you? Analyzing the perceptions and preparedness of severe weather at the University of Wisconsin-WhitewaterPosterGeography/GeologyPayton Hintz
New Azhdarchid Pterosaur Material from the Campanian Two Medicine Formation of Northwestern MontanaPosterGeography/GeologyLauren Keller
Microfossils in Mercer Subglacial LakePosterGeography/GeologyMeaghan Kendall
Analyzing the Multipath of GPS Time Series to Study the Snow Properties OralGeography/GeologyAshlesha Khatiwada
Exploring Lipid Biomarker Profiles of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in Low-Temperature Serpentinizing Systems Utilizing Batch CulturesPosterGeography/GeologyJosie Marquez
Land Ownership in Western North Carolina: Exploring the Relationship between Absentee Ownership and Social VulnerabilityOralGeography/GeologyJessica McClelland
Middle Cambrian Trilobites of the Horseshoe Hills, Montana: Taxonomy and TaphonomyPosterGeography/GeologyHunter Olson
Mt. Mazama Tephra Identification Using Microprobe Geochemical Analysis at Saltese Flats, Eastern Spokane County, WashingtonPosterGeography/GeologyJalyn OsgoodKatlin Gamache
Mt. Mazama Tephra Identification Using Microprobe Geochemical Analysis at Saltese Flats, Eastern Spokane County, WashingtonPosterGeography/GeologyJalyn OsgoodKatlin Gamache
Spatial and temporal distribution of neotectonic activity in the Araya-Paria Peninsula, VenezuelaOralGeography/GeologyJoel Padgett
Integration of a miniaturized radar sensor and GPS system to an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAS) to determine surface reflectivityOralGeography/GeologyQuinn Powell
Using StraboTools for Compaction Gradients in Continuous Miocene-Modern Fine-Grained Volcaniclastic Successions, IODP Site U1437PosterGeography/GeologyDaniel Price
Assessing the Use of High-resolution Imagery in Measuring Varve Thickness for Time Series AnalysisPosterGeography/GeologyKrysten Serack
Lexington and Louisville: A Tale of Two Cities’ GrowthPosterGeography/GeologyAaron Shrout
Methods of Determining the Gender, Size, and Age of “Cola”, a Pleistocene Mammoth Discovered in Southeastern IdahoOralGeography/GeologyNatalya Usachenko
Coastal Water Quality Can Be Used as the Missing Link Between Upland Processes and Coral Health in BelizePosterGeography/GeologyClara Wheelock
Preliminary Seasonal Flood Impact Assessment at Aishalton, Southern RupununiOralGeography/GeologyTimothy Williams